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Blank It's time for the first patient of the day! ....or maybe not. But there's A patient of the day anyway. In through the front door comes Blank. The ammnesiac scavver looks...not great. First, there's the hole in his head. It's started to heal slightly, and it's clear he attempted some self-aid. But he's clearly not equipped to handle a bullet wound to the braincase on his own. Then there's the right leg, causing him to limp heavily. It's been messed up by tentacles. Which probably doesn't look very good. And, it's been infected with FEV. Which she may not have seen before. There's also some heavy discoloration on parts of his skin, almost looking like acid burns. He limps over to the front desk and calls out, "Hullo? Doctor in the house?"
Kurokumo Mibojin      The first week or so in Shantytown has been nothing but interesting for Kurokumo. There's a bandage peeking out from under the sleeve of her right uper arm. Geckoes are a bitch to deal with. She looks up from her chair, her expression turning to one of alarm as she spots Blank. "What happened to you?" Quickly, the doctor walks over, before stopping short. Is he contagious?
Blank      Blank wobbles a bit on his feet and smiles at the Doctor. "Hi. Uh. Lets see... I was hot in the head. That was about four...five days ago. I think. I can't actually remember." He looks down at himself. "And then some people were attacked by...I think they called them Centaurs? They were ugly as hell, I'll say that much. One got its...tentacle things on my leg. It hurts. And I think it might have gotten infected. Oh, and then when I shot its head off, it sprayed this sludgy stuff all over everything. That didn't feel too good either. I've washed it all off though. Otherwise I'm fine. How are you?" Wobble wobble.
Iris Lark Iris Lark walks out from her sleeping quarters, followed by a wobbly piglet named Bacon. The little pet takes one look at Blank, squeals and turns to run back into the room it came from. This gives Iris pause, and she glances at the door and then at Blank, her head canted slightly as she takes in his bearing and the discoloration of his skin. "What goes on here?" She asks quietly, pushing her hair behind her ears. She walks closer, but she looks slightly wary as she approaches.
Kurokumo Mibojin      "I'm...doing just fine." A Gecko bite from the other day is nothing compared to the human train wreck that walked inside. Kurokumo will stick to what she can treat, which is the bullet wound to his skull. "Doctor Iris, could you- Oh, you're already here. He mentioned a gunshot wound to the head, and dealing with Centaurs."
Blank "That's cool. Uh. Do you have anywhere I could sit down for a minute? I'm feeling kind of dizzy." The scavver looks around, as though searching for a chair. He raises a hand when Iris comes out with her pig. "Hey there. Just here for a little treatement s'all. Hope you guys don't charge much, 'cause I don't have much."
Iris Lark "I don't charge if I'm taking the last of what someone has away from them." Iris notes, a slight smile curving her lips up. She gestures towards an exam room and exhales softly. "Pick whichever room you'd like, and we can take a look at you." She glances at Kurokumo and raises both brows slightly before she turns back to the patient. "You can rest here, as long as you've need to."
Kurokumo Mibojin      Having heard Iris' decision, Kurokumo leads the way to Exam Room 4. She seems hesitant to actually -touch- Blank for the moment. Opening the door she allows the patient with the bad streak of luck inside.
Blank Blank nods to Iris, "Thanks, Doc." He walks into the exam room, heavily favoring his right leg as he goes. He has a kind of slack looking, ratty old pack on his back. Entering, he looks for an exam table or something and then sits down, sliding the pack off then setting it aside. "I have to say. Been kind of an eventful week. First there was waking up naked in the dsert, then that big lizard with the claws and the teeth and the horn, then the big pink Overrat thing, then these critters..." He's rambling a bit, staring off into the distance. Maybe he's delirious from the infection? Or the mostly untreated brain damage.
Iris Lark "It sounds like you had a *very* eventful week." Iris says, checking on some of the wounds before she places a few cloths in the water for cleansing purposes. "So this discoloration of the skin, when did that start?" She asks, her teeth worrying her bottom lip a bit as she continues her visual examination.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo's expression is a little pale, Blank's wounds something out of a nightmare. How is he still alive? While Iris askes the questions and tends to the bandaging materials, Kurokumo gets the tools and surgical tray ready for tending to the cracked skull. She pulls up a chair, wincing as she looks at him.
Blank "Uhh. Lets see. I think it was after that Centaurs head exploded, and it started spraying sludge everywhere. Some got on me. Or maybe it was when it tentacled my leg." Blank shrugs a sholder. "I'll be honest. I don't remember anything from before I woke up. So I have no idea if this is a normal week for me or not." A pause. "I'm Blank Slate by the way. Nice to meet you."
Iris Lark "Nice to meet you, Sir." Iris says, holding out a hand towards the man. "I'm Iris Lark, a healer who works here in Shantytown." She offers him a smile and shrugs a shoulder slightly. "I'm going to hope that this isn't a normal week for you, like I said, you're welcome to rest here as often as needed."
Kurokumo Mibojin      "I'm Kurokumo, another physician here at the clinic. We're going to sow your scalp shut the best we can, alright?" On she goes, tending to Blanks' wounds with curved needle and fishing line. Salves are applied and covered with the santized bandages, and Blank is laid down to rest.
Blank Blank takes the hand and shakes. He has a pretty average grip, maybe a little weaker from all the trauma and whatnot. "Thank you." He sighs and leans back o his hands. "I'm hoping that too. I don't think I can handle many more like this." He waves as the Doctor leaves the room, then focuses on Kurokumo. "Nice to meet you too, Kurokumo." He waits patiently while he's treated, wincing now and then. Then he lays down on the table, closing his eyes. He falls asleep pretty fast.