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Jacqueline Morning in El Dorado. It's early yet for most businesses, but the Gold Digger never truly closes. Aside from the diner to the west, it might be the only place open at this hour.
Jackie Wayne, trying for a change, has come in for breakfast for the first time in over two weeks. It's not that she has any problems with the food, but that she's been away from home a lot lately, and her mother had noticed. And she loves her mother, but sometimes you have to step away just to keep yourself sane. Clad in a black tee and salvaged jeans, she strolls in through the batwings after a quick peek, looking around as always at all the robots here. And dodging two of them. Bots think in strange ways.
She steps up to the bar, catching the robot's attention with a wave. Ordering eggs and bacon, she hops easily up onto a stool, sighing at the peace here.
Celeste     Stepping in from the warm outdoors, Celeste gives a quick look around the saloon and takes note of any familiar faces that might be in the immediate area, if any. Her hands lift up and gather her blonde hair, pulling it first into a high ponytail and tugging it through to make a messy bun. There. No longer as hot with all that hair off her shoulders. The young woman moves off towards the bar then, finding a seat near Jacqueline, but not right next to her. Gotta have a little space, yeah? As she takes her seat she sends a friendly smile to Jackie, saying, "Mornin'," and then waits for one of the robots to take her order as well.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine almost skips into the bar, knocking back the batwing doors. It's an interesting sound, as few folks skip in boots. Without hesitation, Lilly heads over to her favorite stool, takes off the 'out of order' sign and settles atop it, and proceeds to spin happily. As she rotates, she waves to everyone as the spin by in her world, "Nuka!", said to the bot behind the counter as it rotates into view. She then pauses her spin to gaze out at the denizens of the saloon, giving a good look to see who's here.
Jacqueline "Morning, miss," Jackie replies, looking up and seeing that smile from Celeste. She can't help but return it. Seeing the struggle with her hair, her smile turns wry, if sympathetic. "Need help with that?" she asks. Not that her own messy bun inspires much confidence of her hairdressing skills...
She glances up as a familiar voice sings out an order, accompanied by the ball-bearing sound of a rapidly-spinning stool. "Lilly, hey!" she calls, lifting a hand and waving. "Keeping your kin in business?" she teases lightly.
Rose      A day ago Rose Hallows, the Ranger known as 'Desert Rose, had been locked in a brutal gunfight with Wil E. and his gang. After a day of checking her weapons and gear, Rose had actually slept for a while. The week had been busy and she'd earned her rest. Now? She finally makes an appearence as she comes down the stairs in her usual Ranger gear. She'd even taken the time to clean it, so perhaps that's why she'd been out of sight with her clothing options rather limited.

Spotting a few familier faces still at the bar, some more well known than others, she gestures with her hand in a lazy wave-salute of greeting.
Tina Tina steps inside the saloon, pausing just inside to curtsey to the room and offer her usual greeting of, "Peace and Blessings be with you all," before approaching the bar, stifling a giggle at the spinning Lilly. "Please don't get too dizzy and fall off, Miss Lilly," she calls to her casual friend. She also doesn't think to dodge the two robots Jackie had dodged, not knowing them well enough to be cautious. Rose gets her attention for a few moments, as the young nun has never seen her before. Or at least not this close.
Celeste     "Celeste," offers the blonde to Jackie, still smiling. She gives a little twist on her stool so she can face the other a bit better. When asked if she needs help she squints her eyes slightly, lips pursed.. Ah! "With this?" she asks, both hands lifting to point at her hair, which makes her grin. "I didn't realize it was that bad. Think you could make it much better, hm?" she wonders, chuckling afterwards.

    Celeste glances over to see the spinner, and she grins a little, saying, "Strawberry.." Her grin widens. "I think it was.. Lilly? 'least that's what I think I remember. Sammy tried to tell me," she murmurs before looking away to catch sight of both Rose and Tina. She smiles at them both in a kind way.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine sticks her tongue out at Tina, "I got good balance, and this here stool's leveled and not tilted cuzz of some fat-butt busting the bearings. 's face turns red at mention of 'strawberry', cheeks flushing. "Y-yea..'? she offers Celeste a sheepish grin, Sammy always sort putting a silly grin on her face. "How is all of y'all doing? And, I dont think your hair looks that bad..", Lilly's own mop clearly styled by the wind on horseback.
Jacqueline Glancing up at the sound of footsteps from the stairs and the door, Jackie waves to her favorite Ranger and the only member of the church she knows much at all. "Miss Rose, Sister Tina," she says simply, with a smile for each.
Celeste's introduction draws another smile. "I'm Jackie! And no, it's really not so bad, but I think I can help a little," she replies. "Bet my britches I could."
She grins at Lilly, hearing that. "I'm good, Strawberry," she teases lightly. "And I'll bet you're dizzy."
Rose      Tina is someone Rose hadn't met, so she's bound to get a once-over from those big blue eyes before the woman moves towards the counter, signalling for the robot to make her order. Another cola, no booze for her today. "Heya Jackie," she greets with a smile before nodding to Lily. "Still haven't fallen off and cracked your head with that chair huh? One of these days it's actually going to be broken and you won't know." Pausing for a moment, Celeste gets a nod of her own, but she doesn't do more than that for the time being. She'd talk to her about that Vault, but another time.
Celeste     Ahh, now everyone has a name. Thanks, Jackie! Celeste stores that away for later and turns her attention to Lilly. "Thanks. I didn't think so, either, but if.. Jackie?" she makes sure she's heard the right name for the woman near her, "can make it better, why not?" Then to Jackie, "Be my guest." She grins.

    Dark eyes cut over to Lilly and she says, "Sammy spoke to me about getting a horse sometime soon. When I mentioned seeing you two here the other night he said he better not call you Strawberry too much if he wanted to stay alive." She snickers.

    A bot comes by soon after, bringing Celeste's snack and drink over to her. "Thanks," she says to it before looking about again. Tina's outfit gets a curious look.
Tina "As you wish, Miss Lilly. But if you fall off and break both legs, please don't come running to me," Tina replies gently, with that serene little smile she gets when she's warning people. Bowing her head to Lilly, she stifles a giggle at the word 'strawberry' and Lilly's reaction to it. So cute! "Isn't that a rather risky bet, Miss Jackie?" she asks softly, head tilted to regard the dark-haired girl thoughtfully.

Looking up again, she spies Rose, and big blue eyes meet big gray eyes. "Hello, Ma'am, and good morning," she says warmly, bowing from the shoulders to her, and then to Celeste, meeting her curious look with a warm smile.

Looking back to the familiar Jackie, she asks, "I have promised Mr. Ashur that I would check in on his girls while he is away. I believe they are staying here," she says. "Do you know which room is his?"
Jacqueline "Feeling better, Miss Rose? Someone said you'd been out all day yesterday," Jackie recalls, giving the Ranger a concerned look. But she has hairdressing to do, so she hops down from her stool and moves to get to work. She's got a little time before the bots deliver her meal, anyway. She nods to Tina, knowing that it might be risky to turn her back on Lilly after saying that, but she has to take the chance to put her money where her mouth is. And she /always/ keeps her word if she can!
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine spins on her stool just to show she's not about to fall off, break legs, etc. "Sammy could use a horse, but I think he wants a motorcycle too.. He doesn't wanna take a horse into danger, and cant say I blame him much" She snags her delivered Nuka cola and takes a sip. She puts the cool bottle against her cheek, trying to stave off mad blushing. "...guess strawberry is bettern' some other names I can think of.. "
Rose      Taking her own cola, Rose nods her head at Jackie with a laugh. "Even Rangers like a day to wash up and relax. I'm fine. We were all pretty lucky as far as gunfights go. It was almost a lot worse." Being buried alive could certainly have changed the ending of the day for the group she'd led to take down Wil. E. Tina? She gets another once-over by Rose before she tilts her head to the side. "Mornin'," she offers lightly but doesn't really bother introducing herself. Jackie had kinda given her name for her anyway. "That Motorcycle we saw at ACME would have been great to recover, but it kinda exploded. Would have shot the guy myself."
Celeste     Celeste grins at Lilly as she looks at her from the corner of her eye, glancing away soon after as she notes to Tina, "Can't run on broken legs." Now she's teasing her, too. Celeste closes her eyes for a moment, and when they open again she is lifting her hands to her hair to tug the tie out, letting her hair down for Jackie. Let's see how much better that mess of hair can get.

     Celeste is content to sit quietly then, but the mention of Ashur and his girls brings a little snort from the woman. She looks to the side while keeping her head still for Jackie, and she searches for Tina while asking, "How many is he up to now? I've seen him with two, but I'm sure there are more.. How many people can fit in one of these rooms? He might have it full." She smirks. "Where is he off to?"
Tina "He did not say, Ma'am," Tina replies to Celeste, absently nodding to her in recognition. "But he stated last night that he needed to attend to his girls before he left this morning, and I asked if I should check on them while he was gone, to see if they needed anything and were all right. I should have thought to ask him where to find them, but he left the barroom rather quickly. As he was here when he spoke of them, it seemed the logical place to look."
Jacqueline Jackie pauses to give Lilly a quick hug. "Strawberries are sweet," she whispers. "So there's a resemblance, right?"
Back to work! Only by the time she's turned around to do the job, there's a LOT more hair there to fix. "I know you have lovely hair, Miss Celeste. You don't have to prove it to me," she teases lightly, and gets to work. It's a big job, but her skilled hands work quickly. She has Celeste's hair neatly drawn back and begins making two plaits.
Listening to Tina and Celeste, she giggles. "That's a pretty serious question. I wish I could help, but Mister Ashur's not given to confidin' in me. Good luck, Sister Tina!"
Rose "Huh..." That's about all Rose verbalizes aloud to her eavesdropping of Ashur's family issues and the duties of Sister Tina. She doesn't say more, instead watching the ever-friendly Jackie moving to work on Celeste's hair and giving a little grin. "Taking up a new career in grooming Jackie?" she teases lightly before glancing at Lily. It seems the younger Caine has gone quiet, so the ranger sips her drink lightly once more and lets her head fall to the side. "Legion-folk panicing with all that's gone south doesn't really instil great calm."
Celeste     Laughing, Celeste says to Jackie, "Sometimes I think about chopping it off. It gets too hot in the summer, becomes more of a hassle than anything." She keeps as still as possible for Jackie, and as she smiles she murmurs, "Haven't had my hair braided in.. Over fifteen years. Feels nice," she says, eyes slipping closed.

    Fingers in your hair feel nice, and Celeste is happy to keep her eyes closed as she speaks to Tina, saying, "He said he had a room in town.. Could be anywhere. Not sure.. All I know is he's with some vault girl named Dawn, and the other one.. I don't know her name. She's tall and slim and maybe.. Japanese? I think. Could be wrong, though." She doesn't say anything about the Legion.
Tina "I don't believe he left from panic, Ma'am... he does not seem the type," Tina replies softly to Rose's statement. "Though I do wish he had said where he was going, and why. It might set some worried minds at ease." Jackie's reply is met with a disappointed look that is swiftly replaced with a ghost of a smile. "Thank you anyway, Miss Jackie. It's often the thought that counts."

She blushes at Celeste's reply. "Oh, my... perhaps I need not worry about them, then. I had thought they would be in need in his absence, but it sounds like they are capable of taking care of themselves, or at least one another." She manages a grateful smile to Celeste, though she may not see it with her eyes closed. "I'm glad Mr. Ashur saw fit to confide in you, Ma'am. You have certainly saved /me/ some trouble."
Jacqueline "I've had the same thought, Miss Celeste, but my mother's hair, when she does it up right..." Jackie finishes one braid, which takes a little concentration. She begins working on the other. "And hers is like mine. I only wish mine didn't get in the way so much."
She offers Rose a smile. "Sometimes I wonder if it might pay better than troubleshootin' or fixin' things. Nobody needs much fixed, and odd jobs with trouble don't pay worth ammunition half the time. But I don't know. Maybe I'm just workin' for the wrong folks."
She frowns at the mention of that name. "Tall and maybe Japanese... her name isn't Kurokumo, is it?"
Rose      "Seems to be as many tech talented people out there as there is gunslingers of late," Rose comments while sipping her cola once more. "But none of them have your charm hun," that last said with a wink, the Blonde watches the idle braiding of hair, her own locks still held back in a simple ponytail that travels well to mid-back. She wasn't intending on wearing her helmet anytime soon from the looks of it. Finally it's on to Tina she looks again. "So 'Sister' Tina. From the church then I imagine? You get many people coming and going for services?"
Celeste     Dark eyes are still closed as her hair is played with, and as Celeste listens to Tina she gets an evil little grin going. "Dawn would probably need help if Ashur was to be gone for a few days. She's sweet, but hasn't spent much time out of the vault.. and as far as them taking care of each other goes? They don't know about each other." Grin. "Yet. I'm sure they will soon enough. I can only hope they don't mind sharing his time and affection." That makes her giggle, and she goes quiet to listen to Rose.

    Celeste fishes out another hair tie when she feels Jackie completeing one braid and starting on the next. Her eyes open and she watches the bots while murmuring to Jackie, "Not sure. He didn't ever say her name. Short hair.. Fiery temper. I was watching him fight and she was really worked up and yelling during the match. She was a little scary.." Celeste giggles.
Tina "Hmm... Miss Kurokumo I know, or at least have met, and she matches that description perfectly," Tina muses, nodding to herself as much as Celeste. "I doubt I shall have any worries over her, as she seemed very able. But if this Miss Dawn is like you've said, it might be best if I look in on her. Such a tangled web Mr. Ashur has woven..." she murmurs, shaking her head sadly. "Does anyone know where I may find her?"

She smiles to Rose, though the shadow of worry lingers in her eyes. "Quite a few, actually, though I think as many come for the air conditioning as the services. We allow the use of the chapel to any generally peaceful religion in this area, though we don't officiate every service. That is often better left to their own clergy, so to speak." She offers her hand to Rose. "How do yo do? Please forgive my poor manners in not introducing myself... I have been rather preoccupied today."
Jacqueline "Thank you," Jackie murmurs, accepting the hair tie from Celeste. She has the braid done quickly enough, but once she begins trying to do something with the both of them... "I'm not sure I've got this right," she murmurs, apparently trying to wind the two together into a sort of bun just above Celeste's nape.
At least Rose has confidence in her, if only in personality. Jackie gives the Ranger a grateful smile. "Thanks, Miss Rose. Let me know if you want your hair done sometime."
She doesn't reply to the talk of the Vault girl and this exciteable girl, who may or may not be her friend from the shantytown clinic. But she's stifling giggles of her own all the same.
Rose      "'Sharin' time and affection' sounds like some folks favourite dream," Rose comments slyly, humor hanging on her words as she takes another sip before the Ranger shakes her head at the nun. "No harm done, it's a slow sort of mornin' for plenty of us." Taking the offered hand, Rose gives it a squeeze and a shake before releasing it once more. "Rose Hallows, NCR Ranger...previously the only one in town, not so much as of late." That last said with a chuckle, she turns her own gaze back to Jackie with a grin. "Perhaps. I'd been told I should cut it so it fits under my helmet with less work...but we all have to have our own little pieces of luxury, right." The Gunslinger gives a little wink before sipping another taste of her Cola.
Celeste     Between the conversations, Celeste finds a time to note to Tina, "He was raised with the Legion.. anyone knowing about them should know their views on women. Though.. His is a bit different. But still. They shouldn't be surprised if he is spending time with multiple women." She grins again. As for knowing where Dawn lives? "In the vault.. somewhere." Good luck with that one!

    Celeste is giggling again, and as she reaches back with her hands she feels down the length of the braids, feeling to the ends where she can get an idea of what Jackie is trying to do. "I'm sure it looks fine. Much better than I could have done myself. Thank you, Jackie," she says in a kind tone.

    Celeste glances over to Rose at one of her comments, and it leaves her laughing. "I suppose so.." She snickers again before she mentions, "You'd look cute with short hair, but it looks nice as it is."
Tina "Thank you, Ranger Hallows. Or would you prefer I call you Miss Rose instead? I am deeply grateful for your understanding," Tina replies, flexing her fingers a bit after Rose releases her handshake. Her eyes roam to Celeste's hair, and hairdresser. "I just cannot tell what you are trying to do to it, Miss Jackie, but I think it's lovely right now," she observes approvingly. "Truly, you have missed your calling."

She looks thoughtful at Celeste's reply. "I'm afraid I have no real idea about the Legion... I only know that everyone seems afraid of them, and perhaps rightly so. I have heard such terrible stories about their raids, and the way they treat the citizens of the towns they destroy..." She shivers. "I hope that I never have to find out whether any of it is true."
Jacqueline "You really would look nice with short hair, Miss Rose. But you look nice with long hair, so I'd say the choice would only change how you and your helmet get along," Jackie says with an impish grin. "I hope you'll tell me if you decide to change it, whether you let me do the cuttin' or not."
She keeps trying with Celeste's hair, pausing when the lady herself begins following the braids. "I was tryin' for somethin' I saw in an old movie once. I guess I need to find a way to see the movie again," she says, sighing. "I'd look, miss, before you say it's good or not. I've done better work, and I did kinda set stakes."
Rose      "I've seen the Legion's actions firsthand," Rose comments lowly, her humor drained from her face by memory. "Seen how they treat prisoners, slaves, anyone they decide they want to torment. Fought them so many times, back at the Dam and all over the wasteland. Believe me when I say, you don't want them making their way in force to this town." Yep, sombreness was quick to be brough back for the Ranger with her memories before she shakes her head. "Rose, Hallows, whatever you like." she says with a wave of her hand, "Jackie here just likes being formal, polite or whatever else."

Celestes words earn a chuckle and she smiles her thanks. "I've known soldiers willing to buzz it all off to make life easier, but I don't think sunburn on the top of your head would count as 'easier'.
Celeste     "Celeste," Celeste says to Jackie. "No need for 'miss'.. and I think it's just swell. You saw the extent of -my- hairdressing skills." She smirks at that, then tries to turn her face just a bit so she can see Jackie and smile at her.

    She glances over to Tina then, studying her for a moment. She glances forward again and sips at her drink, agreeing with Rose, "They can be terrible, yeah.. I'm sure what you heard is true. If they caught you they'd make sure you were able to carry children. If not, you'd be a laborer till you died. If so? You'd have their children until you were no longer able to, and -then- you'd work till you died. I only ever met one who had an ounce of kindness in his heart." Guess who? She chews a little at her snack, then puts on a smile and glances to Rose. "Doubt that'd feel too good, yeah. Sunburn is bad enough on all the normal places ya get it."
Tina "I... was afraid of that. I shall continue to pray that they never do, Miss Rose, Miss Celeste," Tina replies softly, placing a hand over her heart for the tragic memory of the Legion's victims. "We may be very glad that Mr. Ashur seems much less like them than he might have been."

She gives Celeste a thoughtful look. "You seem to know quite a lot about them. I will not pry into how, though I won't deny that I am curious."
Jacqueline "I hope it's a change that's permanent in Mister Ashur. Everything y'all have said about the Legion mirrors everything I've ever heard, when what I heard wasn't worse," Jackie says, grimacing.
She manages a return smile for Celeste. "If you're sure, and thank you for the kindness if you are. I guess I'm havin' an off day. But maybe tomorrow'll be better."
The robot finallly delivers her breakfast. She can't see the clock, but that glance betrays the fact that she wonders of it's not almost lunchtime by now. "I'd better eat before they decide it's clean-up time. It was good to talk to all of you," she says, managing a quick smile for her oldest friend and the two new ones, and quickly slips into the back.
Rose      A nod, Rose herself stretches her arms up as her Nuka Cola is left empty on the counter top. "Don't think me a mindless killer or some blood-crazed soldier, but truely I believe that the world will be all the better for it the day the last of the Legion are shot down in the dirt. Too much horror has happened at their hands." Too many friends lost too, but she doesn't need to give voice to those thoughts. Making to stand, Rose idly scratches her fingertips against her cheek. "Best to think about better things for the day anyway. Sister," she offers, looking to the Nun. "Prayer's appreciated, whatever the outcome. For now though? I need to head over towards the stables. At this point? Walking to chase down a bounty is getting a might old, and I can't keep riding on the back of others mounts forever."
Celeste     "Thanks, Jackie," Celeste calls after the girl. She reaches back to feel of her braids again, and the texture felt against her fingertips leaves her smiling. Her dark gaze turns to Tina one more and she studies her for a moment before saying, "I could tell you more about them sometime if you wanted to know." she offers a little smile at that, and then she looks to Rose. Her brows lift slighly. "If you're ever in need of a horse, I'd be glad to help. I'm one of the trainers in town. If you don't happen to see one that's just right for you, we can talk about something else," she says.
Tina "I don't, Ranger, so you need not worry about that. A distaste for violence goes with my faith, but the wasteland has ensured a healthy respect for self-defense, and an equally healthy respect for the fact that sometimes self-respect must be preemptive rather than reactive in the face of the greatest evils. The Legion have dug their rightful graves too many times over to merit other than a swift death, if even half your stories are true," Tina says sadly. "I wish you luck in your hunt for a proper mount. And do come by the church sometime if you begin to feel overburdened in spirit."

She waves to Jackie, offering a soft, "Take care, Miss Jackie," before looking to Celeste. "Thank you. Sometimes a victim of the Legion comes to the church. It pays to know what horrors they may have faced, that we might be gracious and understanding hostesses to them."
Rose      A pause in her departure, Rose tilts her head with a note of curiousity. "I need a horse that can run a good chase and won't spook at gunfire. I seem to have a bad habit of encountering it out there." She looks to Celeste with a chuckle. "If you've got such a horse I might not otherwise find at the stables on my own? Let me know. Hell, if you can do me a fair deal on one I'd be in your debt. I'd hoped the Militia would be willing to let me keep one after I returned them from those horse thieves the first day I was in town. No such luck though."
Celeste     Nodding, Celeste says, "I could definitely take care of that for ya.. Speed.. no spooking. Mmm, yeah. Easy enough," she says to Rose with a smile. "I'm staying at the Drake farmhouse just north of town. if you don't see what you want, come find me and we'll make a plan for getting you what you need." She smiles in a friendly way to her, then glances over to Tina again. "People make it out alive? That's.. rare.. They dn't exactly just let people go if they beg nice enough." Celeste frowns lightly at that. "We can talk, though.. sure." She nods.
Tina "A true shame. I would have hoped that the Militia would have been more generous in their gratitude," Tina observes sadly. "I shall add prayers to my wishes for luck for you, Miss Rose."

She looks to Celeste, nodding. "I don't doubt you. It seems insensitive to ask /how/ they escaped, but there do seem to be a few that have done so, whether ten years ago or just yesterday. I will be grateful for anything you can tell me."
Rose Rose nods her head, pulling her coat tighter around her for a moment, likely with the sole intent of concealing the guns in her belt's thigh holsters a little better. No sense spooking those she was headed to talk to. "You both look after yourselves. Sister, wish you luck."

Celeste gets another nod. "I'll come find you at the farm later, I'm sure."

With that, Rose heads out into the street.
Celeste     Celeste nods to Rose, giving her a little smile as she departs. Once she is gone, Celeste rises from the bar and takes her snack and drink, motioning to a table to the side of the room where the two could sit and chat. The lowers down and puts the bits of grilled kebab in the middle of the table, offering to share.

    "What all do you want to know about them? I don't know everything; just what I saw." She sips her drink and then scoots in closer on her chair, lowering her voice so she isn't speaking to anyone other than Tina.
Tina Tina follows Celeste to the table, taking a seat across from her. She lifts a hand to pass on the kebab bits, but gives Celeste a wide-eyed look at her words. "Saw... forgive me for asking, but does that mean you were a victim of the Legion, too?" she asks, in a low but intense whisper.