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Beau Beau Ardor is common fixture in the town of El Dorado. He owns the high end Clothing Shop downtown and he's put out word that he needs some willing adventurers to retrieve his supplies from Roswell.

A tall fellow with a long cartoonish top hat on his head and a waxed moustache is standing near the gate at the western edge of town. The Tailor has a dour expression on his face as he waits while tapping his foot... the call had gone out through word of mouth so its a wonder WHO was going to show up.

Once they've gathered, he explains, "Salutations my soft hearted adventurers, so kind of you all to come to the plight of an old shop keeper." Despite the well spoken words his tone rings with a smarmy superiority as he took in the outfits of those around him with a perpetually perked right brow. "I can't pay you much but I'll give you all first picks from the fabrics you bring back and a fifteen percent discount if you need anything tailored." He looks around at them with a tight lipped grin, "Glad so many of you showed up. You'll be carting back two huge crates... cumbersome things, I don't doubt it will take two each of you to carry them back if the wagon is broken." He pauses, only to add, "God speed, the only clue ol' Mikey gave me before we lost contact was Roswell..."
Stockton Stockton knows the Dandy and his manners. Still doesn't keep the man from staring at Beau with a dry look as he explains things as they are. Cricking his neck from one side to the other and back again he looses a soft grunt and nods, "Roswell, so Ghoul territory still," he mutters around his smoldering cigarillo, clenched in his teeth. That dark T-visor helmet is tucked under one arm. He sticks his tongue into his cheek and makes a knocking sound before glancing for the door, "Well, folks. This is where we go be big damn heroes," and then he's flicking his cigar to the ground to stomp it out and heading off into the Wastelands while putting on his helmet.
Sparrow Sparrow is here with Stockton, Bluebelle will be left in a safe spot along the way but for now, the Cowgirl's riding to help keep her medical supplies and a massive rifle without being overloaded. She glances towards the Shopkeeper and lifts a hand to tip her hat to the pandering Tailor with a thoughtful look. "Hopefully the alien didn't make off with it." She says it wryly with a tiny little wrinkle of her nose that does not clarify the level of seriousness in her remark.
Derk Derk, the orange, patched jumpsuit wearing type, decked in a recently washed combat armor chestplate, barely concealed under a leather duster, listens to the bargain being offered and there is a really long pause from him. Clearly the man is debating the terms and from the look upon his face, walking away from it seems like the best choice in the matter. When Stockton offers up the info and acceptance, Derk still remains quiet, waiting for more people to chime in, though eventually he will go, if only to keep people from bleeding out.
Hanzhou Hanzhou has come here with Alice, the Wasteland Samurai is busy with running his noodle shop in Acme but he's been known to help those in need when asked or encountered in the Wastes just outside of both towns on occassion.

It is also known though that he's a friend of Alice and looks out for her, especially when she ventures out from her Vault. Of course, she's never too far away from her trusty robot friend, O.V.E.R. 9000! and her rather large puppy, Vaultmeat.

Hanzhou, glances towards Alice for a moment then pays attention to Beau as he speaks. "So were heading back to Roswell again, Alice? This time we won't be sparring or giving you lessons but make sure to stay close to me and no wandering off. Okay?" He speaks to her in a soft voice and then tips his hat politely towards both Sparrow as well as Molly Brown, whom he recognizes from past adventures. "Greetings. I hope you are both well?"
Molly Brown So here was Molly once more going out into the wastes the job was fairly simple though. The pay was good, at some point she'd need clothing mending and better an expert at the job than a rookie like herself. "Mmm doesn't sound like it would be another Gekko horde but that's still more happening. Ferals, that could be promatice there are more Ferals in those ruins than we have bullets between all of us."

She nods to Hanzhou and Alice.

"Good to see you two again. You as well Sparrow." Stockton just gets a grin out of Molly.

"Sounds like we should try to be sneaky. If it's fabrics it should be light enough for us to carry without much noise, right? Sneak in find the load, help the caravan if anyone's alive still and get out."
Derk Derk gives a low sigh as everyone seems on board, "Ah, we're a charitable bunch," he remarks, looking from one to the next as they all seem inclined to help. He raises his arms in a slight shrug, before going to the door and holding it open, "Alright, unless we've got other places to go and things to see, we should probably be off, unless everyone's wanting to wait for the cover of night?" That asked, Derk will remain there, leaning against the door to keep it open, but looking for some sort of reply from the others.

A nod given to Molly at her thoughts, and Derk takes stock of the woman, clearly more interested in what she has to say. "Like it when everyone's living and not full of holes, keeps me from having to do my job," Derk says, but then realizes that his words may be misconstrued as he adds, "I mean, I love my job, but I'd rather not have to patch people, ya know?"
Alice Alice didn't seem to be paying a whole lot of attention as she stood by Hanzhou, replying to him with a dismissive, "Cool." To the directions given to her. The dog Vaultmeat and the robot O.V.E.R. 9000 are near-by and the pair of them seem to be spending a great deal more time paying attention.

Focussed on her pip-boy and playing a copy of red menace she bought in Vault-Town, it didn't seem like the young woman was the most useful member of a party to have around but looks could be deceiving!
Beau "I fear the worst for Mikey, my true concern is the crates... shouldn't be too heavy, no..." There is a little fingerwave to the back of their departing forms. "Do hurry back." Beau adds as he gives his moustache an idle twirl.

Once they are out of sight of the gates to El Dorado the journey is underway.

Our heroes of fashion will have limited time to make any adjustments to their approach style.

The ruins appear on the horizon as they approach The Outskirts of Roswell. The fringes of Roswell are not traditionally as dangerous as the interior of the city. Down the long stretch of Clovis Highway is a roiling blackish mass of something /living/. It is difficult to tell what obstructs the view down the road from this distance...
Stockton Stockton squints as they roll up to Roswell, their trek in had been unmolested at least. The Militia and adventurers were slowly clearing Roswell of Ghouls. Slowly. The big man ducks down a little bit at spotting movement, the undulations of something living down on the road in front of them. "Shhshhshh," he shushes and then crouches low to avoid detection, the last thing he wants is to be descended upon by a hoard of anything. "We're not alone, keep it low and slow...see if we can find a way around. Anyone spied the cart yet?"
Derk Derk lets the door bang closed after them as the last one exits and he follows the rest for a little while before speaking up, "Anyone else feel like that guy wasn't really interested in rewarding us much for doing all the hard work for him? Maybe it was just me." A few more steps until they're out of earshot of the tailoring shop, "We could always just 'find' some crates of silk in Roswell and see if someone wants to buy it, you know?" Headtilt and a shrug, but then he's walking.

And walking. And walking.

With the closing in of Roswell, Derk looks ahead at hte mass of something or other and then squints, shaking his head while crouching low. Whispering he replies, "Ain't seen the cart, but there's a mass of things moving up ahead and that probably isn't the sort of thing we'll want to wade through... ya know?"
Sparrow Sparrow had nodded to Hanzhou and indicated she was well. Exchanged small talk even on the way while greeting Alice and Molly Brown as well.

Once they reach Rosewell, Sparrow has dropped Bluebelle a ways back with a group she knows. On foot now she remains behind Stockton, likely not a shocker since he's well armored and tends to be the tracker most times. She's half crouched as she moves rifle tucked in against her body as she keeps an eye out on the world around them. She keeps quiet though once they're moving, her duster dragging lightly on the ground behind her in her crouch.
Hanzhou Hanzhou adjusts his cowboy hat and seems to be staring at something off in the distance. "Hmm...there seems to be something up ahead. A lot of somethings, but can't make it out." He glances towards Stockton, as he seems to have noticed the samething. "I'm not very good at sneaking I'm afraid and no, I haven't seen the cart yet." He stays close to Alice and attempts follow along with others as quietly as possible.
Alice Alice adjusts her glasses as they spot the black mass and she states without any fear, "I'll go check it out!" She raises her arm to show her Pip-Boy to Hanzhou, so they could communicate if need be and she drew a funny looking laser pistol from her side and held it in both hands.

Like most weapons she carried, she probably had no idea how to use it but she looked dangerous with it. Dangerously cute.

Vaultmeat and O.V.E.R. 9000 formed up with her and the trio began to try and use all of the skills of stealth in the wasteland to approach, Vaultmeat slapping his big tail against rocks and stuff excitedly and O.V.E.R. 9000 trundling through the sand.. the trio did not make the most ninja-like group.
Stockton Stockton has himself down low and he's looking over his shoulder after Sparrow, making sure the cowgirl has her derrier dropped low. He's sneaking along the perimeter still, trying to get a better look, locate the crates, or figure out what in the hell is undulating like a living mass down there.
Derk Still crouched and with his pistol at his side, Derk wanders closer, though attempting to skirt the large mass of critters, with enough room to hopefully not be noticed. He's attempting to be quiet and stealthy like, but it's the middle of the day and they're out in the open, so there's only so much that the poor combat medic can do.
Beau The large gathering ahead of them in the road is a group of Feral Ghoul Roamers, the irradiated animated corpses move with a slow sway as feral necrotic post-human flesh shuffles against feral necrotic post-human flesh. The group is huge and they are pouring out of a large sewer tunnel not far from the highway. There is a route, along the far shoulder which allow them passage through the debris and around the crowd... to reach this path though they must cross the road.

Stockton is first across and the ghouls don't even flinch as cuts past them to the shadows in shattered buildings on the far side of the road. Half rotten moans from several hundred throats sound like a haunted chorus and when the samaurai and Alice's crew follow a few of the Ghouls wheel their bloody faces blindly in her direction but none of them react.. . Until Molly tries to join them. When Molly crosses the street several ghouls snarl and start to stagger away from the group.

Gunfire is bound to draw more in dangerous numbers.
Beau Five ghouls are trailing after Molly from the group of over a hundred. There is no sign of the cart.
Beau Somehow, O.V.E.R. 9000 spots the wagon in the middle of the hoard near the sewer tunnel opening. It appears that when they heard the hoof beats from Mikey's (NOW) dead mules they pooured out to feast. The wagon is overturned and surrounded on all side by the crowd of Ghouls.
Alice O.V.E.R. 9000 upon spotting the overturned wagon issues forth a single ,"*BZT*" The robot's laser arm pointing towards the caravan with a cautious sweep as it began calculating the numbers of ghouls that were present.

Alice chewed on some berry mentats while patting Vaultmeat and then offering a plan up, "We can't fight them, so we should try to distract them. A few of us can move away and make some noise, and try to draw them into a trap. Maybe we can collapse part of a building or draw them off and just run like hell. Someone had a horse, right?"
Molly Brown Molly Brown does her best to keep quiet the poor souls who minds have been consumed by the rads are comming towards them. She knows gunfire is a bad idea and she's terrible in meles all she can do is try as she's being tailed by the ghouls. She's going to try to help look for the Wagon but no luck she's trying to more well? Figure out how to deal with the Ghouls and not attract the entire horde of the things.
Hanzhou Hanzhou glances behind him and notices that Alice was starting to head off on her own with her bot, puppy posee, so he quickly followed her instead. He doesn't want her to fall victim to any metalic shaped discs flying in the sky again after all. He has no weapons at the ready in his hands and for those that have seen him in action, he's capable of drawing his Katana so fast that he can attack in the same motion.

As they get closer, he finally notices the horde is in fact Feral Ghouls and his eyes narrow slightly. He watches as five of the horde break off and start heading towards Molly, blinking he looks towards Alice as she speaks. Nodding in agreement about the distraction but then points towards Molly as the ghouls get closer to her. "We better do something fast or I will have to intercept them myself." He says in an even softer voice and prepares to head towards the Five Ghouls in a sprint if he has too in order to distract them.
Derk Derk gives Alice a nod, but his eyes are watching the mass and then there's ones splitting off, coming after Molly and he shakes his head, motioning the woman to move back. "Go, go..." encouraging her to get out of the way of dodge. Derk on the other hand is heading after Stockton, and watching the rest of the group, "There's an old piece of construction machinery up there," pointing in the direction of it, "We need that diversion, if we really want that silk..." Derk starts looking around, searching for some wasteland animal that can be used for bait.
Beau Derk points out the edge of a backhoe bucket poking out from behind the shell of an apartment building. It is on the same side of the street as them and a mere hundred feet from the Ghouls.
Alice "Looks like the wagon has a backup motor or something maybe. Anyone good with fixing stuff? I can give it a shot but it's not my specialty." Alice offered up before eyeing the backhoe bucket, "I could use my power fist to try and knock the machinery off the building and on the ghouls?"
Beau It may be hard to see from Alice's angle but the backhoe is on the ground.
Sparrow Sparrow looks up, "I'm not too bad at it. Could certainly give it a go." She rolls her shoulders, "I don't have any tools and I don't know if I could wing it without. Wagon I can fix but not that unless someone's got tools." She tells the group and looks up at the machine and towards the others. "If so, I'll go try that out. I've got m' rifle if I need to cover my own ass." She whispers to the group the Doc pulling her hat down and rolling her shoulders. She turns to face that direction.
Stockton Stockton glances between the group and shakes his head, "Sounds like fixin the wagon best we can with a distraction." There's a look of worry thrown at Sparrow as she volunteers to take care of the wagon herself. "I'll cover yah," he intones before glancing at the others. "This the plan then?"
Molly Brown Molly Brown is trying to make it to the building now, she'll end up having to do some fancy footwork with the various bits of rubble and otherwise works to try and shake them. She does not want to be Ghoul food and there are just too damn many ferals to deal with here. She could maybe take the ones after her down but then more would come and she doesn't have enough bullets to deal with that. Finally after several near misses she's barely able to make it into the building...
Beau The hoarde continues to mill around the wagon in a dense cluster of forsaken bodies.
Alice Alice adjusted her glasses as she looked towards the construction equipment up on a building that had been pointed out and put her hands on her hips, "Ok." She looked back over the group and nodded to Sparrow, "Hanzhou, Over9000 and Vaultmeat will grab the attention of the ghouls along with uhhhhh the guy whose name I don't know who is finding some bait and and hopefully mechanic girl is done fixing the wagon and everyone runs back to El Dorado. Kay?"
Derk With the locating of a two-headed rat, Derk starts to chase after it, but then realizes that he doesn't really have anything to smash it with, and he's /not/ grabbing it with his bare hands. Instead, he moves back to rejoin the others as talk of a plan seems to be circulating. "Sounds good," replies Derk at Alice's comments, then looks over the companions and Hanzhou, most likely wondering if he's the slowest runner of the four of them.
Hanzhou Hanzhou nods to Alice, "I believe that plan will work, however I do not wish to leave you alone but if other's will watch over you then I will be more at ease." He turns, glancing at the assembled party members. "Please someone look after her. I will also try to grab the attention of the Ghouls who are chasing after miss Molly."

He motions at O.V.E.R. 9000 and Vaultmeat, pointing towards the mass of Ghouls near the Cart. "Let us go be a distraction then." Then glancing towards Derk, "We must buy the others enough time. My name is Hanzhou by the way and it is an honor to meet you. Let us go." He then starts off jogging beside O.V.E.R. 9000 and Vaultmeat, when he is far enough away from the group he will start waving his arms at the Ghouls, then shouts at them. "Hello. My name is Hanzhou and I would like to show you something!" He then starts taking off in the opposite direction of where the group is.
Beau ****FTB for time.****

Our heroes make it back safe and sound with the crates and live to adventure another day!