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Guardian Caldwell It was a relatively quiet night in El Dorado, you were all here for your specific reasons but one thing caught your notice. A stray molerat being shot at by a BoS Knight as he holsters his Laser pistol and goes about trodding to the tunnel further into it. You all spot a man and can almost vaguely see a quest icon over his head. He calls out to the new travelers venturing into Vault Town "Care to help us with a molerat infestation that nice Brotherhood man is going to deal with?" he asks "Small reward for helping us keep their population from overrunning us."
Iris Lark The Healer Iris was walking through the town when she heard that people were messing with molerats. Usually she wouldn't be anywhere dangerous without Achilles but she couldn't sleep and decided to give it a shot. She unholsters her laser rifle and steps up to the Knight. "I'll help, I guess."
Augustus Nielson "That's what I'm here for!" Augustus called out while hobbling his way over towards the man leaning heavily on his cane. His limp was inconsistent, no telling if it was his left or right leg that cause him trouble, perhaps he was generally lame with /both/ legs being the problem. Finally shuffling his way up to the man he begins to speak; "I heard through word-of-mouth you all were having yourself a bit of an infestation." He leaned on his can heavily with his left hand, pulling out his revolver and spinning it around his finger. Not so impressivley however, as it looked more like a fancy shooting trick than anything that required much skill or dexterity. "I'm always happy to help out the locals." he says with a smile.
Guardian Caldwell The man gives a brief nod to the duo and directs them to the sealed tunnel where the knight was currently dealing with huge mole rats on his own, he seemed to be rocking their socks off. "Go ahead and deal with them, i'll pay you when you've cleared out one of their nearby nests." and with that he's off, Caldwell busy ripping a molerat in half. The man heads back to his counter to deal with customers while you do your business.
Iris Lark Iris glances at Augustus and clears her throat, offering a hand. "Iris Lark." She says, a brief smile lighting up her features. She turns to look in the tunnel, gesturing for the man to go first. " go first, I'm right behind you."
Augustus Nielson Augustus chuckles before responding to Iris, "I hope you like walkin' slow!" he says as he taps his cane against his leg before shuffling into the tunnel.
Iris Lark Iris smirks at Augustus and shakes her head. "I'd rather be behind you and alive, than tromping on a molerat and getting my leg ripped off." She says, and then she spots one, disgusting creature. She holds up her pistol and unloads a single shot, and down goes the molerat. This is easier than she figured it might be.
Augustus Nielson "Why'd ya' even come into the tunnel if you were worried about your legs?" Augustus inquires before being cut off by the abrupt sound of Iris's laser pistol. Springing into actions Augustus lets go of his can and pulls out his other revolver. The sound of the two shots echoes rythmically through the the tunnel as each respective bullet flies through the air each tearing through it's own molerat like a lead knife through brahmin butter. The walls of the tunnel have a new abstract piece of art, a crimson red splattered chaotically across the cold metal canvas. Spinning his second revolver Augustus reholsters it and bends down to pick up his cane. For a moment he looks as if he didn't need the cane to begin with, but he quickly goes to leaning reliantly on the cane as soon as gets ahold of it again.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell doesn't even get a chance to finish off what he started on his own, as Iris and Augustus come in and clean house of the molerats that were swarming the poor knight. He slowly rises to his feet and dusts himself off "Thanks for that, needed some help from being chewed to pieces. I dealt with most of them but I fear the worst has yet to come. Theres a nest near here that has some of the bigger fuckers in it. Lots of em too. Be careful. I'll be guarding here in case any of em get past you." and with that he leaves the two of you to venture further into the tunnel.
Iris Lark Iris decides it's prudent not to answer Augustus. She was told at some point to respect her elders. She simply holds her pistol up and tries to squint ahead to see what might be in store for them.
Augustus Nielson "Big guy in the power armor and you wanna hang back?" Augustus looks back at Iris before looking back to the BOS Knight. "Why don't /YOU/ go?" Augustus asks with a chuckle, though his tone may make it hard to tell if he's joking.
Iris Lark Iris taps Augustus on the shoulder. "See that sparking ahead?" She whispers, her voice shaking a bit. "I think some wires are loose down there, we should go back."
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell sighs and mutters "Fine." and draws his laser pistol, walking into the further depths of the tunnel. He takes a brief start at running and fucking CLEARS those wires. Raising his las pistol and cracking his knuckles. What could be seen from the light illuminating from Caldwell now was a small patch of electrified wires that were buzzing around from having molerats nipping away at them. Suddenly the angry chittering of something rather..unpleasant is heard as bigger, angrier mole rats rear their ugly heads, some going for Caldwell and some moving through a safer section of the tunnels to get at Augustus and Iris, seems you don't have much of a choice but to fight or run now.
Iris Lark Iris aims at the first molerat, a scowl on her face. She fires on it, relying on the advice given to her in recent days. She exhales as she squeezes the trigger and a flash of light flies out to strike the creatures. BAM. One falls over dead, the second...she missed? Holy caps.
Augustus Nielson Follwing the BOS Knight as fast as he could, shuffling through the cold metal cooridor he finally catches up to him just in time to see the molerates. Seemingly unphased the older gentlemen raises his revolver and pops off two quick shots. These molerats are tougher than usual, not going down when you put a single piece of lead in them like the others. "Well, shit!" Augustus exclaims as the Molerats continue charging towards him.
Augustus Nielson As the molerats charge towards him, Augustus swats one molerat away with his cane, while not harming the creature it does manage to deter an attack. However the second molerat was quicker, with a swift snap of its jaw it sinks his teeth right into his left leg. Augustus roars in pain "That was my good leg! You litte shit!" as he turns toward the vermin, pulling back the hammer of his revolver as he aims.
Iris Lark Iris yelps and she dances back a step or two before her hands go to her medkit. Well, it can wait, once the fuzzy creatures were dealt with, anyway. She narrows her eyes and brings up her laser to get the little vermin in her sights.
Guardian Caldwell The vermin all charge out of their holes, one towards Caldwell as he quickly vaporizies the vermin that bites his powerarmored leg. Grunting as his power armor clanks and churns to keep going despite constant abuse from it's owner. There seems to be no more vermin coming out of their holes now so maybe this was the final wave of the rodents for now? There always seemed to be one or another molerat infestation popping up so it could very well be a day or two before the next outcropping of molerats pops up.
Augustus Nielson Augustus lets the hammer on his revolver fall. Thr bullet shreds through the lower abdomen of the molerat, and the force pushes it back a good distance as it squeaks in pain. Augustus didn't forget about the other vermin, he swings to turn around and pops another shot towards that molerat. The bullet pegs the molerat square in the base of his skulls, a sickening squelching sound can be heard as it's head bursts like a melon, bits of skull bone and gray matter going flying like confetti. Hearing shuffling Augustus turns to see that the first molerat is still kicking, and it looks /PISSED/. The molerat lunges towards him but doesn't hit his mark as Augutus torques his hips and manages to dodge the incoming teeth that desire to sink deep into his flesh.
Iris Lark Iris ducks underneath an outcropping and her arm steadies as she watches the molerat move towards Augustus. She fires off one blast and it hits the rat square in the chest. She doesn't hear anymore squeaking so she drops to her knees and quickly wraps Augustus' leg in a bandage, a frown on her face.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell walks off through the electricity towards Vault Town to go collect his reward "We should probably get going before more of them show up. It's quiet for now but more will definately show up if we wait long enough. Theres way too many of these damn things and they keep popping up."
Augustus Nielson Augustus shakes his head. "I don't think there are any more of them, from the looks of it, this used to be their nest but it seems they did the destruction part themselves. We just had to pick up where they left off." he says looking around a bit before speaking again "Unless you want to look for more?" a smug grin crawls across his face as he speaks.
Iris Lark Iris doesn't need telling twice. She scampers behind Caldwell, only glancing over her shoulder once. She gives a worried look towards Augustus as she moves, holding out a hand. "Be careful on that leg, it's probably gonna be sore for a while." When Augustus says they should look for more she shakes her head back and forth enough to send her hair flying.
Guardian Caldwell The shopkeep who had hired you earlier returns to thank you and offers you each a small sack of caps. "This isn't a lot but it's what I have to offer...Thank you so much friends! I'll be sure to come calling for you next time theres an infestation near my shop!" he offers you each a smile and waits for any final questions before heading back off towards his nearby store.
Iris Lark Iris bounces up and down on the balls of her feet, looking quite pleased. She hugs the caps to her chest and tilts her head slightly. "Thanks for the reward, wait until I tell Achilles!"
Augustus Nielson Takes the caps from the man and stuffs them in his vest pocket. "Always happy to help!" he replies with a smile before beginning to shuffle towards the vault town exit, leaning his can harder than before.