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Katherine Caine It's early morning likely when the trio gets back, so early that Katherine is only still stumbling in and out of the backroom in little more than a pre-war nightgown while she lets the robots handle things. She looks positively exhausted and like she is ready to head straight back to bed.
Ironface Jones The conquerors arrive, laden down with new equipment they've earned in battle. Leading them is Ironface who is only slightly limping and who definitely doesn't cough up a little bit of blood on his sleeve on the way in. "We have obtained the jewelry and scavenged much from the house of Slim Tony." There appears on his face a triumphant smile as he starts setting things down on the crate in back, the first thing being the jewelry box.
Guardian Caldwell Stumbling in with blood soaked Power Armor is the Knight Caldwell of the BoS. He walks up to Miss Kitty and nods to her. "We have returned with the jewelery, your cut of the loot, and our lives. More so barely on the last part. We got hit pretty hard by some disgusting mutie." he holds out two SMGs to Miss Katherine in hopes she will accept them and hopefully give them more of a reward for such a phat find from a phat mans place.
Katherine Caine "Great!" Katherine exclaimed with a positively delightful grin as she takes a look at the jewelry box with bleary sleep-ridden eyes, "The girls are going to be happy, I bet they'll probably give you a free round if you take back the missing items to them. Here.. hmm.." Katherine began digging through the box of jewelry handing a necklace to William, "Take this to Amber Skye, she's the one with the orangeish hair. It belonged to her mum and um.."

To Ironface she handed a set of dangling bracelets, "These belong to Jasmine. She's a real grateful girl, real grateful if you catch my drift." She winked before taking a look at the weapons and nodding as she checked one of them out by removing the clip and setting it back down before doing the same to the other.
Bane      Abel walks in slightly behind the others, he had been covering their trail with his rifle. Never know when someone is going to get brave or stupid, especially when they know you have already been through a fight and are injured and possibly low on ammo. He walks through with a fresh blood soaked bandage pressed to the flesh wound in his shoulder, his rifle help limply in one hand. He places it dopwn leaning it against the table as he reaches into a interior pocket of his duster and pulls out a small leather pouch. He throws it onto the table with a dull clank. "Around 150 in bottle caps as well. The guy had a rainy day fund hidden in his cupboard."
Ironface Jones "I am excited to experience Jasmine's gratitude," Ironface declares with a grin as he puts the bracelets away in one of his belt's pockets. He picks a spot nearby to lean his bulk against, clearly glad for a break after such an adventure and so much travel. "We killed a mighty super mutant. I shall buy us drinks once I have been seen to by a healer."
Katherine Caine Katherine held the pouch in her hand and tossed it back to Bane, "You boys keep the caps, consider it advance payment for the next job. I have a feeling you'll be spending some of them here anyways."

Taking a ring out of the jewelry box she tossed it to Bane as well before yawning, "That belonged to Melody, was her husbands, she killed him. You can ask her all about it or run for your life, up to you but you dark and mysterious types usually like the crazy ones."
Guardian Caldwell The knight in shining power armor nods and takes the necklace from Miss Kitty's hands. "Can do, ma'am. I'd love to meet Miss Skye and see how grateful she is." he says, offering a smile as he takes off his power armored helmet and beginning to go off to find Amber.
Bane      Bane chuckles, the sound almost suprising him as he tucks the caps back into his duster. "Well I already have a room here, so chances are yeah I'll be spending a fair bit of my coin here." He shrugs his broad shoulders and grimaces as it pulls on his wound. "Definitly keep me in mind for any jobs that come up. Especially if you need someone hunted down. That is my...specialty, i guess you could call it." He nods his head with a smirk as he pockets the ring "You can read me like a book it seems. I always go for the crazy ones when they are an option. They are always the most fun."