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Manuelito So, the cap mine story goes as this,

One ugly day when the weather was shitty, with dust being swept up into dust clouds by high winds, on top of threatening dust devils that would make you cry for mama only to be magnified by threat acidic rain clouds that could peel skin from bone in seconds, the mining crew fled to Golden Saloon for safety.

Another story goes that the foreman was known as the towns drunk and equal were his hired hands to the mine safety and work. They decided all to get drunk up at the Golden Saloon one night.

Now whether you believe the story of ugly weather or the simple fact that the foreman and his crew had drinking problems, one thing really did happen; feral ghouls swarm over the cap mine and took it as their own.

Soon after the infestation, the foreman hired a bunch of hired guns out from Jacks town (a bunch of sloppy drunken rednecks that could drink the already drunken foreman out from underneath the table) and got them all killed by the feral's.

And so, the foreman did the only thing he could think of doing - He went down to the Golden Saloon and drank his misery away with whiskey and beer and told the tale to good old Colonel Sanders, another person who was getting drunk at that time.

Of course, Colonel Sanders wanted nothing to do with the mines. What with the Militia being too good for it and all; that was, of course, until caps were involved and hey for the caps he was gonna bank from that drunken foreman he could easily slide this as a 'militia involved campaign without militia fully being involved.' So, the assignment was given to Manuelito to hire from the influx of new people coming in.

And now ya'll were here on the behest of the Militia, tasked to clean out the Mine. The entrance to the mine was carved in an angular trajectory burrowing into the earth. Old wooden slabs held the ceiling from caving in; most looked old and rotted, but a few do appear to be replaced. An old rail line heads down the middle of the three-man wide shaft. At the end of the shaft was an elevator cart that works and carts people down into the lower levels.

You come out of the cart in a long narrow shaft. A faded map on the side is almost unreadable; saved for the words 'Get Lost, it's one, one, two, one, three.' Whatever that means.
Jacqueline Well, this place isn't creepy. Not by a long shot.
And if anyone believes that, there's some land by the sea in Arizona that Jackie might interest someone in. She's here with civic duty in mind, though the promise of caps doesn't hurt. Ammunition is expensive, after all. She's not new in town, but anyone can answer a job offer.
She pauses to read the map, frowning at the words. "Doesn't make much sense... maybe it's some kind of code?" she suggests, glancing around at her fellow trouble-shooters.
Derk Stranger things have happened, but having recently arrived in town, Derk saw the notice and the money looked good, so he signed up, not realizing that it was going to be a group of randoms shoved in a small mine cart and sent rolling down into the depths of a mine. Still the man dressed in patched garb with old faded logos of the Brotherhood and a duster over it to keep his arms covered, could think of a lot less desirable places to be at the time. Instead he checks the 10mm pistol in his front pocket and the rucksack of goodies that hangs off his back before stepping out of the cart and following after the one who's been here longer.

"Looks about right, though from the rumours of the ones who run this place, I'm thinking that's about as high as they can count as well." He asides to no one in particular. "Can you remember it, or someone want to note it down?"
B B clambers out the minecart, service rifle in hand, one hand on the top of her belly. She looks around curiously, peering down the shaft into the darkness. Giving her head a shake, she turns back to those she arrived with. "Hmm?" says she, wandering closer to investigate the map. "Seems silly to post a password where anyone can see it, but if it's a code then it should be worth remembering." She falls into the former category: New in town. That's not to say she's new to this sort of trouble, for who can grow up in the wasteland without such exposure. Fitting the stock of her rifle against her shoulder, she glances back to see if anyone else has a comment about the map.
Ruane Roman Raune is a problem solver. About half of the time. The other half he has probems needing solved. To the man as he rides down the mine, it isn't clear which part of the equation he is going to be, his arms crossed as he casts a glance aside to the rest of the crew as they arrive, stepping out easily enough to look things over. Instead of focusing on the code however, he studies more the map of the mine itself. "Still curious about the name. Cap mine? Buried caps here?" Roman will mutter under his breath before glancing aside to Derk.

"Would suggest pip-boy user make notation. Simple. Efficent." Roman mutters under his breath before glancing aside and lifting his shoulders. "Focus on current mission parameters. Deal with infestation. Return."
Abe     Clk, clk, vum!

Green light poured from the screen of a pip-boy strapped to the forearm of Scribe Errant Mcdonald. He turns a few more dials and twists another nob, "Tunnels maybe? I'll write it down, yeah, give me a moment..." Abreham piped up as he shone that light around the tighter confines of the tunnel. The lights might be on now but he recfalls the old spook stories from instructors and senior service men.

The lights will go out. The lights Always went out.

Fishing in this or that pocket, he found a pencil and jotted the number down on the underside of the pip-boy, muttering the counts as he went.
Stockton Stockton showed up quietly like he always does, the serious Merc in his coat over combat armor, the T-visored helm covering his features and faded denim on his hips. Also strapped to his hips are those pistols, the Desert Eagle and the ten mil combat spec. A flicked switch happens and the whirrrr of his NVD's can be heard, bringing with it a soft blue light behind the dark plastic of the visor. "It may well be directions to get back out, if the tunnesl wind or there've been cave-ins," the Merc says muffled by his mask. "Either way, remember it," he notes to them all before checking his guns for ammunition and making sure the slides are racked.
Manuelito It was dark, dank down in the mine shaft. the coldness felt weird, offsetting the dry-heat from above that everyone was used to. Back drop noises of water dripping Is heard further down the shaft. Darkness surrounded the small area where the cart drops everyone off at. Luckily, there were a few flash lights on a shelving unit next to the cart. Another note 'Remember to replace batteries. That includes you Johnny!' that couldn't be good.

Manuelito glances to the small gathered group and smiles partially. "Alright, so I have been told this place has a swarm of ghouls hiding out.. But I don't know the count. Ya'll ready?" He asks but does not wait, already turning to head further down the mine shaft with one of the flashlights from the shelf.
Ruane Roman Raune will take the time then as he frowns in response to Manuelito's words, his eyes narrowing for a second. "They use batteries to maintain lighting systems? Probably increases visibility. finding replacements important. Suspect... stash somewhere." Roman mutters even as he moves through the mine then, trying to pick up the odd rocks, poking at perhaps the odd table or two they might find down in the mind to llocate some batteries to try and find something.. anything that might help them bring back the lights for when they would go deeper into the mine itself.
Stockton Stockton is already crouched low and looking in the dirt, in the nooks and crannies. The NVD goggles afford him some advantage in the darkness. His hunter-aspect giving him the other. "I'm keepin' my eyes peeled," the big man says. When he reaches the shelf itself he rummages for a few seconds before holding up a hand, "Got somethin'," he announces before holding up the prize, a box of batteries, "Says they dunno if they're good or bad, please test. Anyone see a battery tester around? Or do we just pop 'em in and find out the old fashion way?"
Manuelito Manuelito doesn't appear to be waiting up on the people. It takes him a minute to pause and turn back, looking down the long hallway to take in what a few of them are doing. Sighing he turns back around to look ahead, finding three tunnels. "Well.. Shit."
Derk "Probably the extents of their mathematics: One and one is two and one is three," Derk pauses and looks over his shoulder, "You'll all remember it now," giving them a slight grin, he pulls his pistol out of his pocket and starts moving forward with those who decide to. He does not go very far however, his booted feet gliding over the well worn floor, instead he pauses, looking into the distance of the shaft. He looks further ahead when Manuelito drops his expletive, and chuckles when he sees the reason.

"Most people count left to right, uh huh?" Derk asks, then moves up to the tunnel junction and looks at each one to see if there's some sort of numbering system.
Jacqueline "Keep it down," Jackie suggests, lowering her voice as she claims a flashlight, testing it to see if it works. "Loud as that dripping sounds, I'm guessing sound will really carry down here. No point in making it easy for the ghouls." Taking a knee, she braces her shotgun and watches down the tunnel, though she doesn't lift the barrels into firing position. Not with the impatient officer and the Brotherhood type down there in her field of fire. Apparently her stepfather doesn't train /all/ of the troops in the militia these days.
B B picks a flashlight from the collection. She flicks the switch. Nothing. Frown. She smacks it against the flat of her hand a couple of times until it comes on. "Just bring 'em with us?" she suggests to Stockton in a low voice, mindful of Jackie's warning. Hefting her rifle once more, she pins the flashlight to the rifle with one hand, and the other goes to the trigger. Keeping the weapon and light low, she follows Manuelito to the entrance to the tunnels. She turns to the first one on the left and keeps at the ready should anything start heading this way. "So .. we following this map to whatever destination it gave us, or finding our own way?" she murmurs quietly.
Abe     Pulling the blocky shape of his laser pistol from his waist band, Scribe McDonald thumbed the safety switch, bringing the weapon to life. It hummed quietly, capacitors filling from it's battery pack. At the tail end of the troop, he spent a small ammount of time looking over his shoulder, just a glance here and there as he went along, turning around to tread on his heels for a instant before he'd spin back around. He keeps his pistol low, however, the tight corridor making sweeping the thing around a poor idea... that and it was just poor manners to point your gun at people that were on the same side as you.

Not that Abe wanted to be any manner of side nor even a desert! The main course was right out!

He doubted that ghouls had any truck with appetizers or hors d'oeuvres.

So yes, he kept his pistol down and his eyes up, the light from his pip-boy streaming out from his arm.

"Unless the they were polite enough to mark their location on the map, we're probably going to have to find our own way. I'll let folks know if I hear the geiger go."
Manuelito As the team prepares and nothing further of interest can be found with the batteries and flashlights, or with the mysterious information, Manny chooses a tunnel and heads down it quietly. Flashlight scans the darkness slowly, cutting from one side to the next as they walk. The dripping of water grows in sound as they get closer.
Ruane Roman carefully moves to pull out his 10mm pistol by this point, casting a glance at the rest of the group, moving forward slowly then down one of the tunnels, his lips pursing as he leans forward. "Signs of.. signs. Perhaps that is the way forward?" Roman mutters before lifting his hand to vaugley motion down one of the tunnels, perhaps the sharp corner of a bit of wood hanging from the tunnels just in vision hidden behind jutting stole, staglagmites or whatever.

Then a pausse as he carefully rechecks his pistol. "Moaning. Faint. Possibly dangerous. Could be wounded animal. Ghoul more likley. Prepare firearms. Sound will alert more however."
Stockton Stockton always has his guns at the ready when there might be danger. This is one of those times and so his handcannon and the 10mm are drawn and held at the ready. "This is gonna be a hard fight, I don't like the confines, and there's only enough room for three abreast," he is muttering mostly, this is not tactically sound, but they'll do what they have to do. Ghouls or no ghouls.
Manuelito Manny slows down a bit as he reaches for his pistol as he hears Roman. His head nods in a slow agreement as he looks to Stockton "Agreed. Watch your fire as we are in tight confines. Hopefully this will open up a bit to give us some more fighting room.."
Derk Derk pauses as he's about to follow the others and holds up a fist in typical military fashion to stop everyone. When he realizes who he is with, he clucks his tongue, "Sounds ahead, there's movement," he hisses to those nearby, looking over at Manuelito and his comment at the end. "Just make a proper firing line..." he starts and then shakes his head, realizing once again, old habits seeming to die hard in the man's words.
Jacqueline "Shhh," Jackie hisses, pausing to tie a working flashlight under the barrels of her shotgun before she moves to join Stockton and Roman. It's beginning to look like they're going to be working in the dark before long. "Roman's right. They're close. I can stop them in a hurry, but this thing only carries two shots at a time," she whispers, joining the forming firing line. "I'll need cover to reload."
B B lets the others file into the tunnel ahead of her. She's not a soldier, nor trained by one but she can follow the others' lead. Remaining silent, possibly to try and hear these sounds the others speak of, she sticks to the left wall of the tunnel in an attempt to keep out of the way and tries to keep from making too much noise while following. A nod is given in Jackie's direction.
Abe     "We'll give it too you." Abe pipes in, pressing himself against the right wall to try and get a clear firing line past the others. "Just don't take a smoke break in between."

Slowly, he lifts the pistol up, sighting along it's back.
Manuelito It didn't take long for five of the ghouls to show up into the light being provided by the flashlights. There moaning turns to growls as they begins to move forward at a quicken pace, hands reach out jaws opening with salvia dripping.
Ruane Roman Raune will nod his head in respnse to the rest of the team, though his eyes will focus intensley upon B for a second there as her Flashlight seemingly causes a bit of attraction... and the sounds of the ghouls.. become sights. Without a word the man lifts his 10mm then to unload two rounds into the pair that starts to approach, frowning as he does so. "Opening Fire. Expect more. Mission paremeters changed. Clean out mines."
Manuelito As the Ghouls come in, Manny raises his pistol sighs and fires quickly at the Trio of Ghouls.
Derk Drawing a bead on the oncoming ghouls, Derk sets his arms and feet for the shot, waiting for people to find their own spots for firing before squeezing the trigger as his breath holds.
Stockton Stockton levels his handcannon and then his service pistol one after the other without blinking. The shots ring out echo down the hallways letting every Ghoul for miles know where they are. The second shot is taken after deliberate aim. Smoke rings off from the barrels as he keeps moving. Keeps looking for cover and to not be int he way of his companion's shots.
Abe     Wedged against the wall, gunshots ringing loud in his ears, Abe can almost feel the hearing damage set in with a faint ringing.

Even so, he adds his two cents to the mess. Pew, pew! His pistol cracks off, aiming as best he can given the circumstances... that second one might not have been gentlemanly.

Jacqueline Being no stranger to trouble and the painfulness of its side effects, Jackie doesn't avert her eyes. If she did, she couldn't shoot! Which she does, triggering a blast of double-aught buckshot at the ghoul that's still charging down upon the little group. The report of the 12 gauge is painfully loud in these quarters, but the results are always worth the noise.
B With nothing left moving by the time B finally lines up her shot, the raven-haired woman just lowers the barrel so the light pools on one of the fallen ghouls. Still, she keeps her attention on the tunnel in front of her, just in case there was a straggler down the line. Of course, chances are someone'll get that one before it gets to her anyway. That's okay with her. Saves her the ammo.
Manuelito It's a slaughter fest as the trio of ghouls falls quickly at the hands of bullets and lasers. As Abe turns to the second dual group, a laser beam disintegrates the ghoul quickly. Jacqueline stepping forward with the Shotgun has Manny quickly doubling back, hands going to his ears as the gun goes off twice.

A recount may need to be taken as one of the ghouls appears to be missing. Jacqueline's shotgun rips the head off, along with most of the upper body. What is left is a stump with legs that falls over. Everyone next to Jacqueline is splashed with blood.

Giving a sigh, Manuelito moves his hands from the ears and blinks a few times and pops his ears. "Okay. So.. that's five, right?" He asks already heading forward again without counting. Down some ways are two tunnels once more "Thoughts?"
Ruane Roman moves a hand up to touch at his forhead, keeping the other hand aroun the grip of his firearm. Whiping the sweat from his brow then he'll offer simply. "More than five likley. Chances of ambush increase with more noise. Would suggest moving quickly." Roman mutters as he steps forward. He'll offer before glancing further down the tunnel and taking a tenative step forward.
Jacqueline Wincing faintly, Jackie reloads her shotgun, looking around hastily; her hands perform the action automatically. "Everybody okay?" she asks, raising her voice a little to be heard over the dying echoes. "I'll bet that's not the last of them... not if they chased off an entire mining crew."
Abe     Working a pinky into one ear, Abe steps forward, dipping a toe into the ash pile that once was what once was a person. "What?" he feigns a stage whisper. Voice kept just low enough so that someone outside of the mine might not hear him.
Derk With the echoes of their short burst of gunfighting ringing in his ears, Derk continues to look down the end of his pistol, watching the modies for signs of movement until satisfied, he lowers his weapon, moving forward and pausing to check on B, "All good?" he asks the woman in passing, looking around at the others to make sure there were no lacerations taken on their parts. "I should probably take a moment and say if you end up bleeding somewhere, let me know, it's plausible that I was taught how to bandage a wound." he gives the others a grim smile in the dim light, before moving back to help search the ghoul bodies, though he notes something as he's kneeling down, "Hey, anyone else make out these marks heading towards that tunnel over there?"
B With a thin smile, B nods both to Jackie and to Derk. "All good right now." Just then, something catches her eye. Despite Abe's earlier 'look', the little raven-haired woman raises her light to the peak of the arch above one of the tunnels. There, barely reflecting any light thanks to the grime and rust, is a metal sign. "One," she reads before turning the light to the other tunnel. Sure enough, there's a 2 there. "Well, I guess we know which way to go if we're following the directions written on the map."
Stockton "Good fer now, keep yer ears open," Stockton says before angling his head to the right tunnel, pointing with one of his guns, "Definitely more Ghouls that way," he indicates with a broad gesture so everyone could see.
Manuelito Manuelito nods to B and heads down the one labelled 1. As they proceed down the tunnel, it opens to a large cavern. Inside, there is power from lighting that is sprung around. And within are a dozen Ghouls. All moving around slowly.
Ruane Roman Raune follows along easily enough, walking through the tunnels and content to not just do anything beyond follow instructions. Time and again though, the man draws his gun up and is the first to let loose with a pair of bullets ripping through the ghouls that they stumble across, a frown on his face. "curious. Wonder how many are here. Possibly dozens. Will be an expensive operation."
Manuelito Manny blinks at the sight, raising his gun up after a moment of hesitation. He had not seen so many ghouls parked in one place before. Targeting the closest group, he discharges his firearm, missing the first time, but landing one of the ghouls the second time.
Stockton Stockton is quick to aim at the second group, figuring Manny's already pointed at the first. He squeezes off the trigger of the handcannon, sending a .50 caliber bullet straight towards one Ghoul's brainpan. The second shot comes from his 10mm and manages to catch one in the chest.
Abe     Fear, a little bit of fear. It touched his heart and made the sweat on his brow go cold. "Shitshitshit-" he uttered under his breath as his hand lifted and brought the pistol up once more. Had he reloaded it since his last fight, how was the charge in the energy cell? He didn't know, he just started opening fire as swiftly as he could!
B Lips pressed into a grim line, B lifts her rifle and points it towards the first group of ghouls. She fires off two shots in quick succession. The first one hits a ghoul smack in the forehead, almost as if she planned it. The second goes who knows where.
Jacqueline Figuring to spread the hurt around, Jackie takes aim and pulls the trigger of her shotgun, sending two well-aimed blasts of buckshot at the third group of ghouls. "I'm out!" she calls, edging back a bit so she can reload.
Derk Derk, left with very little options that are useful bearing the current standing, raises his weapon and sets his sight down the top of the pistol to the lead group of ghouls, two quick shots are pulled in succession.
Ruane "Numbers thining. Losing focus." Roman mutters as he lets off a few more shots at the ghouls, his eyes narrowing before he steps back from the frontline for a second, lips twisting into a visible frown. "Would suggest measured response. Continued fire. Ghouls.. attacking." He'll mutter before looking over to Abe then. "Stand in front yes? Will need both hands to do repairs if time comes. You look.. sturdier."
Jacqueline Jackie swiftly thumbs two more shells into the shotgun, snapping the break action closed as more targets stagger into sight. Throwing the stock to her shoulder, she opens fire... perhaps a little too far away, given the buckshot dispersement. But she still has one more shot, if it's needed!
Derk Drawing another bead, Derk lets loose a couple rounds of ammunition from his 10mm pistol, finding a way to put the business end towards the advancing ghouls, realizing that they are coming closer, and yet he remains steady.
B B grips her rifle tightly, turning towards another trio of ghouls likely drawn by all the noise. She's not the first to fire into them. Rather, she adds her shots to the collection of bullet holes riddling their bodies. She lets out a slow breath that she didn't realize she was holding and bites down on her lower lip.
Abe     "Sturdy my ass!" barked Scribe McDonald over the sound of gunfire as he shifted his pistol at the end of his arm, searching for standing targets. He spots a pair and takes aim, "Just because a guy eats healthy doesn't make him a meat shield!" That's what Knights are for!


Or not, his alertness rolls are not the best.

Manuelito Roman and Manuelito's weapons discharge help cull one of the ghouls and brings injuries to another. B on the other takes down one of the ghouls with head shot. Derk stepping up finishes off the trio quickly.

When Stockton opens up on the ghouls, two of them align themselves back to back; aligning for a bullet to pass clean through with ease. the Rest of Trio 2 falls quite easily by Abe's energy discharge.

Jacqueline mows down two of the ghouls in the third trio with ease and wounds the third.

But the battle royale wasn't over.. No, more ghouls came in closer and the team once more went to town on them, taking down those left over from the last battle and mowing down through dual and most of a trio set.

The last ghoul of the trio lashes out at B, biting her arm as it attacks.
Ruane Roman, with other people now in front of him is able to take the time to line up a body shot and pull the trigger twice. The damage is enough and the ghoul, the final ghoul flops to the ground dead, as dead as the 'animal' is supposed to look really. Or what was left of it anyway. "Finished. Excellent.. time to move on perhaps?" Roman inquires before glancing aside to B then. "Should disinfect. Insure wound is not contanimated with radiation. Would reflect poorly on all of us."
Stockton Stockton takes a quick stock (I know!) of everything and promptly swaps out his magazines while they have the opportunity. The practiced motions of the Merc are over and done with before he's taking a few curious steps forward. "One more tunnel to go?" He asks of the group to make sure everyone else is up to continuing. There's a slight look for Roman, "Speak fer yerself, Tin-man."
B B isn't quiet quick enough to get of the way when the ghoul goes after her. Rather, she sort of freezes on the spot, turning to the side to protect her belly from the attack. This leaves her arm open to the clawing fingers of the last ghoul before it's taken out. Drawing a quick breath, she steps away from the corpse. She nods to Roman and looks down to her injury. "Derk .. would you?" she wonders, gaze seeking him out.
Derk Speaking if disenfection, Derk moves up to B, checking her arm as he motions to her towards the nearest wall, "Let's stop a moment and deal with that okay?" He remarks, then moves to the location indicated and slips his rucksack off his shoulder. Withdrawing his battered medkit, he opens it up and begins dealing with B's wound. He's not long, but when he's done, she's got a sprayed, sealed, and wrapped, yet functional arm, all properly dressed and good to go out for a night on the town.
Jacqueline Jackie rubs at her ear, then quickly breaks open the shotgun and pulls out the spent shell, replacing it with a fresh one. All this noise is beginning to hurt. "B, you okay?" she asks, looking back towards the gun-totin' mama-to-be.
Manuelito The last of the ghouls went down, hardly a fight with such a large group of people. Several more tunnels branch off from here, but it would seem the main nest was here. A quick search of the tunnels reveals nothing out of the ordinary to suggest that they would have ghouls inside them; but perhaps future expeditions would be needed to make sure.

In all 19 ghouls were killed and the only injury was B from the bit on her arm; not bad for a day's work.

Manuelito looks around quietly, sighing as he puts the pistol away. "I think we're good. I doubt the ghouls went further inside the mine.." He tells them, looking around "Seems like this was a good nesting ground for them." He adds with quietly.
Abe     That, that got a little hair. Not a lot but a little. Abe's heart slows and he draws breath, chest pressing against the back of his weathered chest piece. He takes a moment, easing the safety on his pistol but not tucking it away yet. It'd need a moment to cool before he tucked it back in his waist band... He really needed a new gunbelt. Lasers were always so hard to find a fit for.

His attention shifts here and there, gun hanging loose at the end of an arm. He could go about and rifle through some dead things pockets or...

His eyes turn to B and he pats a lump in his pocket...

Conflicted, he hesitates before he steps over, claiming a side that the the Derk doesn't occupy, "Hold on, I can get you ship-shape". he claims. Pulling out a stimpak.

He grips it firmly, seeking a look of consent. "Y'mind?" he inquires, waiting for a answer before he would or would not stick her.
B Ushered off to the side, B switches her rifle to her off hand, not wanting to be away from it just in case. "Thanks," she says to Derk as he patches her up. Now both her arms match: they're both wrapped from wrist to elbow in bandages. Trying for a reassuring smile, she nods to the other woman. "Yeah .. I'll be okay. Just need to be quicker on my toes." Manny's words have her looking around again, half expecting another group or two to pop out of the shadows and go at them again. Then there's Abe with his stimpack. "Er .. no. I don't mind, but I'll be okay if you want to save that. Just might stay near the back of the group next time."
Jacqueline Not being the best at fixing people, Jackie just sticks to standing watch. After the Fourth of July noise they'd made, she's not sure there won't be ghouls charging down the tunnels next, coming to get them all.
Abe     Scribe McDonald hears all of, 'No, I don't mind' before he plunges the business end into her thigh.

"Gonna sting." he warns even as the serum inside turbo charges her body into recovery mode.
Ruane "Unaware of anyone else speaking for me." Roman responds rather dryly then as his left brow lifts slightly then before glancing aside to Stockton. "Will add to record about death or injury of comrades little concern for you." Roman observes even as he moves to eject his magazine, slowly thumb through counting them before nodding his head and glancing aside then. "CHeck for More ghouls."
Derk With the bandages set and B good to go, Derk repacks his kit and steps out of the way while Abe goes all pokey poke with his stimpak. Once that's taken care of, Derk watches B, then offers her a hand to help her up and steady her through the first few steps. "Alright, we should move on."