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Iris Lark Iris is on her knees speaking sternly to Bacon the pig. It seems that she is trying to teach the tiny piglet to sit. She holds up some food and sternly says, "Sit." as she points at the tiny creature and instead of sitting, he squeals. She sighs, shakes her head and tries again. Giving up after a bit she gives the piglet the food, pats his head, and then gets to her feet.
Hanzhou Hanzhou enters the clinic, glances around a tips his cowboy hat politely towards the doctor and bacon. He's dressed in his usual odd-mixture of western cowboy and asian sword wielding warrior, with a Katana strapped to his back, a finely made revovler at his hip, a sawed off shotgun strapped to a leg and a shamisen guitar slung over one shoulder. On his back he carries a makeshift backpack with an assortment of items he found while scavenging.

His spurs jingle, jangle, jingle as he enters which announces his presence. "Hai and greetings." he says in a soft voice with a slight bow after he's tipped his hat. There is a faint smile on his lips, when he see's you talking to Bacon. "I hope I have not come at a bad time? I am looking for some...uh medical advice."
Iris Lark Iris picks Bacon up and shakes her head. "It's never a bad time." She says, smiling at the man in front of her. "Please, Mister Hanzhou, pick a room and we'll discuss your issue." She says, shifting so that the wiggling pig is held a bit more securely.
Hanzhou Hanzhou nods when Iris tells him that it is never a bad time and to pick an examination room. He chooses door number one and walks in, adjusting the hat on his head and then turns to face the pig carrying doctor. "I...had an encounter with some creatures called...Centaurs. We defeated them but they were formidable opponents and I was injured. The physical blow one dealt to me was mostly absorbed by my armor, however they...uh, sprayed something at me on more than a few occassions. Some noxious, foul smelling toxin of some sort and I managed to wash it all off. Had to shower several times in fact and washed my clothing as well as armor. I hope that I was not exposed to anything that would linger in my system." He seems to have difficulty finding the words to explain this and pauses several times throughout his explaination.
Iris Lark Iris gestures to the examination bed and places Bacon on the ground. The piglet moves to the corner, circles almost cat-like and settles down to watch Iris. "Let me take a look at you, we had another fellow in here with the same issue, and he didn't mutate into a big monster." She tosses some cloths into the boiling water and waits for Hanzhou to take off his armor.
Hanzhou Hanzhou glances towards the examination bed, then removes his cowboy hat first, then removes his guitar, then places his backpack on the ground, removes all of his weapons, then his black leather duster and finally his armor chest piece with his undershirt, revealing his rather lean muscular physique.

He does not seem embarrassed or shy about it though, just accepts the fact that he needs to remove his clothing for a medical examination. "I am relieved to hear that." There is only mid-sized bruise along the left side of his ribcage but it is minor, the armor did take the brunt of it.
Iris Lark Iris gets a warm cloth and gently washes the area while probing the ribs with her slender fingers. "Just making sure nothing is cracked here." She murmurs, glancing briefly up at Hanzhou's face. "How much goo did you get on you? Did it touch any open wounds?"
Hanzhou "I got sprayed about three times I believe but thankfully I did not have any open wounds at the time and i did manage to shield my face from it." Hanzhou replies in a soft voice and doesn't wince when you probe his ribs. Nothing is cracked, just a bruise that isn't very deep and it looks like he's been treating it properly with his basic first aid knowledge. "Please be careful if you are travelling outside of town. It is rather unusual for that many Centaurs to be in one place. If you do have to travel make sure to be in a group and that you have either Rangers or soldiers. Best to avoid them if you can."
Iris Lark "I won't go outside of town alone if I can help it." Iris assures Hanzhou as she wraps his ribs. "I got a new weapon, but even then..alone seems like a real bad idea."
Hanzhou "That is good, but if you do find yourself needing too and you need an escort, please don't hesitate to ask me." Hanzhou replies in a respectful tone and lifts his arms up so that you can wrap up his ribs easier. "Oh what kind of weapon did you get? But yes, do not venture out alone if you can help it."
Iris Lark Iris reaches behind her back and draws out a laser rifle. She shows Hanzhou with a smile before she slings it over her shoulder again. "I'll keep you in mind should I need to go anywhere, and Achilles isn't around. Or we'll call you to come with us."