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Rose The sun had risen over El Dorado and the morning had come. After claiming the hunt for the bandit involved in the killing of the last sheriff, the Ranger known as the Desert Rose to some and simply 'Rose' to others had put out a call. Those willing to ride with her to take down Wil E. and his gang. There was no prize for bringing them in alive, these were evil men intended to be put in the ground and whom would probably fight tooth and nail not to end up there.

Sitting outside the Gold Digger Saloon, Rose's rifle was left laying aross her lap while her helmet rested beside her on the front steps. She'd see who showed up to answer the call and what force they could muster before they made their decisions on how to attack. Day or night, quiet or loud, someone was going to need a grave soon enough.
Bane      Bane is quick to join Rose, they live in the same place so it isn't exactly much oif a walk. Unseen by Rose but perhaps easily guessed his chest is still wrapped in coarse bandages he hasn't gone to see a docter to have his chest sewn back together yet and there is still a fair chunk of buckshot in his back. But Bane is nothing if not tough. His lever action is held in his hand his revolver is holstered at his waist and he is clearly ready to move. He nods to Rose as he leans against the wall waiting for any others to arrive slowly chewing on a bit of brahmin jerky.
Sammy     Casual as could be, from the saloon steps Sammy, , his rifle over his shoulder, his duster neat and orderly, fatigues even look not slept in. He has his helmet and gloves over an elbow, his headband keeping his hair out of his eyes, as he lets them adjust to the morning. He takes a few steps down, and pauses, leaning against the railing just a little and giving Rose a nod, "Mornin... I suppose it's about that time, isn't it?" he holds onto his gloves with his teeth and secures his helmet up, clicking everything in place and sliding those gloves . A stretch and crane of his neck left and right, a roll of his shoulders and he's ready to . . . see who else shows up.
Blank Blank Slate isn't the bravest of people. He prefers to do his fighting form behind others, or not at all. But, he is drawn to the possibility of profit. And he feels like taking out a bunch of bandits seemed like it could lead to some good salvage. So, the scavver comes walking up to the Gold Digger Saloon, his new rifle slung over one shoulder and his pack on his back. He raises his hand towards the lawbringer, coming to a stop nearby. "Hey....this the, uh, possee that's beeing formed? Name is Blank Slate." He glances around to see who else is gathered.
Ruane Roman Raune is the sort who is always punctual, exactly to the second. Thus when the group is supposed to assemble, there is Roman Raune, stepping forward towards Rose and the rest of the group, a large robotic scorpion looking thing with a single pincer like hand following close behind. "Reporting. Expectations for the Hunt mixed. Would suggest careful assesment of abilties." Roman observes even as his eyes shift to look at a man.. named Blank Slate. A slight arch of his brow then offered before glancing back to Rose. "Perhaps.. double check figures."
Molly Brown Molly Brown has signed up for this hunt she knew the Sheiff might have known about vault 30, and while that was a far secondary thing to avenging the man and dealing with raiders. Even the ones in jacks town had been bettere behaved as of late and for now she would focus on this. She didn't quite look so fresh as she wandered in wearing her hodge podged armour and looked ready to go. "Molly Brown, I can hopefully keep any of us from bleeding out, I just pray these raiders don't have a mini gun or pre war heavy weapons."
Rose Well, at least they wouldn't be going in alone! That was always a good sign. Rose exhales a breath of relief before she pulls herself to her feet. "We know where he is," Rose speaks up. "Finding him isn't the hard part. It's the fact he's sitting on a stash of explosives and a group of goons armed to the teeth." A look between the others gathered. Blank Slate? Definately a new face, one with a funny name too...but who was she to judge? The others? She'd at the very least seen them in passing around the saloon.

"Since not everyone tends to have horses, we've got time to move in on foot because of this early meeting, if we wanted to approach as the sun went down. Otherwise? We need to work out how we plan on doing this. The longer he's out there, the more likely this man could run or attack the town again."
Bane      Bane glances towards Blank when he introduces himself. "My names Bane. And I think this is the group you are looking for." He tilts his hat slightly to cover more of his face as he checks over his weapon once again. He looks warily towards the thing following Roman around his hands moving quickly until his finger rests inside the trigger guard of his rifle. He doesn't much care of scorpions, whether they be robots or not. Hell he doesn't really like robots either. Finally the man looks towards Molly "Always good to have a medic along. I get shot a lot." He shakes his head before looking back towards Rose.

     Bane chuckles for a moment "I take it you don't mean literally sitting on, cos I could make this a really short job if that were the case." The man snorts in amusement. "I'm happy to go in with the sun down. Means if he does have anything heavy it will be less effective. We can rely more on prescision than force."
Sammy Sammy nods to the idea, nodding to Bane, "I was thinking the same thing, actually, if he's sitting on the explosives, well that's a loud and messy end to the situation." he traces a mushroom cloud in the air with his gloved fingers, and you can tell even behind the mask, there's a grin in his voice, "I'm good to go, we leave, we can set up proper hides." he pats the sling for his rifle, "And keep people out of ...well out of shotgun range. " he smirks, "But do we know if they're holed up, and ready for a seige?" he asks curiously, because it's one of those things, "Or do we need a few to do some pre-dusk scouting of the perimeter and it's defenses?"
Blank Blank turns his head when Roman shows up, studying the roboscorpion following him curiously. He quietly listens to the introductions of the rest as they arrive, unslinging his rifle and checking that it's loaded. Hmmm. Not to self. Buy more bullets after this. He does note to Molly, "Not bleeding out would be great, yeah. I just got patched up today." His serious wounds taken care of at the clinic. Then the more generalized damage healed by Stimpaks. Which...those felt weird.

He turns his attention back to Rose. "'d hope they're not going to use the explosives where it'll kill them too. Is it dynamite or something?" He pauses at the mention of horses. "Ah....yeah. I don't have any horses. I've only been in town for like...a week. Or a bit under that."
Molly Brown Molly Brown says "Oh great, explosives and thugs this isn't going be easy is it? We'll need to find a way to keep them from putting those explosives to use and hitting them at sundown might work if we get them in the early evening. At least I think I see where your going. Catch them at shift change, so to speak right?" She looks to Bane and makes a bit of bemused face. "I have that terrible habit myself."

She looks to Sammy and hummms. "Either way I'm good to go. We should get moving or are ... we going to be dealing with something like prewar plasma explosives?"
Ruane Roman just shakes his head then in response to Rose before he exhales slowly and glances aside to Blank listening to his words again before returning to stare at Rose. "Without horses.. probability of escape declines. Pursue dedication. Straight and forceful, chances of survival increase." Roman mutters even before he turns to wait for the rest of the group to lead the way, instead taking the time instead of conversing to double check on his robot, kneeling down to fiddle with a joint or two.
Stockton Stockton strolls along when he damn well feels it. He's a good for nothin' Merc after all. The humble gathering turns into a solid half dozen and the feral man smiles sharply. Recognizing Sammy, Rose and Bane off the bat, he gives the lot a tip of his hat that isn't there. Dressed for battle, he's got his combat mask on with the dark T-Visor keeping his face hidden for the time being. "No horses, so unless we got spares, I think hoofin' it is the option." There's only a hidden face made at the mention of explosions, he doesn't weigh in on the subject. Simply checking his guns for ammunition he gives a curt nod, "Ready to roll when you are."
Rose      It was a long walk across the Wasteland, the sun was hot and the sands tiring for those how didn't have a beast to carry them. For most however, it was a manageable fatigue. For Blank? It was goddamn misery for his aching muscles, but at the very least he wasn't turning back. That was worth some points in Rose's book.

The approach would stop across the dunes from a large cliff-face. Carved into the maintains almost certainly by explosives, a hollowed out cave stood surrounded by junk. Junk metal and scrap that had been turned into improvised fortifications, complete with a pair of guard towers occupied by men in the mish-mashed metal and leather of scavenger armor. This had to be the place. Already the sun was dropping low and torches within the perimeter were being lit. It was about to get -very- dark out here for this hunt.

"Everybody make sure you've got plenty of ammo and everything loaded," Rose comments as she flicks the switch on her helmet and those eye-pieces give a faint red glow. "If this goes bad, it's going to go very bad. If you get hit or you can't fight, you get to the floor and you crawl out of here to the medic." A pause, she looks over to Molly. "And Molly...try not to be the one who gets shot."
Blank Blank glances over at Rose. "Ah.....define 'plenty'? I have a full clup, at least." What? He's been scavving for less than a week, and just bought the rifle today. Bullets are expesnive. He makes sure the rifle is ready and loaded, staying crouched down as he peers toward the guard towers. "Mmm. Anybody here a good sniper? I figure we're gonna want to take out those spotters fast before we move in."
Stockton Stockton follows the cue of the Ranger and reaches up to flick on the NVR in his helmet, pulling up a cool blue just behind the visor. All the better for the Merc to make good on delivering shots in the dark. This trusty handcannon is wielded in one hand, his ten mil in the other, both racked and loaded. His heavy boots don't make enough noise for how big he is, cautiously taking this hunt one step at a time like his prey were an animal that could spook. Double checking the extra magazines on his belt he triple checks the loads in all of them. Only a soft grunt is given when he checks out his gear to satisfaction. A glance is given to Blank, muttering something he digs into his belt pouch and shoves a box of 5.56 at him, "Don' fuckin' shoot me wit these."
Sammy Sammy does so enjoy a good stroll through the wastelands, he's always been sure to dabble in keeping alive, by the time the approach is made, his duster looks liess like a duster and has picked up enough trail dust that it does resemble more a rock or other outcropping, if he just curled up right here, well the barrel of the rifle would give him away, but he's good for it. Hands blur over the rifle as he brings it from his shoulder, he walks updoes a manual inventory of himself before he'd crest the backside of the sand dune, and low crawls to a small valley, so he's not cresting the ridge, , picking some dried grass to hide his specific shape.
    He waits ofor the last moment to flip open the dust covers on his scope.
    In tradition, started who knows how long ago, the inside cover of the rear cover is a 'Mr. Yuck' sticker.
Ruane Roman Raune moves alongside the rest of the group, always keeping behind those better equipped than him, his lips pursing for a second before glancing between Stockton and Blank, exhaling then as he catchs sight in the lowering light of the assorted individuals they would have to pick off to get closer to their target.

Roman had not really enjoyed the trip in the heat and the sun.. and worse still, the distance didn't leave much to be desired either, but at the very least they were here.. and now they were going to get shot. "Skilled with firearms. Missing aplicable weapon. Would suggest.. careful approach, possibly an ambush?"
Bane      Bane has an easier time of it than most. He is most likely more than tough enough to tackle the harsh walk in the heat, but why do it if you don't have to? Better to be well rested and ready for the right that is surely coming. He stops well back from the cliffs and secures his horses reins before looking over the area with practised eyes. He may not have night vision, but he lets himself adjust to the darkness which is the next best thing. He looks towards the others with a small smirk "I am a decent enough shot, but if I go firing my weapon everyone is going to know that we are here." He looks towards the very large weapon case hanging from his horse either that is some kind of energy weapon or that case contains a .50cal sniper rifle. "Personally I think we wait until it gets dark, doubt they have night vision. Get up in those towers and take them out nice and quiet in close."
Rose "None of our long guns are quiet," Rose comments softly as she looks out over the dark. "Hell, none of them are. Even if they don't know where it came from, it looks like there's one way in and one way out of that cave." The blonde Ranger frowns, left to consider along with the others.

The expance between them all appears to be empty, but with the two watch tower guards that's not really a good thing. Sharp eyes however would be able to spot a blind spot on the perimeter at the two 90 degree points from the front gate. A big enough circle and one could get right through! The sharper eyes of Roman, Stockton and Rose however can see it even from here. The sand had been dug up and put back a little unevenly. What the guards couldn't watch, they had booby-trapped.

Passing this information to the others, Rose reaches down to check her revolvers. "I'm open to ideas folks. We don't have to take them alive, but we still need to make sure Wil E. never sees the light of day."
Blank Blank blinks at Stockton when heshoves the box of bullets at him, checking them before tucking them into his utility pouch. "Oh hey, thanks. I'll try not to." Hmm. Seems like a lot of nightvision gear around. He should look into getting something like that for himself. Eventually. Eventually. He glances at Bane. "I'm fine with waiting. I could use a rest anyway." His feet are killing him. Though it doesn't nearly as bad as the bullet ot the head and centaur wounds did. He shrugs at Rose, "Whether we try to be stealthy or not, those guys got the high ground. I say we have the people with the longest range weapons each pick one of them, and start firing until they're down. If the stealthier knife-wielders and such don't just sneak up the towers."
Stockton Stockton just nods at the new guy and turns back to Rose with a squint from behind his mask. "Well, I can try to sneak up there and slit a throat. Anyone else got melee and the ability to stay low? I can't do two towers at once. Also minding the landmines er whatever they got hidden in the sand there. Though, that gives me an idea. Anyone got a good arm, we could set off the landmines, git 'em all lookin that way and showin themselves, then start picking them off?"
Molly Brown Molly Brown made sure she was loaded and ready to go her pistol was out, she knows things are going to go bad. She nods to Rose. "I understand my job's to hang back and support where I can. Not charge in that's not my job. I'll do my best to not get shot. I don't like /getting/ shot." She's also got far better armor than she did at least the first time. She's alos harned up a bit she'll move in and do her best to hang back and try to notbe noticed as she'll wait for the fight to break in.

"I should hang back as was suggested."
Sammy     The Sand Dune that is Sammy, well, hopefully the sand dune will give them a harder time spotting him against the darkness, at least that's the principle of asetting up a hide that you blend into. He sweeps back and forth to look at the targets of opportunity, eyeing the two tower guards, looking to see if perhaps one of them is foolish enough to, say, leave a bundle of dynamite out where it can be shot for the abject chaos it would cause. Or if there's any obvious targets of that nature, farther inside the camp, because that would create absolute havoc.
    "Call a shot." whispers the sand dune.
Ruane "Suggest taking two shots at once. Would cause confusion. Our source of attack remaining obfuscated" Roman observes before glancing over to Sammy and then back to SStockton as he sighs for a second, the formers movements cuasing the man to hesitate before shaking his head and crossing his arms as he tries to remain out of sight of the people no doubt watching them.
Bane      Bane shrugs his broad shoulders. "Well we could always fall back on the original. Take out the watchtowers with longarms, hopefully draw the others out as they investigate. Gun as many of them down in the chaos as we can." He cranks the lever of his rifle chambering the first round. He looks towards Stockton for a moment "I ain't trying to get in close through a minefield at night. Especially when it is damn hard to see. I like the idea of drawing them off with some misdirection though. And they have provided us with a perfect distraction." He moves to lie down on one of the sandunes wiggling himself in to confuse his shape, his rifle slowly lining up one of the men in the tower.
Rose      So far, there's ideas but no action. Rose looks towards Bane for a moment and then down at Sammy. The distraction is an idea but noone seems to ahve and idea how to bring it on, so Rose steps towards Bane's horse. "Let me use your gun Old Man, I'll pay for the round." However, it seems the big man has already decided on the same, so she chuckles and unslings her Arbiter. "You two fire, I'll try and clean up one if they don't go down."

With that, she nods. Time for the party to start.
Sammy     Sammy Dune takes note and pivots the barrel to the left just a little, the and he murmurs "Firing for effect." and the "ka-KRACK" as the rifle sends the shot downrange, removing the head of the gunner in the left tower and probably causing a lot of confusion as at this range, it'll definitely make some people wonder what the hell just happened.
    He's chambered his next round and waiting to see how this next few heartbeats are going to play out as he confirms the kill through his scope and searches to see who's coming out to play.
Bane      Bane aims the shot up, it is difficult it is a dark night and his weapon is without a scope. What he does have though is years of experience and determination to make sure bastards like this cannot mess with anyone else ever again. His breathing steadies out, and his finger slowly increases pressure on the trigger until finally his shot rings out barely a moment behind Sammys own. The bullet flies true and slams into the mans skull punching through the thick bone. There is no exit spray, clearly that guy had one hell of a thick head.
Rose      The gunshots are effective...but loud. There were no silent knives in the dark tonight, just the angry thunder of rifle fire. In the same moment as Rose is lowering her rifle with a nod of approval, there's a sound of alarm from within the camp. The gang definately knew they were here. It's only a few seconds afterwards that the men come charging out, angry but alert with their rifles raised, trying to narrow in on the sight of the shooters with their own automatic weapons. The sand dunes offered a little cover for the posse there to hunt Wil E. down, but there was a lot of open ground to cover to get close.
Stockton Stockton watches as the guards in the towers go down, giving them at least two guns not bearing down on them. The Merc is ready the moment the gangs start pouring out. His handcannon levels with the first wave and he unleashes two barking shots, the slide of the Desert Eagle clacking back twice as he blows off the first man's legs. His hand is steady, the recoil doesn't seem to effect the big man as he spins to the side and seeks cover before the barrage comes back in a volley.
Ruane Roman Raune will oke his head up from where he is currently hidden behind the dunes. The sounds of Sammy's and Bane's guns making sure to betray their location somewhat in the night... and even as the gang they are hunting comes looking.. they still can't locate the group.

Thus Roman takes his chance, lifts up his 10mm and fires off two shots, one dinking harmlessly off the Raider's armor, the second finding some meat in the arm before he slides down.. hopefully this mound of sand can stop bullets! Right?
Rose      The shooting starts and Rose joins the fray, dropping her rifle and pulling her two revolvers from her hips in one smooth movement. The twin pistols bark their angry retort at the man staggered by the 10mm bullet from Roman and he staggers twice more, a round tearing through his chest and his leg sending the stubborn ganger to his knees but not yet to the afterlife.
Blank      Like the scavver that he is, Blank Slate waits for one of the gangers to be weakened by the others, then fires off a couple of quick shots at the man that was already riddled with multiple bullets. One hits, tearing into his chest and finally sending him to the ground. Then he begins to scan for another likely target, keeping low as he does.
Sammy     Is ... is that sand dune singing? Very very quietly, one might hear, over the gunshots, "One shot and one kill, from the top of the hill, Walkin in a Sniper's Wonderland..." he picks his target, working through the haze of the dust the gang is kicking up he squeezes off another shot, but this one goes a little low, tagging the gang member solidly in the chest. A pause in the singing, a mild sigh of self-reproach, Sammy cycles the bolt cycles again. "... through the desert, he was walkin, through my sights I was stalking, lock and load another round... bastard hits the ground... Walkin in a Sniper's Wonderland."
Bane      The lever of his rifle moves quickly are he fires, he is not going for his usual calm and methodic firing. Not in the dark, what he needs here is more bullets going downrange in their direction. He watches as he target drops lit up by the now almost constant muzzle flare. He grins to himself as he cycles yet another round into the chamber. Like fish in a barrel, and he hasn't even had to get shot for it yet.
Molly Brown Molly Brown has been keeping back as everyone else moves in on the bandits, she does wait she watches she holds back. As the gunplay gets under way she will target one of the remaining thugs and pop of two quick shots before she moves to attempt to lower her profile for possible retalation as they didn't get all the bandits down before they had a chance to act though they really did thin them out and she wonders how is she getting used to this?
Stockton Stockton tries to level out that handcannon on one of the few gangers left. He tries to aim the barking beast at someone's head, but the whistle of gun fire around him makes him flinch at the last moment. He blows off another leg leaving yet another corpse missing pieces.
Ruane Roman Raune is once more hiding behind the dune, even as he holds the gun up over his head and just fires two rounds, in the general direction of where he is hearing gun fire from. Whether by luck, chance or happenstance.. or maybe just maybe skill.. two bullets fly by and towards the last remaining ganger. The first going wide by a large margin, the second just barley managing to clip into the last remaining gangers chest but not putting him down quite yet.
Rose      Her guns were out, bullets were getting awfully close to her head. Rose's twin-gun assault steps up in earnist on the last man standing. The man, already injured by Roman, is riddled with three of the four rounds fired and drops in a bloody mess while the Ranger strides forwards, the barrels of her guns smoking.

For a moment, all is still and quiet save the echoes of earlier gunfire. A brief reprieve, but more danger surely awaited in the cave ahead.
Blank Well, that was....easier than he would have expected. Blank peers at the corpses of the bandits in their various positions, and then looks at the others. "That's probably not all of them is it?" He sits down while he has time, letting his acheing feet rest a little while the others do whatever they're going to do. "They just might know we're coming in though. Who here is the most resistant to bullets? I'll stand behind you when we make our move."
Stockton Stockton is fast when he reloads, the magazine dropping into his pouch while a fresh one slams into the grip of the handcannon. He racks the slide and shoves the gun back into its holster. "Well, now they know we're comin'. Anyone got a grenade?"
Sammy Sammy is completely content to let incoming fire have the right of way. In fact wit hthe disturbed sand near him araining down he looks even harder to spot, ,so he trains his eyes to the entrance, knowing that those inside are going to have to look into the darkness from their torchlight. He pulls his next magazine from the pocket and places it near at hand, "I have an idea, I'm looking at ... I think either a land mine or a claymore on the left ish minefield. A round of drinks says I can hit it, whether it'll chain, and clear the field, or just fuck up the left defensive wall, I don't know."
Bane      Bane calmly reloads his weapon, it only takes him a matter of seconds he is pretty comfortable with his weapon clearly. He peers over the sand dune again looking for any sign of movement. Seeing none he worms down a little bit so he isn't still exposed. "Anyone with night vision see anything? If not anyone who is left has gone to ground. There is always a couple of them." He shakes his head as he moves to stand idly looking back towards Blank "You see any of us wearing power armour? We are all vulnerable to bullets. Maybe you should test out how vulnerable you are and go in first. Don't know if you are invincible until you try." He shakes his head as he looks towards Sammy "Doubt they would be stupid enough to let it chain that far back. Especially if it is a claymore. Those are highly directional. It'll only hurt you if you are lying directly behind it, other than that all is good. Unless obviously you are infront of it. Might startle them into trying to run for it maybe though..."
Blank Replacing his single shot bullet, Blank peers again. "Well, if you can set them off that would be nice. I don't really want to try to navigate a minefield." He glances up at Bane. "I've already had plenty of experience this week with how vulnerable I am to bullets, thanks." He absently rubs at a large scar on one temple. Then he adds, "And they're bandits. How smart do you think they are?" He considers. "We COULD just go in straight and avoid the mines I guess."
Molly Brown Molly Brown says "No I doubt that is all of them." She seems to take a moment to load her pistol and move to follow the others. "I'm the least resistant I'm afraid. I try to not get hit and I fail...far too much." She's making fun of her self in the only real way she knows how to do so.
Rose      "I wouldn't be suprised if they're all in there waiting," Rose says, holstering her handcannons for a moment while she points towards the cave. "We weren't quiet, and noone's come running back in to tell them we're all dead." A pause, she looks between the others. "We're almost certainly walking into an ambush of some sort, but we know he's down there. We need to confirm the kill, otherwise I'd say lets just collapse this cave up and let the bastards die under all the rock." An adjustment of her duster and she sighs. "No sense putting it off."

The mouth of the cave shows a string of industrial lights powered by some unseen source. It slopes down and out of sight, but almost certainly leads down to the lair of Wil. E and his remaining goons.
Ruane Roman shakes his head then as he casts a glance aside to Rose. "Only Ambush if we lose. Otherwise, just normal fight." He'll respond even as he checks his magaine from his pistol, twisting his lips into a frown before glancing down at his medium sized scorpion friend. A small frown touchign at his lips then before he glances to the rest of the team. "Could just try intentionally setting off mines. Wait to see who comes and investigates? Kill them. Then enter."
Sammy Sammy moves, he dislikes close quarters fighting, it always gets so much messier. He's checking angles, and using the helmet to help filter the shift between the dark places and the adjusted lighting, carrying the rifle in his arms, trying see if there's any way to stay outside his minimum effective distance.
Stockton Stockton starts moving around picking through things. The feller he gave the ammo to he kind of gruffs at, "Start diggin, see if we can find anythin' useful that can take a bullet, we build enough we might be able to walk in there wit-out bein' bullet holed off the bat. Yeah?" he starts digging and at least comes up with a basis, something he can hold onto that other stuff could be layered on quickly. That's about as far as he gets too.
Blank While Stocking grabs a base, Blank begins to rather quicily and efficently sort through the various bits of garbage around, looking for larger sturdieer things that can easily be fastened to it to form a shield. Soon enoughk, there's a decent sized covering, which he gives a pat. "Alright then. I guess we're going in." He glances at everybody else there, readying his rifle. "Lets get this bulletstorm swirlin, shall we?" He waits for Stockton to pick up the shield, then follows behind him if he begins to move into the cave.
Molly Brown Molly Brown looks about for the lighting and she wonders where the sources might be worse there could be turrets lurking in the darkness. so Molly is very on edge she movses ahead with the groupand she she stops for a moment looking about where the mines were and be careful as she moves along just incase.
Rose      There's no suprise, no fanfare about it. Both sides know a fight is coming, both sides are prepared. Will. E had probably known this day was coming the moment he'd made his attack on the town. Now the bandit stood, head-to-toe in heavy metal armor that looked like it might have been scavenged pieces of car wreckage and power armor that had met a particularly PMS'y Deathclaw. Just because he knew it was coming, doesn't mean he wasn't ready to shoot his intended retribution in the face.

His goons all wore armor of their own, automatic rifles in their hands and improvised cover in front of them. Three men remained ready to fight.

All hell was about to break loose.
Ruane Roman Raune as he follows the group into the area is the first to lift his gun to unleash a flurry of lead onto the waiting group, both of his shots, which earlier always seemed to just barley knick.. mange to pop lets say.. two baloons of the waiting mook, and Roman soon is making a face. "Apologies. Tried to make death quick. Slight.. miscalculation!" HE'll call out before scrambling off to the side.
Blank      Blank again scavenges the others kills, taking a shot at the first nearly dead mook, then putting a second bullet into Wil. E. Not a very serious one, but he's at least a little hurt. He assumes that Wil. E is the most dangerous of the remaming men, which is why he went for him.
Bane      Bane is never one to be far away from the front, but if some people want to charge in with a shield and take the heat from him for once he is more than happy to let that happen. He moves in swiftly behind them, his rifle held ready to his shoulder. The area is well lit, he squints at the change. And then it is on for young and old. His rifle booms and one of the remaining bandits falls to the ground his wedding tackle transformed into red mist. The next shot cuts through his throat and ends his life with the sound of bloody gargling.
Sammy     Sometimes the straightest path isn't. And Sammy was alerted to the funny way those candles were stacked along the walls. Because those aren't candles, that's DYNAMITE and it's rigged to bring the whole house in. And Sammy's quite amused at a dark level because he'd probably have done something almost identically to it. "Heeeeey, Someone pull the fuses! Run! There's a detonator over there, don't let him get to it!" as he dives to the side bringing the wheelgun up for a pot shot at the armored target, reminding himself to get more time at short range work, because this not what he's really really best at.
Stockton Stockton spots the switches, the wires, but it's the fuse that has his attention. He drops the wall of plates and steel to act as a bunker of sorts so that he can pop over and get the view. Hissing back at Sammy, Bane and Rose, he points, "The fuse, if you get the fuse we won't be blown sky high," under his breath as much as possible. Then he's ducking around the side of his bunker and popping off a shot at Wil E. The bullet smacks into his chest armor shredding it as it goes. Moving back around and popping over the top he squeezes off a second round that glances off whatever helmet Wil E. used to save his life.
Rose "FUSE FOR WHAT?!" Rose yells over the roar of lots of gunfire in a rather small cave. She hadn't seen the trap, she hadn't seen the bomb. She knew of neither and her eyes saw only the threat of bullets coming back their way. Her guns blasted away, cutting down the injured mook and leaving their target alone as she peppers his extremely heavy armor with bullets. Armor or not, all this gunfire is hurting the man as he howls and hurls abuse at the group.
Molly Brown Molly Brown is making use of VATs as she uses her PIPboy's targeting system to aid her in snapping off two shots at one of the guys backing up their target the less bullets in the air at them the better though she's on edge she's not sure but there's something she doesn't like.
Rose A blast of shotgun fire and Wil. E yells more abuse before he does something rather strange for those not in the know of the trap he'd laid. The heavily armored man reaches down and pops an old road-flare while moving to take cover from the onslaught
Ruane Roman Raune closes his eyes then before popping up then and taking a few shots blindly, no doubt Wil-E Just tanding perfectl still.. or doing some matrix ass shit to dodge two bullets.. and Roman just shakes his head. "Unexpected!"
Blank Blank flicks his eyes towards the flare that wil E. has, and the fuses. Everybody else is focused on shooting, so he dives towards said fuses, rolling neatly, and grabs them before scurrying out of range of being lit by the bandit boss. Don't want this place going boom on them.
Bane      Bane growls lowly as the bodies all hit the floor, blood slowly seeping into the ground. People around him yell something about fuses and the like, Bane tunes it all out. His rifle sweeps around the barrel vibrating slightly as adrenalin pumps through his body. His breath steadies as he controls his bodies natural motions, his finger lightly but firmly squeezes the trigger. The .45/70 govt round flies true the round punching straight through the back of Wil. Es metal clad head and splattering the front of his helmet with bone shards and brain. He is not getting up from that.
Rose      And with that, the gunfight is put to a bloody end. By some miracle the group had truely escaped with very little in the way of wounds. Not having the cave fall on their head was a nice bonus too.

Stepping forwards, Rose's revolvers are given a light twirl in a rather unnecessary flourish from the gunslinger before the Ranger moves towards the fallen bandit that was well and truely 'Bane-Brained' and riddled with holes from most of them. "Crazy bastard wanted to blow us all up..." she murmers from behind the screen of her mask.

"Everyone still breathing?"
Ruane Roman just shakes his head then as he moves to stand up from his spot where he had been crouching and firing. "Quite bloody. Very bloody." He observes before glancing between the rest of the group and exhaling slowly. "Alive however. Better than expected results. Bouny fullfilled. Will need to secure evidence for payment. Knife? Perhaps a photograph?"
Sammy     Sammy's having none of it, really. Without ceremony he walks to each of the mooks, kicks the corpse over onto it's back, and with deliberateness, puts the muzzle of the pistol in between the neck armor and casual as you please, confirms each kill. There will be no stragglers wandering off from this camp tonight. "Excellent, let's get the dynamite." He gestures to the fuse that Blank's managed to grab, and gestures to the daisy chain of dynamite, "Be careful pulling it out, old dynamite can sometimes sweat nitroglycerine, expecially if it was mistreated." He knows shooting bombs, and that's one of the things they told him. He kicks over Wil E's corpse, and asks Rose, "What did we need to prove this guy was dead to the local law enforcement, again?" he has the lever back on the revolver, because seriously, fuck that guy in particular.
Molly Brown Molly Brown says "Wanted to take us all with him. I'm fine, everyone, else? Anyone need a patch up though I'm not sure if we want to stay in here much longer he might have some sort of deadman's switch set up." She notes as shemoves to reload her pistol and make ready for more trouble and sh's takin a careful look around. "Humm I don't have a prosnap on me..."
Rose      Odds are, the Cap Mine was going to want that dynamite back. But for the time being? Rose had other concerns. "We're gonna need a horse to bring this body back." She comments before looking back at the others. "And it's going to take more than one of us to drag his ass back out of this cave."

The grimy side of bounty hunting: Claiming the reward.
Blank Blank glances around the room, making sure everybody on the other side is dead and everybody in this side is alive. "I think so." He makes sure there's nothing nearby that could set them off, then, then drops the fuses and straightens. He reloads his gun, then slings it back over his shoulder. "That wasn't too bad." He moves over to peer down at Wil. E's corpse. Bending, he tugs on the helmet. It slurps off of the damaged head, and he peers at his face. "Well, that's certainly....okay. I don't really know what he's suppossed to look like. Anybody else?" He glances over at Rose. "That or some sort of saw."
Stockton Stockton didn't quite yelp when the Wil E.'s own personal cannon obliterated the homemade shield. The sheer force of the weapon shredding the metal plates and their haphazard bolts and fasteners. Surely there was some duct tape involved too. Without having to take the brunt of that however, the Merc only comes away with a few skids of half-force buckshot. He's already rounding to bring another shot, but the dexterous Blank takes care of the wires while Bane obliterates some skull parts. He comes out reloading his gun and holstering the two of his pistols. Alert eyes keep open while they walk through the wired cave. "Fucker nearly got a piece of me," he gives Blank a clap on the shoulder, "Good work on that junk heap," he thumbs at the wasted scraps. Glancing at the Prosnap words, he shakes his head, "Gotta bring the body," the Merc is familiar with bounties, so he's shucking Wil E.'s hole-filled armor before using his own belt to tie his hands together. All the easier to try and hoist him up onto broad shoulders.
Bane      Bane shrugs as he presses more rounds into his lever action. It pays to be prepared in the wastes, with all that gunfire vultures may well be circling. "I'll get my horse. We can drag his body back to town. None of us have to touch the body other than to wrap a rope around his legs." He moves over to the bodies and starts to search them effeciently, he is not being paid enough to not loot them for everything they are worth. Bullets are damn expensive in this town, hopefully they have some on them. He looks up at Stockton as he continues to strip the bodies "You can carry him back to town if you really like though."
Ruane Roman just looks between the group before his brow lifts slightly. "Could just use a knife. Decapitate. Head weighs aproximatley ten pouds. Held within a small bag. Transporation simple." Roman offers to both Bane and Stockton then as he looks between the pair.
Sammy Sammy looks at the corpse as he drops the spent shells into one hand from his revolver, and reloads, the spin of the magnum's wheel probably not needed but he drops it back in the holster, he hunkers down and glances up as Roman makes the suggestion, "I have a knife. Usually, the kill confirms I would do just a finger, easier to carry back. We could peel him out of this armor and drag him out and throw him over a horse..." and he's drawn the combat knife, tap-tapping the flat of the blade along the armor. "I'd like to get back to town and get a good bath and night's sleep."