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Cigano A quiet morning in the Gold Digger Saloon has its patrons in a somber but civil mood. Cigano arrives from his private room off to the side of the main room and makes his way to the bar to order some food. His chef's garb always draws some attention from the patrons but he seems to take it in high spirits. "Thats the religious nut right?" A few whisper. Other can be heard saying, "That whackado worships some pre-war chef I heard, at least they are a peaceful bunch, but you never know what happens behind close doors!" Cigano ignores this as he sits down and tips his toque to the current bar tender and orders some coffee taking a look around the bar to see if there are any new faces for him.
Decius At a table not too far off from the bar sits indeed a relatively new arrival of about a few days ago. Someone who is clad in what looks like Roman gear from millenia past, not that many actually could recognise it as that since in the post-apocalypse design like that is only associated to 'Ceasar' and his Legion, who has a rather huge shield and a spear leaning against his chair as he looks around the saloon with a slight scowl.
Cigano Cigano spots the new arrival and makes his way over to his table regardless of the scowl, "Good morning traveler, can I buy you a coffee in exchange for your story? I haven't seen anyone like you before, figure you have to have some kind of interesting story ehh? If you don't mind of course". He smiles a bit, trying to ease the tension out between them.
Decius Decius gestures to one of the other chairs at the table while moving his shield aside a bit to better lean back into his chair. "I'll take whatever you order. Have a seat and I'll tell you my story if you want, especially since you obviously aren't one of those folks who would shoot or stab me for it."
Cigano Cigano waves over to the bar and points to his drink before pointing then again to Decius. He slides into the chair gracefully and shrugs, "Well as you might imagine, I tend to get a lot of looks myself, but you shuld never judge a can by its label. You gotta open it, you know?" More of the strange homespun wisdom. He takes a sip from his makeshift mug, "I'm Cigano Del'latora by the way. High Chef of the city of Rail." He offers his hand to the man.
Decius Decius quickly and briefly shakes the mans hand before shrugging himself. "Considering that the army I defected from conquered over eighty tribes in only a bit over thirty years and enforces order through merciless executions and slavery one has to expect that most people should have the reflex to want to shoot me. Good thing is that El Dorado is far away enough of the Colorado river that they... don't have it." He briefly taps against his shield. "Didn't even have to get rid of my old stuff. Anyway, I'm Decius Caecilius Metellus. Former Decanus of Ceasar's Legion."
Cigano Frowns deeply hearing about the army and their deeds, "Well, that is something I wasn't fully aware of. I knew that Ceasar's Legion was dangerous, but I didn't know all of their deeds." He rubs the stubble forming on his chin before replying, "Then again, wise is the man who can see the rust on the can, even if its under the label." He leans back in the chair and sips his coffee as the coffee is set before Decius. He tells the waiter to apply it to his account before turning back to Decius, "So, interestingly enough then, you are a bit of a free man so to speak? I am looking for a few sturdy men to help me with something. It won't be easy, perhaps even dangerous, but the reward would be split evenly among those who do their part in the preparation. As they say, sometimes you have to break a few eggs, right?" He grins widely.
Decius "To be fair, the Legion has its good sides. Their lands are very safe as result of their cruelty since nobody dares to raid anything in their lands. Not that there is anyone left alive who could raid aside from the Legion itself, but still. Besides, its also better than the tribal life-style and constant skirmishes against each others beforehand." With that said he takes his cup of coffee and takes a sip. "Hmm, wonder if they would've banned this stuff at the camps or if they would count this as 'natural' enough. Anyway, if you need someone to help you with something I'd gladly help. I'm used to dangerous and a recent skirmish with the Sand Snakes down south got me some of my fighting spirit back, more or less."
Cigano Leans back a bit further in his chair, listening to the man. "Safety is important, but it is a rather terribly cost with what you described." He shrugs but then goes back to his pitch, "I know of a cache." He lowers his voice, knowing those words have killed men before, "Something worth taking a look for, but it may be in a place you aren't interested in going. The Faceless Saint left us a map you could say, we want to get there and recover it. It's a pilgrimage but one that is going to be quite dangerous. I'd be willing to hire you and if you have any friends who are interested to help me recover these relics and im sure a few other interesting things."
Decius Decius lower his voice as well and glances around briefly. "Well, I do know someone. Definitely not a friend of mine though, but someone you could look for. Man called Carter, apparently a NCR Ranger, so I know for a fact that he is trustworthy and pretty tough." Having said that he takes another sip from his coffee and smirks. "I at the very least am willing to help out. I mean, I got to earn something if I want to stay here and being the meatshield for others while they go prospecting or treasurehunting is interesting work."
Cigano Cigano knows all to well about having to make some caps to make it work, "Agreed, caps are hard to come by these days. Rail has to do a lot of trading to make it all work, but we make the ends meet." He takes a mental note of the mans name, "Carter, I will look into it. We will need some kind of medical person, perhaps even someone with mechanical aptitudes. Once we have our team we can bring the pilgrimage, but i must stress. Some of what we find will be artifacts or relics for our faith. I am afraid those things will be off limits on the split, but everyone else will be on the table. I am afraid that is something I can not yield on. Will that be acceptable to you?"
Decius Decius nods slightly, obviously not caring. "That works. Everything that doesn't end up with me returning with less than I went out with and also doesn't end up with me being held together solely by bandages is good so keep whatever has significance for you. As for the other people, I'll keep an eye open. I do know that one of the young Caines is pretty good when it comes to technology and there is some other woman I have seen who is decent at patching people up. I'll keep an eye open."
Cigano Cigano return the nods and finishes saying, "Well, thanks for putting the word out. Keep it as quiet as you can while you search, dangerous territory to be speaking on, but if we get enough people, then we can all make good. I have a suite here in the bar if you need to speak with me. Otherwise I will step out to return to Rail now and again, but otherwise I will be here." He stand, finishing his coffee and then adds, "As well, if things work out and you need a place. Rail is willing to take in those who don't have a home. We can speak more on that if you decide it is something your interested in."
Decius "I'll think about it once we got that pilgrimage of yours done." Decius shifts about in his seat a bit, having nothing else to add and simply continues to slowly drink his coffee.