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Ruane The sun has just begin to fall from it's zenith in the sky, the light starting to cast longer and longer shadows on a small wagon lead by a brahmin through the desert wastelands to the ruins of the once great Roswell, New Mexico. The city streets had been recently cleared out by some enterprising adventurers of feral ghouls. Yet the fact of the matter was that going door to door clearing had never actually been performed. So periodically.. ghouls would stumble out of the sewers or perhaps from the buildings to repopulate certain neighborhoods or worse.. the main highway back.

This was not one of those missions. Roman Raune had instead sent out word that he was hiring men and women to help him claer out a small service station in the interior of Roswell itself. The area was rumored to maintain and repair robotics as well as other smaller consumer grade appliances. For Roman Raune, the benefit was obvious, tools and materials to continue his work. For the rest of the group? A small pay bump over the usual fees one might expect in order to protect the caravan and get everything back.

The actual trip itself was not too dangerous. Yet as they approach the service station and garage, it becomes all the more obvious from the stillness in the air that something just seems.. off.. or wrong.
Lucky Good ol' Lucky hadn't joined up with the group in El Dorado due to restrictions and orders. Orders of which forbad him from entering the city built from an amusement park, but did not forbid him from interacting with people on the outskirts.

He had heard about Roswell and had helped a time or two with the culling, er clearing, of the Ghouls from the outskirts of the city; finding the outskirts as a treasure trove for the scavenger, he would stay for days at a time... Or at least as long as he could when he wasn't needed back at the campsite.

So, as the group descended upon the outskirts, Lucky happened to spot them and casually heads over and joins them with a jovial smile, an eager wave and welcoming "howdy! What brings ya'll this way?" as he falls in line like he was meant to be with them or something.
Arnold Arnold walks up infront of the caravan his targeting hud giving him good site of everything as he moves he feels really uneasy in this situation "i dont like this feeling roman, feels like were walking into a ambush combat im not afraid of however the dead silence is what is worrying me"
Ashur Ever since coming to the region, golden-skinned Ashur has been making a living off scavenging, intermittent mercenary work, and gambling profits up in the Jack's Town fights. When he got word of this trip to Roswell needing a few strong men, with a decent pay offer, well-- the decision was easy enough. "It's quiet," he rumbles as the group walks, glancing up at the setting sun and down at the shadows that stretch like fingers. Those long, thin things are ominous. "I wouldn't be surprised by an ambush; we're not quiet."

A pointed look at the man in power armor.

"But we carry on all the same. If we're surrounded, pick one direction-- I'd suggest toward the station-- and break through." He's not quite casual, but death and battle are just things that happen when you're Legion. Or anyone, really, these days.
Ruane "Always in danger. Hired you two to deal with problem." Roman observes then rather dryly as he looks over at the Brahmin that has stopped just outside the service station itself. Moving slowly, the man will walk to the back of the cart to tug off a blanket and snap his fingers no doubt causing his anthropod robot to come alive and start stumbling out of the back of the cart. "Clean sweep for Caps. Simple transaction." Roman will note before he looks to Ashur then. "Work out approach, will follow."

To Lucky then he'll offer simply. "Attendance means acceptance of dangers. Payment the same. Fifty Caps. Simple. Proceed at your own risk. Would not suggest leaving however. Roswell.. infested."

The Station itself of course has a number of entrances, one in through the back, one in through the public entrance that likley had a counter and numerous chairs.. and through the garage which one of the garage doors remains partially opened-and perhaps partially ripped off it's hinges.
Arnold Arnold walks up to the garage door using one hand to open it the other to hold his minigun once open he would peer inside his minigun at the ready
Lucky "Well of course its inf'sted." Proclaims Lucky as he ticks off on his fingers "Ghouls; Irradiated Ghouls; Raiders; Radroaches; Geckos; Molerats.. Or at least I'm assuming th'se hairless th'ngs were molerats; Uh, LGM's if you believe the stories; Bandits.." He informs Roman as they head to the station, his hands reaching idly around to grab his SMG as they walk. "Just got to know where to hide, where to move and avoid'm." He adds scanning the area. "So, you's got a arm'red man and a guy with a pointed stick...huh? Int'resting teamup." He falters in his steps as he looksg back to Ashurn a double take "Oh shit!? A f'kin legionnaire? Is he like safe to be ar'nd?" He exclaims with a worry look.
Ashur As Arnold moves to the garage, Ashur goes to the main entrance. The garage is more interesting, he thinks-- the door looks damaged, almost torn clean off the hinges. But he can take a glimpse inside through the front, and move to the garage after, covering both entrances. With an idle hum, he squats, brushes his hand along the ground, and finds a crumbling bit of concrete fractured roughly into the shape of a brick.

The tin man has a minigun, after all. If they can lure enemies out rather than head into a cramped area, he can mow them down at no risk to the caravan.

He tosses the concrete up, catches it, and with a flick of his arm smashes it through what glass might remain, hurling it inside. Ideally, making a loud, loud noise in the immediate area.
Ruane Roman Raune just remains near the wagon as the inside of the garage remains utterly still except for the occasional sound of dripping water, his eyes drifting over to his robot before humming softly. "Would not like to be out here at night. Possibilty for increased danger. Ambushes. Better we get done now." He'll vaugley note before looking to Lucky and shrugging his shoulders again. "PLus random suspicious individual. Could be raider, or dangerous." He mutters then before looking back to the door. "Do your job. Be Quiet."
Lucky "Me a raider? Psssh." Lucky says, waving a dismissive hand as he walks inside the garage, weapon raised and helmet's built-in low light optics activating as he enters. "Just a lucky, or unlucky Ranger who happened across ya'll." He mutters as he makes his way further inside, toward the door leading inside the station.
Arnold Arnold arnold relises there is no way in hell hes miving threw out the building in his power armor so he walks out of the garage to tell everyone "ill stand gaurd out here making sure nothing goes in behind you all as you search"
Ashur Ashur remains quiet for a moment in the wake of the sound. There's no response. With a heave, he opens the front door. "Room by room, clear it out; watch that gun when we're in the tight halls, tin man." Drawing a force of ghouls into blind minigun fire would have been convenient.. so he should not be surprised it didn't work. This job will be more close and personal.
Ruane Roman shakes his head then as he leans back against the cart, holding his pistol in his hand as he waits patiently for both Ashur and Arnold it looks like to enter into the room while the tin-man with power armor remains outside of teh building, frowning as he watches them go.
Ashur There's little fanfare as Ashur walks in; he already tried to be loud, and he's not especially sneaky, so he moves with a guarded vigilance and a steady pace. His golden eyes sweep over the interior-- over a counter messy with pre-war papers long since degraded to illegibility, a cash register, chairs arranged in a circle (someone must have been bored).. and there, in the corner of his eye, something seems to move. He cracks his knuckles and lifts his bandaged hands up, knuckledusters gleaming. Time to keep moving-- toward the garage, ideally.
Lucky Seeing no activity in the garage, Lucky's hand touches the door hand, giving it a small jiggle to make sure it was unlocked. Seeing that it was, he opens it slowly, allowing the built-in low light optics from the helmet to shine through to the next room as his feet carry him on inside.
Arnold Arnold starts to patroll the area as to keep his teamates safe "talk to me guys you ok in there " Arnold asks hes fear slightly climbing by the minute shaking his head he thinks this felt like a horror vid
Ruane The good news is that there is almos no movement as Lucky and Ashur begin thoroughly exploring the Garage and the rest of the building at this point. At least not right away. Ashur though by walking through the building will catch sight in the corner of his eyes of what appears to be something falling out of a window in the distance and landing with the distinct sound of squishing flesh and then a thud of something heavy. The moaning and groaning sound spreading throughout the room as what might appear to be long sense dead corpses stirring and rising up around the man.

Lucky might hear the moans from afar, but being elsewhere in the building.. even though the light might alert those around him, attention seems to be focused elsehwere by the 'undead' or reality.. the barley living inside.

Arnold? Is perhaps just a bit far away to intervene immeaditly... with Roman in a similair situation.
Arnold Arnold arnold heres the moving as he enters the room he sees the shamblers as he rips into them  with his mini gun
Lucky A sweep of the small back area Lucky enters turns up nothing for the moment, just a lone hallway heading back toward the front area. Proceeding down the hallway, he picks up the sound of a minigun going off and quicks his pace.

His quickening nearly has him running into a trio of ghouls. Coming to a halt, he lifts his gun and concentrates on two of the Ghouls, opening firing quickly. A lucky line up of two of the ghouls allows him to take down the trio quickly.

A smirk on his face, he continues forward, taking the magazine out and placing it inside his backpack while retrieving another one and slams it home.
Ashur There's the sounds of bodies falling, rasping moans and rattling breaths, and Ashur is forced to confront a handful of ghouls. He raises his hands in a boxer's stance.. only to hear the heavy footsteps of Arnold, the click of a trigger, and take a quick hop backwards as the warrior of the Brotherhood opens fire, spraying bullets through the room. Papers scatter, a chair gets knocked over, holes in the walls, and the things die messily.

"Hnn," he muses, swinging his head around and looking for another-- there's that unfamiliar Ranger, come in from elsewhere, who puts down another set of them quick.

What's left after that hail of lead? He looks around, and sees the noise has alerted another nearby group, rising up from the floor like the living dead. He leaps toward them and smashes one's skull in with a boot, savaging the remaining two over and over with his fists before they stand. Better safe than sorry.
Ruane The ghouls were awake and aware only enough to get their heads smashed in, their limbs shot off and otherwise put out of their misery leaving the entire place covered in blood ans Roman Raune steps inside, glancing about then as he mutters under his breath. "Good enough." He'll offer then before glancing about.

"Will begin to loot the place. Stand guard. Return trip less safe. Likley." Roman mutters even as he moves to the garage, stepping over gibbets and other organs, gun still in hand, robot close behind to get to work.

Just another day's hard labor in the Nuclear Apoclypse.