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Blank Blank is out doing what seems ot be becoming his new job. Wandering the wastes outside of El Dorado, looking for hidden nooks and crannies where something valuable might be found. The ammnesiac is wering his usual clothes and gear, a tattered and currently mostly empty pack on his back as he walks. Naturally, he has his gun loose in the holster just in case he runs into that big....lizard thing that attacked him the other day. But he's pretty sure he's not so unlucky that that'll happen again.
Arnold Arnold sees blank and waves to him "need any help there freind old painless and i could help" he jestures to his personal minigun
Aidan Drake Aidan is out riding around El Dorado doing a few loops around the town to watch for bad guys or bad things... Spotting Blank he turns the horse to head towards the man, "'lo there! You that streaker that ran into town I heard 'bout aren't you?" Yeah might not be the most accurate description but it works for now.
Blank Blank is digging up the bag of caps, finally pulling them free when he hears a voice behind him. He turns around and squints up at Aidan, then says, "Huh? Uh. Probably. Why'd you think it was me though?" He IS fully dressed now, after all." He casually goes to tuck the bag of caps into his pack.
Dusty Rose As usual there's been a lack of actual work at the machine shop, so Dusty Rose has been spending more time wanding the wastelands around El Dorado. She's had a few lucky breaks poking through ruins and rubble so far, so despite the potential danger there's not really a reason for her to not keep trying. Especially when she happens to come across other people! "Wow, I don't think I've seen this many people out at the same time in the same spot other than fighting in a heckuva long time."
Aidan Drake Aidan grins and shrugs, "Because I haven't seen you around and your description went with the story? Figured fifty/fifty to get it right." He glances over at Dusty and shrugs a bit, "Same here I was just doin some loops around the town makin sure there isn't anythin amiss." He waits a beat, "Oh yeah I'm Aidan Drake, Deputy Sheriff."
Blank Blank shrugs at Aidan and smiles in returns, "Well, yes. That's me. The streaker. To be fair, I wasn't naked on purpose. And....wasn't even fully naked. I did have underwear on. My name is Blank Slate. At least, it is now. Not sure about before I woke up with a bullet in my head." He shrugs one shoulder, turn turns to peer at Dusty when she appears. "Hello there. Yeah, it's a real party around here."
Joe Caine Joe Caine had been patrolling the wastelands, scouting possible enemy movements and locations. It had been an eventful day, one that included radiation poisoning. Seated on the top of a massive rock formation, Joe watches the ground like an eagle, the actions of Blank only recently discovered from his perch top. For now he remains where he is, his desert camouflage blending him in with the rocks around him.
Achilles Patrol is hot. Almost unbearably so, almost enough to make you wish for a nuclear winter. But all things considered, it's relatively pleasant for the wasteland. It's a perfect day for Romance! Or terrible lizard monsters. If it's indication of which of the two it may be, there's a suspicious lack of small animal life around.
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose laughs a little as she stops. "Good to see a lawman on patrol out here! M'names Dusty." She jabs a thumb over her shoulder towards town. "I work in the mechanic shop, amongst other odd jobs." Then tilts her head a little to the side at Blank. "I don't think I've seen you before."
Aidan Drake Aidan nods a bit, "Pleased to meet you Mr Slate. Sorry to hear about the bullet in the head those tend to cause complications." He looks around the wastes a bit as he sits casually on his horse. He nods towards Dusty, "A pleasure Dusty."
Blank Blank tilts his head at Dusty. "Hmmmm. Mechanic shop, huh. Well, I guess if I find any robots or anything like that I know who to bring it to." He turns back to Aidan. "Thank you. It has caused a few problems. But, I'm a survivor! ....I hope." shifts his pack on his back. Today has gone pretty well. Found some money, met some people, nothing has tried to kill him. Overall very nice.
Joe Caine Joe is apparently a god damned invisible man, blending in so well with his surroundings that even he forgets he's there for a moment. Woah. It was nearing sunset afterall, and he 'technically' was off-duty, so there's no guilt when a blacked out flask pops out of his militia uniform. Swigging it a few times, Joe pulls his sniper rifle over, adjusting himself so that he's now laying on his stomach. He had no intention of sniping anyone yet, but he definitely wanted to see what all was going on with the growing group of people.
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose laughs a bit in response. "Technically it's a car garage.... but there's little work in way of vehicles save the occasional trader passing through, so I'm allowed space to work on stuff like that, yeah." She rests her hands on her hips as she turns partway to look around. "Or comin' out here to scrounge about for useful stuff."
Vault Girl The skies begin to darken as thick radiation laden clouds pass overhead with surprising regularity, no doubt part of a stormfront from the south where Radiation Storms were more common. There was nothing to fear at this point, at worst it would be a little drizzle with so little acidity it would barely be felt; not even enough to harm the crops.
Joe Caine The storm-front doesn't concern Joe, who welcomes the cooler weather with open arms. He continues to peer at the dealings through his scope, recognizing one of the people are a local.
Blank Blank grins at Dusty, "Ah. Well. I don't think I'll be able to haul a car or anyhting like that into town." He glances around the area. "Scrounging seems to be what I'm best at. Or at least, I haven't found anything else I'm particularly good at so far. Maybe that's what I used to do." He glances up at the cloud. Those are rare. "Looks like the weather is turning. I've found enough for today. Maybe I'll head back."
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose ehs? "What about the weather?" She turns to look up, pulling her goggles off her eyes so she can see the clouds a bit more clearly. Emits a slight 'nnnnh' sound as she bites her lip for a moment. "Hopefully that won't drift too far this-a-way." She pauses to pull her goggles back down over her eyes. "Though yer right, might want to keep wanderin' to a minimum."
Aidan Drake Aidan sees something in the distance a bit looking out there he loses focus on the folks that are near him, "Looks like the militia folks are heading in fromt he storm can't quite tell."
Hanzhou Hanzhou is out and about, scavenging it looks like but he also comes out to the Wastes to find challenges that will test his skill - which is true to his Wasteland Samurai roots. Glancing up at the sky he does notice that rather nasty stormfront passing overhead but it doesn't seem to concern him that much as he adjusts the cowboy hat on his head. His trusty Katana is in a scabbard across his back of course but he also carries some other weapons as back up, such as a revolver and a sawed-off shotgun for close encounters.

As he continues to walk and explore, he notices a small group of people up ahead but being the cautious sort he watches them for a bit before announcing his presence if they haven't seen him already.
Blank Blank turns to look where Aidan has pointed, squinting. "Oh yeah? Where?" He leans forward. "I swear, It seems like most of the people I've met so far were part of some military or another. Is this place like, half soldiers?" He shakes his head. So far he hasn't noticed the approaching wasteronin.
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose shrugs a little in return to Blank's question. "Not particularly soldiers. Just folks willin' to work hard and fight harder to protect this scrap of livin' we've etched out here."
Blank Blank nods to Dusty. "Sounds nice. Right now, I'm just trying to scrape by." He stretches, then starts to walk in the direction of the city at a lazy pace. "Maybe once I'm more established, and know what all the groups around here actually are, I'll join one."
Hanzhou Hanzhou see's that the group in front of him do not appear to be raiders or hostiles, so he approaches them slowly, his hands by his side not holding any weapons and his spurs jingle, jangle, jingle. When he gets closer, he will tip his hat politely giving a slight bow. "Greetings. My name is Hanzhou and I mean you no harm. I am just out here exploring and came upon you. Is there anything I should know before I continue onwards?" He then notices Achilles, whom he has met before and it is hard not to notice the tall man. "Ahh, Achilles. Good to see you again. These are friends of yours?" He glances towards the rest of the group.
Vault Girl As the half-dozen figures get closer, it becomes very apparent that something is wrong. At first it appeared that they might be on horses, not an uncommon sight for the militia but the way they moved.. horse moved like that..

Skittering from side to side, the militia soldiers Aidan thought he had spotted became visible now for what they were. Amalgamations of man and beast, a fusion of horrific proportions that had created something else, an abomination.

Like Centaurs on the East and West Coast they appeared to be a mixture of man and animals, a horrific mass of body parts and tentacles but these ones; like their namesake seemed to include actual horses in their genetic makeup.

It was unlike anything ever seen in New Mexico and unless you had been to the East or West Coast and had experience with supermutants, it's unlikely you had any clue what you were seeing...
Blank Hearing what seems like the militia getting nearer, Blank Slate glances over his shoulder towards the approaching creatures. He stops dead in his tracks and stares, eyes wide and mouth dropping open. "Oh fuck me with a red-hot radioactive baseball bat! What in hell are THOSE things?" He's never seen a Super Mutant or Centaur before.... actually, he probably has. But he doesn't REMEMBER having ever seen a Super Mutant or Centaur before. He immedietly goes for his gun.
Vault Girl Two of the 'Centaurs' as they would be aptly called in this situation, moreso than most others rush in and try to attack Aidan with a series of tentacles and flailing arms and hooves.
Aidan Drake Aidan spots the militia again and blinks, "Crap." He draws out his lever action and fires a round towards the incomming herd of definatly not militia and fires a shot towards the centaurs. Then as they get close enough to swing at him he fires at that one again.
Joe Caine Joe had never quite seen anything like what he had been witnessing. "What.. in the hell.." He carefully trails one with his rifle before depressing the trigger. He shoots twice, each time pulling the bolt back and dropping a new bullet. He'd no doubt only have a few shots left as a sniper before he'd find himself entering closer combat.
    Fortunately for Joe, he's attacked by one of these creatures, despite being way up on a rock formation. Growling, he slings his sniper rifle over his shoulder and switches to the giant automatic, which he expertly lets a bullet fly into the attacking Centaur, "Ya fuckin' fuck!" He growls, just now feeling the pain in his foot. He was particularly tough afterall, little wounds like that were minor.
Hanzhou Hanzhou doesn't have much time for pleasantries when the Centaurs suddenly jump out and attack them. He doesn't seem phased by their grotesque appearnce and calmly, reaches behind his back drawing his Katana in one smooth motion as he runs towards the nearest opponent. "Hai!" the Samurai yells out as a battlecry and does two quick slashes at the mutant. His first cut hits the Centaur in the arm and the second reverse slash hits the beast in the torso but it isn't very deep. These things are much tougher than raiders and he smiles, relishing in the challenge to test his skills against these foes.
Blank Blank starts backing up as the herd of centaurs attack the small group, swearing at the top of his lungs as one comes at him and attacks his leg with its tentacles. He barely manages to pull out of its grasp, limping as he stumbles away from the thing and drawing his pistol as he goes. It's pretty much literally the weakest gun he could possibly be using against these things. But, it's what he has.
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose hasn't been relatively far from El Dorado yet, so the bizarre horde approaching gets a good long stare out of her. "What the hell are those?!" And then people are shooting at them. She takes that as hint enough to draw her pistol and fire off a shot, but between her fumbling surprise and the creature's weird animal-like attributes the centaur manages to dodge the laser in ways a normal biped wouldn't be able to.
Vault Girl One of the abominations is killed but the others continue to attack without pause, no rhyme or reason to their actions as they hiss and thrash, running around the group like they were trying to corral you.
Aidan Drake Aidan notes that one dropped and moves his sights onto the next nearest centaur and fires a round. He wants to hit the centaur in the head but with all that movement and weirdness he ends up winging it in the right arm... "Good enough for gov't work."
Joe Caine Joe had taken quite a bit of damage to his foot now, the Centaur's tentacles a lot quicker than some of the things he's fought in the past. With everything being so fast-paced, Joe flips the switch on his rifle to automatic, letting loose six shots, that light the creature up something fierce. Rolling out of the way of one of the tentacles, Joe finds himself on the other side of the creature, and he shoots it, square in the ass! Killing it, and sending it over the side of the massive rock formation he had been on.
Blank Almost dropping onto his ass from his injured leg, firing off his gun quickly twice at the Centaur that had attacked him. One bullet bouncing off of its skull, the other grazing one of its arms. He cries out as the things spit splashes against him.
Vault Girl The centaur that has its head shot off literally begins to erupt into a cloud of greenish-red FEV gas as it explodes showering the area. Maybe headshots weren't the best idea on these things..
Hanzhou Hanzhou gets spewed on by one of the Centaurs, that was not cool and not very honorable. He swings his Katana in a bit of a rage since they have soiled his clothing with their filth, his first swing barely hits but his second is completely off and misses. His blade cuts the Centaurs right arm once more but it still doesn't go down. This is truly a worthy opponent indeed! The Wasteland Samurai also managed to evade getting hit in a counter attack by the beast, nimbly dodging to one side before his own attacks.
Achilles From over the rise comes a giant, perhaps the mutant master for these terrible creatures. But just as the situation looks dire, the creature is revealed to be Achilles! But he looks like shit, covered in bites, screatches, and what looks to be radiation burns.

"I always forget they explode!" he growls, chiding himself over some mistake he made during a previous fight. Pausing he looks up to see the group in danger. Finally having a target other than himself to focus on, the giant gives a deafening roar and breaks out in a sprint.

As Hanzhou is contemplating how worthy an appoint the centaur is, Achilles launches himself off of a rock and buries the head of his axe between the horror's eyes, sending a spray of irradiated liquid out as inertia carries the beast, throwing it down in a spray of dust and debris. It twitches for a few moments before it finally gives up and embraces death.
Rose A bolt from the blue...or the wasteland at least! The figure of the Desert Ranger in the distance makes itself know with the blast of the heavy sniper rifle in her hands. She'd been out searching, scavenging when the sounds of violence had drawn her into the sight of the others fighting those horrors. Did she know what they were? It didn't matter. They were trying to kill people...and seriously, look at them!
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose grips her pistol a little tighter, squinting behind her goggles to get a better bead on a target even while the freaks are tromping around wailing on them. "Ugh! Officially the ugliest things I've seen in the Wastelands!" she remarks to no one in particular. Even as she squeezes off too more shots from her laser pistol, this time scoring clean hits with each.
Aidan Drake Aidan aims down on the next nearest centaur and pops a shot off at it.. And blows off it's head, "Dang it." Then he starts reloading the rifle not really remembering if it was 5 or 4 rounds he'd shot so easier to just top off.
Manuelito Returning from the seventy patrol, Manny happens upon a sight that well, baffles him to say the least. In his twenty-five years of travelling the wastelands, he has never seen what he is saw from his vantage point - Centaurs.

"The fuck is that." He mutters inquisitively, watching the chaos below unfold as laser fire and firearms are discharged. Shifting, he proceeds on down toward the group, hands moving to unsling his sniper rifle.
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose gets in another shot while she can. The laser is pretty effective! But just not quite enough to off a mutant on it's own, these guys are a lot toughter than bandits and raiders.
Rose      The first shot? It wasn't quite as dramatic as she'd liked. Rose's rifle might be a .50cal, but it didn't quite behave as well as the anti-material rifle she'd borrowed from Bane. Exhaling a breath she adjusts her aim and fires again at the Centaur, this time her bullet flies true.

The round travels the distance and the creature's head bursts....then so does the rest of it.

"Holy crap!" the rather startled ranger breathes. The detonation was a little unexpected. Slinging her rifle over her shoulder she raises a hand and begins to approach the others. "You guys alright?"
Blank Afer the chaotic swirl of bullets and blades is done, Blank looks around the area. "....well, that could have gone worse." He looks at his injured leg and where the FEV splashed him, and winces. "Ah... incidently, does anybody know a good doctor?" He tries to shake off some of the FEV sludge, then eyes the corpses of the creatures. "And what the hell WERE those?"
Joe Caine Joe moves down the rock formation to aid the other members of the party, firing two shots at the last remaining Centaur. The first strikes the torso with powerful precision, while the second flies astray. Rose's shot explodes it's head, which ends the current conflict. When he's sure they're all dead, he lowers his rifle, "Well shit. That's a first."
Achilles As Achilles goes to straighten up, Rose pops the head of the centaur nearest to him, splattering his face in FEV spew. Growling he reaches up to clear it from his eyes, blinking the hate away. After a moment he manages a breath.

"Centaurs. Super mutants make them. These are different from the ones anywhere else though."
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose lowers her pistol as she huffs a few times. "Yeah, I'm okay. Been better. Been lots worse." She didn't get concussed upside the head this time, so that's a good thing right? "So..." She nudges one of the heaps of dead mutant with the toe of her boot. Ick. Still the damn ugliest things she's ever seen. ".. Ugh. That's just sick and wrong," she grumbles at the explaination.
Hanzhou Hanzhou manages to again dodge the counter attack of the Centaur he is squared off against, nimble the Wasteland Samurai is but not quick enough to avoid that foul spewing. "Honorless dogs!" he yells out and then the Centaur gets it's head blown off Aidan, which causes him to narrow his eyes a bit because he was relishing in the challenge but there is still one more left to fight! So, he quickly moves over to the next one, running at it with his Katana and hoping that he will be able to test his skills on this one! But then right before he can engage it with his Katana, Rose's perfectly aimed shot ends his chance as the last Centaur's head gets blown off. He slows down and then stops, glancing around to see if any of the dead Centaurs will rise again but then his shoulder's slump a bit as he sighs.

With a turn of his wrists, he flicks the blood off of his Katana blade and sheaths it back into his scabbar in one fluid motion. Using his sleeve, he wipes the spew from his face and spits on the ground as some may have gotten too close to his lips. "Good is unfortunate that I was not able to take one down on my own." Then seeing Rose, he offers her a slight bow "It is good to see you again Rose. Your an excellent shot." He says to her in a soft voice when he's close enough to the NCR Ranger to be heard and then walks towards the gathering group.
Aidan Drake Aidan looks around at all the dead bodies and after assessing there isn't more of a threat he puts the rifle back into it's scabbard on his horse. "Everybody okay?"
Blank Blank frowns over at Achilles. "Super what now?" That doesn't sound very good to him. "Are they as bad as these things?" He bends down to start exmainine the corpses more carefully. "Did they used to be human? Or...? Christ they're ugly."
Manuelito Walking over to Joe, the militia Captain nods, saying "Looks like I missed the action." as he speaks, his eyes look over the scene slowly and widen. "Joe" He moves over to the Centaurs, bending down to examine the clothing. "This cannot be right." He whispers, his eyes scanning over all the remains. "No, just.. impossible." He says standing up as he looks back to Joe "From which direction did they come from?" He asks, walking toward him.
Rose      A nod to Hanzo, Rose doesn't remove her helmet. The FEV goop has her a little cautious like that. "You all uh...might wanna wash that off when you can." Achilles words earn a nod of her head before she exhales a slightly modulated breath before glancing at the giant of a man. "You should see a doc too big guy, before someone has to yell timber."
Vault Girl The partially human, partially horse, partially what the fuck corpses of the centaurs begin to deflate like they were filled with air and gas, releasing a foul stench into the air. The corpses themselves begin to dissolve into thick puddles of goo that ooze into the ground leaving behind scraps of militia uniforms and some weapons belonging to the former owners.

These were the very same Militiamen that Manuelito had sent into Mexico over a month ago, the group that he had lost contact with. This could not mean anything good.
Joe Caine Joe Caine looks down at his wounded foot, as it bleeds profusely now. The FEV gunk has him looking at his covered arms in disgust, "Feh.." Manuelito's approach draws a salute from the militiamen Sergeant, "Sir!" After a few seconds, he points towards the approaching storm, "They came from that way.."
Achilles Achilles says, "These are like watch dogs. Their masters are a head taller than myself, very angry. Stupid though. They make up for it with numbers usually." Achilles explains the situation to Blank. He takes a moment to sit down, his wounds getting the better of him. "Nobody here would happen to be a medic, or have a stimpak, would they?""
Manuelito "Right. Fuck." Manny says to Joe before turning heads back the direction he came in a hurry. He seemed.. fearful, if that was possible for a Navajo warrior.
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose makes a face as the corpses melt away. "I repeat. Sick. And. Wron--Ooooh." She notices something remaining in the ooze and leans down to gingerly pick the axe out of the gun. "A little cleaning up and this could still be useful. Maybe." Gives it a light shake. Hope this gunk doesn't stain.
Blank Blank raises to his feet with a soft grunt. "Well. I really should find a doctor to look at this. So I'm going to head back to town." He slings his pack back on, then starts to limp in the direction of El Dorado.
Hanzhou Hanzhou is rumaging around and manages to find a rifle, examining it first, then making sure the safety is on before he puts it over one shoulder. He nods to Rose when she tells him he needs to wash the gunk off of him sooner rather than later. "Yes, I plan to take a very long wash and clean my clothes off, perhaps twice." He glances around to see what other people have managed to find.
Rose Rose shifts her stance a little as she keeps her rifle slung over her shoulders, her duster worn open enough that her two hip-holstered handguns are in easy reach. "Might do us all good to backtrack towards town, check what you've found and get the wounded looked at." A nod to Blank, even if he's a face she'd not seen before, then to the woman who shares at least part of her moniker, she moves towards Achilles. "You can lean on me for the walk back, I know a great healer...but if you're gonna fall? Warn me so I can get the hell out of the way."
Aidan Drake Aidan nods a bit and as he spots something else in the gunk he picks up a shotgun before strapping it to his horse's saddle, "I think a good cleaning is necessary at this point. I'm going to head back into town as well." He'd heard some of what Manny and Joe'd been talking about and he points off in the direction the mutants were coming from, "They came from over there. At first I thought they were militia returning from a patrol."
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose turns for a moment to look in the direction Aidan indicates. "We should probably make note of that to the various authorities in town, so they can keep an eye out for anymore." She tucks the axe by the handle into her toolkit belt. "But for now yer all right, best to head home, patch up, and wash off."
Achilles "I'll be alright." Achilles says, pushing back onto his feet with a slight grunt. For the moment he also uses his axe as a walking stick. "Until Iris kills me when I get home." He forges onward, heading back towards the town.
Joe Caine Joe Caine follows behind Manny, his rifles now carefully strapped to his back. With Manuelito's sudden emotional reaction, Joe's brows furrow, "Captain, you alright? I.. don't think I've ever seen ya like this before?" He questions to his superior officer.
Manuelito Manny continues without a word, heading back toward El dorado in a hurry. Something was terribly off down south and words were to be had with Tinman and a council meeting with Colonel Sanders, the Mayor and Elite families too. Something was brewing.. he felt in his bones.
Hanzhou Hanzhou glances towards Manuelito, as well as the other Militiaman Joe Caine when they both walk off. One of his eyebrows quirks up having heard a little bit of their conversation and seeing Manny's reaction, once he examined the area where they defeated the Centaurs. "These creatures are dangerous and a formidable opponent. I hope there are not more of these around or else it could spell trouble." He hefts the rifle on his shoulder adjusting it a bit and looks towards Achilles. "I also may need some medical assistance but your wounds take priority." He says to the big man.
Aidan Drake Aidan rides off towards the Drake Ranch and maybe clean clothes if his sisters haven't given them all away...