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Iris Lark Iris sent a message to Molly Brown asking her to come in for a final checkup, the bullet wounds weren't infected but it never hurts to be careful. She has a few medical supplies set up to wash and clean her wounds one more time. She stands near the chair in her office, reading from a book.
Molly Brown Molly Brown has come back in for a final checkup, ironically she'd just been off treating Wiz who became a feral chewtoy and nearly died from it. It was bad and she prayed he'd keep hismelf in better shape for now she's come. She knocks on the door and waits.
Iris Lark Iris opens the door and lets Molly in, a smile on her face. "Come on in and have a seat." She says gesturing towards a bed. "How are ou feeling?"
Molly Brown Molly Brown says "Mostly better but it could still use one more check as you siad. I'm feeling mostly all right, got lucky heading out in the ruins to, should be able to afford your bill no problem."she grins a little bit as she moves in to go find a spot to sit and let Iris get to work.
Iris Lark Iris grins at Molly and nods slowly. "Getting back into fighting shape isn't always easy." She murmurs, moving to remove the bandages that she applied the last time the woman was in the office. She cleans them again, applies salve, and then bandages again. "Are you going to be getting back into dangerous situations?" She asks, both eyebrows raised slightly.
Tina Tina knocks gently upon the office door. "May I come in, Doctor? Or should I come back later?" she calls softly, pitched to carry through the closed door and no farther.
Iris Lark Iris nudges the door open with a toe and peeks out before she pushes it open further. "Please come on in." A little piglet trots out from under the treatment table to see who the newcomer is and snorts quietly before retreating back under the bed. "Oh, I don't know you." She says, her teeth sinking into her bottom lip for a moment before she sticks out a hand. "Iris Lark, pleased to meet you." She turns back to Molly and finishes her task. "Come on in, have a seat in Achilles' chair, if you've a need."
Molly Brown Molly Brown says "I'm going to be going out looking for things out in the wasteds and taking jobs, so ya. I can't exactly say no if the Legion comes a calling. You know what they'd do." She leaves it at that she pauses at Tina and says "Hey...." She lets Iris work on finishing up the checkup. "If your wondering I am always on the look out for new armour but the guy who did this? Had a bloody mini gun."
Tina Tina gently takes Iris's hand. "Sister Tina, from the church. I was here to visit the sick and hurt, if I may. And very pleased to meet you, Miss Lark. May peace and blessings follow you." She stifles a giggle as the piglet trots out and withdraws once more. "That one is cute."

She carefully steps inside the office, keeping out of the way of the treatments in progress, but does offer a soft, "Good day, and peace and blessings to you," to Molly.
Iris Lark Iris smiles at Tina and after a moment she drops an awkward curtsy. "Thank you for visiting the sick, that's..very kind of you." She picks up Bacon and holds him out to Tina. "This is Bacon, he's my pet." She says, setting him back down on the floor. "Molly here is finished, she was just making sure her wounds were closing properly."
Molly Brown Molly Brown says "Hey Sister Tina, nad oh my wait is that ...." Wow she looks at the pig for a moment "I guess that one escaped being bacon? Fair enough can't eat them all or we'll have no stock right?" She smirks a bit at Iris nodding. "Thanks Miss Lark, I will try to avoid maniance Legion with mini guns in the future if I can."
Tina Tina chuckles softly and lightly pets the piglet's head. "Hello, Bacon. I can't help being glad you escaped the knife. Aren't /you/ cute?" she says softly, smiling at the animal, and then at Iris and Molly. "Hello, Miss Molly. It's wonderful to meet you. And it is only right that we Sisters take time to visit the less fortunate, that they may be soothed and comforted during their convalescence and recovery."
Iris Lark "Well I hope that all of you will visit often." Iris says, offering a smile to Tina and then Molly. She begins to clean and Bacon trots in circles around Iris as she works. "I'm hoping that more healers will turn up here and offer aid to others."
Molly Brown Molly Brown says "Honestly at some point I could use fruther training both in basic first aid and medical work." She notes as she cleans herself up and gets ready to get out of Iris's way should Tina need some mending herself.
Tina fTina grins. "As often as you like, Miss Iris. Even medical staff get lonely and bored. We would be very sorry to lose you over mere boredom," she says warmly. "And I believe a gentleman came in a few days ago, wishing to assist with healing the sick and wounded. A rough and ready sort, but I could tell that he had a good heart."

Molly gets a thoughtful look. "I could teach you a bit, if you like. I am not a doctor, but I can treat most wounds, and it would not cost you anything."
Iris Lark Iris nods at Molly and gives her a bright smile. "You're welcome to bring anyone by who might want to help out here, I don't put on airs or anything. I just want people to be healthy." She says, picking the piglet off the ground. "I'm going to go get some rest though, I hope you two have a good evening."