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Hanzhou Hanzhou has been sleeping out in the wasteland wilderness for so long, he lost count when the last time he did sleep in an actual bed. Having arrived into town not too long ago and exploring, he came upon the Gold Digger Saloon. Curiousity got the better of him and he heads on over to see what this place is really like.

As he enters, he takes off his hat as this is what is expected by his interpretation of the code of Bushido that he's loosely translated. He's also seen some holovids of spaghetti westerns that has contributed to his misinterpretation of things. He's oddly dressed, a combination of a cowboy and post-apocalyptic Asian sword wielding warrior rolled into one. He truly looks the part of a Wasteland Samurai. Glancing around he quickly realizes that this is some sort of bar or pub, but there are some ladies who are dressed rather scantily.

He adjusts his shamisen guitar that is slung over his shoulder and wonders if he would be welcome to play his instrument in an establishment such as this.
Katherine Caine Katherine had seen a lot of strange people in the Wasteland not just as an adventurer but as a member of the NCR and even the Brotherhood of Steel; but Hanzhou was among one of the weirdest travelers she had laid eyes upon.

Taking an interest in the man she stepped out from behind the bar and moved over to take his arm in a hospitable manner if he should allow it, "Welcome to the Gold Digger sugar, best place in town to get a drink, a girl and a place to stay if you're looking to stick around a bit. What can I getcha?"
Hanzhou Hanzhou see's Katherine approaching and gives her a slight bow with one hand at his side while the other holds onto his guitar. "Konichiwa and thank you." The samurai says to her in a respectful tone and he is surprised when she takes him arm but he doesn't pull away, although he does react in a rather shy fashion. "I am Hanzhou and I was actually just looking for a room to rest. I though this might be a place for just lodgings...I did not know there were other, uh services here." He glances at the numerous people in the saloon, most are having a good time, drinking, flirting with the girls and enjoying the company.
Katherine Caine "We offer everything here sugar, you could say we're the lifeblood of the town. First place most travelers come. I can offer you a room for the night so long as you spend some caps, if that's all your after. If you want something more long term, you'll find no better rates anywhere else with everything you could ever want within arms reach." Katherine said with a fliracious laugh before winking at Hanzhou and leading him up to the bar before moving around the back and pouring a pair of shots of whiskey, sliding one over to the Samurai.
Hanzhou "I see...well, the winds of fate have brought me here for a reason then." Hanzhou replies and offers a polite smile when the stunning lady in front of him leads him towards the bar. Her laugh and wink, bring about another bout of shyness from the Samurai though and he looks at the whiskey glass with some trepidation. "Oh...I merely wanted some water but it would be rude of me to not accept your drink. Thank you." He picks up the glass and brings it slowly to his nose to take a whiff before holding it up in the air towards you in a toast. "Kanpai." and then takes a small sip, perhaps thinking it is like sake.
Katherine Caine Katherine takes the shot after Hanzhou and laughs a little, getting the impression that the young man wasn't the usual boisterous type that rode in here, "Kanpai? You'll have to tell me what the means sometime darling. You can call me Miss Kitty." Reaching under the bar she pulls out a key, "Place to stay for the night, you want a permanent place? It's 100 caps and it's yours till the day you die. Got nicer rooms to, but they cost more."
Hanzhou Coughing after he finishes the whiskey but he doesn't complain as the liquid feels like burning as it goes down his throat. "It means, cheers and I thank you for your hospitality miss Kitty." He inclines his head politely towards you and accepts the key from you with both hands as it is his custom as a gesture of respect. "Just for tonight for now. I don't often stay in one place very long. Forgive me but I would like to go rest now as I have been on my feet for a long while." He then glances around once more and asks you for directions to the room before he takes his leave. The Wasteland Samurai is pleased to finally get a chance to sleep in a real bed rather than on dirt or rocks.