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Tina Late afternoon has come, and the heat of the day has begun to taper off somewhat. A service concluded a little over an hour ago, and the last lingering loiterers have finally left. Tina is in the process of preparing the auditorium for the next service, which mostly consists of switching out the handful of hymn books and relighting the front candelabras. The job partly done, she vanishes through a rear doorway with an armload of books. A moment later, there is a clatter and a little shriek, then a moan of dismay.
Moon A woman had come in as Tina went into the back room. It is Moon. Slowly the woman had made her way down the aisle, grabbing a book and flipping through it. Hearing the shriek of dismay instantly she reacts, going to run into the room, book held up like a weapon.
Tina Moon finds Tina half-lying on the floor of the back room the doorway had led to, her habit in disarray and the armload of hymn books scattered all over the floor. "Oh, not /again/..." the young nun grumbles, moving to stand.

And then Moon runs in with a book raised to strike, and Tina shrieks in instinctive fright, shielding her face and head with her arms.
Moon The goggle wearing woman slides into, stopping in a fighting position. She does a even turn, stopping and looking at Tina, there looks left to right.

"At what velocity did they depart in and which direction."
Tina Tina blinks behind her arms, slowly lowering them at the question. "Oh... Miss Moon. I thought for a moment you were some manner of book raider," she says, relieved. "Nobody was here. I just... fell. Again," she admits, blushing. "I do that sometimes when I'm carrying heavy things."
Moon Moon slowly returns to a normal standing position, and holds onto the book for a moment, looking at Tina and tilting her head. "Your centre of gravity may be off. Have you tried carrying less books?" With her free gloved hand, she'd extend it to the woman on the floor to help her out.
Tina Tina takes the offered hand and stands, with some care for her skirts. "Thank you. I may have to do that, given my habit of falling." She begins to pick up the scattered books. "It is good to see you again. I hope you are well. You seemed rather distressed last time we spoke."
Moon "Have you tried learning to wall batter? Perhaps your balance is off, how are your toes?" Strange as always, Moon helps to lift Tina up. For being so slight she seems quite strong.

"Candles remind me of fire in my brain. Fire deep and burning. Fire forced on me."
Tina "So strong... and you don't look it. You continue to surprise me, Miss Moon," Tina observes as she is helped up. "Wall batter? What is that?" she asks, blinking in confusion.

Moon's description leads her to gently attempt to hug the strange girl. "I'm so sorry, Miss Moon... so sorry that you were hurt, in your mind or anywhere else," she whispers, sincerely.
Moon "Simple." Moon replies to Tina. "Creating a centre to work from to pull you up." Yet before more could be said, the goggle wearing woman leans forward a little. "Wall?" A pause, then it clicks, followed by playful giggles. "Walk! I meant walk!" She reaches down and yanks off her boot, feet are oddly clean. One can see tiny scars on her feet, dots and small lines. Toes wiggle. "Feet are our base, important." A foot lifts a bit to show Tina, toes wiggling more.
Tina Tina blinks as she is suddenly looking at Moon's bare, slightly scarred foot. The giggles are infectious, and she finds herself giggling along with Moon. "My toes are fine, really. My feet, too. Though I have stepped on the hem of my robes a few times," she admits softly.
Moon Putting her foot down, Moon kneels and looks at the hem of Tina's dress, then stands and looks her square in the eye - which can be felt. But there is a giant smile. "Then make it shorter." In her mind, it's a simple solution.    
Tina "I had not thought of that... maybe I should shorten it an inch or two," Tina muses, nodding. She shivers faintly at the pressure of that goggled gaze, though she isn't sure why...
Moon "A good plan." Moon advises, then looks around. "I remember the swings and mending pants. The parties, they were so much fun when we dressed up."
Tina "Mending... do you know how to shorten a robe?" Tina asks thoughtfully. "It would make my job so much easier." Then she looks at Moon's face thoughtfully. "Why do you wear those goggles all the time? Wouldn't they make it hard to see in dim light?"

The reminiscing is met with a faint smile. "Swings and parties... I really don't know much about such things, but they sound fun."
Moon "I had to ment thing, stitch my owies too." She wiggles her toes again and then puts her boot on, pausing half way when asked about her goggles.

"I'm wrong." Her tone is almost sing-song, oddly, boot being slid back on. "They call me Moon for that."
Tina "Wrong? Is something the matter with your eyes, then?" Tina asks. She doesn't ask about the girl's obvious insanity, because that would be rude. And mean.

Nodding to Moon's comment, she hastily begins to untie her cloth belt and pull off her veil and cowl. "So you do know how to sew? I can do the measurements and the cutting if you could help me hem it when I've finished," she suggests, shaking her blonde braid free.
Moon "Moon." Says Moon, as if that explains it all.

As Tina removes her robe, there is a tilt of her head, curious, almost like she had never seen a body before in this state. "I can stitch." Says the woman simply going to take the robe. "Needles go in and out, in and out.. in and out." She hums this some. "Do you have a needle and thread?"
Tina "Several," Tina replies, tugging her tabard and robe over her head. Left in a white tank and red athletic briefs, she crouches next to a small cabinet to rummage around in it before producing a leather wallet containing several spools of thread and a few needles of various makes. "Here we are... and here's my scissors and measuring tape! This shouldn't take more than a few minutes," she says, curiously excited by the prospect of hemming and mending her robe.
Moon Moon sits right where she is, taking the items and sets the robe on her lap. She looks at the robe, and then up to Tina, staring at her for a moment. Then there is muttering, and counting on her fingers, Moon easily doing math until there is a nod to herself.

"Why do you believe?" She asks suddenly, hemming the dress.    
Tina Tina watches Moon just a bit anxiously. After all, she has a service to conduct soon. The question is met with a blink and a moment's silence. "Why? Because I do, I suppose. The Scriptures provide guidance on a better way of life, a worthy way to treat your fellow human beings... with the dignity and kindness that all people deserve. Granted, some people prove themselves unmeriting of those things by their actions. Usually violently. But we try to do things a better way as much as we can."
Moon Moon has done this many times. She sits there in her slightly dirty floral dress, hair down and slightly messy, with goggles on, working on the hem, which goes prettt fast.

"And if it is a lie?" Suddenly she looks up and stares at Tina, she may be able to feel the questioning gaze.
Tina "Then it has still taught me a better way to live, and that is more than I deserve. But it is not a lie, Miss Moon... it is something that everyone seems to need, no matter what the tenets of the faith may be. Something to believe in, a need to be part of something greater than yourself. Security when there would seem to be none," Tina replies, unable to help a faint shiver at Moon's intense gaze.

"You are a very curious woman, Miss Moon. But I think you're a very good person underneath the pain."
Moon The robe is shifted as she works, each stitche finding it's spot. Her gaze pulled away to her work now. "I'm alone." She says with total acceptance. "Lost. Don't know where I came from."

Done hemming she stands and goes to hand over the robe. "I'm me. Just me. Whoever I am, or was."
Tina Tina carefully accepts the robe back. At Moon's words, she drops the garment and hugs the girl warmly. "You are always welcome here, Miss Moon," she whispers, with deep conviction. "Whoever you are or were, you are always my friend. And I hope that will make it so that you are no longer so lost and alone..."
Moon "A.. friend?" Moon sounds surprised. "I like that! Friends, yes! I never had much of a friend before."
Tina "Then I am glad to give you one," Tina whispers, giving the girl a gentle squeeze.

Then she looks up at the sound of several people entering the auditorium, audible through the doorway. "The service! Oh, dear... quick, help me get dressed!" she hisses, stooping to pick up her robe. "I'm sorry to leave you here, but I've got to help with the service now. I'll be back as soon as I can be," she promises.