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Tina The hour is late. Late enough to be early. But the work of nuns is never truly done, and Sister Tina is living proof of this. The nun in red walks slowly about the main hall of the church, almost as if in a trance or reverie, as she uses a long candle-lighting staff to almost delicately light the candelabras in each corner and at the back of the pulpit. The long staff is a necessity, as some of the candles are several feet above her head.
Moon Quietly the door would open, and close. By the entrance is a woman, dresses in a olf floral knee length dress, with a leater vest on top and cowboy boots, what may stand out is the dark goggles she wears. Her long messy-curly dark hair doesn't hide them.

"Religion. False gods, words in stone, physics doesn't work with gods, all powerful." Her voice is calm, thoughtful as she speaks into the quiet.
Tina Tina glances over from her work, smiling at the sight of the young woman in goggles and floral print. "Welcome to the church, Ma'am," she says warmly. "I will need just a moment to finish lighting the candle branches, but I will be with you right after I have finished. Won't you please take a seat?" she adds, invitingly.
Moon Moon stands there quietly watching the woman, then looks around slowly, walking futher in. She doesn't sit, but approaches the candles. "Sitting slowa blood and creates clots which can cause you to loose a leg." Suddenly her head turns, Tina could feel eyes focused on her. "Why do you light them?"
Tina Tina finishes with the last candle and lowers the staff, retracting the wick slightly. "The candles provide light, and also a mood. There is something intimate and soothing about candlelight," she explains softly. "How may I help you this evening, Miss?" she asks, smiling warmly.
Moon "Intiate? Like? skin on skin touching?" Moon asks, moving closer to the candles, lifting a hand to touch the fire, she hisses and draws her hand back some. "I am called Moon."
Tina Tina gasps softly, and begins to reach for Moon's burned hand, but stops herself before she gets close. "Are you all right, sweetie?" she asks, clearly quite concerned. "You really shouldn't touch the candle flames. They're pretty, but they can hurt you just like any other fire."

She feels herself blushing a little at the question, but shakes her head. "Not really that sort of intimate... it is rather hard to explain. More of an intimate mood... romantic, perhaps."
Moon You touch fire to know fire." Moon says in return, head tilted to the side a little still watching the flames.

Suddenly she looks to Tina, leaning forward a little. "I am fine. Are you trying to be intimate with your god? Spiritual closeness is often considered intimidate."
Tina "I'm not sure I would want to know it quite /that/ well," Tina muses, watching Moon watch the fire. The question deepens her blush. "Um, not in /that/ way, but I suppose I am. It is considered right and proper to seek a closer relationship with one's god. Do you wish to become closer to your chosen god, then?" she asks softly, smiling faintly.

"Forgive me for not introducing myself when you did... I was distracted. I am Sister Tina, and I help Sister Neva run the church."
Moon Brows raise, Moon stares at Tina from behind her goggles. It's dim in here, why would she still be wearing them! "I don't have a god." She doesn't sound to put out by this either.

"Sister Tina."

There is a strange odd innocence around Moon, until it shifts, there is a tension around her, hands come to her head. "No - no - no," A scared step back is taken. "You're not god stop playing with my mind the needles go in and out they stab my eyes stop taking the snow from me stop!" She even cowers down into a seat, trembling from sudden fear.
Tina Tina gasps at Moon's sudden fit. "Miss Moon, what is wrong? Are you hurt?" she cries, instantly concerned. She stares at the frightened young woman for a long moment before realizing that it is fear and not pain that compels her so, and seats herself next to her, gently trying to hug her and soothe away the fear as best she can. "No one will hurt you, Miss Moon. You are safe here," she says, in a soft voice that she hopes is soothing.