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Gorilla Patrols along the long seventy have been going well enough as of late. Thsi would be just one of many to try and thin the major gecko problem that had been plauging the roads for the past few months so totally. Whether doing it out of the goodness of your heart or the cold jangle of caps, the Gecko problem was something that affected everyone and finding people willing to pay for clearing out the area is not at all difficult.

Whether it is the local water merchants, the Lone Star Caravans or even just someone searching for a lost love one who died in a caravan.. the point remains that the Long Seventy is infested with Geckos.

The day that this patrol takes place will of course like most days in the wasteland and summer quite the scorcher, easily causing perspiration. The heat beats down on those foolish to travel alone, yet.. the possibility of survival, of another day of paying for food and water often would lure out many to make the trip along the Long Seventy during this time. Not unlike the motivations of those making the trip down the highway.

The patrol for the first few hours is uneventful, but one can never truly escape the feeling of being followed.
Jude Jude decided that patrolling the Long 40 was as good a use of his time as any. It's hard to say what his main motivation is. Caps are good. Greater good is good too. He's decked out in his best for this one, sporting his Vault suit with some light leather leather armor. He carries a bronze and black laser pistol as the weapon of the day and a stimpack and his tool kit hang on the wide leather belt along his waist. He occasionally glances at his pip-boy as he walks, watching the time and distance while away. He's pleasant, smiling perhaps too much to the rest of the patrol, but tends to shadow Stockton for the most part as he's the most familiar face.
Arnold Arnold Arnold walks with the patroll hoping he could find some willing recruits for the nmbos chapter "come on out gekos, painless is waiting" arnold said as he scaned his sectors it was times like this he was glad his power armor had air conditioning
Kurokumo Mibojin      Having grown weary of four walls, Kurokumo decided that taking it was time to use her healing skills on the road. She has a lot on her mind, the day's earlier events putting a stride in her step as people need help out in the Wastes as they do at home. Maybe she can get some bearing on her current predicament.
Stockton Stockton isn't hard to shadow, he's huge, Jude could probably stay disappeared back there if he reall wanted. The big Merc's decked out in new, if tight, jeans, that chest piece of armor worn under a coat and over his Frontier attire. On his hips sit the handcannon and his ten mil, waiting and loaded. The T-visored mask keeps his head covered, his face mostly hidden. Heavy bootsteps scuff against the road as they continue to move down the Long 70. There's a snap of his face and he growls a little at Arnold, "You summon anything else with yer yappin, yer dealin with it."
Ashur Ashur's wounds had been healing well thanks to the masterful treatment of Kurokumo and Dawn. There's three claw-inflicted scars slashing their way up his cheek and over the brow of his right eye, and the eyebrow there hasn't fully grown back yet-- but his finger's back in working order and he can walk without a limp, so all in all, it's good.

But being bedridden for any length of time can make a man ache to prove his vitality, so he's hit the wasteland roads, and fallen in with a crowd employed with taking out some of the local pests. Easy enough work, something to use to hop back on the saddle. His tattered Legion cloak dances behind him in the warm breeze.

"It's time to put your skills to the test, doctor," he says, walking up alongside Kumo.
Ashur Along a dusty stretch of road, Ashur finds himself taking a knee, the red fabric of his cloak pooling along the ground. "Clever little beasts," he says, following a series of footprints with his eyes until they fade into the dirt and sand-- and seem to stop, going nowhere else. "Kumo, look there," and he lifts his brass-knuckled hand to extend a finger toward one dune.. it looks normal enough, but if you squint, and focus, you can see that it seems to -breathe-, something inside it subtly shifting to and fro. "They lie in ambush. A favored tactic of predators-- take the enemy unaware." Lacking ranged options, the big man shrugs and rolls a shoulder. "Well. Someone shoot it. Might scare the others out of hiding."
Manuelito The 70, along with most of the wasteland region around the El Dorado and Roswell was the Navajo's backyard. He knew of the dangers the area presented during the different seasons, especially during the more summer scorches where the heat could just as easily kill a man as a Gecko or any other nefarious creatures that lived out here.

Today the militiaman decided to head out on foot rather than take a trusty steed from the Militia headquarters. His trusty sniper rifle held in his arms in his weathered hands as he walks slowly down the highway. His Dark brown eyes wasn't scanning the horizon; no rather he was scanning the roadside as he walks. The very edge or just beyond the edge of the hold broken concrete road where wasteland dirt met.

Indeed, the Captain knew of the various tricks the Geckos used to attack wary travelers as they crossed the seventy for trade, scavenging or perhaps just visiting the settlements built along the road.

His eyes fell on one of clump of wasteland dirt as he comes to a halt and stares longingly at it. Something catches his attention with the dirt clump; perhaps it moved or shifted, but it was just enough to have him raise his sniper rifle.

Sighting the sand clump between the iron-sights, Manuelito gave the trigger a gentle swing and the sound of the .308 firing reverberates the landscapes. The clump of sand explodes as a Gecko is shot out of it.

Watching for a few minutes longer, a heh escapes his lips as he continues to walk once more.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo does walk closer, bending over slightly to get a good look where Ashur is pointing. It's a curious thing, listening to him actually call her Doctor, and now the lesson. Her own expectations are certainly in dissaray. She's about to say something, before Manuelito fires off a shot and her head jerks. Pulling out the wrench she had gotten from an earlier scav, Kurokumo waits for the critters to show up.
Arnold Arnold jerks his minigun in the direction the the shot was fires to looking to the docter he asks "hey doc you know how to use a gun? if so i got one you can have if youed like"
Jude Jude watches Ashur, Kurokumo, and Manuelito do their thing with the dune. He lowers his goggles some to keep out some of the glare. He gives a sidelong look at Stockton before glancing around alertly waiting to see if the shot draws anything in their direction. He flips the switch on his laser pistol as he shifts from foot to foot, eagerness and wariness waging war across his face.
Gorilla Perhaps for the first time, a new group of explorers had managed to figure out the secrets of the Gecko's ambush before the ambush was actually sprung. Bursting through the sand within a few seconds of Manny taking his shot is a horde of smaller and medium size geckos, which start to run about and hiss. Some close to the edge of the road lunge up, but by this point.. the suprise is already gone and the group is well prepared for the incoming ambush.

The sun beats down, the banded geckos rush about in groups, each one standing nearly four feet tall, with black and white scales in bands. The dangerous little fuckers just everywhere. A quick count showing around 9 of the little beasts running about.
Stockton Stockton knows action when he sees it, and at the first sense of motion, he's moving into action. Pulling up both pistols, he's leveling the handcannon at the group of adult Geckos. The first bark of the gun unleashes a heavy calibur bullet into one of the adult's legs, blowing it clean off in a satisfying spray of muscle and blood, leaving the thing gimping along if it wants to continue hunting.
Manuelito Dropping to his knee, Manny raises his sniper rifle to sight one of the junior Geckos through the ironsights. His aim was for the head, but the creature moves and the bullet ends up hitting it in the chest, killing it and knocks it into another gecko. Not wasting time, the militiaman pulls back the bolt to discharge the bullet, then slams it home as another bullet comes up from the magazine feed.
Arnold Arnold fires in a wide sweep when the hord of gekos shows he unfortunatly he wasted ammo but when he focased on one he tore threw them with ease leaving one poor sob looking really bad
Kurokumo Mibojin      The wrench, having been something she had scavved up, Kurokumo swings with all of her lanky might into one of the rushing Geckos. She's a Doctor, not a Combatant! Having been thrown a little off, the second swing comes up as a miss.
Gorilla The good news is that through the combined efforts of Arnold Manny and Stockton, the geckos go down like a sack of dead pennies. Most of them anyway. The problem is that there are just so many, at least five remain and they are happy to go abot umping around and taking pites at people. A few are already scrambling on Arnold's arms, trying to dig at the man, biting at hot pipes.. and generally eing a nusiance.

Another is fumbling and flopping around with Ashur.. and another takes a great bit bite out of Kurokumo's arm! Even as it gets a wrench into the side of the face.

Gecko's everywhere are dieing! But they might make a comeback!
Ashur The ambush is sprung; the geckos run toward the group in great numbers. As the thunder of guns rattles the earth, Ashur stands relatively calm-- these aren't creatures that will prove much of a threat to an armed group, and as he watches, he can already see some of them fall. Their bullet-ridden corpses lurch into the ground and kick up clouds of dust and debris. He'll just take it easy; it's a nice day, and he's recovering.

"When an ambush is sniffed out, you either abandon it completely or commit instantly," he explains to Kumo, watching as a handful of them run up toward them, surviving the hail of bullets the power armored man sprays. The giant steps aside, avoiding a clumsily-aimed bite.. just in time to see a handful of the little fuckers dancing around, and one of them tearing into Kumo's arm.

The calm is gone in a moment. With lethal momentum, Ashur lunges forward, lowered into a football tackle-- he shoulderchecks it away from the girl, and as it turns toward him, he clobbers it aside the head with one hand. It reels back in a daze; he curls his right hand into a fist, coils his legs, and smashes upwards in a rocketing uppercut, literally ripping the gecko's head and spine from its body. The cloud of gore rains down on Kumo with a vengeance.

".. Mm. Stay behind me."
Manuelito Pivoting on his heel, Manny takes aim at the last gecko on Arnold. Taking in a breath, he discharges the round; his aim true once more. The hit was a success as the gecko's head explodes and brain matter and blood splatters the Power Armor that Arnold was inside.

Standing up, Manny lowers his rifle and looks around "Sound off. Injuries!?"
Kurokumo Mibojin      Wrench falling to the ground, Kurokumo decides to dart behind Ashur as her right arm is craddled with her left hand. Figures the one getting hurt today would be her. "Damn bite..." She's get her kit and bandage herself up, but they're all still very much out in the open.
Stockton Stockton swings his body around to angle on the final adult with his ten mil. Lifting his hand he lines up the shot and squeezes off a round to send it to the dirt with a thud. Wheeling around to the juveniles he lowers that same military grade pistol at the gecko and squeezes off a final round to leave gunsmoke and blood in his wake. The gunslinging Merc is still on edge and wired, his keen eyes darting this way and that for the last fucker that might be lurking in the shadows.