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Owner Pose
Nathan Nathan is currently sitting on his wagon with his wares laid out on it as he waves folks over calling out some of his goods, "Come check out this amazing assault rifle it's pretty much impervious to damage!"
Abe     One of the wasteland wanderers that lingers around the wagon is a certain scribe. Keen eyed and a little round, his eyes drift across the rifles with faint interest before they wander along to the rest of his goods... the leathers could come in handy, turned into the tanner, maybe he could get those boots he was eyeing. His attention rests on the helmet however and lingers. His lips twist and quirk with idle thought before he reaches out to rap the knuckle of his forefinger on the dome of the helmet. "Some lonely soul buys this, they won't be in trouble with the Rangers, will they friend?"
Nathan Nathan looks at the helmet then at the little round man and shrugs, "Can't be certain if the Rangers would take offense to it or not but this isn't NCR territory for right now so they've got no claim to scavenged goods outside of their territory."
Abe     With a thoughtful grunt, Abe accepted the fact. His hands slipped into the pockets of his fatigues and he considered it a moment long, "Fair point as any... How much are you looking to have for it?"
Nathan Nathan glances at the helmet and shrugs, "Lookin for 500 caps. But I'm willin to barter over it."
Abe     "Bet you are..." he uttered, his attention resting on the helmet for a few moments more. "Alright, give me five minutes. See if I can't come back with something that won't make a deal for you." And with that, he cocked a two fingered salute off of his right brow before he turned and left.

Time passed quickly enough and at roughly that five minute mark, he returned... with a whole lot of something over one shoulder. His breathing was a bit heavy, his cheeks a bit pink, and his face shined with sweat but the smile on his face beamed outwards when he hefted the large, metal thing from his shoulder and swept it around so that it's point came to rest on the ground. A sword, a sword as tall as the man that carried it, if not taller. He took a moment to catch his breath before he proposed the deal, "Alright, friend. Whatchya say?"
Nathan Nathan looks at the giant sword that Abe's got with him and blinks, "That's a beast of a sword. I don't know of many that'd be able to use it but I think I could sell it. Haven't had any bites for the helmet so you willing to do a straight trade?"
Abe     "One or two around, if not, yoou could use it to pry your wheels out of ruts." reported Abe... hell if the Scribe knew that to be a fact or not. When the notion of the trade straight acorss, he sucked his teeth, eyeing the thing. "Hate to carry her back..." he reasoned. Lord help him if he got drunk one night and started swinging it around in Miss Kitty's place. A moment passed and he made himself certain. "Deal."

Resting the long handle of the sword in his left hand, he offered out the right.
Nathan Nathan nods and offers out his hand, "Deal." Then he picks up the helmet and hands it over, "Just leave it laying next to the wagon I'll get it loaded up later."
Abe Abe offers a firm grip and just a pump or two of the offered hand before taking the helmet off of the man. "Don't blame you." he reported with a smile. He eased the weapon down flat into the dirt near a wheel. "She's big but still sharp, watch your step there friend."