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Lilly Caine Lilly Caine leaves the Saloon, mortified beyond belief by her Mom. Yes, she means well, and what she said was indeed very true, very pratical, and forward thinking. Still, Lilly's face stings from the effort of blushing so hard.

Lilly closes her eyes as she feels the hot desert wind on her face, a bit cooler than her skin, thankfully. Standing out in front of the saloon, she hears the batwing doors open behind her.

A sound she knows very well, and can even tell from the unique creak, which way the doors swing, to announce an arrival or a departure. Someone comes.. She doesn't hear the footsteps, and that silence stand out in it's on unique way. Embarassed as she is, a smile curls her lips slightly.
Sammy Sammy steps out, and down, and the footfalls as he catches up, were there not the gentle breeze, they would be heard perhaps, but he has this habit of sneaking up, so he makes sure to give an arm's reach distance, moving alongside Lilly, looking sidelong at Lilly.
"Hey, your mom only gets to super embarrass you like that for a little while," he offers by way of comfort, "She's tryin to look out for ya." he draws in his breath and lets out a quiet sigh, "Still, shall we stroll?" he offers, and leans in, crooking his elbow out for her.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine opens her eyes at the sound, looking up to Sammy. An eyebrow lifts as she spies the arm, a silly grin curling her lips as she takes his arm daintily, then hugs to it for emotional support. "I know she does mean well. I know all that. She's trying really to be a Mom, so I dont mind. I want her to be my Mom.", hugging that arm tighter.

"Clara's awesome, and I love her to pieces. But, Mom sometimes seems more like a Kid than I am. Doesn't know what to do, feeling awkard.. Tough as she is, mean as she can be, she's all thumbs at some things. Makes me love here more. Specially for trying. So, she can embarass me all she wants; just as long as she's here. "
Sammy Sammy steps in close, curling his arm to hold her, catch his hand with hers, resume the reassuring squeeze. He leans over just a little and plants a kiss on her temple, "Don't worry about it too much, one of these days the tables will be turned, and we'll get to make them all akward and embarrased and have to go out for a walk to clear -their- heads." he murmurs gently, a warm breath against the cool night air.
"Your aunt seems to be quite capable. 'Course, I think she's watched you grow up more, and she knows more about where you are as your own person." he looks back up to the lights from the Saloon, "Your Mom, yeah, there's probably a stack of not seeing you as the perfect little girl you are, and embrace you for all the unique non perfect things that make you who you are." he looks back to check on her cheeks, see if she's still putting out enough blush to light up the night.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine smiles softly. "Aunt Clara taught me to be a good person. She also taught me enough to know how to handle Mom. Aunt Clara is about as good a person as you can get. She's the kinna person you want to come home to, or at least have nearby."

The kiss makes her blush a bit, but not as much when it's just them. She begins walking, guiding a little down the street, wanting to move while she thinks. "It's good to see Clara and Mom getting along better. I sorta thing both of them are jealous of the other for lots different reasons. Guess it's cuz they're sisters. Joe and I always got along. Sometimes in trouble, but usually together."
Sammy Sammy falls in step, easy enough when you're being led by someone curled around your arm. He smiles as she seems to be not bushing too bright, his footfalls quiet against the road and he listens to the cool evening wind.
There he is, never really able to let his guard down, though so much of it is clearly focused on Lilly and listening to her, "It's a good thing to have a family, even if your relatives aren't quite part of it. You don't get to pick your relatives. But you can choose your family. And it's really important, to have someone to come home to." he thinks and looks off into the distance a moment, "The me that left my tribe, went to the NCR, is not the me that I am now. When I returned to the tribe, I had a funeral for that young man who was. I completed the ritual days of mourning, and then, when it was time for this ghost to leave, I did." he smiles quietly and looks back to her.
"So here I am. And I really like having you to come home to."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine blushes a bit more, but keeps hugging that arm as they walk. "You never really stay the same person. Mom's not the same person as when she left, and she's not the same person as the one that first got back here. But, she's here, and now so is Joe. You can get to know them, and them you..".. though she does a wonderful job of not mentioning Why..
Sammy Sammy grins, and nods, "People are interesting creatures, a fluid state of being, with many levels and layers of depths." he considers, "Always a little bit in flux." he smiles as the hugging of his arm continues and he knits his fingers with hers once more, squeezing.
"I don't think it's any business of your Mom's when she gets to be a Gran'ma. But I think she's tryn to look out for you and make sure I'm not just a soldierboy sterotype, to love and leave as it were." he waves his free hand dismissivley into the distance. "I ain't gonna push you on the decision yourself. There's too much fast paced life and death in this world already... I wanna make sure we take just as much time as we need, to do whatever our future holds."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine seems to zone out a bit at Sammy's words, her fingers instead curling to lace into his. She lets go of his arm, pulling back a bit as her hand squeezes his.. "Have you met Aunt Roxie yet?", she says nibbling her bottom lip. Her hand swings a bit as she walks, watching dim shadows cast by the moon rising on the horizon, stretching behind them. Seems rather bright tonight.
Sammy Sammy watches her pull back, eyes focused on that lip-nibble, "I don't think I have." he runs off the names of people in his head, and then looks back to her with a curios glint, "So, are you gonna show me off to her?" he smiles ear to ear. Thinking, that more family might be better. Right? Stack the deck in his favor.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine smiles.. "Aunt Roxie is a ghoul. She's like.. pre-war old. She.. has an interesting set of philosophies, but she's definitely down to earth. ..specially since thats what she shoves in her gunshot wounds. Swears dirt is the best thing. Anyways, Roxie's really sweet in her own way. You'd like her, I think.
Sammy Sammy rolls his shoulders a little, "I can't say I've known -many- Ghouls who weren't feral. Done a lot against those that were." he makes a shake of his head, and considers, "I think she'd have met my Drill Sgt. He said just about anything could be fixed by rubbing dirt on it and walking it off. He'd make sure you had the medic take the dirt off tho." he gives a smirk, "Yes, that same foul mouthed Drill Sgt. who was makin sure we learned to stay alive, and giving us such wonderful life lessons."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine smiles and giggles a bit. "Aunt Roxie is pretty nice, concidering she looks at us as pathetic meat bags, but of all the meat bags out there, I think we're here favorites". she continues to walk for a bit, noticing that they're leaving the town, the road to the lake laying before them.
Sammy Sammy considers, "Now you say she's like an aunt, more like a respected elder, does she actually chase her roots down to this area before everything went to hell?" he curiuosly, asks, making sure that he notes the directions, not just being led, the version of his half-drawn map in his head, making little updates for memory purposes.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine hmmms as she ponders. "I.. dunno. She's been all over. She talks about pre-war, but.. not like you would think", shrugging. Lilly squeezes Sammy's hand, leaning her shoulder against his. "We need to get you a horse", she says after a moment's reflection. "..Maybe one that doesn't fart as much as Sprocket"
Sammy Sammy considers, and nods, "Well I want a horse for most of the out of town things." he grins and looks back over his shoulder at the receeding lights of town, "But part of me thinks I shouldn't take a horse in some of the places I go..." he looks down at his boots, and lifts one up, looking at the acid-splashed leather of this generation of re-tread. "And for that I think I need to start piecing together parts for one of those motorcycles. But I'm gonna write that one off as NCR business, and wrangle it so they pay for the bits and bobs to get it back and road & off-roadworthy." he grins, and gives another squeeze of the hand, "Horses don't deserve to be put in harms way as much as I put myself in."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine nods a bit. "Yea, you have to look after them, but dont forget, a Horse is your Partner. Me and Sprocket? She can smell varmits on the wind. She generally lets me know if there's something dangerous near by. Having a horse means maybe you wont have to get yer boots et-up. And, horses are smart. they'll run. a Motorcycle will just sit there and let itself get blowed up and shot to crap."

"And", nibbling her lip as she hates to put it this way, "for minor stuff, Horses fix themselves."
Sammy Sammy smiles, "Sprocket's a good horse." he grins, "I like Sprocket, but I can't exactly have you give me a lift whenever's needed. Not only do you have your own needs, but you seen the kind of work they send me out after." he sighs a bit, "And yeah, the little basic things." he shakes his head, "... but I wouldn't want to have to put a horse down 'cause I got stupid." he frowns a little at the notion, "They don't deserve that." he shakes his head and trails off that, then lifts his hand up, and kisses each one of Lilly's fingers still kint with his, one at a time, "I gotta get better at riding and training myself to speak Horse, too. I ain't ridden since I was about... yay high." his free hand gestures about his waist level. "... and find a good spot and set to growin carrots for 'em."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine nods, thinking.. not wanting to think about having to put down a buddy and friend. "yea.. well, maybe a Motorcycle is better. Putting one down doesn't make me wanna cry.. much.. Besides, they're easier to fix. Hard to fix horses if they dont fix themselves. And, motorcycles dont decide to randomly slobber in your hair, or sneeze ont he back of your neck just for spite."
Sammy Sammy considers, all of the experiences, and chuckles a bit, "Horses got twice the personalityh though, they're good family." he smiles. "Probably... end up doin a little of both. THe motorcycle for dangerous things... and horse for goin places where my legs just ain't quick enough to get there in the hurry that's required." he thinks, of the motorcycle speed vs horse speed, and that motorcycles can run till they run out of fuel, and water, versus horses needing to rest. He doesn't mention those bits, instead he takes Lilly's hand and wraps her arm around his waist, and he does the saim, walking hip to hip with his arm along behind her back, leanin a little close.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine leans against Sammy as the sky begins to lighten. She guides them over to a nearby spot and settles down crosslgged. Arm about Sammy, she gazes at the oncoming dawn, the moon still lazily lingering in the sky, clearly in no hurry to set just yet. "Come scavving with me soon, okay?", she ask softly.
Sammy Sammy walks along and is easily guided down to the quiet spot, his legs stretch out, and he leans into the embrace, his arm curling around Lilly and he sweeps his duster about the two of them, "Seems like a good idea, I need to get better at it. But a good keen pair of eyes is always helfpul to have along." he muses. "What's your favorite direction to wander when you go looking?" he asks absentmindedly, more savoring the quiet moment.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine says, "well, if I had you with me, i might explore different spots", she says with a giggle. "most of where I normally go has already been picked pretty clean. Or, is getting there."
Sammy Sammy grins mischeviously, "Mmm, is that a date?" he asks and leans her in to him a little more. "There's all kinds of places... And with the road cleared to Jack Town, there's going to be even more to go for."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine blushes, cheeks flushing a bit.. 'y-yea.. I think so.. a Date.. ", she smiles.. her hand squeezing a bit tighter.