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Sparrow There's a group of eight at one of the side tables, a Mr. handy making sure drinks are at the ready for the group. Some cowboys, a couple scavvers, Stockton and of course Sparrow who's listening quietly while Stockton tells the somehow fantastical story of a big man in a cape tearing off a bears 'twig and berries'. It's an interesting tale.

Sparrow tosses in a set of cards and gets two from the dealer and then falls quiet chewing lightly on the end of her cigarillo.

Otherwise it's just another night in the saloon. Folks drinkin', folks flirtin' with the girls. Escaping the heat of the Wasteland.
Jacqueline Through the front door comes Jackie Wayne, her much-used shotgun cradled under one arm. The fix-it girl appears a bit dustier than usual, which might be why her first stop is the bar for a Sunset Sarsaparilla. Not that she's so consumed by thirst that she forgets to wave to Stockton and Sparrow, though, even if her smile is a little weary.
Stockton "I'm tellin' yah, the feller wit the cloak. He literally had the bear by the twig'n'berries. Wrestled with the thing fer a good minute before he actually reached fer it. It worked I guess, but goddamn it was messy. Blood everywhere, bear dick everywhere. I ain' ever seen a thing like it b'fore." ANd with that he takes another heavy long drink and Stockton glares at his blonde companion. "Yer not gonna keep makin me tell this story are yah?"
Iris Lark Iris walks into the saloon, looking for a cola and some conversation. Every so often she stops by to talk to the girls who work here, but tonight she spots a card game in progress so she takes a seat to watch. As she sits down she spots Jackie and offers the woman a cheerful wave and a grin.
Ashur Another night at the saloon-- and another attempt for Ashur to overcome his entirely unnecessary hang-ups toward degeneracy. The golden-skinned man in Legion armor, hands wrapped in boxing tap beneath a set of spiked knuckledusters, swings in through the front door a little bit after Jackie. A flex of fingers, a deep breath, and he walks toward the table where Stockton and Sparrow are. He recognizes them.

He also happens to be wearing a cloak, and catches the tall tale's tail end. He clears his throat, and looks down at them. "The genitalia are a weak point on most creatures."
Sparrow Sparrow looks up at Jackie and upnods towards her as she switches her cigarillo from the lift to right side exhaling a puff of smoke through her teeth. She side-eyes Stock with a sly smile. "Why not? Ya tell it well enough. First time was more amusing though." Iris is given a nod and a wave as well before Sparrow folds on the hand an pushes her four caps into the pot.

She looks up at Ashur and backhands Stockton across the chest. "See there? No longer gotta tell it, he can do it for himself. Evenin', Fella, have a seat. I'll buy you a drink. Figure you earned it." She glances to the cowboys who call and one of the Scavvers takes the pot. Similar faces, for those who'd seen the brawl the other evening. Some fo them still ebar the bruises of the brawl.
Stockton Stockton catches sight of Jackie and Iris and then Ashur. A blink and he looks up at the cloaked man and grins oh so charmingly. "You wash yer hands since then at least?" he asks without remorse or shame before folding his hand and pulling out a fresh cigarillo so that he can chew on the end and puff on the sweet smelling tobacco. "Sure 'nuff earned it. Fuck, if it were funnier before was probably cuz I was drunk." He chuckles and shrugs and shifts to check his belongings are still there. "Hail hail, the gang's all here," he chin-ups to Jackie in particular, "To the empty handed," he grins at her.
Jacqueline Jackie, collecting her bottle of frosty beverage, moves to join the crowd at the card table, giving Iris a quick one-armed hug and a smile as she takes a seat. Seeing Ashur coming in, she salutes him with the bottle of soda. The other hand being taken up by her shotgun, she can't just wave. "I can chip in a cap, too," she says, nodding to Sparrow. "That's about all, though. Buying ammo about cleaned me out."
She nods to Stockton, stifling a smile. "Hear hear. Though I'd rather hear the rattle of caps. Last time I work for that chicken Colonel!"
Iris Lark Iris can tell that a story is coming and she loves a story so she scoots closer to the crowd, both of her hands holding her cola bottle. She glances around at the rest of the crowd and sees them paying attention to the conversation as well, so she doesn't feel as if she is sticking out like a sore thumb, yet.
Ashur "Do you see any blood on me?" Ashur questions, looking for the nearest available seat. He tugs it back and knocks it against one of the table's legs with a woody grinding, easing his great weight down upon it. He drinks in the smoke with flared nostrils, scuffing a toe along the floor, and glances toward Sparrow. "What is there to tell? There was a yao guai. The two of you shot it, and when it was sufficiently wounded, I ripped its cock off. It limped off wounded and you pierced the brain."

He is not much of a bard, really.
Sparrow Sparrow huffs, "Man. You'd think you'd have more glorious stories the way the legion usually butters up their heroics." Yup, Sparrow? She's a charmer. She tips back some of her beer as people move about. Ashur sits and two scavvers flee; more than likely the ones who told him to take back those words he said. Not that either of them hd understood his highfalutin flowery language at the time. It leaves room for others to sit.

"Jackie, Doc Iris, how you ladies doin'?" She drawls as she takes the cards and starts to shuffle them. She glances around the bar to see if anyone's straggling or looks like they need a pick me up. She glances back to her table mates though, "He's leaving out that the damned Bear was a greybeard. Weighed more than all of us twice over, and had already killed a few of the Tribes folk out at Salt Creek. And that he did this with his bare hands and somehow managed not to get gutted or bitten for his troubles. Then Stockton took his brainpan off."

A couple folks linger to hear, some look dubious and others don't want to hear about Ashur and some bear's man bits. The Mr. Handy server brings over another round of drinks.
Stockton Stockton switches his cigarillo to the other side of his mouth and puffs an exhale of smoke through his nostrils as he plays with his caps in a pile. Fiddling mostly. "I had tah put it out of its misery. Otherwise it was gonna live a miserable cockless last of its life. Even greybeard Yao Guai deserve a lil dignity," he chuffs softly and reaches for his cards when they're dealt. "I'll give you this," he tells the Legionairre, "Whether yer dodging a bear or dancin' yer ass off, yer a lot more nimble than yah look." Then that feral toothy grin is slipping back to Sparrow, "That's right, you missed the former Legion man grooving to Elvis. Granted he just sorta punched things in was still amusing."
Jacqueline "It's quite a story," Jackie says, impressed in spite of herself and her weariness. "Not everyone can do that to a Yao Guai, especially a terror like that one. Nice work, Mister Ashur."
She gives Sparrow a smile, nodding her own greeting and leaning back in her chair, propping her booted feet up on the edge of the table, crossing them at the ankle. She sighs wearily and takes a long pull from her sarsaparilla.
Iris Lark "I'm doing well!" Iris calls out to Sparrow, before she goes quiet again to listen to the story. When Stockton speaks up her head turns almost automatically and she finds herself mouthing 'Elvis' before she takes another sip of her cola. She focuses on the card game and continues to listen.
Ashur "The Legion need not exaggerate," the man insists in tones like gravel, bone-and-feather adorned braids swaying behind his chair as he tilts his head back. The interior of the building is so smokey, he thinks, darker than it should be-- and it smells. But it isn't an unpleasant smell. "But so be it. A less terse story, then."

He runs his fingers through the bristles of his beard. There are, in fact, the stains of drying blood on the spikes of the knuckles, but they're probably not from a bear's castration. "We followed a tribal guide toward a wooded ravine up north. An elder bear there had gotten a taste for human flesh along the way-- only the steepness of the incline kept it from bothering to climb and ravage them fully. It was an ancient glen, and the thickness of the boughs kept it in endless shadow. Following the piles of bones made tracking easy enough.. but we needn't have bothered. It caught our scent, first."

He pauses to draw breath. No one likes a story if you just rush through it. And that's when Stockton talks about Elvis and dancing.

"That was.. a strange outing."
Sparrow Sparrow's brow lifts at Stockton and she peers at the singular legionnaire with a lofted brow and a smirk. "That must've been a sight." She gestures though. She'd all for hearing the story straight from the mouth of the man who did it. It was dark, after all, and she might've been losing her lunch during part of it.

Jackie's given a curious expression and a slowly lofted brow before she glances to Iris and lifts a card towards her, wiggling it to see if she wants to be dealt in before putting it on the bottom of the pile. Ashur and Stockton re getting dealt in, that's for sure. Though, the pot starts small. One cap with a two max cap for raisin'. This isn't the casino this is past time.

She glances between Stockton and Jackie. "Maybe after him, ya'll can tell us what old Sanders was up to."

Folks mill about the salon. Some really interested now that Ashur's getting into the storytelling. That's one-third of what folks come to the Saloon for; the stories, the girls, and the booze. Sparrow spots Ashur eyeing Stockton's cigarillo and nudges the big man to share since she, of course, had to bum hers off the Merc.
Jacqueline Jackie listens, her dark eyes getting slowly wider and wider. "Creepy place," she murmurs, thinking about it. "Creepier than a mine full of ghouls, even."
Catching Sparrow's curious look, she offers the cowgirl a smile she hopes is reassuring. "It's been a long day, Miss Sparrow," she replies softly. "A lot of dark and a lot of dust, and a lot of things that should've died a long, long time ago."
Iris Lark "I'll watch if you don't mind. I've never played, and I shouldn't waste my caps." Iris says, scooting closer again. She gazes at Ashur for a few moments, the flush in her cheeks evident, as she asks in hushed tones, "What happened next?"
Ashur As a few others gather around the table to hear, Ashur becomes less visibly uncomfortable-- it's incomparable to his first outing to the saloon even a short time ago. "So there we are, the three of us, standing amidst a scattering of pine and bone and rotting flesh, all laid out like a dinner table. They said they heard a roar; well, they must have, because the beast thunders toward us through the darkness. Throw the girl," and he tilts his head toward the only one here he doesn't recognize, Iris, "on my shoulders, and the damn monster would still be looking down at her."

He pauses for breath again, mouth half-cocked in grin. "It stomps forward and," he pauses here and SMACKS his hand on the edge of the table, loud as gunshot, rattling caps and glassware alike, "crushes the bones and the pine needles and the branches beneath its feet. Still not more than a shadow, and it's building up speed. So I tell the other two to fan out ahead of me, form a triangle-- far away from each other as they can manage. And I start yelling at the bear."
Sparrow Oh, now there's a story and with stories, there are people who sit nearby to drink and listen. Stories are good for business and since Sparrow is buying Ashur's drinks for the evening the bear wrestler has at least half the saloons attention while Sparrow finishes dealing. She grins to herself moving her hat to the side so that she can lean in and lean forward. She knows the story but word of mouth is the best medicine for boredom.
Jacqueline Iris voices it well enough; Jackie just sits and shivers, caught up in the big man's words as he spins his tale. And it's plain that it's his tale, as Sparrow and Stockton have given him the starring role in it. He was there with the Yao Guai, after all, close enough to smell its mutated reek.
Tina Tina walks into the saloon, pausing near the door to look around and let her eyes adjust to the light.

And apologize awkwardly and step out of the way of a man who had come in behind her and bumped into her hwen she'd stopped in the middle of the floor, blocking the doorway. She hastily steps to the side, almost into the edge of a table nearby, and swiftly offers another apology.

Then she jumps at the sound of the smacking of the table, with a little gasp, and looks around for the shooter. Seeing none, she blushes and draws closer to the knot around the big storyteller. "Peace and Blessings to you all, and a good evening, too," she says softly, by way of greeting.
Iris Lark Iris is transfixed by the story but when Tina steps in she blinks as she glances towards the woman. She waves happily towards her, recognizing her from the clinic, before she turns back to listen to more of the story. She doesn't even seem to realize that her cola is all but gone, as it is still held loosely in her hands.
Ashur "See, it wouldn't be any good for us to get caught up together in a pile," the bull-cloaked man explains, slowly turning his gaze upon each of the gathered listeners in turn. "Because an animal like that, with arms that thick, and claws twice again as long as these," and he lifts the hand wearing the spiked knuckles and gives them a slow, dramatic swipe for emphasis, letting folk imagine the bear's razor paws, "could easily cleave us all together. The smart move was to split-- make it only able to gun for one of us at a time. Minimize its offensive capabilities and dramatically emphasize our strengths-- namely, two crack shots."

He looks down at the table and arranges a handful of caps and bottles-- a cap each to represent Sparrow, Stockton, and himself, and a bottle for the bear. He arranges the caps in an upside-down triangle, the bottle bear between its base, and moves the bottle inside the triangle.

"I shout to draw the beast to me; befitting a wild animal, it falls into my trap. It breaks into the pile of bones and scatters them, and now it's close enough I can see it-- teeth like knives, hands of death, and smell the meat in its stomach. It takes a swing, and I hop back out of reach." Fingers curl in claws and drag down centimeters from his face.

When Tina's made herself known, Ashur cuts a glance at her, then refocuses.
Sparrow Some folks shout and jump, Wastelanders are so skittish, when the large man slaps his hand on the table. Some look around and a few giggle under their breaths nervously. But the tale is now both educational and engrossing so attention lingers.

Sparrow nods at Tina's greetings, "Sister." The cowgirl greets with a tip of her imaginary hat as she takes another drag off the last inch of her cigarillo, exhaling smoke through her nose and teeth as she talks and picks up her cards to idly pick at them. She's aware that folks aren't really playing but it gives her something to do with her hands. She watches as Ashur sets up the description of the bear, himself Stockton and Sparrow and nods her agreement. She doesn't really talk much about her part in it though.

A couple of guys in the corner scoff but they're given dirty looks from a small gathering of people who really only get to hear a whole lot of 'I got a raider today' or various ghoul attacks.

The Robo-server drops off a beer at Ashur's side and floats along by with a quiet whirr.

Elsewhere in the bar others are chatting but the focus seems to be on the big Ex-Legion man telling his tale. Sparrow gestures for Tina to come on over and have a seat.
Jacqueline Jackie, hearing Tina come in, glances back and gives the Sister a faint smile and a wave. For once, she's not bouncing off the walls. Weary Jackie is Weary. And shivery, listening to Ashur's story of bare-handed combat. And bear-handed combat, on the part of his adversary. The law of blade and fang must have been fully in effect.
Tina Tina offers Sparrow, Iris, and Jackie each a small smile of greeting and recognition, though her attention is swiftly stolen again by the story. "You are a very brave man," she observes, sincerely, as she listens. "I would not want to be nearly so close to such a creature, dead or alive."
Iris Lark Iris finally notices her cola and she takes a final drink before she gets to her feet and walks to the bar setting the bottle on the surface. She moves back to her seat and perches on it, her eyes moving back to the storyteller. She sees the caps, and gets back into the story, yawning a bit as she shifts on her chair.
Stockton Stockton has been between his beer and his cigarillo. He did eventually offer one over to Ashur during the thrilling re-telling of their adventures against an ancient bear. He just chuffs some at the florid descriptions and smirks as the tale continues on. Of course he doesn't pipe up about much, preferring to let the Legionairre give his tell of it.

Those elbow settle up on the table and he fans his cards out in front of his face a last time before giving a derrisive snort, "Fold," he says with a mutter before glancing at Tina, his smirk comes back and he nods at Ashur to continue the bold telling of their epic tale. Plucking the cigarillo from his lips a moment, he exhales a cloud upwards and gives the dissenters the table over a thorough glaring at.

Kicking out another seat for Tina, he scoots in closer to make everyone snugger. Glancing at Sparrow's hand if he gets the chance of course. Not like he's got stake in this pot.
Ashur "A firearm is mighty, and useful, indeed," Ashur explains to Tina, "but a reliance on such a weapon cripples you should the technology fail. Such is why the Legion exalts the strength of the body above all else-- master it, and you are never without the means to kill. And to kill something with honor, and prove yourself its greater, you must lay your hands upon it."

He waves his hand, and with a little swing of the bear bottle into the cap that represents him the fight begins. "Any blow could break a limb if it hit, but strong as he was, he was old, slower-- and once they started putting bullets in him, the old man of the forest went into a rage. Leaving himself defenseless-- easy enough to strike at his arms, his thick body, but hard to do any real damage. I was starting to sweat."

He points two fingers at Sparrow and Stockton. "One of them takes its ear off as it snaps jaws at me. Don't know which. Disoriented, it comes again. One claw, duck; a second, it goes off-balance, twist on a heel. It bites again, I slip around it, it loses sight of me for a moment. Rears up to threaten and roar.. and right then, that's when I go in."

He clenches his right hand into a fist. "Thrust two spikes into the top of its groin, severing flesh. Before it could respond, I dig my fingers in, twist, and rip the cock and balls right off. Emasculate the beast. Cowed, it tries to flee.. at which point shots to the head finish it off. By the end of it, none of us took a scratch."
Sparrow One folks, two put in and Sparrow pushes another cap in to raise as they all play, absently, while listening to the harrowing tale of Ashur taking down the Yao gain in the most painful manner possible.

Sparrow points at Stockton. "That's all him." She replies and takes another drink. "I hit it once, I think, in the shoulder." The Wasteland Doctor is a crack shot, yes, but she's not the Merc or the Brawler. She sets her drink down, setting the bottle aside and stubbing the last of her cigarillo into the ashtray as she listens nodding still as she adjusts her cards. She has a decent hand but nothing to get her knickers in a bunch over. She nods to the first cowboy who sees the bet and the last who sees and calls setting down a hand that's all right but doesn't beat the cowgirls. She wins the pot and tells the cowboys she has to call off now that she's broken even.

No one minds, Ashur's far more interesting right now.
Tina "Please, don't mistake my meaning, brave sir... I would not want to be near such a creature, even with a gun. I am not a warrior, like you and your brave companions," Tina replies, blushing faintly and shaking her head. She accepts the chair Stockton had kicked out for her, giving the unfamiliar man a grateful smile and a little nod.

The ending of the story leaves her looking a bit ill at ease and possibly just faintly green, but she masters herself enough to applaud. Not slowly, either.
Jacqueline Jackie grimaces faintly, but nods and lifts her bottle of sarsaparilla in salute. "To Mister Ashur: He ain't 'fraid of no b'ar," she says solemnly, looking around to see if anyone else is up for a toast.
Stockton "A firearm's fine until you run outta bullets, s'why I keep a knife," Stockton admits while patting the sheathed combat piece on his chest under his coat. Watching Sparrow rake in the caps he just chuckles and shakes his head, not about to challenge that one. The visual descriptiveness of Ashur's death blows is something that brings him back to reality. "Fuckin' hell, there was blood'n guts everywhere. Still think I did the poor thing a service puttin it out of its misery after that stunnin' defeat." he nods once and goes back to chewing on his cigar. Looking over at Jackie he smirks, "Tah Bear-groper the Merciless!" He lifts his beer and clinks Jackie's with a big toothy grin of his own. He's a shit. And he knows it.
Ashur With the story at an end, Ashur sits back in his chair, stretching out his legs. "And that's the less terse version," he ends it with, rapping a knuckle on the table's top. He looks toward Tina now, and this is the first time he *sees* her-- the peculiar outfit, the smallness, the pale hair and the curves and the overall doll-like features. A prostitute who works here? "Someone like you shouldn't be anywhere near it; be a good girl and stay at home. Find a more respectable line of work, have strong sons." He could condemn her for the degeneracy of selling sex, but the mood's good, and the people he's met as of late have been coaxing him, slowly, into being less of a stick in the mood.. he'll stick with giving her some positive reinforcement and life suggestions.

At the toast, he hms, lifts the empty bottle he'd used to represent the bear, and makes the same motions as the rest of them. He'll even let the bear-groper comment slide. It's a good night.
Tina Tina smiles shakily at Jackie, not missing Stockton's toast. She misses Ashur's meaning entirely, however. "But I could not have a more respectable line of work, brave sir. I am assistant to the good lady who runs the church. We ensure that all who need a house of worship have one. And that the air conditioning keeps running, which is truly a godsend in such a hot climate as this."
Jacqueline "Saaaaa-lute!" Jackie choruses, and finishes her sarsaparilla in one long pull. Thumping the bottle down, she sighs in contentment. She really could drink this stuff all day. Though she'd get terribly sick...
She glances up, blinking in surprise as Ashur gives the Sister advice. She can't quite hide a smile. "I think you're mistakin' the good Sister's line of work, Mister Ashur," she says softly, giving him a teasing grin. Like most southwestern wasters, she has a certain sense of humor. At least she has the courtesy not to laugh in his face!
Stockton While beer and cheers are passed around Sparrow makes a quiet getaway with her caps, at least to stash them somewhere before someone gets any "smart" ideas. The cowgirl will be back shortly. Of course Stockton is watching her go and when she's gone he is looking back to laugh and then knock back his beer. "Be a good girl and do whatever the fuck you wanna do. Mr. Stuffy pants is still learnin' the El Dorado way," he assures with a smirk for the stuffy Legionairre. Then he laughs, "Oh shit, yer a real nun?" he asks of Tina. Looking back at Jackie for clearer confirmation.
Ashur "So you aren't a prostitute for the saloon?" The former Legionnaire hms again, scratching at one of the braids in his beard. "A priestess, then. I am familiar with them; the ones who raise children and teach them the principles which dictate their life. I might have a few reasons to visit your church in the coming seasons." So far from Legion territory, it isn't like he can depend on their priestesses; would he even want to? The rumors say Caesar is dead, but they would not accept him, regardless..

A pursing of his lips marks his descent into internal reverie. It's Jackie's look and Stockton's laugh that rouse him from the brooding introspection. "That is an undisciplined outlook. We cannot all do what we want-- we do what we must. She could no more be a killer than I a priestess, our wills be damned."
Sparrow Sparrow chuckles and lifts her bottle, "Here here. it was a good fight, one I won't forget for a long time." She sets the empty bottle down and tries to wave down a server for another. She looks to Jackie and Stockton, "Didn't you two just do something exciting?"
Tina Tina blushes in sympathy for Ashur at Stockton's laughter, adding a soft, "I am... my name is Sister Tina, good sir. Please, be nicer to this brave man, who selflessly drew the wrath of the bear that his companions might be free to fight it on their own terms," she says magnanimously. "After all, you are here today because of him, when you might not have been." Jackie gets a knowing smile and a soft, "Be nice, Miss Jacqueline."

She shakes her head at Ashur's suggestion. "Nuns don't generally raise children, unless they are orphans. Mostly we are custodians of the church. We also try to do good deeds for those in need, and minister to and help the sick and infirm, who cannot help themselves."
Jacqueline Jackie shakes her head under Tina's gentle rebuke. "I'll be good, Sister, promise," she says, stifling a smile. Smiling now would just be rude.
Sparrow's question is innocent enough, but it draws a grimace. "I guess that depends on your definition of exciting. We got ripped off by that tightwad Colonel Sanders for clearing out his mine. What I made barely covered my ammunition."
Sparrow Sparrow lifts a shoulder and licks a tooth, "Probably wouldn't be such a tightwad if ten percent of his caps weren't 'dissapearing' every quarter. Good enough that we got the mine cleared out though, now hopeully that means we can figure out why that's happenin' hmm?" She muses darkly before shaking her head and knocking back another drink of her beer as she settles back in and drags a hand through her blonde curls.
Stockton Stockton just shakes his head at Tina, "Sister, if you knew me, you'd stop wastin yer breath right there." It's a gentle prod that she should spend her prayers on someone else. "Name's Stockton, seem to be in the habit of doin' favors these days, so if'n ya need somethin' filled with holes, you lemme know." He gives her a tip of his beer glass and drinks the rest of it before switching back to his cigar. Taking a few puffs before he goes back to chewing on it. "Mine's cleared out at least, means the honest folk can go back to makin' a livin' even if they work for a sleaze ball. I'm still investigatin' Wil E's shit," he tells Sparrow, "If'n he had connections we'll find out."
Ashur The notion of a church is alien to Ashur; he returns Tina's explanation with a blank expression and ignorance in his eyes. "A gathering of healers," he settles on after a moment's thought, "who come together under one roof to mend the broken. I understand now; are you enemies of the clinic?" Competition is bad for business, after all; who knows, maybe there's money to be made in destroying one or the other. He waits for the answer, contemplates it, and then rises to his feet. His raggedy cloak swirls behind him, brushing at his thick, exposed calves. Like all real men, he wears a skirt.

"The hour grows late; before I set out tomorrow, I must tend to my girls. Enjoy your.." A look around. ".. festivities."
He pivots toward the front door, and begins to walk.
Tina "I know you will, Miss Jacqueline," Tina replies to Jackie. At Stockton's reply, she merely nods. "As you wish. I will remember your offer. I have a persistent worry that raiders or other unsavory types will attack the church, and I don't know how well two guns will fare against them."

She shakes her head, watching Ashur stand. The movement sets her long, thick braid to swaying beneath her veil. "Something like that, though we do not compete with the clinic... often, we try to help them. We share a mission, and competition helps no one. Perhaps some day I can explain it better. Good luck upon your journey. Perhaps I could look in on your girls for you while you are away, to ensure they are safe and well?" she offers, without an ounce of guile to the offer.
Sparrow Sparrow looks at Stockton and then back down. She says not a word as she takes a long pull off her beer. She glances at Jackie as well and chuckles quietly. "I should probably be on my way too. It's a long ay back to the farm and I've got a dinner to prep for." She smiles and nudges Stockton. "You gonna be able to come with me on my next few runs? You miss all the good stuff when you don't." She stands up and pulls on her hat, "Sister, ttake care of you." Ashur gets a to fingered wave and jackie gets a smile, "We still need your help any time, Jackie. I can only pay you twenty caps but hey - at least you wont waste ammo"
Jacqueline "Well, you both take care, then," Jackie says, meaning Sparrow and Ashur. "I'll be glad to have the work, Miss Sparrow, and no mistake. Shotgun ammo ain't cheap at five caps to the shell." She gives the cowgirl doctor a quick hug. "Say hi to the family for me?"
She looks at Stockton, nodding seriously. "Think the mine had anything to do with that Wil E. character?"
Stockton Stockton just shakes his head at Ashur's ideas and lets the man get to where he's going. "Rest up, heal up, we likely got more work tah do tomorrow," he tells the big former Legionairre, seeing as they end up on all the same jobs together. Shifting in his seat he finds his pocket of caps for the night empty and his beer about the same. Glancing at the Sister he just offers a wane smile before his attention is draged away by Sparrow. "I'm comin' with yah, gotta keep you outta trouble," he grumbles before looking at Jackie and nodding. The big Merc is already taking up his coat, his helmet, putting both on he flicks on the internal light so his face shows up in the dark plastic T-visor. "Absolutely, Wil E. stole demolitions from the Mine, which was overrun wit Ghouls, coincidence ain't somethin' I believe in," he gives a wink and then flicks the internal light off and the NVR's on with a tiny whirr. "Sparrow, walk you'n Bluebelle home?" he offers or is that a demand.
Sparrow Sparrow looks to Jckie, "I think Wil E. Had a lot mroe to do with a lot more then just the Sheriff, Darlin'." Her expression is dark, "But that's a conversation for another time and definately another place." She looks to Stockton and then nods again as she passes the ladies. She steps out and nods, "Course. Got asked on a date by the Ranger who asked me to come take a lookit his ribs today. Nice kid.." She says as they step out.
Tina "I shall. Be safe on the road, Miss Sparrow," Tina replies. "Likewise, Mr. Stockton." Looking to Jackie, she asks, "Who is this Wil E.? He sounds thoroughly horrid, at best. Might I be of any help in dealing with the scoundrel?"