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Tina It's early morning at the church, and the sun is just barely beginning to show itself against the eastern horizon. Yet Sister Tina is already up and relighting a few of the candles that had gone out with a long brass candle-lighting staff, in preparation for any early services that might be coming in. If she has been up all night, it doesn't show; she seems as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as ever.
Saeko      The sun was coming up, Saeko had been walking all night and if nothing else...this was a decent place for Saeko to take a break. At some point the silent girl had come in, found herself a corner in the back and decided to rest. Her cloak had been removed, used as a blanket instead for the time being as she caught what rest she could. Her bag lay at the end of one pew, being used for an impromptu pillow while in her arms her sheathed sword rested, hugged close to her form like a child with their beloved teddy.
Tina Tina finishes with the candles. She's just turning to return the staff to the back when she spots Saeko resting on one of the back pews. Smiling to herself, she moves to walk past, but an impulse stops her there.

"Time to wake up, sweetheart," she says softly, stifling a giggle at how silly that must sound.
Saeko      There's a slight noise of sliding metal, but Saeko's eyes are quick, quick as her hand and the sword is only drawn the slightest bit before the asian woman exhales a breath and brings her hand to her face, brushing her long black hair back out of her eyes. "Apologies...I was dreaming," she speaks softly before setting the sword down beside her and looking up at the woman nearby herself, taking in detail. "I did not intend to sleep here, but it seemed a decent place to do so."
Tina Tina had drawn back as the sound of sliding metal, guessing its meaning, but the apology brings an apologetic smile of her own to her face. "I apologize for startling you. And truly, I can think of few safer or more comfortable places for a needful nap. Though I think you might have upset someone if you had been found asleep during a sermon... and I believe there is an early service coming in today, in less than an hour."

She straightens, smiling warmly. "I am Sister Tina, and I bid you welcome. Who have I had the pleasure of waking this morning?"
Saeko "Saeko," the girl answers while moving herself from laying to sitting, stretching her arms up over her head and giving a little gasp as the muscles rendered stiff from sleep on such a surface 'pop' and release. She only gives her firstname, but that seems rather deliberate. Perhaps, like some in the wasteland, she didn't have a surname anymore. "I did not mean to cause disruption Sister. I can be out of your way in a moment." Already, the Kunoichi bends to her bag, opening it lightly for a quick inspection. She doubted someone could sneak up on her sleeping, but she still had to make sure everything was still there.
Tina "Be at peace, Miss Saeko. You've caused no disruption, or at least none I was not happy to find. Are you sure you are fit to travel?" Tina asks gently. "A church is a place of refuge as well as worship, after all."
Saeko      "I was tired," Saeko nods, "but uninjured. A talented healer among the Militia saw to my injuries and now there isn't even a scar left behind." As if to prove her point she lifts the hem of her undershirt, revealing the left side of her midriff. Checking her equipment once more, she tilts her head to the side while looking up at Tina. "Do you get many who come down here seeking refuge."
Tina Tina resists the impulse to touch the smooth skin of Saeko's side, to confirm that no scar remains. "That /was/ a talented healer," she says, deeply impressed. "But what happened to you, that you were in need of a Militia healer?"

She shakes her head at the question, in a clear negative. "Not many. Though our doors are always open, not many run this way if there is an attack. I suppose the word of several gods and an old shotgun don't seem like much protection in the face of shooting trouble. Still, we do provide a comfortable place to sleep, especially on a hot day," she adds impishly.
Saeko      "The wastland has many dangers, bullets and blades alike." The asian woman smiles lightly with a shake of her head, "but this was of the tooth and claw variety. I was scratched while fighting creatures, but I was alright. I did not wish to have the wound turn infected."

Tina's words earn a nod, a smile light of shared humor before she chuckles. "Anything is better than being helpless and unwilling to fight back."