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Iris Lark When people come to visit it's usually for one thing. Healing. Iris doesn't mind that, she would like someone to visit with cookies, or better yet, cola but she's used to the way things go. Today she is spending time with Achilles when Decius steps into the clinic. Wordlessly she gestures towards the first exam room and smiles when Achilles follows. Maybe she'll get enough *money* to get a cola.
Achilles Achilles has unfortunately spent his caps. After the most recent incident with the glowing one he decided to go invest in some new armor, so instead of his patchwork gear the giant is clad in the pads and vests of an NCR Ranger, without the rodeo jeans and jacket. He'd be even more imposing, if he didn't look like he needed a long nap and a stimpak.
Decius Decius wordlessly peels himself out of his armor and settles down on the bed of the examination room like the last time he was here. Its not like anything has changed in regards to his wounds as they are for the most part the same as last time and most are just in need of replaced bandages, cleaning except for a few new bruises and cuts that require someone to take a look at them.
Iris Lark Iris is used to the routine and she automatically starts cleaning Decius' wounds. She wipes each down and finds salve to slather on them. "So what happened this time." She asks as she pulls the jar down from the shelf. She glances over at Achilles and gives him a wink before she turns back to the man on the table.
Decius Decius shrugs as much as he can without fidgeting too much. "Roswell and scouring the wasteland to the west. The usuall, you know? It did pay off, but... you can see the less pleasant results right here and the more pleasant ones over tere." He smirks slightly and points over to where he placed his belongings which holds a good assortment of unsorted bits and pieces in a improvised bag.
Achilles "I found myself back in Roswell as well." Achilles says, returning Iris' wink. "I won't be going back out when I'm injured." He adjusts slightly in his seat, taking the pressure off one of the bites. "Then we came across centaurs. So there's super mutant activity towards the south. I'm sure we'll have to deal with that sooner or later."
Iris Lark "I heard." Iris says quietly, her eyes moving from Decius to Achilles before they narrow slightly. "A patient was in this morning, discolored skin, he looked almost as if he was mutating." She finishes washing the wounds, salving them and begins bandaging. She gazes at Decius and smiles. "Did you find anything interesting while you were out?"
Decius Deciusd does his best not to flinch since those wounds still hurt and being idle makes that quite noticeable. "Well, some more scrap for the blacksmith, a gun I need to have someone take a look at, some armor pieces and some bits and pieces of scrap I intend to use for bartering. Didn't get around to sorthing through everything."
Achilles "If you come across anything I could use, or get to the point where you want to trade that sledge, feel free to let me know." Achilles offers before looking back over at Iris. "They seemed to be having a hard time with them, before I showed up. Can't fault them though, they are stronger here than most other places. It's being mixed with horses, I think."
Iris Lark It's at this point that Iris gets her back up. She walks away from Decius for a moment and straight up to Achilles her small hands waving about wildly. "You could have gotten yourself killed! What in the world were you thinking!" She takes a breath, probably ready to say more but she squints her eyes for a moment and then turns back to her patient. "You were probably being reckless too, weren't you!" She says to Decius, before she exhales a sigh. "Men." She mutters quietly.
Decius "Hey, I've been carefull. I'm not in any way worse off than the last time I was here and its not like I'm about to fall over any moment now" With that said he gets up again and begins to get back into his armor. "Anyway, how much do you get for this?"
Achilles Large arms wrap around Iris' waist as Achilles pulls her back against him in a hug, "That I could help. And I did, plus I made it home to you." He plants a kiss on her cheek and lets her go back to doing doctor things.
Iris Lark "Fifteen caps." Iris says, somewhat mollified by the hug. "Have you found any more armor?" She asks, her head canted slightly to the side as she waits for payment. "I might go out looking for some later."
Decius "Not yet, but I will let you know if I find something you could use. Anyway, give me a moment." With that said the Legionnaire digs out the requested ammount of caps along with a bit more... and a cola. Always surprising how that stuff survived centuries and can still be found occasionaly. "Here, take this."
Achilles Achilles nods, leaning back in his seat while Decius and Iris discuss business.
Iris Lark Iris gazes at the drink with a big smile on her face and she offers Decius a somewhat clumsy curtsy. "Thank you, I will drink a sip of this with dinner tonight." She holds it up to show Achilles with a grin. "I love cola so much!" She holds out a hand and waggles a finger at Decius. "Don't go out and get hurt again, or else." She warns, a frown on her face. "You need to stay in one piece for a few days."
Decius Decius shrugs once again as he packs up the rest of his belongings and slings the bag over his shoulder. "Definitely will, you can count on that. In fact, I'm going to just get some proper rest now. Take care." With a small wave the Legionnaire is quickly out of the door again, heading to wherever it is he lurks about most of the day.
Achilles "Stay safe." Achilles says, offering a wave. He pushes up with a low groan and moves over to wrap an arm around Iris, "Then we'll have to see about finding a machine and stocking it."