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Sparrow It's hot out, even in the twilight of the afternoon. Sparrow's been out most of the day running around and gathering what materials she could to help the Drake farm. Getting debris cleared and hauled off and trying to make sure property lines were clearly marked off and gone over with the help of folks who'd offered to be of use around the Ranch.

Sparrow has gotten home and is working on getting Bluebelle unsaddled and set up int he corrals for the evening. Nearby she's set out a small table for those who helped to eat. Not much more than some potted meat and to sandwiches and some nice sweet tea.

This is about the time she tends to make herself available for helping out the folks who need healing. With enough time to get treated and back to El Dorado before dark.

Sparrow's with a thin off-white button-up shirt and a pair of thick brown leather cowboy pants and her boots. But her hair's been unbound by the day's activities and is in messy loose curls about her face that she keeps trying to tie back - she's losing the battle and grumbling idly about getting a haircut.
Jacqueline Having come to literally mend fences and figuratively build bridges, Jacqueline Wayne has spent a lot of the day here, just making simple repairs where they seemed necessary. Hopefully it'll help keep the local wildlife from sneaking in here when they get the munchies.
She's on hand to meet Sparrow when the cowgirl comes in, stifling a smile as her friend battles with her hair. "I can help once you sit down," she suggests. "Standing up, you're a little too tall for me! How does the perimeter look?"
Stockton Stockton makes a good farm hand when he's not busy growling and snarling and generally aiming a gun at something that pissed him off. The Merc still works with his guns on him, like umbilical cords to his feeling of safety. Stripped down to slightly hole-filled wife-beater and his fancy new-ish, if tight, cowboy jeans and his worn boots. Sweat and dirt are the accessories of choice and he's currenly wiping a dirty hand down his front to brush off another cloudy mote worth of plant bits and dust. Stomping up to the struggling Sparrow, he grunts once, reaches into his pocket to fetch a leather tie. He demonstrates on his own mane with a quick motion how to get a clear face. Without a word he also offers her a second leather thong from his pocket. The other hand is digging out a cigarillo and his box of matches.
Aidan Drake Aidan makes his way out of the house and towards where the others are working and blinks as he looks at Stockton, "Those my pants? The fuck you wearin my pants for?" He's not angry just shocked to see the big man in his pants. His movements are pretty easy looks like he's healed up from that blasted minigun finally. Cathal is next to him and then not as the dog darts off to investigate the smells sights and sounds of the ranch.
Sparrow Sparrow takes the tie from Stockton and offers it over to Jackie as she moves to take a seat. But, bad habits beget bad habits and Sparrow's reaching to dig into her folded duster for her own rolled smoke to trap in her teeth, "Have at Jackie, how're them hips anyway? Back of your head and elbows at botherin' ya either I hope." The Rancher is concerned, after all, Jackie had just done a spot of work for her after the incident at Chips N Bits. "Thank's for your help today, Stockton. Hopefully, Jess'll bring out that pie I asked for both of ya for the help." She gripes, "That hill was a real pain."

"Got the MedKit finally. can start offerin' my services as a Wanderin' Doc again. Figure I can start main the money enough to hire folks to watch my hide while I do that."

She lifts a hand, "Hey, Aidan. Seems like he came over in an indecent state thanks to a rocky slope and Jess was kind enough to shield us all from the view. You're lookin' better."
Jacqueline "That'll work! Thanks, Mister Stockton," Jackie says, bowing her head and turning to assist Sparrow. In her own denims, tee, and hiking boots, she won't be mistaken for a ranchhand anytime soon, but at least she's comfortable. "Only a little sore, Miss Sparrow. And I've got my elbows bandaged up." Purely a necessity in the dust of the ranch.
She pokes the tie between her teeth and begins drawing Sparrow's hair back for a ponytail.
She nearly spits out the tie when Aidan arrives, and mentions just where his pants are today. Stifling laughter with some effort, she glances between the two, as if comparing pants sizes.
Stockton Stockton glances up at the swearing from Aidan and the big, feral man just /grins/. "Yer sister disapproved of the duct tape job I did on my ol' pants, said you only wear the one pair anyways," there's a shrug as he strikes the match to take a slow puff. He's got enough match, so that while Sparrow's getting her hair fussed with by her friend, he's lightin' up her cigar. "Yer welcome," he says to the blonde cowgirl then gives a nod to Jackie too. Stock's a big guy, Aidan's pants are ... snug.
Aidan Drake Aidan blinks as he looks at the man then his sister and Jackie and just shakes his head, "Eh they'll bust if you bend around too much we'll need to see about getting 'em let out a bit for you. Otherwise you'll be back into the same predicament again."
Jessica "It's true." Jessica confirmed Stocktons words with a smile as she arrived from the farmhouse carrying some freshly squeezed mutifruit juice, "Plenty of duct tape if they bust." Playfully she asks, "You ain't gonna bust those pants on us, are ya Stockton?"
Jacqueline Jessica's playful words get a grin from the fix-it girl. "Don't bend over," Jackie suggests as she slips the tie from her mouth, having gathered Sparrow's hair into a ponytail at her nape. "The owner might regret it more than you do." Tying it securely, she dusts her hands and steps back, smiling cheerfully. "That ought to hold it for a while... is that mutfruit juice? Can I have some, please?" she asks eagerly.
Sparrow Sparrow smiles her thanks to Jackie for getting the blonde mess back out of the way, "Thank ya kindly, Jackie." She let the worry over the Wayne woman's injuries linger but not for long. She's chuckling at the exchange between Aidan and Stockton before glancing to Jess. "Maybe we oughta get the tape just incase."
Stockton Stockton just barks a laugh at them all, "Y'all act like yah haven't seen my ass before," the wildman just snickers more and shakes his head. He managed most of the day with only a small rip on the back of his thigh for having leaned on something too sharp. He puffs on his smoke and eyes the juice and Jessie. "Well 'ello there," and then he's all sweet on the older sister so he can possibly shmooze for beverage.
Aidan Drake Aidan shakes his head, "I haven't. I'd like to keep it that way bud." He grins a bit and just shakes his head, "So what's bein worked on and how can I help?"
Sparrow Sparrow chuckles softly, "He meant us, Aidan." The blonde adds ever so helpfully, just incase the situation weren't just uncomfortable enough. She takes one of the sandwhiches and starts gnosing idly on the extent of her 'good cooking'. Sandwhiches and tea. Jessica gets a thankful sidelong glance for bringing the much better fruit juice. "Thank you both again." She tells Jackie and Stockton. "And when Skittles comes back around I've got to remember to thank her as well. She digs about into her pockets and doels some caps out to both.
Stockton Stockton takes the caps and gives Sparrow a wink before waving at the rest, "See y'all 'round, Ma's gonna have breakfast ready by now." and off the dutiful Merc goes.
Jessica "Of course." Jessica replied to Jackie as she set the tray with the jug and glasses down on the table for everyone, "Help yourself." She set about the task of pouring a few glasses, eyebrows raised at the talk of Stock's ass before she reminded the big guy, "Don't forget Stockton, you promised to help me learn to shoot!"
Jacqueline "Actually, I haven't," Jackie admits, stating a fact rather than expressing any desire to change that. "So if you could keep those rip-free? Not that I couldn't sew them up, but that kind of fabric takes some work, and it's never quite as strong as before. I'm sure he'd appreciate that, too," she adds, giving Aidan an impishly conspiratorial grin.
She accepts her caps and slides them into her pocket, nodding and smiling to Sparrow. "S'nothin', really. And my hips actually came out of that matter best, just a little bruised. It barely shows, even," she says, unlatching her belt and jeans and pulling them down to show Sparrow the minimal damage.
And then recalling that, in spite of the easy banter being exchanged, that half the people around her are all but strangers. And here she is being all indecent. Blushing brilliantly, she hastily yanks her pants up over her gray underpants and hurries for the house. "Bathroom..!" she explains hastily. And probably fooling nobody. Ditz.
Sparrow Sparrow looks after Jackie with an curious expression, eyes lifting at the sudden exposure of hipbones. She does confirm with an amused drawl after Jess darts off, "Yup, barely any bruises. Surprised, she was edged into that washer pretty dang good." She hunches a bit and leans over the table to start chowing down for another bite of food and peering after Stockton and saluting to him as well. "Say hi to her for me." She tells the burly Merc before looking back down to her plate. As people file off leaving just her and her siblings, "You get my message about the rumors I heard round town?" She asks Aidan quietly.
Aidan Drake Aidan nods a bit as he looks around some shaking his head at sudden hip exposure and whatnot, "Got the message. So whatcha think?"
Jessica Jessica is just as surprised as anyone by the exposure but she works with children so very little really shocks her too much about human behavior, "Rumors around town?" Her curiosity is piqued as she sits down to eat a sandwich.
Sparrow Sparrow settles in. "Well, the little Vaultie, Jude, I guess has heard some stuff too. Don't know precisely what. But what do I think of it? I'm not sure, if I knew what he wanted from Pa I might have a better inkling. I don't knwo if their connected or if Solomon just can't get enough. Jude seems to think Solomon's got a hand in what happened to Sherrif Wayne. And it's just coincidence that under Solomon almost ten percent of caps are goin' missing. Makes me wonder if it's enough for him ta be payin' a bunch of mercs to head into Vault thirty for him." Undoing Jackie's work is quick and easy. Out of frustration Sparrow drags her hand into her hair sending a tuft out of place. "But what do you make of everything? I know we don't really know eachother but aint we all in this together? I hate the man enough to admit that I'll jump to the worst conclusion with him."
Aidan Drake Aidan hmms and nods a bit, "Maybe we should try and track down Vault 30? See what's there and possibly what's going on inside of the Cap Mines. I dunno I still want to haul Solomon out back and put a bullet in his head but I nee to know why and how much more involved the whole plot is."
Sparrow Sparrow chews her lip, "I don't think ya know Jude, but he's a friend I guess of the Caine family. He's been hoping to go to the Vault I guess and see if he can't find a G.E.C.K. or whatever. He's the closest thing to a tie I've got to it and I know you work pretty close with the Caines. Vault things are well and beyond me. But I have some tech heads that I'm friendly with that could sure help; not so certain 'bout Skittles since she's got the Brotherhood ties but Tobi at least, Jude and Jackie. I'm tryin to gather us resources for gettin' the farm up and everything. I kno you need the proof, Aidan. I don't think any of us sit well with confronting him without something more tangible and a really crappy memory."
Aidan Drake Aidan nods a bit, "And don't forget Nikki is from Vault Town she can be helpful as well. I'm sure we'll get to the bottom of this."
Sparrow Sparrow nods, "Definately. She's feelin' better I hope?" She asks quietly taking another bite of her dinner. "I'm sure we will. While we're waitin' though, anything you'd like me to have folks do? So far it's mostly just clearing out overgrowth and gettin' fences and stuff mended."
Aidan Drake Aidan shakes his head, "We just need to get everything up and running again so clear out the overgrowth get the fences mended and then get the livestock started. And of course a small section of food grown for us."
Sparrow Sparrow nods and takes a breath. "Soon as we're ready I'll get to plantin' and stuff. We'll need to get some irrigation up and goin' for the crops to feed the Brahmin and Horses though. And that's gonna cost us a pretty penny."
Aidan Drake Aidan nods a bit, "Maybe all our gear head friends could help build the irrigation set up? I think that'd work pretty well and maybe save us a few caps. And we could always breed horses build up a stock that way. Maybe buy a few from the stables for breeding stock?"
Sparrow Sparrow nods. "All right. I have a gun I can sell when it comes to that time, for now I'm keepin' it around cause Tobi likes to go all commando with the dang thing." She shakes her head smiling at Aidan warmly. "We could breed'm but to breed'm we gotta feed'm."
Aidan Drake Aidan nods as he looks around, "It's about planting time isn't it? We should focus on that then worry about the livestock."
Sparrow Sparrow nods, "It is." She agrees and smiles. She stands up and dusts off her hands and moves over to clap Aidan on the shoulder. "I'm glad you're back. I hope we'll stop bein' strangers soon."
Aidan Drake Aidan grins and nods, "Plan on stickin around for a while yeah."
Sparrow Sparrow smiles and nods as she moves to start gathering her stuff up, whistling Bluebelle over to her. "Me too."