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Guardian Caldwell It was a relatively peaceful day around El Dorado, you'd all more then likely seen the man in Power Armor preaching about the New Mexican Brotherhood Of Steel and it's goal to keep the wastelands safe and give the brotherhood a better image. He offered to answer any questions anyone had about the brotherhood, he clearly seemed to be some sort of authority figure in this newly created faction. For some reason or another you might approach this man, or continue about your day. But he'd still go on preaching and trying to recruit.
Jude Dressed in his Vault 30 jumpsuit with some sparse leather armor, Jude is among today's crowd. Pip-Boy on his arm, tool kit, combat knife, and stimpack on his belt, he seems to be relatively successful of late out in the wilds. He adjusts the sling of the FN P90 around his shoulder, making sure it's safe and secure before stepping out of the crowd some to better assess the preacher, but doesn't say much just yet.
Angelo Angelo has been in the area, though he's already a member of the Brotherhood of Steel, having grown up within it and is wearing the armor to prove it, no less! He's The young Apprentice Knight is around the town today, tending to an item or two of personal business, when he notes the figure in power armor preaching to the crowds around El Dorado. His brow furrows lightly, a curious expression forming as he takes a few steps nearer, pausing briefly to listen to whatever it is the man might have to say.
Abe     Scribe Mcdonald sat not far from where Caldwell was making his speech, resting his ass on a p;orch of a nearby shop, home, or other such business. Against his shoulder rests.. we'll say it's a crutch. Some kind of crutch. Explaining the crutch is a slight swell on his left leg. bandages beneath his loose-fitting fatigues.

He's seen the Knight around, hasn't bothered him, fought along side and thankfully not with.