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Iris Lark Iris wasn't taking no for an answer, she didn't have to pull Achilles to her office by the ear, but it was a close thing. She bullied him into her office and onto the examination table and then started to wash his wounds. "I should still be cross at you, but for some reason I can't remain cross for long." She says as she works, her small hands steady. "I'm determined to get you completely healthy. Though, it'll just make you want to go out and take some chances again."
Achilles "Of course, what would I be if not a warrior?" Achilles says, a grin on his face despite the discomfort from the pressure on his wounds. "I fight for the city though, and for the people who would go out and risk their lives. But I have also learned things. There is a military base from before the war somewhere near Roswell, I'm not certain what they did there. Apparently it was called Area 52." Sounds about right.
Iris Lark "You would be safe. You don't have to take all the chances, you're not in the militia!" Iris insists with a small shake of her head. "Roswell is weird, I don't go out there as often as I had in the past, mostly because I ..I'm afraid of the green men finding us again." She moves and climbs up on the table and reaches from there to get salve from the shelf. "We need to get you more armor."
Achilles "The green men have a flying ship that we cannot see. They would not have bothered us if Alice hadn't flung her sword into them. Besides, they know now that even with their lasers they aren't a match for us." Achilles reaches out and pats Iris' shoulder. "I was thinking of joining the militia. And the armor I just purchased should hold me over well until we find something more capable. It's very sturdy."
Iris Lark Iris pauses when Achilles mentions the militia and she slides down to the floor, her head tilted slightly to the side. "You're going to join the militia?" She asks, her lips pursed slightly. She is quiet while she spreads salve on his wounds but it's very evident that the wheels in her head are turning. "Do you think they would take a combat medic too?" She asks, eyeing Achilles thoughtfully.
Achilles "I won't join if you don't want me to. But I'm sure they would." Achilles offers Iris a small smile. "They don't need me in their ranks officially. Just be more work for me anyway."
Iris Lark "Well you're already doing that work, right?" Iris asks, both eyebrows raised slightly. "Might as well do it officially." She reasons as she begins to wrap the wounds. "I have a question for you."
Achilles "That's a good point. May as well make caps if I'm going to risk the injury." Achilles nods. It's good logic. He shifts slightly so Iris has better access to his wounds, "What's that?"
Iris Lark "Would you have use for a power fist?" Iris asks, her eyes on Achilles as she asks. She primes her stimpack and it makes a sound before she uses it on Achilles. "I have this thing and I don't really want to sell it, because I never know how to do something like that."
Achilles "Oh, very much yes." Achilles says, a grin creeping across his features. "You saw what a legionaire was able to do to me with one. Imagine what I could do." He chuckles a bit at the thought. "It'd be beautiful."
Iris Lark "Well I guess it will be beautiful, if you find anything I can use.." Iris trails off, she's watching Achilles as she speaks and a small smile is on her face. When the wounds are wrapped she climbs up on the table and sits close to Achilles as she pulls the fist from her rucksack. "Here you are.."
Achilles "I'll be getting you some armor." Achilles decides, taking the power fist with a grateful nod. "Once I'm well we'll go test this out. Or I'll save it for helping to clear the cap mine out."
Iris Lark "Decius gave me some armor, good armor, really cheap." Iris says, smiling at Achilles. "I dunno, maybe he's trying to make up for me being scared of him a little bit."
Achilles "He better not try too hard." Achilles says, wrapping his arms around Iris and pulling her in for a hug. "I doubt they'd like a jealous Achilles too much." The giant teases, kissing the top of her head.
Iris Lark "Achilles.." Iris begins, settling into the embrace happily. "I don't think you understand..I'm never going anywhere. There isn't anyone else for me." She murmurs, her hands clutching his armor as she stays close. "We could have problems abound, but I don't trust anyone like I trust you." She reaches up and pulls his face towards her with both hands. "You're mine, you understand?" She plants a kiss on his lips before she releases him.
Achilles "I understand, but that doesn't mean they do." Achilles says with a wink, returning the kiss. "I wouldn't have settled down for anybody else. So we're even."
Iris Lark "I think most people understand." Iris says, climbing down from the table. She cleans up slowly, humming as she works. "If they don't they will if they get handsy."
Achilles "They won't have hands anymore. Problem solved." Achilles chuckles once more. "Also, where is Bacon? I haven't seen them in a little while."
Iris Lark Iris points out towards the clinic. "He's pretty fond of some of the people who come by." She says, and then she shrugs. "He didn't like Blank very much though, took off as soon as he came in."
Achilles "Must have his reasons." Achilles pushes up onto his feet and stretches, careful not to open any of his wounds back up. "Animals are usually pretty good judges of people."
Iris Lark "Who knows. I keep waiting for Bacon to get bigger, but I don't think he's gonna." Iris says quietly. She pulls at Achilles to get him to his feet. "Will you walk me out to look for some junk?"
Achilles "Of course." Achilles says, wrapping an arm around Iris' waist. "Let's see what we can find."