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Wiz The Wiz may not be a good name for Luke Young right now. The supposed Gun Wizard drags himself through the saloon does like a classic apparation, his coat bloody, his armor shot through, his arms lined with bite wounds from feral ghouls. He is probably suffering radiation sickness.

Wiz slowly staggers up to the bar, pushing himself up. He puts his hands on the bar. "Whiskey. And... medic."

He staggers forward and slumps on the bar.
Nathan Nathan makes his way down the stairs from where his room's at and heads towards the bar. Although the man slumping over the bar gets his attention as he recognizes one of the Caravan Guards for LSC, "Did he just say he needed a medic and whiskey?" He's kinda tossing words out not caring if anybody's really listening to him for right now as he gets ready to go find a doc.
Carla Valentine Carla is just working around the Gold Digger, trying her best to avoid trouble and make what caps she can. One of the robots gets Wiz some whiskey and she steps up to the bar beside him, eyebrows raising skywards as she sees his condition, "Holy crap, what the hell happened to you?" Carla asked as she just stared at Wiz. She wasn't sure she could do a whole lot about his condition...
Wiz A shotglass of whiskey is pressed into Wiz's open hand. He wraps his fingers around it and tries to slowly manuever it over to his face. This isn't easy. He has to tilt his head slightly and push out his lips, trying, struggling to get the whiskey in. It spills on the bar before he gets most of it in.

"I tried going inside Roswell," he answers to both.
Nathan Nathan looks at Wiz and shakes his head, "Bud you need to go into that place with some more bodies because you look like you've been beaten pretty bad." He looks over at Carla and motions towards Wiz, "Can you help him or should we try and send for a doc?"
Carla Valentine Carla's eyebrows remained raised as she looked between the merchant and the guard, "Sounds like suicide." Nathan's expensive clothing was noted before she looked back to Wiz, "Can probably get you cleaned up in a bath or something, but uh, don't think most of us are going to be able to keep you on your feet, we do the opposite usually."
Wiz Wiz hacks out a thick wad of blood and, politely, makes it into the spitoon. He rinses it out with whiskey, winces, and gulps it down. "I dunno, I could use that sort of thing. A bath sounds good. Supposed to be good for you, right?" He rolls his shoulder in a half shrug at Nathan. "Thought there might be something good out there. All I've found so far is ghouls, ghouls, and more ghouls."
Nathan Nathan glances back over and looks Carla up and down again, "Ahh yeah makes sense." Then back to Wiz, "Well I'd suggest other areas to look for things then. Or at least wait until there's a couple of us for a Roswell trip. Ghouls don't sound like a good time."
Carla Valentine "I think you should really see a Doctor though, you know, before any of us go getting you cleaned up." Carla looked at Wiz with a bit of concern, caps were one thing but the man could be infected with god knows what if ghouls did this to him, "Just in case. Wouldn't want you to turn into a ghoul or anything..."
Wiz "I don't THINK that's how it works." pause. "Pretty sure." He rubs at his face, which is sweating, "I do have Rad Sickness, I think. This ain't good. I got a doctor whose worked on me before. Brown?" Grue grunts, slowly pushing himself up to his elbows. "Pretty sure I got all my blood in me still. I think."
Nathan Nathan nods a bit agreeing with Carla, "Who knows what disease are being held up inside those things. I'd say you need to get cleared by a doc before you go do too much more. But some whiskey never hurt nuthin right?"
Carla Valentine Nathan looking like a man who knows a thing or two speaking up only confirms Carla's assumptions and she moves away from Wiz a little and leans against the bar near the merchant, "Maybe someone should send word to the medical clinic...?"
Molly Brown So Molly knew Wiz hadn't been doing so well, and he needed some helpo. She'd come to find Wiz to talk to him about patching hm up. Hell she needed some help on an injury she coldn't fully treat forherself but? She was in good enough shape to help with Wiz once she could find the Carvan guard and she strides on in to the Saloon hoping she might be able to get a lead on his wereabouts.
Wiz Wiz looks at himself. "I ain't diseased, come on! I got Rad Sickness." He glares at the two as they suddenly move away from him. he turns around slightly, head swimming and the man staggering on his bar stool. He grabs the bar for balance. "Doc Brown, you tell them. Ghouls don't have diseases, right, I'm not infectious."
Nathan Nathan nods towards the doc as she heads in, "Yeah please tell him and us if he's at risk of bad infections from a ghoul attack. I'd rather be safe and get him treated by a doc than sorry with a dead guard when we head out on the next caravan..." He looks over at Carla and shrugs a bit, "Looks like the medical folks came here..."
Molly Brown Molly Brown says "He's not infectious but may need some rad away. Wiz? I heard you needed to get looked at while. He might have an infected wound but Ghoul's are not caused by them biting or anything like that. Something to do as far as high levels of rads, I don't see Wiz crawling all over radioactive sludge." She smirks.

"Come now let's get a spot for you to sit and so I can get a look at you Mr. Wiz."
Carla Valentine Carla nodded to Nathan and headed off to grab herself a drink, straying a bit of time to talk to someone or perhaps even steal their wallet. Who knew....
Wiz Wiz makes his way to a table where Molly can work, though it's still a dirty table. Wiz is pretty badly bitten, he's got some fierce bite wounds and he's definitely got some rad sickness on him. "I'll be fine for caravan duty. Probably." He winces. He is patched up pretty thoroughly and on the edge of going completely unconscious.
Nathan Nathan nods a bit, "I wasn't thinkin he'd turn into a ghoul. I was more thinking infected wounds and getting really sick from the injuries." He nods towards Wiz, "Don't forget to come see me for some gear if you need it I'll get it to you at my cost can't have our guards ill equiped right?"
Molly Brown Molly Brown sighs and will pull a bottle of rubbing alcholo as she cleans the table brifely with it bwefore she moves to get him down and to take a look. She pulls out moremedical gear as she sets upandsighs as she gets to work. "Some rad-away will handle that but these need to be cleaned out dresse and maybe even stiched up." She gets to work on that with some basic treatment.
Wiz Wiz is pretty damn banged up. Like, really. He's lost a lot of blood, he's dehydrated, and he's got rad sickness. He's pretty well strung out from a little bit of everything and is on the edge of collasping from being whalloped by life.
Nathan Nathan lets the doc treat Wiz as he turns to get himself a glass of whiskey ordered. He looks over at Wiz and orders him some fresh cold water... and another glass of whiskey because whiskey heals all.
Molly Brown Molly Brown is cleaning out the wounds now bandaging them up, she's also might be limpting a bit too herself. She'll also hook up rad away, and hopefully flush the rads out of Wiz system, it's a miracle some people still knew how to make it and Rad X, or humanity would be hosed, harder than it is now. She workd away and would now start to stich up some of the worst of the wounds. "I'm going to ask you take it easy for a few days still after this. You are pretty messed up." She busy herself about and oh yes she's been wearing disposable gloves to boot.
Wiz Wiz looks at the cold water dubiously. Water! But Nathan is one of the merchants, and they care more about the merchants than the guards, so he doesn't want to make a bad impression. Wiz takes the glass of water and slowly gulps it down. He sits, arms out, letting the radX slowly drip into his system, finishing the glass of water. Then he grabs the whiskey and throws it down as a chaser. "Yea, well, can't say trouble won't come up, but I definitely ain't going out to Roswell again for a while."
Nathan Nathan chuckles and nods, "Good plan. The water's to keep you hydrated. I hate the stuff myself but gotta do what ya gotta do." He goes back to drinking on his whiskey.
Molly Brown Molly Brown says "I will be back at least for a follow up visit and checking up on those wounds of yours Wiz. I would perfer to see you die an old man and not be Feral kibble."