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Owner Pose
B Where does the time go? Night has fallen over El Dorado when she wasn't looking, it seems. B pushes open the door to the weapons shop and steps in, alone. Strapped to her back is a service rifle sans clip. That's in her pocket. She's not sure what the law is about carrying a rifle through town.

"Hello..?" she calls, walking deeper into the shop, gaze glancing over the weapons on display. "I know it's not too late but .. are you still open?" She bites her lip, waiting for a response.
Aidan Drake Aidan is making his patrols around town and spots somebody heading into the weapon shop so he dismounts and ties off his horse at the rail before stepping inside as well, "Something you're lookin for in particular miss?" He notices the unloaded service rifle, "And you know that thing works better with ammo in it right?" He hooks his thumbs into his belt just on either side of his buckle as he stands off to the side of the door for now.
Saeko      Saeko had been there for a minute or two before, but only just. Unlike the others, she hadn't stopped to ask for help. One could be forgiven for not noticing that the woman with the bow slung over her shoulder was there at all. In her free hand she held a Single Shotgun, unloaded and open, but for the time being she was browsing the rest of the wares with a curious expression, only to look up at the sound of new arrivals with a blink of suprise. She hadn't expected anyone else in here this late.
Walker Walker has his rifle loaded and slung across his back, if there is some rule like that then he hasn't paid any attention to it. Nothing different with the magnum revolver strapped to his waist either. He walks into the shop just a few moments behind Aidan, probably to grab some ammo, seems that this is a busy place tonight. His gaze scans those in the store rather quickly and then he heads up to the counter. "Two boxes of .44 and a box of 5.56."
B B had just noticed Saeko when she hears the door open behind her. She whirls around a little too quickly, but doesn't unsling her rifle from her shoulder. Instead, her hands both go to her growing belly as if protecting it. "Ah .. sorry. Yes, I've got the clip in my pocket. Didn't think it would be needed in town. Am I wrong?" She blushes a little, reddened skin accentuating the letter B tattooed on her cheek. Walker enters, and she steps out of the way. He gets a bit of an upnod in greeting when he passes.
Aidan Drake Aidan hmms and shakes his head, "It shouldn't be needed in town you're right there. Of course if you need it and it's not ready then what's the point in having it?" He offers a nod towards the others in the weapon's shop.
Walker Walker nods in agreement with Aidan, turning around to see who he is talking to and recognizing B for the first time. "Oh hey, I missed you there. He's right, you can't only have it when your prepared becuase the unexpected never waits around to be expected. " He pays his caps for the ammo and unslings his duffle bag to pile the boxes in. "You can't trust anyone enough to go unarmed, that's my motto. Oh and you need to be able to actually use the gun or it's pointless having it. You have much training?" His eyes narrow a little at B, perhaps she doesn't seem like the martial type.
Saeko      "Not needing it isn't the same as not being prepared," Saeko comments, ever the dropper of eaves it seems. The asian woman's form was wrapped in her cloak, obscuring most of her frame and gear, but she had her hood down as she was indoors, allowing ehr to meet the eyes of the others. Looking towards Walker, another face she didn't know, Saeko bows her head in greeting before she chuckles softly. "The...Ranger is right. A loaded gun doesn't have to be used, but an empty gun -can't- be used." That said, his question makes her smirk. "Pointless unless you find an alternative. I confess to being rather unskilled with guns."
B B nods to the other's encouragement. Lifting one shoulder in a half-shrug, she reaches into her pocket for the clip before removing the rifle from her back. In goes the clip with a metallic 'click'. Hands around the muzzle, she rests the butt of the gun on the floorboards. "Actually, I came to see how much this thing would be worth if I wanted to sell it. I don't .. not yet .. but if the worst comes to pass then I might need to. Mmn. I know enough to get it to work if I wanted to. Maybe not as much training as you guys, but .. enough." Licking her lower lip, she looks to the other woman and the bow on her back, "Maybe I should trade it in for a bow like you. Seems less likely to draw attention by mistake."
Aidan Drake Aidan shrugs a bit, "If you're worried about drawing attention I'd recommend a pistol not a rifle." A pause for a beat, "By the way I'm Aidan Drake, one of the deputies for the Sherrif's Department." He nods towards the others, "They've got 'bout the gist of it. If you're gonna carry a weapon gotta know how to use it and it's gotta be ready for use. A bow's good if you know how to shoot one. Same with a good blade and those usually draw less attention as well."
Walker Walker considers Saeko and then nods. "Yeah and a bow is a good alternative, as long as your trained in whatever it is. Actually have a bit of skill with a bow myself, prefer a crossbow if I can get my hands on one though." He looks back to B then gestures to the gun. "You should keep it, or get something smaller like a pistol. " He nods at Aidan's comment. "What he said, plus probably more reliable in a pinch since you don't have to unsling it off your back. I really suggest you keep something on you at all times, even the deupties here can't always be there." He gives Aidan a smile and a nod at his introduction. "Walker Texas, Captain NCR. Well former... it's a long story."
Saeko      "A crossbow?" Saeko repeats before shrugging her shoulders and lifting the gun she'd carried in. "I am much the same. I found this weapon on the trail and looked to sell it. Though effective, it is not something I would readily use for my own sake. Better it find use for the hands that need it...and a few more caps into my hand." Even the 'Kunoichi' needed money. Food and board wasn't free in this world. "Saeko," she offers in her own introduction, no surname given as she turns back to 'B'. "A bow is a good weapon, but one of quiet rather than quickness. Good for hunting, but it takes much skill to use if someone else pulls a rifle to face you."
B B half-shrugs again to the comments about her switching to something smaller. "This one was given to me. I'll keep it for now. Guess I should buy some more ammo while I'm here." She smiles faintly. "You can call me B," she says, adding her own name to the list of introductions, "And sounds like that's out for me then. Well, at least until I get some training in it. Maybe I'll practice some if I find one."
Walker Walker considers for a moment, reaching his hand up to rub at his chin. "If I didn't already have a rifle I'd trade you my pistol for it. That's certainly a weapon you could use, a .44 might be a little too strong for you though. Might be able to trade it in here for a 9 mil or something like that, a .38 special you could keep just about anywhere without it being obvious. " He gestures to the rifle over B's shoulder. "If you need lessons , let me know. I still owe you for the potatoes." He looks to Saeko , a little curious. "What sort of weapon would you prefer?"
Aidan Drake Aidan nods a bit, "Pleasure to meet you B, Saeko, and Former Cap'n Walker. Like Walker said us deputies can't be everywhere at once. I try but got a ranch that I'm getting back up and running." He looks over at B and hmms, "You seem a bit jumpy Miss. I've got a spare revolver back at the ranch if you'd like. Not using it and I'd be willing to sell it to you for about 20 caps?"
Saeko      What sort of weapon does Saeko prefer? The woman's bow is pretty plain to see over her shoulder, but none the less she shifts a little and opens her cloak, revealing the hilt of her sword slung in a harness across the small of her back. "Blades. They don't jam and they don't need to reload. Ammo is not always so plentiful, and they are what I have been taught for many years." The cloak falls back into place, hiding the weapon from sight once more.
B B's brow rises at Aidan's offer. "20 caps for a revolver? Sure. I'll take you up on that deal. Then I can leave the rifle back home. It's kind of a pain to carry it around anyway." She grins to Walker. Reaching up to tuck a lock back behind her ear, she says, "Might take you up on that offer .. though I'd still appreciate it if you'd swing by in a couple of days to test my newest batch. It should be ready to sample by then. Oh.. sorry, I'm a distiller. I've a shack out towards Bitter Lake. Been trying to find people to sample my brew since I can't before I take it to the saloon to see if they'll sell it." She watches curiously as Saeko reveals her weapon.
Aidan Drake Aidan mmms, "Whatcha making? I'm a huge fan of a good whiskey. Moonshine works just as well." He nods towards her, "I'll get the pistol out and cleaned up for you then." And he of course was setting the price low enough not even a fool would turn it down. Looking over at Saeko as she reveals her prefered weapon he nods, "Like I said blades are always good. Not any good with them myself but I know they're overly effective."
Walker Walker hmms thoughtfully and eyes the sword with some interest. "Gotta say that there is a place for melee weapons. Out in the wastelands though, a rifle is your friend. Never was very good with swords and such things." He looks to the deupty and seems impressed at the price of the offer, smiling just a little. "That's a steal, I mean..long as it shoots bullets and not rubber bands." A thumb hooks towards B and he adds. "She can't drink it on her own, account of the baby and all. " Then he turns to B and adds. "Ever consider getting a place here and just keeping the shack out there for your brewing and crops? Might be safer for the little ones."
Saeko      Distilling? Saeko looks curious, but she doesn't speak to the booze. She hadn't been much of a drinker back home due to a certain lack of both time and alcohol. Aiden's words earn a nod and a shrug. "Like I said, I am the same with firearms. I imagine even I can hit something with this shotgun at close range, but beyond that I have better options." A nod of agreement comes to Walker's words, her eyes dropping to B's midriff without a words before she crosses her arms quitely. She'd been out to Bitter Lake. The road, much like everywhere else, wasn't the safest.
B "I was going to start with just moonshine. I know the taste is horrible, but it's easy to produce and on the faster side. Have a couple empty stills though. I could do whiskey. Hmm .. might have to scavenge up some more bottles though," B taps her chin thoughtfully. Another nod is given to Walker. "Perhaps .. depends on how much a place in the city is. Friend of mine said the hotel charges a hundred caps for a room. Not sure if that's any bigger than my shack, though. And there are different challenges to living in the town. Might make Pony too anxious, and she's already terrified of everything. Er .. that's one of my wards."
Aidan Drake Aidan shrugs a bit, "Moonshine can get some good flavor if you add some fruit and stuff after it's done and let it set a while." He pauses a beat, "Got space on the Ranch. My parents always called it taking in strays but we made a point to let folks stay with us that needed a good roof over their head. Course they'd help out around the ranch as well so it was a win win. But stop by the Drake Ranch it should be on the way to the lake, my sister Sparrow should be able to help you out and if she's not there Jessie's the school teacher and she's usually around the ranch."
Walker Walker nods to Aidan. "Looking for a place myself though not sure that's my thing. I'm going to stay at the hotel for a short bit at least, who knows I might head out to California again, not that it was an easy trip here." He seems concerned for B and her..condition. "You and those girls should be here, safer than out there. Only a matter of time I'd say, especially without some extra protection. Maybe you should take the deputies offer? Who knows, being near the school teacher might be good for those kids."
Saeko Saeko knows little of B, or her family. This was after all their first meeting. Crossing her arms over her chest she listens in, that shotgun tucked in the crook of her elbow while she leans silently agsainst the counter of the weapon store. She had little to add, but she was still listening with interest.
Hanzhou Hanzhou walks into the Weapons Shop, carrying his usual Shamisen guitar slung over his shoulder, a Katana sheathed in a scabbard on his back, a fancy revolver at his side and a sawed off shotgun. He's also wearing a makeshift backpack with some leather armor in it as well as some other scavenged items.

He glances around the store as he enters and walks towards the counter. Seeing a group of people inside that are chatting, he tips his hat politely to them when he passes and recognizing Saeko, he gives her a slight head bow to acknowledge her but doesn't want to be rude and interrupt her conversation with others.
B B lifts her rifle from the floor and slings it back over her shoulder. "Hmm. That could work. I mean, sounds like there's lots of space for the girls to run around. Hopefully they won't get up to too much trouble. Clara's a big help to me now, and I'm sure she can do stuff around the ranch too. Course, I'd still have to go tend to the stills every day for a little bit, but I'm happy to help out too. You sure you have room for all of us? I'd hate to impose." When the door opens again, she looks that way, part curiosity, part wariness.
Aidan Drake Aidan shakes his head, "Nothin but space now." He glances out the door and then offers a nod towards everybody, "But I should be getting back to my rounds. Keep safe everybody." And on that note he heads out to keep the streets safer...
Walker Walker glances to Hanzhou as he walks in, giving the man a short nod of recognition. Then when Aidan turns to leave he gives him a nod. "Nice meeting you deputy, great to see this town is being looked after properly." There have been so many towns he has seen that weren't, that had nothing left but corpses from their citizens after the raiders came. "Anyway B, you really should consider that, it sounds like it will work out good. Anyway I got what I came for , great meeting you too Saeko. Think I'll head on over to someplace where I can find a stiff drink and then go pass out."
Saeko Saeko bows her head in fairwell to the suddenly departing, but her gaze flicks up to a familier face entering the Gunstore and Saeko offers Hanzo a polite smile. "Selling your wares?" she questions lightly of the fellow asian, "Or are you deciding to branch into firearms now?"
Hanzhou "Greetings Saeko." Hanzhou says to her in a soft but polite voice, the polite smile is not lost on him but he seems either too shy or too taciturn to return it. "I am looking to sell some of the things I have found...ahh, as for guns, well I found these as well but I'm unsure if I want to part with these yet." He pauses then continues. "It is sometimes good to have back-up weapons should I get disarmed but I'm not very good with them."

The Wasteland Samurai is a rather odd sight, wearing a mixed outfit of a western cowboy combined with an asian sword wielding warrior.
B B nods to Aidan before he leaves. "I'll come by the ranch soon," she promises, watching him pass back out into the night. Giving her head a little shake, she turns back towards Walker. "Guess I should head out too. Don't want to leave the girls alone too long, especially after dark. I'll walk with you a little ways." She nods to Saeko and seeing her chatting with the man who just entered, she'll leave it at that as a farewell.
Saeko      Seems the store will be emptying soon, Saeko shrugs her shoulders. Seems she won't be selling her gear, nor purchasing something tonight. Instead she bends and pulls the small backpack from under the cover of her cloak, sliding the shotgun into its depths before standing once more and looking to Hanzhou. "I agree with you, but aside from this shotgun? I very much doubt I would to any good at hitting a target with a firearm." B gets another nod and a raise of her hand in farewell. "Hope to see you again," she speaks politely. "I hope your children are well."
Walker Walker pose considers B's comment and nods. "Maybe best I walk you back to your place if you'd like? Otherwise, well your welcome to join me for a dri..well maybe a Sasparilla or something with less alcohol in it." He tips his ranger cap to the others and then heads on out. "Great deal you got on that revolver. I once traded a cat for a gun once, strangest thing. "