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Sammy     It's a Friday Night, and the moonlight coming in the saloon door is eclipsed by Sammy's form for a moment, the glow of his red NVG's a bit on the creepy side, as is the way his movements don't make that much sound, stepping through the door, catching it behind him, so it doesn't swing back and squeak, inside and to the side, his gloves come up, the *fweee-dit* of his goggles turning off as he undoes his helmet and shoulders his rifle. Patrolling ended for now, and teh helmet goes over his elbow, as he meanders to further into the bar.
Nathan Nathan is over at the bar in his usual stool a glass of whiskey in front of him that he sips on as he watches the folks heading in and out of the bar.
Saeko      Into the bar another steps, no glowing eyes or high-tech armor. Truth be told, the young woman wearing the hooded cloak is about as low-tech as one could get without simply attacking people with rocks and sticks. Even so, she'd managed to traverse the wasteland night without getting eaten, so she's done alright.

Tugging her hood down, the pale asian woman's features are revealed while she makes her way towards the bar, unslinging her bow off her back and moving to lean it up against the counter. Her eyes, the mark of a mixed heritage look over the patrons gathered so far, at least one familier face among them.
Sammy Sammy finds his way to the bar, parking on a stool next to one with an 'Out of Order' sign drawn with neat lettering on it, he gestures to the serving robot, and raps twice on the bar to indicate to make it a double. He sets his rifle down, and loops his leg through the sling, and pulls a bundle from the small of his back, laying it out in front of hima bag that rattles and has seen much use, he looks to consider the contents as he starts sorting. Looks like spent brass, though some isn't. Looks like he's been walking in places there's been recent fighting. Noticing Nathan, he gives the man a nod of recognition, and starts lining up the items from the bag sorting by size shape, and quality.
Ashur A man walks in with bloodsoaked fists. His hands are wrapped in red-stained bandages, tight at the knuckles, at the wrist, looser down the forearm and over the palm-- affixed so to reinforce the joints and cushion the bones from barehanded strikes. He's lumbering more than graceful, a wall of muscle a shade over two meters, near three hundred pounds; almost golden-skinned, with eyes the same, baked by the sun and adorned by something few appreciate: the armor of the Legion, including a tattered cloak emblazoned by the golden bull of Caesar.

This is the first time he's ever entered the Saloon, and is hardly a common sight around town.
Nathan Nathan nods towards Saeko as she enters the bar and keeps an eye on Sammy the armor is pretty sweet... "You know I think I've got a helmet similar to that one for sale if you ever break yours."
Celeste     Celeste enters the bar just as dozens of others do every day. A glance is cast about to see where she's going, and then the blonde is heading over towards one end of the bar, slipping up onto a stool and turning slightly so she can glance down the length of the bar and see who all is there. Her eyes are drawn to Ashur, recognition in her gaze, and something puts a little smirk on her lips. She glances away, ordering her drink.
Sammy Sammy grins at Nathan a bit and nods, "I've had the same helmet since Kalamath, it becomes part of you." he smiles lopsidedly, "Like my guns. I feel naked without 'em." he cranes his head a little to regard the other arrivals, glancing to Saeko, trying to find recognition in her face. But none registers, neither her face, build, or garb are quite familliar.
    But ... when Ashur walks in... now that draws Sammy's keen gaze, and his left hand slips down to his duster, the other grabbing the first shot of vodka off the counter, and he gives Ashur a nod of aknowledgement, looking to his hands, then making sure Ashur catches his gaze look from the hands, to the Legion cloak, then he quite literally stares into Ashur's eyes and asks, "Do you come in peace tonight?"
Saeko      The Ranger and the bloody-fisted man both earn a glance from Saeko as she signals for a drink. Not booze, not after such a long walk, but water instead would do her well. Celeste too is a new face, all but Nathan are, but then Saeko isn't a common visitor to the Saloon either. "Quite the find," she comments sidelong. "Have you found any new stock since we last spoke?"
Nathan Nathan hmmms and frowns a bit as he thinks about it, "I've got a really nice assault rifle, some leather, still have the battle rifle. But you were looking for better armor if I remember right?" He nods towards Sammy, "Understandable. I'd rather see somethin like that get repaired than just tossed off to the wayside and replaced. Good gear's hard to find ya know?" He looks at the bloody fisted man and the blonde as they enter but neither of them are recognizable to him at the moment so he's back to his drink for now.
Stockton A Merc, a Ranger, and a Legionaire walk into a bar. Pretty sure there's a joke in there somewhere. Stockton sort of shoulders his way into the Saloon with a grunt. His usual sidearms on his hips, the gunslinger stalks straight to the bar and gives the Bot behind a gruff noise before knocking twice. He'll get his whiskey and hand over his caps. Those intense brown eyes are sweeping over those here now, having ignored them until now. The Ranger, the Legionaire, both are recognized, but the big Merc keeps to himself rather than invite scrutiny or conversation.
Ashur Ashur looks at Sammy. There's a downward slope of his brow, nose wrinkling, lip curling at the corner-- it gives him a primitive, Cro-magnon sort of look. His eyes focus on the duster.. and then he snorts, nostrils flaring, boot heel pawing the floor like a wild bull as he steps. "Ave, Profligate," he calls with forced casualness, biting down anti-NCR instinct. "I walk in my own name now, not Caesar's. I have no quarrel with you."

Mind, he says that, but he also says 'Profligate' and is still wearing his old uniform, so.
Celeste     There might be a show afterall, tonight. Celeste is taking her cola and drawing it close as she settles her gaze on Sammy and Ashur, deciding to watch how this will play out. There's still some little smirk on her lips for whatever reason, but this girl is keeping quiet. A quick look around has her watching Stockton momentarily before she takes a gulp of her cola and goes back to watching Sammy.
Sammy     Some say the Legion are bad, but Sammy's a soldier, an NCR Ranger at that. He set the shot on the bar to his right, and gestures to the empty stool in front of it for Ashur, with a sweep of his hand, gesturing that the big man should have a seat. "Then, from one vetran to another, Salut." he takes the second shot from in front of himself, and picks it up delicatley in his hand, the left slipping up from his duster, a few small tools in his hand, which are now set in front of the bundle of scavenged & scraped ammo. He turns to Nathan and nods, "I'm no armorer, but I dabble in my own repairs when it comes to the tools of the trade." he pats the rifle curled close to his leg. I might look through your stock a bit later... I need to see about finding a short list of parts for a Darley-Havidson Lone Warrior with a Fat Boy all terrain mod." he's speaking of course, of the pre-war motorcycle in the mechanic's shop.
    He waits for Ashur to take the drink, holding his for a toast.
Saeko      "New armor, or something of use to me. Firearms are...not where my talents lie," the asian woman with the bow resting by the bar nods. Her attention is drawn away by the arrival of Stockon again, but drifts to the exchange between the two men. Her own eyes widen a little in suprise as she actually takes Ashur's armor for what it was. She hadn't expected a Legionaire walking right into town, perhaps that's why she hadn't 'clicked' on it until he'd opened his mouth. This town truely was rather strange.

Turning back to the counter, she lifts her glass of water to her lips, taking a small silent sip while the others exchange more words.
Nathan Nathan nods a bit, "No armor yet but I'll let you know if something comes up. And nothing in the melee range of weapons either." He shrugs a bit, "Sorry maybe eventually I hope." Nodding towards Sammy, "Look forward to it I set up my wagon with the Lone Star Caravan's stuff come by and check it out some time." He finishes up his drink and gets up to head back to his room, "But I've gotta get going great talking to you all."
Stockton Stockton blinks slowly while the Legionaire addresses the Ranger. His thick fingers are digging in his coat pocket to pull out a cigarillo and a box of matches. He's going to at least smoke while he watches the action. The cherry illuminates his rugged features and he shakes the match out. A glance is given to Celeste, a new face, he makes note of her and moves his attention right back to former-Legion and current Ranger. Nathan? He gets a brief nod and wink. Then out he goes. Talk of armoring and crafting comes along and the Merc just makes a face, chewing on his smoldering cigarillo to move it to the corner of his mouth.
Ashur Ashur doesn't like the NCR. He has been shot at by them before; bullet holes leave as bitter a taste in the mouth as you might expect. But when the Ranger invites him to a stool, he lumbers forth, floor creaking beneath him and cloak rustling along the armored skirt. He eases down on it as it groans in protest, settles his bloody hands on the bar top, and slowly looks around. There's a stiffness to him-- a keen eye might recognize it as the same sort of stiffness a boy has the first time he enters a bar or a whorehouse. It's that tight-lipped look of 'I know I should be here, but I never have before, and it is very new'.

His head turns with a toss of his braids, and he spies Celeste giving him a look. He hums. "Horse girl."
Celeste     There we go. Celeste's eyes hood slightly and she looks like a purring cat that has a rat trapped beneath its paws. She sends a little grin to Ashur, and when he speaks to her she gives a pout, head canting to the side as she watches him. She taps at her glass with her fingertips, nails making a faint tapping sound against it. "Now why on earth would you bother asking my name if you weren't planning on using it, Deathclaw Puncher?" A brow arches at the man and Celeste sips her cola. Mmm. She sits a little taller, grin returning as she asks, "Where's your vault girl?" She gives a glance around again just to make sure the girl is indeed not here.
Saeko      Saeko hasn't really drawn any attention to herself, but that tends to be her thing. With her small wave at Nathan's departure she turns now in her seat to observe the exchanges between Celeste and Ashur, or 'Horse girl' and 'Deathclaw puncher' as they'd been introduced. A frown, she tilts her head to oneside and then seems to have stuck on some stray thought or realisation unvoiced as she sips her drink and lets those blue eyes watch over the rim of her glass.
Sammy     Seeing that the tension was a bit disarmed from what could have been very messy altercation, he raises his glass to Ashur, "Propinate nobis similibusque... damnabiliter paucibus reqliquis!" and tilts the shot of vodka back and downs it, and gestures to the waiter-bot for 2 more shots, turning the shotglass upside down on the far side of the bar.
    From his duster his Magnum is pulled, but with one flick of the wrist the cylinders spit out their rounds, which jingle into his hand, and he sets them to the side.
    Five live, one empty. Taking the small tool he'd laid down before and starting to brush trail dust and dried gore-spatter off the revolver. There is almost a checkering pattern down one side, anyone close enough would see it is notches carefully engraved along the side of the barrel.
Stockton Stockton angles his big frame to take in those left. The mention of Horse Girl and Deathclaw Puncher come up and he just tilts his head at the pair of them. Surely he can just sit here and be quiet and learn more right? Maybe. He's half leaning on his stool and it's already complaining at his weight. A smirk comes though and he gives Ashur a chin-up, "You got yerself a Vaultie, now?" he drawls around the smoke billowing from his nostrils and mouth after another puff. He finally knocks back his liquor and focuses on the Ranger, finally feeling sociable it seems, giving the man a brief nod, "Think I saw yer shadow at Jack's Town when we liberated it," he mentions, "Name's Stockton fer a formal greetin'," he flashes a feral, toothy smile at the man and turns his attention to 'Horse Girl', "You got a real name? Or we just makin' 'em up fer yah?"
Ashur "Celeste," the tribal Legionnaire says as she pouts at him, giving her a long look-over. "I remembered." The severe look he wore previously fades, his aspect gentling-- less a testy bull now and more just a man who seems almost awkward in his lack of familiarity with the environment.

Caesar's Legion, after all, forbids alcohol and prostitution; this establishment is a den of sin and degeneracy, and he's never been in such before.

"Mm," he grunts in response to the Latin toast, eyes flicking toward the glasses. Temptation, perhaps, is borne by them for a moment, before he looks away. "She is resting. I have taken to showing her the outside world, in all its brutal splendor-- she can walk for about fifteen minutes before needing a break."

A look then at Stockton. "Her name is Celeste."
Celeste     Dark eyes cut over to Stockton and Celeste lifts her chin slightly, her grin soft. "I have a name." She doesn't need to give it since Ashur does. The girl glances to him again, sipping her drink as she does, and she nearly chokes on it as she starts to laugh. The cup is smacked down onto the bartop and she leans over, eyeing Ashur. "Fifteen? Oh gee. Delicate flower.." She laughs more, looking highly amused. "She's a cute one, though.. You know, now I am curious to know how long she could walk at first. Five minutes?" she wonders, lips pursed in thought.
Sammy Sammy looks up to Stockton, grinning a bit sheepishly, "Aye, I recognize your profile just a little bit. Nice to meet ya; I'm Sammy, unless I'm in deep trouble, then it's 'Specialist Jenkins'" he scratches a little at his scalp with the handle of the small brush, and smooths his bandanna back over his head," he taps the brush on the earpieces of the helmet that's sitting on the bar, "But if you're in trouble... Sometimes prayers get answered." he looks back to cleaning his revolver. He's pretty deft at the cleaning, got almost all the dried gore removed, now he's going over the almost-checkerwork down the one side, before being satisfied with the results, giving the chamber a spin, listening to the wheelgun ratchet around empty, then reloading it with the five from the counter, and one new shell from a pocket, the magnum disappears back under his holster and he picks up some of the miscelaneous shells, scrubbing dirt from the metal and continuing to sort them by quality, caliber and attitude. He glances between Ashur and Celeste, not really snooping but more smiling quietly to himself.
Saeko      Her glass finished, Saeko slips off the chair as silent as she'd arrived, bending to scoop up her bow and sling it over one shoulder before she takes one last look around. She had best be moving, now that the sun had set. She had tasks to accomplish and a roof over her head to seek. With the others all occupied in their own discussions, she spares one look towards the ammunition left out on the counter and then tugs her hood back over her features, pushing out through the doorway into the street.
Stockton Stockton's grin is wolfish as Ashur answers for Celeste, giving the Legionaire a sharp eye for a moment before remarking, "I know yer wearin' a skirt an' all, but I was askin' the lady," with a slight quirk of his brow. That eyebrow lifts sharper when the cloaked man eyes all the liquor. "You need a drink, hoss?" he drawls and turns over to the Bot to order up two more whiskey doubles. The second offered up to the Legionaire. Celeste gets a smile just as toothy as before for her reply. Attention swinging back around to the Ranger he gives a brief nod, "Known a few Rangers, tend to be good at heart folk. Cept that one in Northern California." A shrug. Saeko pops out and he just goes 'huh'. He's more concerned with getting liquor in the former Legion fellow. Freakin' ninjas.
Ashur Ashur does not return Stockton's grin; the look he gives is one with rather more narrowed eyes and a sterner set of jaw. But it fades a moment later, and he takes the offered whiskey, staring at it. He doesn't drink, not yet-- but he's holding the glass. His attention returns to Celeste as she eyes him and laughs and questions, softening just a tad. "She is a lovely creature, yes. She has all the virtues a woman is meant to." He drifts back in thought and recollection, before finishing with: "About the same. She spends too much of her time lost in the works of the mind to give the body its due reverence."
Rose      Down from the staircase above another figure decends. Minus her helmet and that big rifle from earlier, the Ranger known as 'Desert Rose' by some and simply 'Rose' to most of El Dorado makes her way into the bar proper. With her ties removed, those long blonde locks hang free over her shoulders while she exhales a breath of relief and lets her eyes sweep over the bar, noting familier faces...and then stopping dead for a small moment at Ashur and his armor. Those eyes flick to Sammy, the other Ranger clearly exchanging words and booze rather then bullets with the apparently Legionaire, so the hand she hadn't even conciously moved slips from the grip of her handgun and she moves towards the bar proper, signalling for a drink.

Her gaze flicks to Stockton and the woman with him, but it's the former she addresses. "See that cannon hasn't let you get dead yet."
Celeste     Again Celeste is cracking up. She snorts once while laughing, and that makes her try to straighten up. She grins at Ashur and says, "I'm glad she has such a kind man to guide her. A little flower like that could get trampled out here pretty easily.. Tell her I say hi, will you? And that if she wants to come over some time and play with the horses, she can." Celeste finishes her cola and rises from the barstool, slipping off. "I'm sure I'll see you around," she says to Ashur as she nods to him. She then gives a little wave to Sammy and Stockton.
Stockton Stockton can't help but quirk his brow still, it's just gonna stay there, thanks to Ashur. "The virtues a woman is meant to? Fella, you say that shit 'round these parts, yer liable to get a slug where the sun only shines when yah cartwheel," he's snickering through it though and he knocks back his second round after toasting the former Legionaire. Giving the figure coming down the stairs a generous nod he offers her a kindly smile, "It has kept me alive, even defended Jack's Town, she's seen proper use," he tells the blonde Ranger. Celeste earns a gracious smile and a half salute before the Merc plucks his cigarillo from his mouth to ash it, exhaling another toxic cloud to the ceiling. "Night, Horse Girl." Becuase he's a dick.
Sammy     Sammy's almost done cleaning the scavenged ammo up, squinting at the assorted bullets in front of him, he selects a few, and inspects them one more time, a magazine for his rifle is produced, and he clicks the rounds in one at a time, then disappears that magazine back into it's pouch. The tools are disappeared back to their pocket, and he gathers up the scavenged ammo together in the bivvy, tying it up into a pouch that jingles. There are the bent and broken shells and he flicks them one at a time into a bin behind the bar.
    He gives Rose a relaxed salute of greeting.
Ashur Ashur is seated at the bar, clutching a shot of whiskey in bandaged, bloodsoaked hands-- though given the lack of visible wounds on him, the blood is likely not his. Even if it seems fresh. His red fingers stain the glass, smearing it in a fine patina of rust red. Rose's descent is noticed in his peripheral, leading to a cut of his golden eyes across the room and a raising of his hackles, little sharpened hairs on the back of the neck-- something about this town, as close as it is to Legion territory, nevertheless draws a clear NCR presence. It does the soul no good.

"The offer to join us stands," he tells Celeste as she slips away, "but I will let her know. She enjoyed watching you break in your mare."

To Stockton he then turns, pivoting in the stool his bulk overflows, and contemplates the advice. "Men and women are different," he explains. "There is no shame in that. If we did not all realize our purposes, and strive to fulfill them, what fragments of civilization have been rebuilt would crumble like before."
Celeste     On her way out, Celeste shoots Stockton a little glare, but it's quickly followed by a grin that suggests she is only playing with him. Ashur gets a playful roll of her eyes, and she calls to him, "I think three in a bed would make it too crowded!" She laughs again as she slips out of the bar.
Rose      A blink from the blonde ranger, she moves to sit and take her ordered Nuka Cola. No booze for her, at least not today. She'd been here before the new tide of NCR, her wandering path had brought her out this way, but there was no denying that the Rangers had gathered properly now. Watching Celeste's departure and the back and conversation between the others she nods to Stockton properly. "Then i'm not so saddened by its loss," she winks at the man before turning to Sammy. "Quite the haul there Ranger. You get that from out there near those creatures?"
Sammy     Sammy tilts his head to Rose, "I don't think we've actually been introduced, Specialist Jenkins, but you've probably seen my callsign on the Patrol and Rosters... Just call me Sammy." he turns the bivvy a little bit to the side, and embroidered in faded yellow on the olive drab of the bag is 'Beggars Must Not Be Choosers.' "... and one of the habits I've held since leaving the 66 Tribes, was to pick up any brass that's dropped near me, and reload as I go." he pats the pocket with the disappeared .308 rounds, "When I get back to the Embassy I'll borrow the Quartermaster's scale and sit down and hand load these into some good shooting bits, and neck down one or two that are salvagable. Did we ever get the sorting of horses and farmer's daughters done with the Sherrif?" he muses curiously, having split up after getting into town.
Stockton Stockton gives a glance at Sammy and his ammo pile a last time and he mentions, "I'm payin seven caps a round fer anyone findin' fifty cal' ammunition," he mentions to the Ranger. Caps is caps, and people like them. He almost feels bad for the Legion guy as yet another NCR Ranger appears. Almost. Instead he's soaking up the discomfort in the other huge man like the filthy Merc he is. Really, it's an acquired taste, other peoples' suffering, but it's damned tasty. Celeste's exiting remark has another laugh bubbling to the surface. Nothing said, he's afraid at this point to offend. "Drink up already, yah sit there starin' at it long enough, it'll just as likely ta start starin' back," he says in graveled tone. He replaces his cigarillo between his teeth in the corner of his mouth. The wink from Rose comes with a sly grin and he gives her an appreciative nod before looking back at Ashur expectantly.
Rose      "Coin should have reached you, but everything else? The town kept. Horses came from the farm anyway, didn't really seem right taking them from the girls when they'd lost their parents the same day." A shake of her head, Rose sips her cola again before placing the rocket-shaped bottle in front of her, tracing a gloved finger over one of its fins and listening to the others lightly. She didn't have the .50 rounds to spare, but she'd keep it in mind. In the mean time, she looks back at Sammy. "Rose Hallows, from the Mojave...although I think most of you that came out here after me are from that way." The vet shrugs lightly, her own callsign was more well known givin it was merely wordplay on her name and so she doesn't really bother with sharing it. "I hadn't made my way over to the embassy, but then it wasn't here when I rolled into town far as I know..."
Ashur Stockton's delight in his suffering isn't really noticed by Ashur-- he's too busy dealing with an emotional conundrum a lifetime of quasi-religious repression has ill prepared him for. His grip on that shot glass is so tight the knuckles are white even through the bloodstains, and his heavy brow is furrowed, and his lips are pursed, teeth grinding together-- it's just a drink! It's just a drink, and it means absolutely nothing, and there's absolutely no reason not to down it.

The bloodied glass is set back on the weathered bar top. "Another time," he transparently lies, and rotates in the stool away from the drinks. He rises to his feet and tosses his head, settling the thick braids of his hair behind him. "I need some fresh air."

There he goes, the big ol' Legion man. Can't quite cut it in here just yet.
Sammy Sammy considers the vodka & whiskey on the bar as Ashur stands, blinking almost audibly, but then he turns back to Rose, "I'm actually originally from up North, I enlisted in the NCR when I was 16, been working my way back east since I got my Ranger tabs." he muses, "The call came in for more to head this way faster, about the time I was just south of the ruins of Flagstaff, over in Arizona-way." he gestures.
    Sitting up he tucks his swag bag back under his duster, and looks to Stockton, "Now, if I were to find some Fifty cal ammo, I could probably convince someone to give me something to send it downrange... " he jokes, bemusedly, and pulls a well loved leatherbound book from beneath his armor, laying it down on the bar.
Stockton Stockton had to try! He smiles at Ashur until the drink is set back down. Literally it's a complete border flip from smiles to neanderthal brow furrow. Teeth grit more than just a little and he narrowly avoids getting whipped by braids as the Legionaire does his hair-flip. "Ain't gonna be 'nother time, you enjoy yer air" he manages to growl out through grit teeth. That shot that was set down is taken and knocked back. As his cheek twitches and nostrils flare a little. The Rangers go back to being fixtures in the place, and the Merc is pulling a heavy draw off his cigarillo. Rapping his big fist on the counter at the floating Bot he orders up a Cola. More whiskey was going to end in disaster, he could already feel it.
Sparrow Sparrow 's been out a lot today, coming back from an adventure ou in the desert her first aim is to get herself a drink of some sort. She steps into the saloon, pulling off her helmet and tucking it into a bag as she steps inside and strides over towards a table. The blonde cowgirl's gaze flickers towards the gathered and Stockton and Sammy gets a wave. Ashur is a familiar though unknown face so he gets only a nod.
Ashur Ashur makes his way past robotic staff and well-kept tables, advancing inevitably toward the front door. Sparrow's nod isn't even noticed; the uncomfortable man simply pushes past her in blind disregard. The flush in his cheeks isn't from the alcohol, but maybe the air will help clear his head all the same.
Jude Jude makes his way into the Saloon. The bright blue of his vault jumpsuit give him away as the light brown leathers only hide bits. He steps in and scans the area, offering smiles to the patrons he spots, but finally spies who he was looking for. He ambles to the bar and grabs a cola, smirking at what passes as cold. He takes a sip and leans against the bar a moment. He gazes over at the vexed Merc, Stockton, but thinks better of vexing him more just now.
Rose      Rose watches the Legionaire depart and gives Sammy a questioning look. He'd been here when Ashur had came in first, was the man a deserter or a scout to be dealt with later? The Legion had been growing bold and vicious not far from the city and noone wanted a full-blown invasion. Sipping her cola once more, the blonde ranger with her hair down glances sidelong, spotting the familier face of Sparrow and giving her a node along with the man who comes in behind her and then leaning back in her chair to address Stockton. "Heard a little about Jacktown but I was...elsewhere."

She wasn't going to say 'fighting aliens'. Who the hell would believe that crazy story even if it came from here mouth.

"Seems to have grown safer anyway." A nod, then a turn back to Sammy and she continues. "I'm a military brat. Folks were NCR. Dad was a pilot, mom was a scout. Served the moment I was old enough. After the second thing at Hoover Dam I...took a more wandering role. Needed to walk the world for a while."
Sparrow Sparrow looks after Ashur and back at Stockton. "Makin' friends, Slimjim?" Sparrow? She has no such compulsions towards politeness when it comes to the big Merc. She wrinkles her nose at the big man as she pulls a cigarillo from her pocket before folding her duster over a nearby chair and setting her traveling gear into it. Sparrow drops and flags down a Mr. Handy to get herself a beer. She lights her smoke and leans back letting her eyes close as she takes a deep drag. Jude gets a small smile and a lift of her fingers, "Hey, Vaultie." She greets quietly before looking to Sammy and gesturing him over, "Hey, you still got that Map? I got some new areas for you."

Without her Duster on she's in a nice black undercoat and a black vest, her usual cowboy gear though this isn't nearly as bulky and with the thin sleeved linen shirt under it makes her look /almost/ feminine. Almost. Her hair's back in a tight braid though some blonde curls do escape.
Stockton Stockton looks up in time to catch sight of Jude, the Vaulter getting a curious look for a moment despite the case of the grumps he's going through. The disappearance of the Legionaire brings an overall sweeping change in the Merc, right back to his dastardly charming self. "Always, Birdy," he calls back to the blonde cowgirl. He gives a tip of his not-there hat towards the woman at the table. Giving Jude a glance he finally perks a brow, "You alright? Stare much more, I might get the wrong impression," he ribs with a wink. Taking his Nuka-Cola to his lips, he drains half of it. The conversation angling between Sparrow and the Ranger has his attention but his focus is on Jude.
Sammy Sammy nods as Rose watches the Legionnaire lead out, "He came in, didn't look to pick a fight, walked out. Guess he doesn't fly under any Caeasar anymore. But you could see it wound up in his features. He hates the badge." he gestures to the duster-flap with the NCR bear, "But like others, he's wandering a bit." he considers. "... there is still much to be dug into about the Jacktown massacre. It didn't seem to be ... truly organized. However, that was probably because the Militia and Civillians from El Dorado pulled a bit of a surprise flank." he smirks. "I think we should start following the trails of those who ran, but I'm waiting on people to decide if that's a valid call or not."
    He glances up as Sparrow comes in, and holds up the leather-bound book, "I found a few more things myself. But I'm interested in filling in the gaps. There will be no 'here be dragons'" he opens the map book, all hand drawn, save the inside cover, which is from a pre-war atlas, and finds the pages for El Dorado. A pen polished bright with years of use is pulled from an inner pocket. "Deathclaws, maybe, but no dragons."
Jude Jude listens as everyone converses, not having an awful lot to contribute just yet. He returns Sparrow's finger waggle, moving over towards her table, cola in tow. He sips at it idly, attention flicking over towards Sammy at her mention of a map.

At Stockton's jibe, he grins and shrugs, tryin' to look innocent all of a sudden. His eyes sparkle with humor as he jokes back, "Maybe you'll be gettin' the right impression. Never know what we all do down there underground." He pauses a beat and laughs, correcting, "Ya was lookin' like ya weren't havin' such an amazin' night and twasn't sure if I should be add my own nonsense heapin' on what you're already shoulderin'."
Rose      Rose actually gets a little laugh at Sammy's words despite herself, shaking her head. "It's strange to have the Ambassador here. To have anyone here really, that might want to look over my shoulder." A jerk of her head towards the door and she nods. "I probably would have followed already without thinking to ask permission. Save maybe rounding up a few extra guns. You probably know as good as anyone Sammy, a good sniper rifle can be pretty effective at chasing someone down."

Mention of Deathclaws? That has her looking over towards the others and shaking her head while she glances towards the map and then to Stockton. "Those things are reason enough to be seeking more of those rounds for that cannon."
Sparrow Sparrow nods to Sammy, smiling at Rose before talking to the Ranger. "Good, before I go I'll sit with ya a second and let you know. Had quite a bit of adeventuring over the alst few days. Lots of new information to spread around." She grins at them both before the cowgirl leans back looking up at Jude, "Have a seat, unless you enjoy loomin'?" She gesutre to the chair across from her before glancing back at Stockton and tutting softly.
Stockton Stockton pays attention to the map, and since there's a collection herding towards Sparrow, the hired gun follows with only a slight twitch of his lip. "Seemed Legion enough of an attack," he mentions to Sammy as he puffs on his cigarillo and exudes a trail of toxic, sweet smelling cloud behind him. When he reaches the table he doesn't hesitate to glance at the map, "Weirdly 'nuff, you want the fuckhead that jus' left if yer facin Deathclaws," he notes before angling his gaze at Jude, "I'll keep that in mind, Vaultie." A snort is given and his lip twitches again in an almost snarl. "Ain't proper tah refuse a drink. Ma's said as much my whole life. S'down right insultin'," his brows loft a little with that wild-side anger flaring, in demonstration, "Now. What sorta nonsense you got for me, if it involves ammunition, guns, or caps, I'm listenin." Rose's quip has him wheeling to look at the blonde Ranger with a solemn nod. "I'm huntin' savin'. Saw another handcannon at the Massacre, some random feller grabbed it afore I noticed. Er you could be sweet talkin' me fer it right now."
Sammy     "I'm still not certain on a lot of things. But that's why I'm a Ranger," he looks at the map and uncaps the pen, drawing a few more lines, connecting the scale location of Jack's Town and the location of a few burned out villages to the north where the Legion passed through. And then puts a square box, like a something to be checked later, and labels it about where the Legion camp would have been. "... I make sure to get Article-15'd anytime they try promoting me above Squad or Team leader." he grins quietly, flips the book upside down and opens it from the back, a carefully numbered list.
    In a rather Drill Sgt. Tone, he reads one, "#7 Specialist Jenkins is not allowed to add 'In accordance with the prophesy' to the end of answers I give to a question an Officer asks me."
    He looks up to Sparrow as she offers cartography updates. "Sure thing." back to his normal tone.
Jude Jude laughs and nods to Sparrow, pulling a fancy looking healers medkit out from the back of his belt. "I wasn't meanin' to loom, just tryin' to be polite and letcha get your talkin' about maps done afore I went and interrupted. Seein's how I've done interrupted anywho, I found there here gadget earlier out pokin' 'round. After you did me a kindness t'other night, I thought maybe you might have some use of it." He pushes the medkit towards Sparrow.

He doesn't look at the map, figuring it isn't any of his business. He smiles then at Stockton though and says, "Well, I did find a couple boxes of 20 gauge and .50 caliber ammo if'n your interested."
Rose      "Maybe it'll find it's way to Nathan's hands. He owes me one after all," Rose comments with a nod to Stockton before she looks back to Sammy and his talk of antics preventing promotion, giving a little laugh to herself before shaking her head. "Noone can promote you if you don't go back to the nest all that often. Support is good, but sometimes it's kinda nice to be a little forgotten now and then." Mostly because then noone can die on you, but Rose doesn't add that aloud. Jude's's comment brings her back to reality and she tilts her head to the side.

".50 in the rifle or pistol variety?"
Stockton Stockton actually snickers some to hear the Ranger's gossip, mostly that he was as against authority as the Merc tended to be. Fancy that. Jude's shoving a medkit at Sparrow and he can't help but give the action a little smile, "Yer alright, Vaultie," he says almost fondly, or as close as the gruff man can get. There's a brow perk when he mentions the .50 caliber ammunition and the smile grows toothy, almost wolfish, "I'm givin' caps fer .50 caliber. Serenity's been a hungry girl recently and scavengin's come up with bubkiss of late." A confused look goes to the Ranger and he says, "Fifties, fifty, should work in yer chamber regardless." A shrug and he looks back to Jude, "Got a few things might interest you in trade, too, but we should talk later, I hate doin' business in the Saloon, unless it's a contract." Or it involves slinging those .50 caliber bullets around.
Sparrow Sparrow snorts softly towards Sammy with an amused expression that crinkles her premature crow feet and puts her usually stoic stare on pause for a few moments. "Sounds like they suck all the fun out of your day." She remarks to the Ranger before her attention is drawn back to Jude trying to get him to have a seat with her. "Not an interruption. Well, no more than I was to them." A briefly apologetic look between Rose and Sammy before she glanced back to the Vault Dweller when he sets the Medkit down and she blinks. "Yanno if I wasn't sure I'd break you I'd hug you for this." She doesn't wait long before picking up the kit and immediately doing an inspection of it and all it's bells and whistles and she mutters under her breath, "I might just anyway." She smiles, it cracks the veneer of bored and aloof and brings with it lines along the corners of her mouth to add to the pre-aged appearance of the young weather-tanned cowgirl.

To Stockton she lifts a brow, "Saloon seems ta be the best place to do business these days." She finally gets her beer and pays her two caps.
Sammy Sammy glances to Stockton, blinking almost audibly. He pulls forth his own shell-catcher bag and rummages in it, setting two shells on the bar, pointing, "I think not, this..." he gestures to the fairly short, fat round he could fit two knuckles of his pinky into, "... is a .50 Action Express pistol shell." he swipes it back up and into the sack it goes, and he sticks his finger in the neck of the larger rifle cartridge, which looks like a brass corndog waggling off his finger, "And this is your .50 Rifle round." he rolls the casing just a little, and points it to Rose, "This one's no good though, see, crack on the neck right here. It'll get shipped back for melting and redoing, probably." he tucks the bivvy back in his duster and looks to Rose, then back at the list.
    "#54 'Napalm Sticks to Kids' is not a motivational phrase." in the perfect speaking-from-the-diaphram Drill Sgt. voice. A chuckle, and he swipes up the last shot of vodka he ordered and downs it.
Jude Jude looks a little blank at Rose's question. What he knows about firearms is mostly what he can dig up on a search on the Pip-Boy on his arm. He does a fairly good fish impression for a few moments before he taps at the screen of said device, but then gestures to Stockton with a shrug at his claim. He recovers and to Stockton he smiles and nods. "Sure thing. Drop me a line and I'll be there. I don't carry it on me since I surely ain't got no use of it."

At Sparrows apparent appreciation of the gift, he smiles a little wider, blushing a little. He explains, "I done went to one of the shops and compared it to the standard model. Figured it was pretty nice what with that emergency whatchacallit." He pauses a moment. "Lifesaver protocol."

He looks at Sammy's demonstration of ammo and hmmms. He points at the smaller one and says, "It's them. The littler fellas." He pauses and bites his lower lip. "I think." Another pause. "Maybe." He shrugs. "They're back home in my safe."
Rose      "If my rifle were firing the pistol rounds, it might explain the drop-off I've been having. But I think that's not the case." Rose comments before rolling her shoulders lightly and taking another sip of her drink, nodding at the man before laughing at Sparrow's words. "Not an interuption there hun, I'm happy to talk. We're just a couple of soldiers swapping rubbish and rubbish words." Back to Stockton though, she nods at the talk of business. "Bird's right. More business is done here, or at least started here than you think. Folks will be gathering to go after that job I picked up tomorrow. Hunting that guy who took out the old sherrif and has a taste for things that go boom. You're welcome to join if you're up for it."
Stockton Stockton rolls a shoulder and ends up looming in place at the side of Jude and Sparrow's table, just sort of lingering. A smirk is there though, "You might break 'im," he comments to the cowgirl. Sammy's Drill Sgt. voice drags his attention to where the Ranger sits. The lesson on ammunition taken in stride with a quiet blink. "Napalm sticks to everything," he says with a slight squint, "Why focus on the Kids?" he questions. Maybe he's not getting the humor, or he doesn't have any. With confirmation that Jude has the littler fellas he says, "Well, the offer I'm makin' fer anyone sellin' is seven caps a round. How much did you manage to collect out there?" he questions the Vaultie while finally pulling the cigar from his lips to exhale slowly. Seems he's heeding the advice of just getting business done here then.
Sparrow Sparrow's head tilts at Rose and her nose twitches and she nods. "I would be. preferably if we can drag him in alive that'd be better. Sure my brother is real appreciative if you could. Or at least can no, find his stuff and let us do a quick look see. Which also reminds me." Sparrow turns her eyes back to Jude and smiles again at him, softer, but no less sincere. "Aidan wants to go to Vault Thirty, try and find it before that slimy weasel finishes arming his militia and goes to loot it. I'd like ya to be there." She points at Stockton, "You too, and Tobi. He's got Nikki too. We'll need ll the brainpower we can get though cause .." She shivers, "Tech."

Stockton is pointed at, "You don't get to loom, have a seat, drink a beer." She reaches to touch Jude's arm. "We may be doin' all this before me and my siblings expose him. So you may have to be ready at a moments notice."
Sammy     "If your rifle's firing the pistol rounds, yeah, you're gonna have a bad time." he murmurs, and looks down to his gunbelt, and looks up at the ticking grandfather clock then back at Rose, "What time is muster for that little trip tomorrow?" he wants to make sure he's got plenty of solid rest before. It was if he recalls, a good bit out. He flips the map-book over, back to the sketched maps, and looks to where the hideout might be. He grins a bit as Sparrow encourages Jude to pull up a chair, "Enh, shop talk will be shop talk. Plans need making. Backup plans, and extraction plans." he picks his rifle up and lays it on the bar, inspecting its length and bringing his little cleaning brush out again. "You need a ... Long Distance Service Provider, and if I can justifiably say it's 'In the Name of Public Interest' and 'Securing the Peace', I'm game and I don't even have to fudge the numbers on paperwork."
Rose Rose nods her head lightly before she moves to stand. "Early morning, around 7. We'll meet and discuss before riding out. We may decide to wait till nightfall before moving in after all, but we want time to decide for ourselves." A pause, she moves to stand from her position and rolls her shoulders lightly. "Checking out a Vault sounds interesting. Y'need another gun? I'm not hard to find." With that, the blonde Ranger starts heading for the stairs. "I better go check in on Bane, but I'll be back later. Can't have the Old man decide to pick tonight to die on us when there's work to be done."
Stockton Stockton shakes his head as if recalling the part where there was a manhunt. "I'll go too," he tells Rose. A nod given before Sparrow's voluntelling him that he's going. There's a mutter and he just nods at Rose, "I'll be there, cannon and all. Fuck that guy," he adds quietly with a bit of a growl. Then there's talk of Vault 30 and Aidan and he's giving a very focused and attentive look to the blonde as he finally edges into the seat carefully, his bulk settling in with a few creaks and squeaks of furniture joints. Setting his Cola down he finishes it off and waves at Mr. Handy to fetch him a beer and offering up his two caps. With Jude getting some crazy alarm on his Pip-Boy and scrambling out, he just shrugs at Sammy, "Yeah, all that shit, it's fer a good cause." Settling into the table with the remaining Sparrow and Sammy he looks between them and grins, "Least we'll go out with a bang if nothin' else."
Sparrow Sparrow lifts her hand to wave farewell to Jude and Rose as they take off. Sparrow takes a breath and looks after Jude and rubs her forehead, "Poor kid." She gruffs to Stockton. "I feel a little bad, he has a dream and it suddenly becomes a nightmare." She shakes her head and waves Sammy over to join her so she can point out various spots; midway between Jacks Town and Rosewell, she marks a cave with some indication of defensive military robots. Couple spaces for Coyotes in a gulch by a stream. Information where she saw some Cazadores earlier today while searching an old abandoned gas station. A few other minor spots.

To Sammy she nods, "Maybe. Dunno fo certain what's goin' on yet. I need to get everyone together; maybe hold a nice picnic at the Ranch so as not to raise too many eyebrows." This she says quieter. "And I've got no intention of goin' out with a bang. not before I expose that fraud and everyone knows what he did." Not that she's very forthcoming with names.
Sammy Sammy waves goodbye to Rose as she heads upstairs, nodding, he disengages from his barstool next to the one marked 'Out of Service' and wanders over, laying the map down, and making notes, he considers. "You know when there's some fun to be had, I suppose. I'm technically supposed to be making lots of sweeps out to the south, but, man." he looks at the map again, squinting, "North looks interesting times too." a few things with those empty checkboxes on the map already. "That's where we caught some slavers headed for where we think the Legion main camp was before the rout at Jacks Town." he indicates a bit of a smeared ink spot on the map, as if it were hastily dotted and put away with wet ink. he looks to the barstool that was next to the one he was at the entire time, and then back to Sparrow, "I think it'd help me win over more of the Caine family if I were to pull a little proactive intervention on this one." he grins. "... and I've had plenty of time shooting at explosives in my work."
Stockton Stockton perks a brow at Sparrow as she gives the poor kid spiel and he looks after Jude, "Kid'll be fine, he stabbed a damn robot to death, how many vets can say they got away with that shit?" He chuckles and shakes his head some in amusement as the Mr. Handy comes by with his beer. There's a slow draught and he switches back to his still smoldering cigar. He notes a few of the points and nods, "Good to know," he says without really adding anything else. "Picnic sounds good, easy to look past," he agrees with a smirk for her last comment. "Atta girl," he says proudly before lookin back to Sammy. "Proactive intervention, that what we're callin' it these days? Funny," he says rather dryly. "But it'll be good to have any extra guns we can get," he says.
Sparrow Sparrow sighs and rubs her face a little before coming up with a cocky little smirk. "But I'll be sure to put you on the short list." She tells the Ranger, "Well it's probably not going to be a short list. Not if he's got a militia on it as well. But this map could be real useful since the only map that the city had has conveniently 'gone missing'. If you see anything that might give an indication where the old Vaulters came from? Markers, old campsites. Anything that can point us in the proper direction. I'll pay for the information. it's real important. I know Aidan's working an angle too but he's limited to what the City can give him as am I." She smirks at Stock and backhands him with a soft paff in the chest. "Good girl, what you went Legion on me now?" She takes a draw off the cigarillo clenched in her teeth.
Sammy Sammy drawls a complete deadpan voice, "Yea, he casteth out the man, and causeth to dwell at the East of the garden of Eden the cherubs and the flame of the sword which is turning itself round to ghuard the way of the tree of life." he points to his rifle, and in a very fine print done with a very fine silver paint beneath the bolt on the side is 'Flaming Sword' he chuckles. "I'm actually pretty Agnostic. I've seen too much oof what people do to each other to believe there's any benevolent imaginary sky friend watching over just a chosen few." he smirks and looks to Sparrow, "Got a piece of paper of your own, or somethin to write in?"
Stockton Stockton snorts at the backhand and doesn't so much as flinch as she backhands his chest armor. "I said, atta girl, you need to git yer ears checked," he says with a toothy smirk, though he does decide to play it out in his head and that smirk goes wider and sharper. At that though, the Merc puts his tongue in his cheek and makes a cluck sound, "I been thinkin'," he starts. A dangerous past time, she knows. "We need all the angles we can git on this yeah? What if I dug deeper, on the less shiny side'a things?" He means the streets, and back alleys where law-abiding citizens just don't go. Attention slides up to Sammy at the drawl of gospel and then he's glancing at the weapon. "Always gotta be a witty name, huh?"
Sparrow Sparrow looks at Stockton and lifts a shoulder, "I say ya talk to Aidan. I can't go off half cocked without my family. They've been huntin' this thing as long as I have after all. And I aint gonna do this alone, not even if it would protect'm.They deservge their revenge as much as I do." She tells Stock simply before turning back to Sammy and patting herself down. She pulls out an old folded list but it's at least clean on the other side. She flips it to the clean side and slides it over. "Thank ya kindly." She tells him before looking back to Stockton and her lips twist a little. "If you can find more information on him your way, then do it. I want every angle covered, I don't want a single Drake ass on the line when this all goes down."
Sammy Sammy leans on his elbow and nods to Stockton, "Treat her well and she'll do you no wrong. Disrespect her, and there might be enough left of you to go home to momma in a plastic baggie." he re-shoulders the rifle and sits back. He folds his map up and disappears it inside his armor once more, leather book no doubt adding some extra level of padding for the next time he gets shot. Yay crushed ribs almost healed. He takes his bandana down, tosses it in the top of his he.lmet, and tucks his hair up under, then pulls his mask down, clicking it in plkace, the *fweeeee* as the NVG light up, and the wire running down his neck and beneath his armor to a box at his hi. He taps his earpiece "I listen, as it were, for 'prayers'." he scribbles down "Sammael - 451.4455mhz" on her notepad. as he pushes himself to his feet and stretches his legs nad shoulders. "If you can get your hand on a radio, that's a little channel I keep open all the time, in addition to generally sweeping the open frequencies." he walks out into the pre-dawn twilight without another word.