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Owner Pose
Nathan Nathan is sitting on the back of his wagon most of his things packed up from the day trying to trade and sell his wares a bottle of Nuka Cola in his hand as he relaxes for a bit before he goes back to work.
Tina Sister Tina approaches the wagon and bows to Nathan from the shoulders, as he is the only person visible. "Peace and blessings to you, good sir," she says warmly, smiling. "Though I am here for more mercantile reasons. May I see your wares, please?"
Nathan Nathan nods a bit as he hops down from the wagon, "Peaceful blessings back atcha." He smiles a bit as he steps off to the side, "Here's what I've got for sale, whatcha lookin for?"
Tina "I am in need of a firearm. Though I am averse to the idea of harming anyone, I worry about someone trying to rob or attack the church, or people I am visiting," Tina replies, bowing her head briefly. "Do you have anything that would work for a relative novice, no pun intended?"
Nathan Nathan hmmms and nods, "I've got a little BB Gun... Also have a 10mm Pistol and I think that'd likely be what you're looking for. Although I've got some higher end rifles they're not really for a novice shooter."
Tina "I have used a BB gun before, but I don't think it would scare off a raider or a bandit. The pistol might be the safer choice," Tina says, after a moment's thought. "Though I was wondering about something larger... something scary enough that I might not have to shoot someone to drive them off. Otherwise, I'll take the pistol."
Nathan Nathan nods a bit, "I've got some service rifles. They'd be pretty intimidating. And I could get some 10mm SMGs as well. Or just get an automatic rifle and hose down a general area."
Tina "They certainly /sound/ intimidating. And I saw one of those automatic rifles in one of the shops in town. I'm sure I could learn to use one, but would it be too heavy for me to carry around? It was rather large." Tina asks.
Nathan Nathan nods a bit, "I think I can get you one of those SMGs for about 450 caps. That'd be easier to handle than the automatic rifle and you could hide it in a bag."
Tina Tina takes a pouch of caps from her sleeve and fingers it thoughtfully, as if counting, then nods. "That sounds reasonable. I'll take it," she replies, nodding and offering a small smile.
Nathan Nathan nods a bit, "It'll take some time to get I'll stop by the church when I've gotten the SMG. You can pay me then."