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Iris Lark Iris Lark has been slowly exploring more and more of El Dorado. Tonight she finds herself creeping into the diner, looking for some new company. The shy doctor makes her way up to a table and settles down on one of the wooden seats before she picks up a menu. There isn't much on it, and it doesn't take long for her to pick out a meal and order.

"A BLT, please, no mayo." She orders, smiling up at the server who stops by.
Saeko      Saeko had been here, her own encounters exploring the wilderness having been suprisingly uneventful. The asian woman was tucked in the corner of the diner with a small meal in front of her, her gear bag resting near her feet while she sipped at her water. The arrival of a new face however, that was enough to bring her gaze up following Iris. She didn't know all that many in town, but the 'Kunoichi' was curious.
Iris Lark Iris glances over a shoulder and she sees Saeko looking at her. She raises a hand timidly and offers theh woman a wave and a smile. "Hello." She says, her voice quiet. "Are you from..are you from the city here?" She asks, scooting her chair to make conversation easier.
Saeko      A little tilt of her head, Saeko nods her returned greeting. "I am a traveller," she offers in return while sipping her drink. "but I have found myself in this town, at least for the future. And you? Are you passing through?"
Iris Lark Iris gets to her feet and she walks towards Saeko, glancing around to see if anyone else who might be present is watching. "I live in Shantytown, actually." She murmurs, stopping near Saeko's table. She holds out a hand to shake. "I am Iris Lark, I work as a healer in the clinic outside of the town."
Saeko Saeko tilts her head to the side, taking a small bite of her meal for herself. "A healer? Like Lilu? She patched me up after I ran afoul of an explosive...and a wall." One could swear that she actually looks amused by the memory. "Still, healing people in the shanty town must be difficult, trying to keep things clean."
Iris Lark "A bunch of people from the city helped build a clinic for me." Iris says, clasping her hands behind her back. "It's very clean, I make sure." She takes a few steps to pick up her plate and she drifts back towards Saeko. "May I sit with you?" She asks, a slightly wavering smile on her face.
Saeko Saeko nods her head, a sweep of her hand gesturing for Iris to take the seat opposite her. Still mostly wrapped in her cloak, Saeko's gear is only slightly visible as she continues her meal. "That sounds like much work, to keep a 'shanty' clean, but I admire your dedication for doing so."
Iris Lark "Thank you, it's not always easy." Iris allows, shifting to sit down. She picks up her sandwich and takes a bite before she speaks further. "Being a healer is an interesting thing, especially here in El Dorado."