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Lucky It was a lovely day in the wasteland... Okay, so that was a lie. It was hot, it was dry and there was not a damn cloud in the sky. None; Ziltch, Da Nada! There wasn't even any humidity! Just hot and dry; It was days like this that makes one wonder if hell was like this.

And of course, idiot Lucky was out in this, scavenging for parts and whatever he could find in the outskirts of Roswell. Of course, the all the good sites were picked clean which mean he'd have to go further into Roswell; a task he was not looking forward to.

Wiping a brow, he sighs "d'mn it is hot." He mutters sighing as he walks.
Sparrow An el Dorado native, cowgirl and used to these parts and this opressive dry heat is Sparrow. She's so used to it she's wearing her duster despite the temprature. Bluebelle's hooves kick up particles of dust on the road; there is no sneaking in a clear day on the desert. The sun will expose you and if that's not enough dust trails take a long time to drift away meaning that all one has to do to see someone coming is look up.

Sparrow's hat is low over her head keeping the cowgirl from being blinded by the sun. Roswell doesn't exactly make the cowgirl comfortable but someone had sent out for her and here she is. She slows Bluebelles trot to more of a mosey epecially as they get closer to Ghoul and Alien central.
Lucky Spotting the cowgirl on a horse, Lucky casually walks on over, his hand waving ever so slightly "'elo th're!" He says oh so jovially with a happy smile.
Sparrow Sparrow slows the mare and pats her neck solidly. The horse snorts softly as Sparow dismounts landing with a ring of her spurs. "Hey, nice day huh?" She looks around, "Was it you that called me out here? You need me to lookit someone for ya? You seem to be doin' well enough." She doesn't mind the heat or the withering effect it has on the world around it. A fine layer of road dust and she's hardly even sweating. Some folks are just built for El Dorado weather.
Lucky Lucky was use to the weather, what being from the Mojave area. Running his hand across his hair, he smiles "'elo." He repeats, pausing before continuing "Yea, I sent out a courier... Been needing to get my wounds tended to.. and I kind of remember ya from our last run up on in here." After all, he couldn't help but remember such a pretty face. "Sparrow wasn't it?"
Sparrow The cowgirls bright blue eyes seem out of place in her tanned skin, young despite the crows feet and deep creases around her mouth. "Sure." She nods and smiles, "S'long as you got a place out of this heat to go. I don't want to be tendin' ya just to have the sun suck your life away. And yeah, Sparrow, nice to keet you again. Sorry it took so long for me to get out here." She doesn't have to even keep the mare on her reins, the horse follows dutifully.
Lucky Waving one of his weathered hands, Lucky smiles and gestures down to a recently cleared out gas station "Don't mind the dead Feral'sA few of us just cleared o't the pl'ce a few days ago." He tells her jovially, entering and hops onto the counter to face her. "An it's okay. I wasn't injured then, just a f'w days ago actually. Feral's are just.. ya know, difficult." He tells her with a chuckle. "oh, and getting shot at by a raider didn't help."
Sparrow Sparrow nods, "I know." She replies. After all, she was out here shooting ghouls not long ago herself. Though somehow they managed to come out unscathed, well, she did at least. She moves over towards the station and puts Bluebelle in some shade. The horse settles in and Sparrow moves inside after Lucky grinning as he pulls himself up onto the counter. "Okay well let's have a look at you. Show me where it hurts." She pulls off her duster and takes a stimpak and medkit from it.
Lucky Brushing off the duster and then sliding the shirt off, Lucky shows off his less than muscular but average build of a frame. Bruising and swelling that is slowly going down on the ribs can be seen on his right side. A graze along the left shoulder from being shot several days ago also shows up. "Got lucky th'se Feral's didn't break skin. Thought those buggers were infested in the Mojave.. This place is nuts."
Sparrow Sparrow nods. "A little. I'm surprised that the Brotherhood isn't here too, warrin' over this place with other folks. Creepy as some of the stuff I've heard is." She takes off her gloves and moves over to feel around the wound to check how ba it is without directly touching any bruised areas. Her fingers are nimble and despite the heat her fingertips are cool though calloused. "You are lucky though, broken skin can lead to a hell of an infection. But so can bruising. Do me a favor and lay back, I'm probably going to have to hurt you a little to assess the damage and figure out how best to help you."
Lucky Laying the nape of his neck against his hands as he lays down, Lucky nods. "I don't know too much about the Brotherhood to be honest." He replies, looking to her. "And yeah, I've been told luck kind of runs in the blood." He adds with a chuckle.
Sparrow Sparrow grins a bit before looking back down carefully as she looks over the wound and starts working with the medkit to patch the young Ranger up. "If there's new and unusual tech there, thats where they're going. And stayin. And tryin' to take over." She shakes her head a little as she works on a topical salve and some bindings that should help. "Have a particularly Lucky family?" She wonders quietly.
Lucky "Na, just been lucky all my life. Hence the name." Lucky replies with a wink of his eye. "Saved by luck when my parents died, saved again by deathclaws; which is where I got my pipboy" He tells her, with a small grin. "So, you're from around these parts? Like.. up near El Dorado?"
Sparrow Sparrow nods, "Born and raised in the area, yeah. Deathclaws?" She shakes her head. "Sounds like you've had an interesting life. Nothin' like m'self of course. Dust and cowboys." She explains while she works. "When did you come to El Dorado? Just orders or a wanderin' spirit?" She wonders curiously though it's idle since she's concentrating on her work.
Lucky "Sound's like a simple life and, well Ideal. Beats scavenging and runnin scared when big beasts come a crawlin from holes." Lucky says with a teasing grin. "No.. er, orders yes. Can't quite step inside El Dorado, cause of .. well orders. Some mission or scoutin." He tells her after a few minutes of silence. "But one could say I'm a wanderin spirit."
Sparrow Sparrow shrugs and smirks. "Simple enough. Not nearly as exciting though." She admits but lifts a shoulder, "but without folks like you folks like me wouldn't eat." She grins a bit, "Since we're thi far outand I'm nothin' like the clinic it'll be thirty caps for everything. Clinic usually charges fifty for a treatment and twenty five for a first aid. But.. these conditions aint ideal and I'm no Doctor Lark."
Lucky Sitting up and sliding around on the counter to face her, he says "How about twenty and I'll make ya some lunch or dinner?" He asks, sliding his shirt back over his head, a playful smile on his face.
Sparrow Sparrow puts the medkit back in her duster and uses a rag from her pocket to wipe her hands off. "Thirty was the discounted price." She chides quietly. But lifts a shoulder, "Sure though, twenty is fine. And rather than feedin' me maybe take some time to find some folk who need some help and do it for them instead. Plenty of folks need help buildin' fences, fixin' irrigation. If I hear you've been doin' good around the Wastes I'll help you again, if not, well I'll remmeber you didnt keep your word and short changed me. Sound fair?"
Lucky Cheeks flushing, the kid rubs the nape of his neck "Well, see I was trying to win a date over with ya; fancy cookin and all that jaz." He says chuckling. "But I be willing to pay the thirty and pay it forward." He adds a bit embarrassed as his hands fiddle with his duster to pull out some caps.
Sparrow Sparrow blinks and holds out her hand for the caps. "Then ya should just ask for a date. What kinda women you been around that you gotta trick'm into takin' dinner with you?" She wonders of the NCR Ranger with a quick smile that crinkles her crows feeet but like most things in the Wastes, it doesn't last long at all. She laughs and shakes her head, "Payin' it foreward's important to me though. So s'long as you agree, we can have a date. But I aint got no fancy clothes."
Lucky Fetching out the thirty caps, Lucky hands it on over and grins "Well, ta be honest .. never been on a date. Too focus on duties and works to really figure the dating scene." He replies charmingly, head bobbing in a nod "Well, ya know.. we rangers, the Desert Rangers that is... we are known for paying it forward where I am from. Always helping out our people..." He shrugs "So, you point me to someone in need, and I'll help'm.. I mean, seeing as I don't know this place and all.."
Sparrow Sparrow grins a little. "You hardly need me ta point out a person in need, trust me. If a persons livin' in these wastes and not like a fat cat, they need help. NCR though, fairly helpful folk s'far as I've ever experienced. But if you go a bit north of El Dorado there's a couple towns in that area that could always use a little pay it forward."

The rag and the stimpak are put in ehr duster as well. "Now, don't go doin' anything stupid for a few days. Those ribs are already banged up pretty bad. You don't want to make it any worse than it is."
Lucky Giving another nod, Lucky smiles "Alright, that sounds easy enough.. I'll check out those towns over the coming days." The smile shifts to a shy grin, his head nodding again "Well, doc for you I'll make that promise. Worse I was gonna do was head into Roswell.. Fancy I could put that off and spend some time up near El Dorado." He adds, head tilting "I mean, I suppose that is where you from, right El Dorado or near abouts?"
Rose      It had been a little while since Rose had been out this way on her own. Sure she'd joined others to keep them safe, but the Ranger had been a little unnerved by the encounter very few would believe actually happened. With her features hidden behind that helmet and her duster worn open to reveal the armor and more importantly reach the guns holstered on her upper thighs, the blonde NCR Ranger was making her way along the outskirts of Roswell, her eyes sweeping for danger as she goes about scouting for the next excursion into the city itself.
Sparrow Sparrow nods, "A little north of there, Drake family farm is where I'm stayin'. So most of the folks up there I know and most of them I know need a hand now and then. If you want to stop by and work on the fences that'd be fine by me as well." She tucks her thirty caps into yet another pocket on the duster. "But that is what I meant. Be careful in there, ghouls can put on a burst of speed and with bruises like that they're going to have an easier time catchin' you." She reminds gently and adjusts her hat.

She and Lucky are in the recently cleared gas station and Sparrow's got her sleeves rolled up and her duster hrown over a nearby stool.
Lucky Smiling just a little brighter, Lucky nods a little "Well, I fancy that would be a good start." He replies, adding quickly "I mean those fences of course. Then I can treat you to that date. A picnic or something. Any good locales for that?" He asks, before catching something out of the corner of his eye "Er, was that a Ranger?"
Rose      Noise, movement from a building? It's enough to draw Rose closer, her rifle tucked under one arm as she begins easing one of her handcannons from the holster. She's in the doorway just in time to catch that nervous comment before Rose slips her gun back into its home with a chuckle. "Yes it was. More importantly, you're not a ghoul," Rose comments calmly from behind her helmet's shroud of her face. A shit of her gaze to Sparrow and the woman nods with a smile. "Venturing out again already Sparrow. And here I thought that our adventure might have scared you off."
Sparrow Sparrow looks towards the movement from the dirty and cracked windows and blinks nodding, "Certainly looks like one." But she's armed and no one would mistake her for a raider so she remains relaxed. "A picnic? Well, frankly not one I can well think of. I mean maybe out by Bitter Lake but we'd have to be pretty careful regardless. You wanna take me to a Diner in jackstown or maybe to Hanzhou's in Acme that'll work fine." She shakes her head to Rose and looks around, "I'm a Wasteland Doctor, Rose. I go where I'm needed. Besides I'm never opposed to adventure, especially if raiders are involved. Ya'll know eachother?"
Lucky "Sure, those sound good too." Lucky says, beaming, tough his eyes do not stay on her for long as they take in the Ranger. "Er, you're not a Desert Ranger California?" He inquires as he slips off the counter, feet touching the ground and slides his Desert Ranger duster on.
Rose      "Unification treaty says we're all one and the same, actions are bigger than names" Rose comments lightly to Lucky, noting the duster none the less. "NCR Ranger Rose Hallows," she introduces herself. Her callsign might be known to him if he was part of the ambassador's group, otherwise? She doesn't offer it. Instead she looks back between the pair and folds her arms over her rifle, resting hands lightly over the length of the scope. "Am I interuptin' something? Outskirts of a ghoul-infested base aren't exactly the best choice for a moonlight rendevouz folks."
Sparrow Sparrow lifts a brow at Rose, "Well, thnkfully it's daylight and hot as hell; no time to apperciate those green glowin' hills and the sounds of ferals in the moonlight." She pops her brows but the smirk that she offers is fleeting at best. "Said before, Rose, I'ma travelin' Doc. Sometimes that means comin' out to the front lines to have a look at someone." She reaches to pat Lucky on his shoulder. "The side talk I think is just cause Lucky here likes my bedisde manner. Which is unusual, most folks perfer Ms. Lark."
Lucky "Well, truth be told Sparrow, I .. do not know this Larke person. Besides, I fancy you; a good shooter and a good doctor. Which is rare it seems." He says in his vien attempt at flirting. Looking back to Rose, he smiles "Well, there is truth in that.. But some of the older Desert folk will cry Desert Ranger to the end." he rolls his shoulders in a shrug "May be 20, but I fit.. Been doing the Ranger bit all my life; even just before that treaty was signed." A pause as he steps closer, hand moving out "But, it is a pleasure to meet you."
Rose      "20?" Rose repeats with a raised eyebrow. "I assume you mean 'the bit' as an 'Honorary' rather than a real Ranger," she says to Lucky slowly. "Enlistement age, plus NCR Rangers don't tend to take the 'green' folks so they don't get themselves killed..." A pause and a shrug, it must be a 'Desert Ranger' thing. Names are just names after all. "But you're not dead yet." Another glance to Sparrow and she nods approvingly, but she does jerk her thumb towards the man. "You sure 'healing' is all he's here for?"
Sparrow Sparrow's weathered features turn to Lucky and she lifts a brow a hint of a smile pulling up one corner of her mouth. "Ms. Iris Lark, only the best Doc in El Dorado. She tends to stay at the Clinic with Achilles though, back in El Dorado. As for my shootin' well, sometimes I get lucky." The blonde Drake demures though she does seem flattered. She turns her attention back towards Rose. "Hmm, oh I know it's not." She glances aside to Lucky, "Feel free to visit, if I'm not around Aidan my Big Brother can cetainly help you get started."
Lucky Looking to Rose, Lucky hmm "Well you see, I was raised by the Desert Rangers.. Actually saved, adopted and raised.. the Ranger life is all I ever knew. I was bred into the desert ranger way of life and culture.. and was officially a ranger at eighteen." he shrugs a little before looking back to sparrow as she steps out. "Ah I see.. well, orders forbids me from going inside the township.. maybe one day I will meet them." He shrugs as he heads for the doors "I should be off to my campsite though." Looking back to Sparrow, he smiles jovially "I'll swing by your ranch.. in a few days for the date and fixing the fences."
Sparrow Sparrow inclines her head, "All right, Lucky. Take care and I look foreward to it. Give me some warnin' and I'll see if I can't find some clean clothes for it at least." She dips her chin before turning to look after Rose and lifts a hand as the Ranger heads off to invesitgate something suspicious. She turns without a farewell really and heads to get Bluebelle out of her shaded hiding spot for the long ride back home.