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Tina Ten in the morning on a Friday. On many days, the church would be busy, whether with a service or with the hustle and bustle of preparing for the next service. But not on Friday... Friday morning is free and clear.

So Sister Tina is sweeping up in the auditorium with a wide push-broom, ensuring that the floor is as clear of sand and dust as possible. With the desert so close at hand, it is a neverending job. But she sees to it with a will, because she is a good assistant, and this is a simple job that she /can't/ mess up. Most of the time...
Kurokumo Mibojin      Most days, Kurokumo is stuck in her office treating patients who have gone out of their way to invite trouble of some sort. She's escaped Shantytown, for now, checking out the collection of buildings at El Dorado. What could be in here? The Japanese-American woman walks inside, looking across the strange structure while her shoulders comes closer together. It's cold in here! "Hello?"
Tina Tina pauses at the soft call, leaning her broom against the wall between two windows. Smiling, she walks toward the visitor. "Welcome to the church, Ma'am. I am Sister Tina. How may I help you today?" she asks, bowing from the shoulders to the taller woman.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Blinking at Tina, Kurokumo decides to bow back. Her mother wouldn't have raised her to not show respect otherwise. "I was just taking a stroll around town, and I didn't know what this building was for. I'm Kurokumo." It's spacious, the structure something of a wonder. "Whst is this place?"
Tina Tina's smile warms slightly at the question. "It is a church... a hall of worship. The churches of old were dedicated to a single religion, but we try to cater to all major religions that do not use violence as a means of controlling their congregations or those around them. Beyond self-defense, anyway. Please enjoy the air-conditioning. It is one of the benefits of working here, actually, and sometimes we get visitors who come just to cool off."
Kurokumo Mibojin      Comprehension dawns over Kurokumo's face, as Tina makes everything all so clear. "How exactly do you mean by 'cater'? Just by using the space?" Her brows furrow, not unkindly, as she tries to discern the possibilities that are offered here.
Tina "Mostly. Sometimes my Sisters and I officiate other services, and sometimes others do it. But the space is available to them if they need it," Tina replies. "It is one of the reasons we have been able to keep this place open when it otherwise might have closed."

She blushes. "But I'm rambling, I think. How may I help you today, Miss Kurokumo?" she asks warmly.
Kurokumo Mibojin      There's a bit of a slow nod, Kurokumo not seeming to be affected by Tina's rambling. She does notice the slight blush, lips quirking as she feigns ignorance. "My family's customs are fairly private, but I was wondering what you might have in the way of incense?"
Tina "Hmm... actually, Sister Neva generally handles the use of incense... she doesn't trust me with anything more complicated than a candle when it comes to fire. I can check and see what she has, if you like. She's away today, or I could ask her right away," Tina replies, bowing her head slightly. "I am truly sorry for the inconvenience."
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo's brow rises into her hairline as she bites her lip to not laugh. "It's alright! Just knowing that you offer it is very helpful. Do you have an idea on what they cost in caps?" If Tina is no good with fire, maybe she's better with finances...
Tina "Ummm... no, I really don't. I'm sorry I'm not more help..." Tina says, bowing her head. "We generally don't sell anything here, but if you have a need I'm sure Sister Neva could provide the incense, and maybe a price for it if you would rather conduct the ceremonies elsewhere."
Kurokumo Mibojin      "It's...not personal." Kurokumo's eyes dart away, pain echoing within her chest as the past whispers to her. "My mother died 2 years ago, and I haven't had the chance to remember her." For the term 'remember', it's less that act of remembering and more the chance to honor her memory. The woman gives Tina a slightly pained smile.
Tina "Oh... I'm so, so sorry, Miss Kurokumo," Tina cries, her voice low, but overflowing with sympathy as she hugs the taller woman tightly. "It is a terrible thing to lose your mother. My own has been gone for many years, but it is still a struggle to live without her being there for me... If I may help you in your memorial, you need only ask. And possibly provide some guidance in the ceremony, since I definitely don't want to make a mistake..."
Kurokumo Mibojin      Being embraced tightly, Kurokumo does slide an arm around Tina in response. Lots of very affectionate people in El Dorado, it seems. "Thank you." Her voice is quiet, as her eyes begin to prick with tears from the loss. She's not going to lose it here. Nope! Pulling back, Kurokumo sniffs before wiping her eyes.
Tina "You're very welcome," Tina whispers, offering the end of her wide sleeve to Kumo, so she can more easily wipe away her tears. She doesn't keep Kumo from drawing back, though she does pout a little at the separation, whether she knows this or not.
Kurokumo Mibojin      "This has been a very eventful trip. I'll be coming back later for the incense." Eyes slightly puffy, but drying up, Kurokumo gives Tina a softer smile. Have to be strong during these trying times. "I'll see you around, sometime."
Tina "Thank you for coming. I hope to see you around town sometime, Miss Kurokumo," Tina replies, once more bowing from the shoulders to her guest.