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Joe Caine For the time being, Joe Caine had been behind the bar, serving drinks in his Ma's absence. It had only been a short period, but he was holding it down like a pro. Having taken care of the prior rush, Joe is now lounging in a chair behind the counter, a book open in front of him, the title, 'Zen and the Art of Piloting' legible on the fron cover. It looked to be a very old book, scavenged no doubt based on it's rough appearance. He keeps his attention split between the bar and it's patrons, simply killing the time till his Ma returned.
Sammy     Walking as he's wont to do when it does turn late and he's got legs to stretch and luckily this evening, some caps to burn and a purpose in mind, Sammy enters, the bar, his footfalls his typical quiet, even starting to learn which of the steps leading up to the Saloon squeak loudest, and how fast he can open the door and step inside without the hinge making a fuss over his entry. A quick glance around and he room, and he unlimbers his rifle, tucking it over his shoulder on it's sling, anand taking his mask down, with a *ffwee-dit* as the goggles turn off. Some of his hair spills down beside his face from beneath his helmet, and his walking loostens up, starting to relax and unwind in the now-familliar bar.
    You wanna go where most everybody knows ... your name.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine yawns with the hour. Is a hot night, and sleep is difficult. She yawns again, not really watching here's she 's going.. pausing as she bumps into the back of a chair, grabbing it and freezing until her yawn is complete. She wipes her eye and looks around.. Spotting Sammy, she rakes fingers through her hair, brushes something off her shirt that doesn't warrant a closer inspection, and makes her way over to her regular stool at the bar.
Clara Caine Hour-smour, Clara is up and going, baddies never sleep. Or well they do, but at all hours. She enters the saloon, thumbs hooked into her belt loops. Long leather jacket swaying around her, that cowboy hat askew. Her blue eyes take in the patrons, while she chews on a root, which is promptly removed and shoved into a inner pocket. "Jojo! What are you reading?" He asks Joe, heading in his direction, seeing Lilly and when near, messing up her hair, unaware that she is trying to look good.

Ploping on a stool, the acting-sheriff leans back and eyes Sammy. "Hello." She greets, with a nod.
Joe Caine Despite the hour, Joe doesn't appear to be too sleepy, for when Sammy enters, he perks up, "Heya boss, what can I get ya? Tha' new batch a' corn Whiskey is pretty damn good." He offers, ever the salesmen, despite his recent career change. Lilly is offered a rare smile, "Heya Sis, how'sit goin'?"

Several bottles are pulled from the shelf in preperation, as people start to pile in. Clara's arrival prompts a certain edge to Joe, as if his mother just entered the room. One of respect, love, and fear. "Oh! Hey! Auntie.. Sheriff.. Sheriff Auntie? How are ya?" The book is given a quick glance, before it's displayed on the bar, pages down so he doesn't lose his spot, "'s'called Zen, and the Art of Pilotin'.. found it over yonder out in them old airfields near Roswell. Pretty neat stuff, I reckon I could prolly get a hella-copter off the ground." He pauses a moment from his rambling as he pulls glasses from the shelf, "Anyone need anything?"
Sammy     The Ranger picks up his smile when he spies Lilly making a bee-line for her favorite stool, and not so much veers, but seems to drift across the floor, entirely too quiet, yes, he's learning which of the floorboards in here squeak the least too. For someone still wearing most of his kit, there's nowhere near what someone might expect for a 'Battle Rattle' as he moves. He parks himself on the stool next to Lilly's, and slips his rifle down from his shoulder, foot through the sling, "Maybe some water, ice if you got it." he says to Joe who's being poretty good about bein behind the bar, "How's your bandaids?" he asks curiously, since the last time he saw Joe, Joe was bein led off somewhere to get stitches.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine smiles over to Sammy. "Hey!", beaming at him with a silly expression.. hands trying to fix her hair from where Clara mussed it.. "S-sammy.. H-have you met .. Clara? My aunt?" Lilly waves clara over. "Clara.. have you met Sammy?" Her cheeks glow bright red.
Celeste     Saloon doors swing open and in walks Celeste, boots thudding lightly on the wooden floor as she makes her way farther inside before pausing to take a quick look around. The blonde locks her eyes upon a nearby robot, and she watches it as a little grin tugs at the corner of her mouth. Once it passes she moves on over towards the bar, tugging an old bandana from around her hair to stuff it into her back pocket.
Clara Caine Elbows come to the bar top, Clara fixes her gaze on Joe, then the book. "Now that there doesn't look like light reading. Whiskey for me! Make it a double too." Hands tap on the bar top now, she looks to Lilly as the introduction is made and then she smirks, standing and going to put an arm around her. "Sammy eh? Well, lookie here, you're my lil' flower is blushing. Now what ever for?" Her eyes move between them.
Sammy     Sammy pivots on the barstool, leaning closer to Lilly, to peer around her, to see which one Clara is, "I don't think I have. I know the name from paperwork back at the office, but I don't think we've ever met." he gives a nod, and undoes his helmet, setting it upside down on the bar, his gauntlets then go in helmet, and his headband is fetched as he re-seats the bandanna, sweeping his hair out of his face to get a clear picture of Clara, and then nods, "Specialist Sammy Jenkins, NCR Ranger." as if the armor, helmet, duster didn't make it a dead giveaway already. He offers a hand out. "You'd be Ms. Kitty's older or younger sister, then?" he glances back and forth between Joe and Lilly, wondering where the aformentioned matron is.
    "She is bushing, I wonder if she's actually a strawberry." His eyes flit over as the newcomer enters, but then back to Lilly and then Clara, with a smile that's curling mischief at the edges.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine 's face blushes hotter.. then hotter still at mention of her blushing.. she tries really hard to ignore it.. and fails.. "and.. Sammy, this is Joe, my Brother.." Lilly tries hard not to feel like sammy is a lost goat surrounded by three Caine-family coyotes..
Celeste     Once a spot at the bar has been found Celeste takes her seat. She isn't that far away from the strawberry and others, so her eyes dart that way to take in what's occuring. It doesn't take long to figure it out, and she wears a soft grin for herself while watching Sammy and then Lilly. As she watches and tries not to eavesdrop, a robot swings on by, taking care of her order.
Joe Caine Joe Caine moves about pouring a few glasses of water, before sliding it over to Sammy, ice not included! It was a commodity after all! With a few more clangs of whiskey, Joe is sliding a double whiskey down to his Aunt, "Ah it wasn't so bad! Jus' re-readin' it to make sure I get errything." He comments, waving towards Celeste as she arrives, "Welcome."
Katherine Caine Katherine steps out into the bar from the backroom wearing a duster and cowboy hat, which signified she was more than likely on her way somewhere. Peeking over Joe's shoulder she asked the young man, "Whatcha reading Joe?" Lilly's hair was mussed up not that it probably already wasn't and a nod was offered to Sammy as she poured herself a drink, "Looks like you've got Lilly blushing up a storm again, good job Sammy."
Joe Caine Belatedly responded to Sammy shrugs, "All good now.. was jus' a flesh wound really.." The arrival of Ma draws a wave, "Heya Ma! Found a book called, 'Zen and the Art o Pilotin'! Interesting stuff, if I do say so myself." As his mother pours a shot, he too follows suit, raising it towards her to cheers, before shooting it back.
Sammy     "Just don't pick at the stitches, there's only so many ways a scar can be cool, before it gets suddenly ugly." Sammy doesn't quite feel the Goat amidst the Caine-Clan-Coyotes, he's been trained to be more or less 'Sheepdog Strong' he leans a little closer to Lilly and gets reeeeal close, narrowing his eyes as he looks into hers, "Mmmm... Nope, not quite a Strawberry." he gets close enough to rub his nose ever so lightly against Lilly's, and then he leans back, more to her side as he turns to Clara and smiles, giving an shrug as if to declare innocence in the matter. "I have no idea why, and he slips his hand into Lilly's, knitting his fingers with hers and giving a reassuring squeeze, stagewhispering to her, "I think they're on to us, Lilly." and a wink to Kitty, and a wave of his free hand.
Clara Caine With a sweep of her hand Clara takes the whiskey, having it down in a couple of gulps. The glass is put down and she motions to Joe for another one. She then looks to Sammy some and nods. "We'll need to sit and talk in the office." Because getting the guy alone who is making Lilly blush is wise, yes? "Person." She adds to Katherine with a jovial sort of nod, eyeing Celeste a moment after.
Celeste     The bot moves aside to work on getting the drink for Celeste, and with him gone the blonde glances back, eyes searching for the person to match the voice she heard. She spies Joe and sends him a friendly smile, saying, "Thank you.. Always wanted to visit this place. It's just as nice inside as it looks from the outside." Her drink is slid over and she takes it, giving a sip as her eyes roam again to watch the others. They catch Clara's gaze and she smiles at her, lowering her drink just enough to let it be seen.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine blushes still looking away from Sammy after the noserub, looking most intently at a small scratch atop the bar. Her fingers lace with Sammy's, giving a squeezes even as she looks away.. "n-nuka cola", she offers to Joe.. looking for something to distract her.. or.. something cool to ease her burning face..
Katherine Caine "Zen and the art of piloting?" Katherine repeated, glancing over the pre-war textbook, "Well, uh, try not to go blasting off or anything." You know, there was an overabundance of aircraft in El Dorado. Her gaze moves to the newcomer Celeste and then back to Lilly and Sammy. Dead serious she asks, "Sammy, your dad taught you how to pull out right? If not, you may wanna study up with Joe on Zen and the Art of Piloting.." She didn't want to be a grandmother.
Sammy     Sammy nods to Clara, "I'm wondering if there's enough wire to run telephone lines from the Embassy to the Sherrif's building..." he glances out, "With a stop here..." he thinks about it, and from a pocket a small notepad and pen is pulled, flopped open on the counter, he adds notes in a careful scribble. 'Requisition: Communications Wiring. Radios?' he thinks of the crank-crank-ring 'field telephones' he's used over time, and is reminded to reach down and turn his own off for the evening, since his helmet's not connected at the moment. He looks back to Clara with a wry smile, "I've got to do a ton of paperwork, and some of it involves asking the local authority, and by my understanding, that's pretty much you, about juristiction and whatnots. I'll try and catch ya in business hours soonish."
    He gives Lilly's hand another reassuring squeeze, staying leaned in close to her, watchin her go for somethin that'll definitely kick the cobwebs out of her eyes for a while. He was halfway to sipping his water when Kitty asked him about pulling out, He's glad he didn't have a mouthful, because that'd be a stereotypical western move, a spit-take. He does continue lifting the glass and takes a great swig of it, before looking Kitty square in the eyes and with an absolute deadpan, "My Drill Sgt. for shure told me, 'If'n you don't want a baby in the gut, make sure to put it in the butt.'" he even does the speaking-from-the-diaphram Drill Sgt. voice reasonably well.
    But he snags up Lilly's hand and kisses it gently, before giving it another squeeze, "Don't worry, I'm taking things slow with this lovely Strawberry here, there's already been an oder placed with HQ for ... certain sundry supplies, I just got to wait for it to come in with the mail and duty pay."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine just thumps her head down against the bartop.. When the Nuka arrives, she lifts her head, takes a sip, then puts her head back down again.. burping softly.. but she's more than certain that she's probably going to die of embarassment and leave some dessicated husk behind..
Celeste     Pull out. Celeste hears that and she nearly chokes on what she's sipping. Put it in the butt? This earns a craning of her neck as Celeste looks over and spots Sammy. Interetsing people over there, for sure. She starts to laugh softly to herself, and she gives her head a little shake. She smiles, watching Lilly for a moment, and then she's finishing her drink.
Joe Caine Joe Caine shoots a glare at Sammy, who seems to be all over his twin sister, "I'm leavin' before I get in trouble." Or say something highly inappropriate, which he had been on the verge of spouting. To Clara and Kitty, he offers a smile and wave, "Good night ladies. Night sis." To Celeste, he offers a nod, "It's quite the establishment, if you haven't already figured. Night folks, have field training excercise in the mornin'."
Celeste     Celeste finishes her drink and rises up, slipping a few caps over to pay for the item before she's turning and heading out.
Katherine Caine Katherine covers her mouth with her hand as she laughs at Sammy's words and reassurance she wouldn't be a grandmother anytime soon. She watches Joe head off and then does the same herself, "Lilly, Sammy. Try not to get in any trouble or burn the place down." She had her own business to attend to!
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine lifts her head, giving an obedient nod to her Mom.. definitely no burning the place down. got it.. She puts her head back down on the bar. "Take care, Mom" as Kitty slips into the back. She gives Sammy's hand another squeezes, head still on the bar.
Sammy     Sammy leans down to Lilly, and stagewhispers to her, "I'm pretty sure you can't die of embarassment. But I'm gonna try mouth-to-mouth resuccitation if you faint." he can't say it with a straight face, the laughter is crackling into his voice. He knew Ms. Kitty was a former Ranger, but to go so directly for what's on her mind, right in front of poor innocent Lilly.
    He sits up and smiles with a friendly wave to Joe, and then to Katherine, "I solemly swear I won't do anything that'll require a trip to the med center, or a bucket-brigade." he calls as she heads out. He squeezes Lilly's hand again and sets the water down, bringing his free hand to rub her back gently, "You don't get to pick your relatives, but you do get to choose who is family. They are picking on you 'cause they care and worry." his tone much softened as he says this in her ear.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine grumbles softly under her breath.. "mom just doesn't want grandkids.. she's have to get more work done if she was ever called 'grandma'
Sammy Sammy murmurs quietly to Lilly, "The moon's out, maybe some fresh air will cool those cheeks. I'll walk ya home." he manages to move with a somewhat fluidness, swinging his rifle up to his shoulder, and scooping his helmet up by its chinstrap under his free arm, giving her hand another squeeze, when she nods at him, he walks her out with a definite swing in his step.