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Tina It is a typical day at the clinic, being neither too busy nor dead quiet, and the waiting room is empty except for a family waiting on a relation to return from a doctor visit. And a nun.

Sister Tina is seated near the front counter of the clinic, hands folded in her lap, watching the door into the back with a pensive expression.
Derk With a slight rap on the door and a gentle shove to find the door unlocked, Derk wanders inside with a light, questing voice, "Hello, anyone here?" The man, dressed in a weathered duster over a patchworked jumpsuit seems recently washed of the face, though the clothes still carry a heavy 'dust of the road' sort of air. A rucksack is over the man's shoulder and from it a torn cloth is wrapped around an object that is too long to fit entirely within. He pauses with his head just inside the door to allow his eyes to adjust to the shadowed state of the room, then steps in fully, closing the door behind him with a gentle push.

Spotting Tina, Derk's eyes widen slightly, "A sister... Forgive me, I was looking for the Clinic... this is the Clinic, is it not?"
Tina Tina looks up, noting the vagabond stepping inside with a hint of a smile and a little nod. But when he speaks, she stands slowly, bowing from the shoulders. "Indeed it is, and you have found it," she says. "I am Sister Tina, and I had come to visit the sick here. There are few here today, for which I am thankful. How may we help you today?" she asks gently.
Derk "Ah," Derk begins, then just sort of stands there for a moment, taking in her words and the set of her voice. He studies her a moment, allowing the silence after her question to stretch to almost uncomfortable before he responds, "As you say, it is good that the numbers are low, though that does not bode well for me..." A breath as he now wears a slight frown upon his face. "I had hoped to offer my services, being new to the town and all, but the more I hear, it sounds like things are well and under control in these parts..." he almost seems sad, but then his face lightens as he realizes his tone, "Not that that's a bad thing, actually it's better than I had expected," a breath as he steps forward, "And sorry, I'm Derk, and like I said, new to El Dorado, as in... arrived today."
Tina Tina bows her head, her smile growing and growing warmer. "In that case, please let me welcome you to El Dorado, Mr. Derk. I hope your journey was not to arduous. I am curious as to why the low numbers of sick would not bode well for you, however... are you a doctor by trade, or some other manner of healer?"
Derk Raising a hand, Derk wobbles it side to side, "Eh, it only took a dozen years or so to make it here, but who's counting, right?" He seems rather good natured about it, but the light in his eyes dies a little at the revelation. "By necessity I am a doctor, by trade, well far too many hats I suppose throughout my life, but mainly I deal in holes. Fixing em, pluggin' em, patch'in em up, and the like. Seems to be the most common sort of ailments that I encountered in my various walks of life." A pause for a breath as he looks around the clinic's main entry, "How about yourself? Do you work here as well?"
Tina "I can, but mostly I just try to comfort the sick and hurt, and the staff who tend them," Tina replies, shaking her head in the negative. "And I suspect the services of a doctor will never be unnecessary in such a town as this. The order of a town is kept by strong hands, but the lawlessness of the wasteland threatens to encroach upon it at any time... I've even negotiated to purchase a gun with which to protect the church, should it become necessary. With so many potential holes around, we will need many to patch them."
Derk "The wasteland does seem to have the controling stake when it comes to leaving people in need of patchin'," Derk replies and then tilts his head slightly, "Arming the convent? Seems like a noble venture though don't that sort of thing go against some of them teachings?" Derk asks with a lofted brow. He shrugs anyways and slips the rucksack off his shoulder to set it down beside his feet with a heavy and dull thunk upon the floor. "Well, if my services can be utilized, then perhaps I'll keep with this profession, though I feel like you're saying there's a few more folk around here that work the place... they're off duty, or are there more clinics throughout the town?"
Tina "Mostly volunteers, though I am sure there is at least one permanent healer on staff... I have yet to meet them, however," Tina replies, shrugging. "Either way, I doubt anyone will turn away your help. Most medical help here seems to occur wherever there is a need for it."

She stifles a giggle at his question. "You aren't the first to ask, but the question is not offensive to me. Honestly, the Good Book is firm on the taking of life, but has much less to say on the subject of kneecaps. Or legs. Or arms. One must also ponder the question of whether it is right to do violence to stop violence. The wastelands themselves teach that those who are not prepared to defend themselves had best be prepared to meet their makers, often in agony. So I shall learn the gospel of Colt, that I may continue to teach the gospels that matter most."
Derk Derk listens with a sort of wide-eyed fascination at her philosophy then barks a laugh at the end, "Well that seems fair enough, though I take it guns don't come cheap around these parts? Sounds like you had to have a meeting of the board to petition a special offering to afford such an item of self-defense." There's a pause and he gives her a small smile, "New here, just still trying to figure out what sort of place this is. Mostly learned by rumor, so there's still lots of holes to fill in, and you're doing a curious job of filling some in."

His hands slide easily behind his back in an 'at ease' position that suggests he's had some formal training at one point of his life, "So, I should just come back sometime and hope that the other...healers, as you say, should be around? Or they on some sort of schedule? Also, since we're on that schedule topic, do you find that you need to defend yourself within the walls often? Are hte patrols not adequate in keeping the riff-raff out of the inner city?"
Tina "Thankfully, no. I decided to use what caps I had saved for the purchase, sparing the church the expense. It seemed only right, as I would be the one carrying the weapon in question. But I would not turn down a lesson or two in its use. I know only a little about weapons, I confess," Tina says, bowing her head once more. "I do apologize if my information is less than complete. I do not wish to misinform you, so I stay with what I can confirm."

The questions are met with a wry smile. "That might be best, honestly. Schedules are often at the mercy of misfortune. So far we have not needed to protect ourselves within the church itself, but our duties take us out into the town, and sometimes beyond, with a corresponding increase in a need for self-protection. But I have heard a rumor that we have recently lost our Sheriff, and the law is still dealing with that loss."f
Derk "Can't say I've ever trained a Sister before, seems almost like I'd be skirting the line, asking to be punished by the divinese or something, leading you astray, I'm sure some would say. Unless you've got that cleared by someone who can vouch for your soul, or whatever it is that you profess?" Derk asks, though the latter seems more jovial than inqusitive. "So what sort of dangerous litergy did you manage to procure in physical form?" Derk asks, curious now.

The last he holds out for, though the mention of loss does cause his eyes to narrow slightly, "Lawman takes a hit and the town suffers. Are there replacements in the wing, or is this a vaccuum that could threaten the way society works around here?" Not mincing words, Derk seems dead serious about this portion of the conversation.
Tina "If it helps any, think of it as preserving my soul by different means," Tina replies, just slightly impishly. "I believe the item is called a ten-millimeter submachine gun."

She shakes her head at the deadly serious question. "I don't think there will be any serious disruptions from within. They are more likely from without, as the town will be at least slightly more vulnerable with only an acting Sheriff. But I'm sure we will not need to worry for long. This is an old town, and it has dealt with worse than the loss of a beloved Sheriff in its time."
Derk "Preserving your soul... yep, going straight to hell with that one, aren't I?" Derk replies then nods his head, "Well I still need to find a place to bunk up for the coming days while I get settled, so if you've got a recommendation for that, something that's going to keep my soul pure... and all," his voice is almost teasing. "I could see about giving you some lessons in the next few days, if that works for you?"

"That's good then, I'll just have to watch and see what happens in that shake-up and hopefully the outside forces, as you say, will leave the town alone for long enough." Derk drops his hands to his sides and bends his knees, drawing the rucksack up to throw the strap over his shoulder as he turns to watch Tina more directly, "You've been a wellspring of information today... I feel like I almost know what's happened around here, now if only I knew where I was going..."
Tina Tina stifles a giggle. "Far from it, so please put your mind at ease," she replies semi-impishly. "There is a hotel in town... I cannot recall how to get there without walking that way, but I could guide you there easily enough. The only other source of rented rooms is the saloon, and they have prostitutes there. Probably not the best combination for keeping one's soul pure."

As he shoulders his pack, she nods at his assessment. "We all have times in our lives when we do not know where our journey will end. Have faith. And if I may help you in that, do not hesitate to find me," she says earnestly. "It is why I am here."
Derk "You are here to help me find my way... by having me teach you how to fire your submachine gun?" Derk replies, though he's laughing as he says this. "I will take you up on that offer, I do believe, if you wish to lead me to the hotel, I would be pleased to have a guide to show me the town and ensure that I am resting without the temptation of those dark saloon types," he remarks, not being an ass, but still playng it slightly coy.

"Did you need to wait for someone to return before you could leave? I would not wish to pull you away from your duties." Derk steps closer to her, looking her over once again after having received her impish responses, and still attempting to get a bead on her offerings.
Tina "Let us be on our way, then. And don't worry. I am allowed to come and go as I please, so you will not be taking me away from my duties," Tina replies, smiling. "The hotel is right this way," she says, leading the way out the door.