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Jacqueline Morning in El Dorado. And in the shantytown on its outskirts. The market is already coming to life, ramshackle stalls raising their signs and taking down their shutters and patchwork tents opening their flaps to the public.
Jacqueline Wayne is just arriving, pack on her back and a bottle of Sunset Sarsaparilla in her hand, yet to be opened. Clad in her gecko-skin jacket and pants, and with her sidearm strapped on, she's not taking chances on her safety here in the shantytown, though it's been a while since even a radroach was spotted around here.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Standing at one of the many stalls, Kurokumo Mibojin stands slightly hunched over as she peruses the produce. As close to produce as the offered wares are, that is. Shaking her head, she shoulders the bag she brought with before moving on to hopefully better offers.
Jacqueline Looks like the clothing tent is going up... wait. Is that Kurokumo? Jackie squints into the glare of the sun that's barely above the tent's top, and smiles at the sight of the exotic doctor. She begins moving closer, softening her footsteps. Though she forgets that the crowds aren't thick yet, and that few people wear gecko-leather clothes...
Kurokumo Mibojin      Spotting the tell-tale outfit, Kurokumo smiles and gives Jackie a wave. It doesn't occur to her that anything is amiss, considering how distracted she was shopping. "You look rather lively today. What did you come to sniff out, today?"
Jacqueline Oops... spotted! Jackie just giggles and stretches up to give Kurokumo a hug, as if that's what she'd intended to do all along. "Hi, Miss Kurokumo! I'm just here to see what's what, really. Sometimes they do have good stuff," she replies. "How are you? You look a little... preoccupied."
Kurokumo Mibojin      It's a guilty pleasure that Kurokumo has come to enjoy: The receiving of hugs. "I'm simply doing a little bit of shopping, since working at the clinic doesn't allow me a lot of hunting time. It's interesting to see the other patrons that come here. So many people in one place!"
Jacqueline "I love the place, honestly," Jackie agrees. "The crowds are always interesting, and the merchandise is a little slice of everything out here." She gestures to the clothing tent. "Want to check it out, once you have what you came for?"
Kurokumo Mibojin      Turning her head towards the tent of fabrics, Kurokumo looks a little uncertain. What would she need to go shopping for in there? "Ummm...yeah. Why don't we check it out, first?" It would be rude to turn Jacqueline down, after all.
Jacqueline Honestly, Jackie wouldn't be bothered, but she's happy enough to go anytime. "That works too! Maybe we can find you something new to wear," she suggests, turning for the tent.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Rolling her eyes while Jacqueline has her back turned, Kurokumo follows the other woman inside. Why would she need any new outfits? She's a Doctor, not a Fashion Model! They step through the flaps, taking a look at the selection inside.
Jacqueline Humming something off the local radio station, Jackie waves to the tough-looking waster and his equally tough-looking wife who run the tend. She pauses and looks through the contents of one of the tables, coming up with a fringed leather jacket. "This'd be nice to have in the Wastes," she muses, holding it up for a good look-over. "Too big for me, though," she adds, disappointed.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo, being 5'10 herself, takes a look at the offered jacket. Her fingers run over the material, and she muses on how useful it would be. At least it's nothing as frivolous as a dress. "It is pretty nice."
Jacqueline "It might fit you," Jackie speculates, trying to gauge the size by eye, and not sure if she's getting it right. "Add in new pants and you'd have a good hunting outfit, especially if it rained. The fringe would channel the rain off so it wouldn't soak into the fabric."
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo's eyes widen in realization, Jacqueline's words of advice ringing true. "You're right! I hadn't quite thought about it like that." Rain is suck a fickle thing, being plentiful when it's a nuissance, and then scarce when you need it. She shoulders the jacket, long arms sliding into the sleeves to get a good gauge on the fit.
Jacqueline Jackie watches thoughtfully, nodding in satisfaction. "If it's not a perfect fit, it's not far off of it," she decides, smiling. "Now we just need the pants." Humming as her eyes sweep the tables, she moves to find them. And maybe something for herself, too. "Looks like they have a lot of tees. White, olive, black, gray..."
Kurokumo Mibojin      Settling the fabric around her shoulders, Kurokumo finds that jacket to be a close enough fit. Maybe a little big since it's more for a man's height, but the sleeves fit! "Good luck with that. I can barely find a pair of pants without having to sinch the belt really tight." It's true, but sad, women of the tall variety goind without good clothes.
Jacqueline Being on the short end of the same issue, Jackie giggles and nods. "It's the same with me. If I don't shorten the legs and get the waist taken in, or just get the whole garment resized, any pants I scav are always too big," she says, uncinching her belt and pulling the waistband of her gecko-skin pants away from her body to show just how much of a difference it makes. "I really need to get these seen to, but it's hard to catch the only local tailor."
Kurokumo Mibojin      "We have a tailor?" With a settlement this size, it shouldn't be any surprise that one such profession exists. Kurokumo is used to going without such niceties, after all. "Where is the shop? I might need to get some things done myself." Everyone is hard to get a hold of, theses days.
Jacqueline "I'd have to show you. It's hard to give directions in this town," Jackie admits, frowning as she tries to remember points of reference and maneuver around the tent's shelves and tables at the same time, and trying to re-cinch her belt to boot. "See anything leg-oriented in your size? I'm looking, but I'm not seeing much besides tees. Maybe we're in the wrong part of the tent."
Kurokumo Mibojin      "Not finding anything..." Kurokumo mutters, her lanky form twisting away from the pile of apparel to get a good look. "Here, pants pants pants..." She's not loud about it, but her words have a lilt as she hunts the elusive garments. Deeper into the tent she goes, hopefully with Jacqueline in tow.
Jacqueline Jackie does indeed follow, stifling giggles at Kurokumo's pants-hunting chant. "Paaa-aaaants, paaa-aaaants! Here, panty-panty-pants!" she softly says, joining in.
And then her eyes light on a particular table. "Hey, I think it worked!" she says to the healer. Excitedly gesturing for her tall friend to follow her, she nearly loses the pants she's still struggling with as she hurries for the table, barely catching them at her knees. She spares herself a fall but shows the tent her white high-cut briefs. Oops...
Kurokumo Mibojin      Grinning as the hunt for leg covering clothes is encouraged, Kurokumo does turn as Jacqueline calls for her. Her brow goes into her hairline at the wardrobe malfunction, hand going to cover her mouth as she reigns in her amusement. "I think your pants got jealous and tried to run away!" She finally loses her composure, doubling over in laughter.
Jacqueline "Leave it to my pants to forget that we're looking for stuff for /you/!" Jackie replies, stifling giggles even if she's turning quite red right now. "Now I bet they'll want an apology, and I didn't even do anything wrong!" She bends down, funbling to get a good grip on her fallen pants and the heavy belt through them, and trying not to bump her head on the edge of the table full of pants.
Kurokumo Mibojin After calming down a bit, Kurokumo wanders over to aid her friend. It's not often she gets to spend time with someone with such good humor. "What do you offer to appease the spirit of a well loved pair of pants?" Carefully she leans a hand against the edge of the table, fingers curling so that at least Jacqueline has cushioning for her head should she decide to topple into it.
Jacqueline "I wish I knew... and I haven't known these pants all that long, really. I found them out in the wastes, along with the rest of this armor," Jackie replies, shaking her head. "So I haven't gotten to know their tastes yet."
She loses her balance right about then. Kurokumo's precaution is a good one, but Jackie's frantic grab at the table edge saves her friend some bruised knuckles. But the reflexive action leaves her belt and pants at the mercy of gravity, and they thud to the tent's packed-dirt floor. "Evidently heartfelt contrition isn't on their good list," she murmurs, giving her tall friend an embarrassed smile and a shrug.
Kurokumo Mibojin      "Hold on..." Kurokumo gives a sigh of resignation, the gentle tone she normally uses for younger patients. Bending down, the lanky woman calmly grasps the belt in question with both hands, sliding the Gecko hide up over bared legs until it's waist level again. She clears her throat, looking away while giving Jacqueline a chance to buckle them into place once more.
Jacqueline "Oh... thank you," Jackie murmurs softly, seeing and feeling Kurokumo's rescue efforts as the pants slowly slip up over her legs and underpants. She reaches down, clasping the ends of the belt and buckling it shut again. She slides her hands along the belt until they're on top of the healer's, squeezing the helping hands gently in gratitude.
Kurokumo Mibojin      The warmth at such close contact is intoxicating, Kurokumo's cheeks turning pink as her hands linger a moment to long and she's stepping back. "No problem." The moment is broken, the Asian woman turning back to the table in search of something that would fit her.
Jacqueline Glancing up just long enough to catch that sudden blush, Jackie blinks in surprise... and again when Kurokumo steps back abruptly. "Miss Kurokumo?" she inquires softly, moving to help her at the table. "Is something wrong?"
Kurokumo Mibojin      "Hmmm?" Kurokumo is startled from her thoughts, blinking owlishly at Jacqueline's concern. "Why would anything be wrong?" There's a bit of a shy smile, as the woman tries to hide mer mild embarassment from public eyes. Mild in comparrison to Jacqueline's troubles, no doubt!
Jacqueline "Well, normally you don't turn red as a sunburned mole rat," Jackie replies, her light teasing tone not covering her concern, no matter how softly her words are voiced.
She blinks again, glancing down at her hands as they run across a patch of well-worn denim. "Though you might, if you have to try these on," she adds, smiling and tapping the jeans, which look to be at least close to the right size for the tall woman.
Kurokumo Mibojin      A careful side glance: A mild look of relief. Kurokumo is normally quite the private person when it comes to her personal affairs. "This is nice. The stitching looks sturdy." Her hand smooths along the material, head nodding in approval.
Jacqueline Jackie gives Kurokumo a thoughtful look, seeing the relief on her face, but in the end doesn't press the point. "Think they'll fit? I think it's close, but I'm no tailor... not a professional one, anyway," she adds hastily.
Kurokumo Mibojin      That earns Jacqueline a turn of Kurokumo's head. "You do your own sizing? That makes sense, since most clothes don't fit women like us." Hanging the jeans over her arm, along with the leather coat and tassles, Kurokumo is done clothes shopping for the day. She doesn't get out and about much for a reason. "Was there something you liked?" Kurokumo wanders away slowly, keeping the conversation up as she approaches the merchant to pay for her acquisitions.
Jacqueline "Nothing so important I couldn't come back when I had more time," Jackie replies, shrugging and smiling. "And I'm learning, but I won't be making my own clothes anytime soon. That'll take more book-study than I've had time to do on my own."