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Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya opens the door, her wide-eyed stare pans slowly over the room. She should say something by now.... Nope.... More staring. She tilts her head to one side and regards the other patrons one by one.
Ruane Roman Raune is the sort of man who isn't normally here for drinks or the like. Yet there he is, at the bar, leaning over the edge and prodding and poking at one of the robotic attendants as he looks what appears to be a robco protectron in the grill. "Rust accumulation due to humidity continues to increase at unreasonable rates. Will consider replacements in the future. Talk to Miss Caine to approach.."

"Howdy Pardner" The joyless robot offers in response even as Roman continues to ignore the actual personal space of the animated object and gets more than a little handsy with the machine. The sound of the door opening and Zealout Shreya entering however has Roman withdrawing his mitts and glancing over, offering simply, "Simple Main.. oh. Unknown entity. No need for apologies." He'll observe then before moving to sit back down and turn to watch what appears to be a foreign individual make their way into the bar, a small lift of his chin offered then.
Rose      Down from the stairs Rose arrives, once more dressed in her Ranger attire. Odds are she doesn't actually have that much in the way of clothing alternatives, which is likely why she'd spent a large majority of the morning cleaning her gear post the most recent battle. With her handguns tucked into their holsters the woman moves over towards the counter, pausing a little at the sight of the wide-eyed woman in the doorway. Welp, that sort of suggests a newcomer, doesn't it?

The blonde Ranger moves forwards now, making to take a seat for herself and glancing at Roman. "Kitty know you're tinkering with her employees?"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya moves in at last, moving toward the bar. "Drink...," she says more to herself. You get the feeling it isnt necessarily getting drunk that attracts her but the fact that she will be hydrating her parched body. She looks dirty as though having traveled far and probably not seen a shower in some time. "Atom be praised," she says in her accented english. She sits down at the bar and looks for the bartender or the robot as the case may be. "Have you some water... A lot of water." She chuckles and seems thrilled to be about to receive this simple thing at any price.
Ruane "Tinkering? Implies alteration. Unsolicitied Modification. More accurate phrasing is assessing. Diagnosing perhaps? Repairs and Parts cost caps and best to be prepared for negotations." Roman responds easily enough as he tries to keep himself very still in response, even as Rose moves to sit nearby, his eyes shifting though and following her movements for a second.

A pause then as he considers the newcommer words then before glancing aside to the Robot in question, who no doubt goes about their business with that lumbering and awkward gait, no doubt returning with a bit of water.. of some sort before requesting some sort of transactional payment. "Water at a Saloon? Unusual request." A beat then before glancing about then back to the woman again. "Walk the Long Seventy? Or through the Desert? Apperance suggests long periods of travel."
Rose With her order little more than simple water, Rose watches Roman's work. If he's trying to be still? Well, that's just another odd little tick she'd observed from the man. Water is indeed here, but there was no arguing that it was an odd choice. For Rose it was merely the best alternative at this hour given her rather 'un-gunslinger-like' habbit of avoiding alchol in pretty much every scenario. Booze was only for the worst of days and she had no plans on having any such days any time soon.

Even so, she doesn't comment as she looks the new arrival over. Her praise to the nuclear god? It makes her raise an eyebrow. She hadn't seen a member of that 'cult' for a while now.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya turns her gaze upon Roman as he speaks to her, dark eyes noticing Rose with some interest but not addressing her yet. "I came from the east. It has been a long, long way. Megaton is far from here. It has been days, weeks, perhaps months that I have been on the road, but I come following a vision of glory. There is a shrine to Our Lord in the white sand in the west, I could see the sand made pure by Atom's holy power from afar off in the mountains. But first....this city..." She holds up her glass. "And this water. I was nearly dead but not nearly. I have a purpose and I will see it through. I have dreamed it. It was a dream sent from the Lord of Division." She drinks again. "And you stranger. How is it you come to be here?"
Ruane "Megaton? Odd name. Ton is a measure of weight. Must be a very large city. Or heavy. Weighing a city, problematic." Roman mutters in response to Shreya as his eyes drift closed then as his arms cross over his chest, lips twisting into a frown as the man clearly is consumed with thoughts on things. Almos as if on cue, he'll offer aloud then, almost echoing Shreya's words then, "White Sands?" His eyes shifting to study the woman. "Military base. To the west. Several hour walk. No major settlement nearby." He'll note before glancing aside to Rose then, considering her.

"Question. This woman appears to be emphasizing Nuclear Energy. Vernacular appears odd. Is this just me?"
Rose      Rose hadn't heard of the city, but the speech makes her raise an eyebrow lightly. Another sip of her drink, she continues to watch over the rim of her glass before wiping her mouth with the back of her gloved hand. "Oh no, it's 'odd'. But this place seems to attract its own shair of 'odd' pretty regularly." Chewing her lip for a moment, she raises an eyebrow. "Lot of ghouls out that way of the 'eat your face' variety if I was to hazard a guess. Not the best place to take a walk unarmed or on your own."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods. "How fortunate that I come to a place that has arms. I will be sure to buy a gun. I saw a 12mm piece that looked nice earlier when I stopped to look at the caravan merchants wares. But I am not afraid. I did not come here to die, but to fulfill this purpose." For a moment her gaze fixates on Rose. She shakes her head and looks back to Roman. "Megaton is a large city, centered around a nuclear bomb that fell and did not detonate. It is from there that I come. I supplicant at the shrine tended by Confessor Cromwell. But Atom brings me here. I heard some tell of a group of raiders nearby. That is of concern."
Ruane "Raiders? Depends on definition. Raiders one day, mercenaries the next. Always problems to be solved however." Roman responds easily enough in response to Shreya's observations though his eyes narrow for a second then as he considers her words. "Not heard of this 'megaton' must be far away. Or too small." He'll observe then before glancing aside to dip his chin, echoing Rose's sentiments.

"Ghouls occupy Roswell. Most direct route west through there. Would suggest careful exploration and preperation." He'll note before exhaling then and offer simply, "Confessor? What does he confess?"
Rose      "Raiders tend to pop up anywhere you don't want them to be." Rose comments idly before she nods towards Shreya's words. "Not being afraid is fine and all, but being able to defend yourself is better. I've seen the pistol you're talking about. Rounds pack one hell of a punch, but they wouldn't be cheap." A shrug of her duster-clad shoulders. "Guess you just hope not to have to use it." Talk of the Confessor and the like doesn't quite bring the same interest, but is it all that suprising that the woman just writes it off as another brand of crazy?
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods to Rose. "I sense a wisdom from you born of violence and a broken world. Perhaps you will..for some caps...come with me to the shrine and help me to make it habitable. I confess I do not know what it is but will know when I get there. I cannot imagine you would do it simply for the right." She turns back to Roman. "A priest of atom which we call a Confessor. The Confessor does not confess to you but takes your confession. When one wishes to lay their soul and their sins bare to Atom, what you may think of as God. It is the same thing, simply a more evolved perception. All things change, and when the bombs laid waste to the world in the prophesied apocalypse, it was found that the Bible was missing much of the truth, but one can tell that by reading it. It is filled with contradictions."
Ruane "A receiver of Confessions. Not the act? Most unusual title." Roman mutters as his lips deepen their frown all the more visibbly as his eyes study Shreya all the more intently then. "Furthermore, statements involve dangerous conclusions and ideas. Will maintain skepticism and evaluate authencity individually." Rose's words however cause the man to straighten then before he shakes his head, "Would suggest finding cheaper weapon." Roman observes before twisting back to look at the bar then and exhalign softly.
Rose      "Religious debates were never my thing," Rose comments off-side, low enough it might be wondered if she was addressing the others or simply speaking her thought aloud. "Too many opionions with no evidence one way or the other." A pause, she tilts hear head to the side the other way. "This 'shrine' of yours might be worth checking out, assuming it's not so irradiated we drop dead getting anywhere near it. But if the caps are good I'm sure we can find people willing to watch your back."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods. "It would not be as much as some of the trader caravans pay but...I am certain there will be plenty to scavenge from such a place beyond the say...100 caps I could offer?" She smooths down the skirts of her dirty robe with its strange metal piece sewn into the cloth. She then picks up her glass and finishes it off with a satisfied sigh. "Food," she calls out to the bartender. "What do you have to fill an empty stomach?"
Ruane "A Hunded caps?" Roman inquires then as he leans back in his chair, her offer apparently getting his attention then as his eyes narrow for a second, lips twisting into a smile. "Easy negoation. Bullets cheap in comparison. If you need assistance.." He'll glance aside to look up at Rose then again, "Suggest hiring a few individuals. Perhaps robots." Roman trails off then before lifting his shoulders again.
Rose      "A hundred caps will buy me enough ammo I'd be willing to try and keep you safe out there." Try is the key word, promises beyond that going into the unknown is a little foolhardy. But the money would let Rose replace the ammunition she'd been spending out on the trail accomplishing her goals and just generally not getting dead. Roman's words earn a nod, but that last bit makes her shake her head. "Just be...picky on the robots. I've seen a few here I wouldn't really trust at my back."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods. "I do not prefer to do business with robots. They have preset parameters and cannot follow complex orders. To much room for mistakes unless one has little care whether the robots succeed or fail or are destroyed or not. I prefer the assistance of the living. Now.." She turns back to Rose. "Can you recommend me an inn? I would meet with you tomorrow night to discuss my plan. The forsaken of atom have rather predictable habits that we can exploit, of course there is always a need for shooters when plans go awry or...those raiders wonder what we are getting up too."
Ruane Radiation death less likley. Also betrayal harder to program. Requires careful preperation. Easier to earn caps." Roman observes in response to ROman then as he lifts his arms slightly. "Otherwise seek protective equipment. Or those armed with it. Dangerous sorts." Roman observes before he moves to push up from the bar he is sitting at then before motioning about. "Seek out Vault town. This establishment? Also a flophouse."
Rose      "I saw one flip out and kill an entire building worth of people instead of a sole target that might not have had to die just because it was 'sensitive'. That tends to have me happier with people rather than robots at my back." Rose shrugs. Roman's words earn a nod and a little shrug. "This place -does- rent out rooms without requiring you to partake in their 'services'. But otherwise there is a place not far from here in town, and another near Vault town, or so I hear."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods thankfully to Rose. "The girls are lovely I am sure but I am only seeking what is affordable. I must agree on the dangers of automatons." She turns to Roman again. "You speak in strange ways that I do not understand. I have already agreed to hire this woman...I understand her. In any case. I don't have 100 caps for you also. I shall have to take my chances."
Ruane Roman lifts his shoulders then as he moves to press up from is bar then. "Indeed? Shall lessen difficulty then. Please excuse me." The man will state then as he lifts a hand to wave it towards Shreya as he moves towards the doorway. "Repairs to Perform. Work to do. Welcome to town, etc."
Rose      "Knock yourself out on what is 'affordable'," Rose says with a dismissive wave of her hand. "Just make sure you're able to pay me. Bullets aren't free, and guns don't do much good without them." The blonde Ranger signals now for another water, but this one? She goes about pouring into the small hip-flask she'd been carrying. Sure they were ment for booze, but it was a good way to keep some a little spare. Never know when supplies would be low out there in the Wasteland and Rangers tended to walk long roads. "You got a horse, or did you intend on walking?"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya shakes her head. "I have nothing but the clothes on my back and what provisions I have hoarded in this backpack. No horse. Although...we will need animals if we are going to carry out my plan with the temporary barricade." She sighs. "I will have to part with more of my caps to hire someone with a horse...or more useful, a brahmin and a cart."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya is sitting at the bar with a contented smile. She looks much more rested than yesterday. She has had a bath and there is an old military sniper rifle slung over her strange robes. She is sipping whiskey from a small tumbler. "Burns good," she tells the tender. "Im waiting for that NCR Ranger. She is going to help me to fulfill the will of Atom and now... I have what I need." She laughs. "A miracle!"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya is sitting at the bar with a contented smile. She looks much more rested than yesterday. She has had a bath and there is an old military sniper rifle slung over her strange robes. She is sipping whiskey from a small tumbler. "Burns good," she tells the tender. "Im waiting for that NCR Ranger. She is going to help me to fulfill the will of Atom and now... I have what I need." She laughs. "A miracle!" (re)