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John April 23, 2282

The weather was warm and dry.. well, more like hot and dry as not a damn cloud could be seen in the sky over the wasteland.

The door to the clinic swung up with a creak as it opens and a loud thump against the wall. A moment later, John steps inside the clinic. "Hello doc." He mutters as one foot steps in front of the other, a hand holds his side a grunt escaping his lips. "Busy?" He asks.
Iris Lark Iris wordlessly shakes her head back and forth, the piglet in her arms squealing and struggling to escape. She takes a step back and points towards an exam room, her slender hand shaking a bit as she does.
John Eyeing the pig, John hmm "Is that your dinner for later tonight; or a new pet?" He asks, wetting his lips a bit, a grin crossing his lips. He continues to the exam room sitting on the bed, his eyes look back to Iris. "How are you cutie?"
Iris Lark "That is a pet of mine, and he isn't new." Iris carefully shoos the pig away with her foot before she gathers some tools, slowly and a bit reluctantly. "I'm fine." She replies calmly, turning to gaze at the man on the table. "My name is Iris."
John "Too bad, a few more pounds.." John shrugs, fingers folding over the lip of the medical exam bed. "Iris huh?" A small smile creases his lips "A beautiful name, like a flower." A pause "Though I have not seen one in a very long time."

His hand comes from his side, blood covering the palm. "So, I was hoping for some patching doc. The caps I gave you still good for a few more checkups?" He inquires, looking back to her.
Iris Lark "Bacon isn't for eating." Iris says firmly, but makes no mention to the flower comment. She sighs and gestures for him to lay back on the bed as she pulls her table of tools closer. "What seems to be the problem?"
John Chuckling mildly, John leans back on the bed head nodding slightly. "Oh, I understand beautiful. Just teasing." He adds with a wink.

Grunting, he rolls up the shirt with a wince. "Took a bullet while searching Roswell. Damn thing is stuck inside me still. Hope you might be able to dig it out."
Iris Lark Iris washes the wound, not as gentle as she might be with others but she cleans it well. She pulls out a long metal tool and begins to dig into the wound, leaning close as she works. "This might take a little bit, lay back and try to relax." She says quietly, a slight frown on her face.
John Wincing as the wound is wash; his eyes glare at Iris, but his words come out teasingly "A little rough hmm?" A small grin cross his face before looking up to the ceiling.

His body relaxes, even as she begins to dig around inside of him to retrieve the bullet. "So how long have you been set up in El Dorado?"
Iris Lark "I can't help but be rough, you either want this out or you don't." Iris says, her eyes staying on her work. She waits for a few beats and then after pausing to look at her patient, she answers. "I've been here for a little over a month."
John "I'm just teasing you little flower." John says, head leaning up to look at her with a small grin. Eyes still on her, he adds "I see. I take it it's been a pleasant, fun month?"
Iris Lark Iris pauses again in her treatment and she eyes John. "Do you want this bullet out or not?" She asks, clearly cross. "My name is Iris and no, it hasn't been all fun and games." She stares at him a moment more. "Any other questions before I get back to work?"
John Leaning his head back on the bed, John grunts. "Alright, no more idle conversations."
Iris Lark "Well did you come here to get this bullet out or to make conversation and hit on me?" Iris asks, shaking her head as she goes back to work. "So who or what shot you in Roswell? Should I be looking for a small caliber bullet or something bigger?"
John Eyes flicking back to Iris, a nod is given to her first question. A pause is given on the second question before finally saying "A .308 bullet." He replies simply.
Iris Lark Iris makes a noise as she works and pauses to wipe the wound again. "Think I found it." She mutters quietly, digging in the wound still. "Hold very still." She instructs as she tries to get a grip on the bullet. "Inhale for me, and when I pull, I want you to exhale, got it?"
John A nod is given as John inhales, eyes still on her as she works.
Iris Lark Iris gets a grip on the bullet and after a moment or two she says, "Now!" and begins to pull. The bullet is pulled out and plinked into a metal bowl and Iris grabs another cloth to clean the wound again.
John Exhales in a sigh, a grin crossing his face as the bullet is removed. "Thank-you, flower." He says kindly, leaning up to look at her again; elbows propping him up.
Iris Lark "Iris." She says again as she shakes her head. She turns to clean her hands and then salve and wrap the wound, staying quiet as she does so. Once she knots the bandage she pauses. "Feel better?" She asks, gazing up at John and locking eyes with him for the first time since he walked in.
John "Much." He replies, giving the girl a smile as he sits completely up. "So do you leave El Dorado much, or tend to stay around the clinic?" He inquires.
Iris Lark "I stay in town for the most part." Iris says, and once everything is clean she wipes her hands on her apron and moves to stand near the wall. "It's not safe out there and while I'm okay shooting sometimes, I'm not the best at it." She arches a brow and cants her head slightly. "Why?"
John Spinning a bit to place his legs over the lip of the medical clinic bed. "Just being curious is all." He notes, standing up. His eyes look curiously to Iris as she stands near the wall. "Do I make you uncomfortable?" He inquires, sliding the shirt back on.
Iris Lark "A little." Iris says, shrugging a shoulder. "You're not exactly all that nice, even though you're trying to be right now." She stuffs her hands in her apron and walks slowly towards the archway leading back into the main clinic. "So why are you being so polite?"
John Folding his arms across his chest, John smirks ever so slightly. "Hun, I am a good guy underneath the hard exterior." He takes in a breath, sighing as he walks to the exam room door. Casting a look back to her, he adds "When you serve in the Brotherhood, serve in the wasteland a hard exterior is needed. Less" A pause as he thinks on the word. "of a chance of being taken advantage of. Kindness gets you killed in the wasteland."
Iris Lark "I-I'm still alive, and I'm kind all of the time." Iris says, folding her arms over her chest as he moves to walk past her. "Maybe you should be kinder to other people as well." She says, shaking her head slowly.
John John head shakes, looking back to her again. "Maybe." He tells her before continuing out.