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Achilles Another day, another cap. Least that's how it usually goes. Achilles has finally ventured forth from the clinic after getting back from the battle with the feral ghouls and centaurs. Put politely, he looks like shit. It's a miracle the big guy is even awake, let alone heading out to sell the firearm slung over his shoulder.
Blank Blank is wandering through town. He's freshly bandaged in several spots, and looks a bit better than he did after the fight the day before. He has his pack of gear and the like on his back, and seems to be coming back from thhe Wasteland to the south. Or at least, that general direction. He may have seen Achilles earlier in the clinic, since that's where he was treated too. But the big guy was clearly not in any shape for talking at the time. He spots the giant, raising a hand in his direction.
Achilles Noticing Blank, Achilles dips his head slightly before raising a hand. "Hello, er, I'm not sure we've actually been formally introduced." The man lived in the clinic with Iris, so he was a common sight around there, even if he didn't always interact with the patients.
Blank Blank nods his head to Achilles, stepping closer and offering his hand to him. "Yeah. Things were a little rough. And I wasn't feeling very talkative afterwards. My name is Blank Slate." He considers the towering sword-swinger. "Those things were pretty nasty, huh?"
Achilles "Achilles." The giant introduces himself, taking Blank's offered hand in a firm shake. "They were not too bad. But I'd just finished killing ghouls in Roswell before we came across them. I always seem to forget the the glowing ones explode sometimes." Would explain the healing burns.
Blank Blank nods a bit. "That's rough....uh. Ghouls? Those're what again?" He really doesn't seem to know what most anything is, does he? "I hope you feel better soon." He shifts his pack on his back. "It was kind of scary, honestly. I felt like I was shooting a BB gun at those things." Evne if he did explode one of their heads. Though that was largely by accident.
Achilles "Rotten flesh, created by radiation. Some are from before the war, not all of them are feral. Some live around town." Achilles explains, sort of like he did about the centaurs. "If that's the case, you're welcome to buy this rifle. I was on my way to see how much I could get for it." He slips it from off his shoulder and offers it out.
Blank Blank grimaces. "Wow. That sounds unpleasent. I hope I don't run into any of those." He looks at ther rifle, raising a brow. "Huh. I honestly only have about two hundreds caps on me right now." He takes the rifle form the man, examining it. "It's a pretty nice gun." He looks at the huge axe the man is carrying. "...I guess you prefer closer combat though, huh?"
Achilles "That I do." Achilles says with a firm nod. "I've never fired a gun before. If I learn anything it'll be a bow." He pauses to think for a few moments while Blank looks over the rifle, before eventually nodding once. "Two-hundred is fine."
Blank Blank blinks at thim. "Seriously? Wow, that's great." He slings his pack off, reaching in and rummaging aroundl Finally he produces a pouch of caps, handing it over to the other man before examineing the rifle again. "That'll make me feel a little bit safer out in the wastes." His head tilts. "And...can I ask why you'd prefer a bow over a gun?"
Achilles "Guns aren't personal. Anybody can pull a trigger. If I learn to shoot a bow I'll also learn to make the ammunition for it." Achilles explains with a vague gesture of his hand. "Combat is an art. Adding firearms adds a level of randomness, takes the skill out of the equation for the most part."
Blank Blank considers that. "I see....I'm not really a warrior. Just trying to stay alive while I make a living. I don't think I'd do very good if I tried fighting your way, anyway. So this is fine for me." He slings it over his shoulder. "I appreciate selling it so cheap....though I feel like I should point out, you probably could sell it for more at a shop or something."
Achilles "Yes, but they'd have turned around and sold it for even more. Would have sat around without being used even longer that way." Achilles shrugs slightly. "I only needed a few more caps for the armor I was after anyway." Anything would be an improvement over the leather and metal he has slapped together currently.
Blank Blank nods his head, "Yeah? What kind of armor are you going to buy for yourself, Mr. Achilles?" He glances over the armor the guy is wearing, then at his own. Well...he only has the one piece of armor. A chainmail shirt. But it's a nice piece of armor. "I only have what I do cause I found it in a cave with a big talking pink rat thing."
Achilles "I was looking at the riot armor, looks like it just may fit me." Achilles grins slightly, apparently liking the thought of himself with that much protection. It'd be a huge increase over what he currently has, that's for sure. "Then I'll work on finding myself a new weapon."
Blank Blank nods to him. "Riot armor. That sounds good." He considers the axe the man is carrying. "...a new weapon, huh? That ones not big enough for you or something?" It sure looked intimidating to him.
Achilles "This axe has served me well. It'll continue to serve me too, but I'm already large, so some situations call for something a bit smaller." Achilles reaches down to pat his axe, something he isn't seen without unless there is a /very/ good reason. "I may hold out until I come across another super sledge."
Blank Blank nods his head. "Ah, yeah. That definetly makes sense. Close quarters can make things cramped. Well...more cramped. You're like a wall as it is." He smiles at him. "Thanks again for the rifle. I hope that Riot Armor serves you well when you get it." He raises a hand towards the towering man, then starts off again.
Achilles Achilles lifts a hand in a wave once more. "Not a problem. Hopefully you'll get more use out of the thing than I did." He turns and heads into town now that he doesn't have to go negotiate with any vendors.