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Sammy     Long walks in the desert are fine, but there's something much more to it than that about the romanticism of the old west, the lone indian at sunset on his horse. Cowboys singing in the saddle, and just well, everything. Sammy's had to get places in a hurry a bit much of late, and he reckons, he'd rather go in style. So he winds his way to the Stables, to investigate some improved transport.
    It's one thing to be stationed in an area and patrol and sweep, iit's another to be interrupted from your habits of moving from one area to the next.
Celeste     There in the stables near one of the corrals is Celeste, and she's chatting with a man who looks like he's the one running this place. She has a hand in her back left pocket and the right is currently shaking the man's hand. Both are smiling, so there must be something good going on.

    "Give me another week or two with her and she'll be good to go. She's good under the saddle, but she still gets spooked a bit easily. Not gonna help much if something comes jumping up outta the earth at you," she says with a chuckle. "I'll stop by later in the week and let you know how she's doing. Thanks," she says to the man before she turns and starts heading on out. At least she's walking in that direction.
Sammy     A familliar face, well, okay, a famillair female silouhette is recognized, and Sammy steps in closer, taking his helmet off, and stowing his gloves, He's done a good job of cleanup; hardly any gore splatter after dragging his ass through the desert in the middle of the night, nad it was someone else that got body hauling duty this time. Yay bounty hunting.
    He slows to let the horses catch wind of him, see him, so that as aforementioned, he doesnt spook any of them with his somewhat quiet ways.
Celeste     The sight of another nearby causes Celeste to glance up, and when she does she spies you there, and it makes her grin. "Ah, hey.." She pauses, eyes squinting just slightly as if she was searching for something. "Strawberry's man.." She laughs a little. "I've seen you around a bit. Don't think I've caught your name just yet, though." Celeste smiles. "At least I think you're the guy I'm thinking about.. Does any of that ring a bell?" she checks, her grin a bit crooked.
Sammy     To match the crooked grin, a wry grin spreads across Sammy's face at the thought of his little Strawberry blushing so hot. "Yeaaah, I don't think Lilly would appreciate me callin her Strawberry too much, so I better save it for when she's in a good mood." he grins, and there's a bit of a deep chuckle, "That's me, I'm Sammy," he chuckles, "And I think that legion deserter who really seriously thought about trying to drink, he called you 'Celeste, the Horse Girl'..." he chuckles, "If memory serves." he shakes his head, "Funny how people have so many names around here."
Celeste     "Ahh, Lilly. That's right. Strawberry's a cute nickname, though. She's pretty adorable when blushing," Celeste says with a soft laugh and a smile following after. Her brows lift as she listens, and she grins once more. "Yeah.. Horse Girl. But I prefer Celeste. Ashur's an.. interesting man." The blonde chuckles again, and she slips her hands into her back pockets. "Good to meet you after seeing you around some. what other nicknames do ya got?" she wonders.
Sammy     "Well, that depends on where you're comin from." he touchews the flap on his duster with the NCR bear logo, and the sling of his rifle over his shoulder, "On the duty roster a desk jockey decided I was the Sword of God, based on some rather enthusiastic testimony from a caravan I rescued, claiming I had answered their prayers and must be some sort of angel of vengance." he shrugs, "... and the fucker knows I'm pretty agnostic, so they keep the bible jokes coming, to irritate me." he muses, and considers, "I'm not certain what people might call me around here yet, but I've been out and about trying to make sure that the NCR is doing its job of protecting people, lookin out for the little guy, and keepin trails safe."
Celeste     "Sword of God? S'a bit much, ain't it?" Celeste asks, trying not to laugh until she can't contain it anymore. "Sorry.. I'm sure you did well out there helping them and all. And you did it with a sword?" She grins again. "That's pretty neat. I don't have much in the way of sword skills. It'd be useful, though. Good thing we have you out there lookin' out for us," she adds with a smile. Her curiosity starts to take over and she asks, "What brings you here? Checking up on them?" she wonders, a nod sent back to indicate the men who work here.
Sammy     "I know, isn't it over the top?" he taps his rifle, "One 'Flaming Sword' ... It was a night ambush and I had incindiary rounds that trip. Expensive as hell this far out, I really need to look into making some more if I cxan scrounge up the materials again." he looks to the men that work at the stables, "Actually I was looking to remind myself of how much to set aside out of my monthly alottment for horse feed and stable stay if I get one." he gestures to the horses.
Celeste     Celeste's eyes are wide as you tlak about the rounds and everything you were using. She looks impressed. The blonde takes a glance to the horses and back and she says, "You're thinking about getting one? That's a good investment. Sure makes it a lot easier to get around outside of town." She pauses then, thinking on something for a moment. "There are other places to keep a horse. Might be easier on the budget, unless you want it in town."
Sammy     "I was workign on what it's gonna take to get the horse, and to keep it healthy out here," he tilts his head a little and nods. "Anywhere in town, is just a little bit of legwork to get to, but having to do doubletime for eight hours a night, not so great." he shakes his head, "And I know that Lilly can't always show up with Sproket to help spare my boots." he gestures to the heels of his well traveled boots, which show the signs of having been re-tread amore than once, by the differing colors of the leather.
Celeste     Nodding as she listens to what Sammy needs, Celeste says, "I hear ya.. Well, I'm not sure about the boarding costs, but I can tell you what they charge for a horse. Depends on how well-trained you want it. I do a lot of training for the horses who come through here.. me and a few others. If you don't see exactly what ya need here, you should consider dropping by the ranch sometime. I'd be happy to set you up with whatever you needed. If you're just wanting something for transportation purposes, that'd be easy to work on."
Sammy     "Thanks to the tools of the trade, I'd have to have one that won't throw me off when shooting starts, and preferrably one that knows to come back when I whistle." he grins and yeah, might have seen a few holovids in his youth. "I can ride, nowhere near the greates though." he chuckles, "But at least I know which end of a saddle goes forwards," he glances around a few, "And I think that almost falls outside the basic transportation." he considers, "And ... I need to know more about how to not spoil a good horse with treats, and still bring some to reward good behavior."
Celeste     "I never heard of someone spoiling a horse before.. I think it just makes 'em more loyal," Celeste says with a smile. "Nothing wrong with it. Sometimes, depending on the situation, your life might depend on them.. and I would sure rather my life depend on a spoiled horse than one that was mad cause I didn't share a sugar cube with him." She grins. "Some can be tempermental assholes." Celeste smiles a bit. "Whether you decide to board your horse here or not, let me know when you're ready to buy. I have a little more wiggle room with my fee than this place does."
Sammy     "I'll have to remember that, can't spoil 'em too rotten enh?" he makes mental note to clear out a pocket for snacks & treats, "Always treat your things good, and they have a loyalty to you. Even things that most don't think are alive, have a kind of ... empathy fo those who take good care of them." he pats his rifle, and the hip holster through his duster, and his helmet, "These have been my traveling companions for a very long time, and as you can see, I'm still around to tell about it." he looks over the horses a bit more, "I think I'll have enough when the alottment comes in, I've racked up quite a bit of duty pay since touching down here." he grins. "Just gotta play it safe with my caps till the paycheck comes in. Makin a name for myself in a place is one thing, expectin it to carry credit just yet that's a bit of a stretch." he smiles back to her, "Now when that time comes, and ai don't happen to bump into you on your way to haggle with these gents, How can I find my way to your ranch?" and a small notepad and pencil are pulled from his pocket.
Celeste     "I'm up at the Drake farmhouse. Just north of town a ways. It's hard to miss," Celeste says with a smile. "If something happens and you can't find it, I'm in here every other week.. and a bit more depending on what's going on. Even if I don't have a buyer lined up, I'm always training the horses so they're ready when the time comes. I might have one in mind for you already," she says with a playful wink. "You're welcome to stop by the ranch any time, though. You'll likely be met by my cousin Aidan. I'll tell him you might make a stop by sometime to check out the horses."
Sammy     "Drake Farm." he jots down in the notebook, 'Celeste & Cousin Aidan' as he scribbles quickly, then folds the notebook back closed, grinning, "I do love a good dose of hospotality when I can find it, and when I can earn it and or repay it." he smiles, looking to the horses, "I suppose I might have gone the same way, from the Tribes this-way instead of to the NCR in another life. Haven't had a horse in the family since I was about this high." he gestures just over waist height with a hand, "And old Red, he was... how did they say it." he digs around in his memory, "... sixteen hands high?"
Celeste     Grinning, Celeste says, "S'a pretty good height. Lemmie guess.. Sorrel quarter horse?" She smiles. "We have a few differents at the ranch. Sorrel, bays, good stock. I'm partial to the palominos. They're beautiful," she says. "Paints and appaloosas. Ever seen one of those? I love their spots.. When you come over, make it around supper time, yeah?" she says with another little grin.
Sammy     "I can grill a mean fire geko steak." he is half serious, where the mean fits as a sign of quality or a sign of 'well it probably won't kill you to eat it....'
    He looks at the back of his notepad, and makes notes, "I think Red was a quarter horse. He was for helping cut the brahmin, not really for racing, thoug hI hear that used to be a really big thing." he smiles at the fond memory. The smile is brought back up, "Sure, I'll swing by.Supper as p'osed to Dinner?" the differing people doing different meals has always confused him a little. Then again most of his life he got one meal a day on the move.
Celeste     "..Dinner. Same thing as supper to me," Celeste says with a happy laugh. "And sure. Steak sounds good," she says. As good as it can be. Can't be picky out here. She gives another smile and says, "We'll be expecting you soon then.. It was good seeing you again, Sam," she says with a little nod of her head. One hand slips from a pocket and she gives a short, friendly wave, soon heading off after that.
Sammy     Sammy watches her go and smiles, another contact made, another item on his growing checklist of things to do to get rightfully settled. More than the basics of survival. He grins and looks back to the horses, walking along a few that poke their nose at him to investigate if indeed, he brought any treats. A few snif-snif-snorts and a bit of quiet talking as he greets each one, but there's a distinct resolve in his grin, as if to say, "Not today, but soon."