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Achilles It's a hot day in the Shantytown and it's crowded as ever. Militia and regular folk mill about, some staying in their hovels and some trying to beat the oppressive heat. One man in particular stands out, quite literally, as he cuts his way through the crowd. He stands a foot over most people, and he's twice as wide. Thrown over one massive shoulder is a sack of something, but judging from the trail he's leaving behind, it's a meat of some sort.

In no time he arrives at the local clinic and stoops to make his way inside. "Babe, I'm back." he announces.
Iris Lark Iris tilts her head back and gives Achilles a sunny smile until she spots the sack over his shoulder and the trail he's brought into her nice clean clinic. "Put that somewhere safe, if you could, you're making a mess and I just got this place mopped up from the last person I had to cut into." She tries to look upset, but she doesn't manage it, a smile is on her face and she makes her way over to Achilles, hugging happily against his arm. "I'm glad you're safe." She coos softly, standing on her tiptoes to plant a kiss on his cheek.
Guardian Caldwell Theres the sound of thudding boots and metal scraping together as a man draped in Brotherhood Of Steel weaponry and armor enters the clinic, obviously malnourished and dehydrated. The Brotherhood Of Steel soldier enters the clinic and groans "" he mutters and offers a weak brotherhood salute to the two of them. Before dropping to his knees and coughing violently. "Food...water...please."
Darlene     There's a rattle and clatter outside of the clinic, is someone dragging scrap metal around? Lke, a whole sack of scrap metal?
    Actually, yeah, that's exactly what it is. "Ayyyyyyyy... anyone in there? I'm looking for bits for a condenser and... uh. Uh..." It's Miss McCrivin, and she's staring at several blood-like trails as she pokes her nose into the clinic. "Iiiiirrriiiiiis? Is everything okay?"
Achilles "Sorry about that." Achilles says, hurrying through and stashing the meat in the back, before coming back out with a mop in his hand. He freezes though when he catches sight of William, lips pulling back to show off his teeth. "What's the Brotherhood doing here?" he doesn't sound happy in the slightest. The mop is dropped and he reaches for the axe at his side, a massive thing that looks to have been forged out of a bumper.
Iris Lark Iris holds up a hand, easing Achilles away for a moment. "He's injured, that's what he's doing here, now put that axe away and get him on one of the tables." She quietly instructs, her brow furrowed as she tries to get a scope of his injuries. She hears the noise at the door and moves for a moment to stick her head out. "Darlene is that you? Everything is fine, I think..maybe." She says, glancing between William and Achilles.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell raises a weak hand to try and defend himself from the axe that the humongous man was toting towards him. "Please..." he lets out in his parched voice. "I'm...not hurt you." he slowly begins crawling away from the man and towards the hopefully benevolent Iris. He wasn't really injured externally, a few scrapes and gashes here and there but nothing really worth writing home about, his main issue was that he looked like he hadn't eaten in weeks, and my god why was his skin like paper? He had clearly been without food or drink for quite some time and the wastes had taken their toll on him.
Darlene     "Well I can see it's not because you've got bloody people who are yelling!" Though, that's really par for the course, Darlene, it /is/ the clinic. The young 'Vaulter' dumps that bag of junk at the door, and then looks anxiously out into the street as she moves inside. Brotherhood in town, that's not... good? Is it? Achilles is peeved but well, lots of things peeve him, don't they? "How did he even make it here like that? Goddamn."
Achilles "Fine, but only 'cuz you said so." Achilles allows, walking over and picking William up by the back of his clothes and depositing him on the table. With the small man put down he goes back over to the mop (which looks absolutely minuscule in his grip) and proceeds to clean up the blood trail he brought in.
Alice If there had been a place that smelled worse than Alice's day to day work in Vault Town maintenance? It was the Shantytown. She had come to learn this after her recent forays out of Vault Town and into the 'magnificent' city that was just above it.

Since she had been so eager to adventure outside of Vault Town, she had been tasked with acquiring some Med-X and Mentats and with the clinic inside El Dorado closed for the day she had no choice but to venture further than she ever had.

The sight of an axe-wielding man and the wounded soldier throw her into a bit of shock and she stares blankly forward for a few moments before stammering out nervously in rapid-fire without taking a pause or a breath, "Icancomebacklatersorry!"
Iris Lark Iris lets out a silvery laugh at Darlene and motions her inside. "You know how Achilles can get." She says, before she moves to the table to gaze down at William. She gets him some water and after a quick trip to the back, comes out with some watery broth. "Sip at this, not fast, and if you can keep it down. You'll get something solid." She wiggles her finger at him and then spots Alice. "No no, come in, come in. Everything is fine. I swear it."
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell looks over towards Iris and nods slowly to her, grabbing hold of the water and broth and sipping down some of the water then sipping some of the broth from the bowl. "T-thank you..." he stammers out. Continuing to slug down food and drink slowly and gasping for breath afterwards, surprisingly nothing comes out after it goes down, he's trying to keep it down at least, and that's what counts. He lets out a sigh of relief and lays against the table
Darlene     Darlene sighs as Iris has to ruin all the jokes and be SUPER SERIOUS. "Hhhh. Well, I guess that's that, right?" She smiles up at Achilles and offers a little wave to the BIG MAN... Before turning to spot Alice. "Oh hey there, little Pip. What did you wander all the way out here for? Shouldn't you be pushin' a broom around?"
Alice Alice takes a few deep breaths before looking at Iris and Darlene and nodding her head, doing her best not to have a panic attack. She would have been staring at Grognak the Barbarians counterpart or the strange soldier, but the Vault 33 Jumpsuit catches her attention.

The sight of a fellow Vaultie causes her to lose her nervousness for the moment and she brightens up noticeably, "Probably! I'm here to get some medicine. Someone thought it would be just peachy to break into Vault Towns clinic and rob a bunch of supplies."

Not wasting any time with introductions, she exclaimed a little too loudly, a little too excitedly, "I'm Alice!"
Achilles The large man looks down at Alice, giving her a slight nod after a moment. "Achilles." he introduces himself, sighing quietly as he goes back to mopping up the blood. Apparently he's capable of switching from bloodthirsty to reserved in an instant, which could either be comforting or terrifying.
Iris Lark Iris watches William as he drinks and eats and is apparently satisfied with what she sees. She pats him on the arm and moves around the table to step into the back again. She comes up with some more broth, but this time there is meat and some veggies in it, a hunk of bread too. She passes this to her patient before she starts looking him over, searching for wounds. "So how long were you out that you got in this condition?" She asks, hoping she'll get some information out of him.
Darlene     "Well it's nice to finally get your name, I'm Alice." Darlene snickers happily and reaches out to ruffle the 'Fellow Vaultie's' hair. "I've seen you wandering around with your broom down in Vault Town when I've gone down for parts. I'm Darlene, I run the System 33 in town." She hooks her thumbs into the belt loops of her suit to pos for a moment or two, and then nods at Alice. More specifically, her Pip Boy. "Hold on a sec, lemme." She shifts a bit, and starts fiddling around with the network settings on her Pip Boy.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell finishes the broth and his drink and slowly offers them back to Iris. Shaking his head lightly as he takes the broth and begins spooning some of the contents into his mouth. On his person are multiple wounds of various states of healing. Some are fresh, some have been scabbed over, some are almost fully healed. "Couple weeks maybe? A month at least. Time goes by fast when you don't know where you're going..." he says, rising up into a sitting position.
Achilles "Depends on how used to it you are." Achilles says a bit gruffly, stopping his mopping to look over at William. "Though I suppose that wasn't taken into consideration when the Brotherhood destroyed my tribe." Sure that happened over a hundred years ago, but Beastlords were notorious when it came to holding grudges.
Alice "Nice to meet you." Alice replied to the pair who had introduced themselves before frowning just a little at Darlene's mention of the broom thing, at least she didn't see her down in sewage, ugh, "That wasn't my choice! The G.O.A.T. is really dumb, it lies!" She quieted down just a little bit and began paying a bit more attention to the Brotherhood of Steel Knight, "My mom says it's because I have some kind of attention---"

"HOLYVAULTGIRL! Is that an AEP7 Laser Pistol!?" Taking a few steps towards William, her insatiable curiosity quickly took place of judgement or common sense and she grabbed it from the man's belt, "I could be just like Astro Girl 3000 with this. Jolly Jumpers! Can I have it? Pleeeeeeease?"
Darlene     "Well that's funny, my GOAT told me I was going to be Dethstarya, Conqueror of Worlds. I think the Main Servers burped on that one because they just put me on Gecko Training duties." Darlene sort of says to no one in particular, as Alice goes bonkers over the LasPistol. A mental note not to let the Vaultie Girl into the back room of the 33.
    She does look up to Achilles though and then at his bag of MEAT. "...Anything good in there this time?"
Iris Lark Iris is quiet as she works on William's wounds, her hands steady and slow. "I'm glad you managed to get here, as long as you behave yourself you can stay right there on that table as I treat you. All right?" She glances back at the others as they carry on a conversation, but puts most of her focus at cleaning and treating WIlliam's wounds.
Guardian Caldwell The armed and armored Brotherhood soldier nods to Iris "Thank you..." he murmurs as he continues slurping down broth and various food stuffs. "I wasn't supposed to be here..I was on a brotherhood assignment with my squad mates..we got attacked by raiders, so many of them...We got out of there on a vertibird until the raiders blew it up." he looks over towards Alice and shakes his head "Brotherhood property, please give it back." He looks back over to Iris "They weren't far from here, I think they plan on attacking this quaint little town, I have to contact my superiors and tell them what happened. They could attack at any moment. You should probably warn your townsfolk of this as well..." he continues scarfing down broth and water, groaning and holding his stomach before heaving slightly and struggling to contain his meal.
Achilles "Brahmin." Achilles informs Darlene. "For the most part." When William starts running off at the mouth he looks down at him, "Raiders? Raiders aren't a problem. Sounds like they ambushed you." He gets a bit of a chuckle out of that.
Iris Lark Iris turns to look at Achilles, her eyes a little wide. "What..." She glances back at William and then looks towards Darlene, her nose wrinkling a bit. She notices William trying to hold down his meal and waves her arms. "Don't puke, and if you have to.." She picks up a bucket and shoves it towards him. "..use this!"
Alice "Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, your brother doesn't need it. He's not even here!" Alice replied with a frustrated look as she imagined herself walking around with a laser pistol strapped to her vault suit, "How about.." The young Vaultie reached into her vault suit and pulled out about 30 nuka-cola quantum caps worth about 300 regular caps, "30 quantums? They're real. I've been saving them forever." She grinned over at Darlene, "Tell him how good of a deal that is! Please! You run System 33 you would know!"
Darlene     The 'blew up a Vertibird' gets even the easy-going Darlene to look up with a measure of concern. But the Dweller lets out a quiet breath, and then brushes her slightly greasy hands at the front of her Suit. "Well, the Milita and the Sheriff are... more than able to handle all of that..."

    And then Alice is trying to get her help in scamming a perfectly good LasPistol off a BoS soldier. "Alice, honey, he... really needs that. he shoots people for a living and you don't." She crosses her arms, and looks to William. "Don't worry, she's just... eager."
Guardian Caldwell The young BoS man grabs hold of the bucket and begins to vomit into it. "Ohhhhh god..." he mutters through vomit sessions and slowly lies on his back once the vomitting is over. "I...really can't sell you the laser pistol. It belongs to the brotherhood of steel, not me." he looks over towards Achilles "I'm sorry about what my ancestors did to your people, but I can't help with that. What I can help with is saving your town, but I can't do that if you don't believe me. Theres a gigantic raider horde amassing. Bigger then any i've bet this towns seen. Oh god hang on..." he grabs hold of the bucket again and continues emptying his stomach into the bucket. "I needed that..." he groans in pain and lays his head against the cool bucket. "No worries, but you really should be warning the townsfolk of what's soon to begin. I need to contact my people and make sure I can report what happened to them. Their families will be concerned. I'm sure mine are as well. Granted, they'll be heartbroken because nobody else is alive. Is there anyone in charge you can warn that can convince the people to be prepared?" he asks mostly to Iris because she's been the kindest to him thus far.
Achilles "You're talking to the wrong people. There's a reason the clinic is out here and not in the walls." Achilles takes the mop back into the back room, then squeezes back through the back door into the room again. "I'll do my part, but you'll have to talk the militia about getting people ready."
Iris Lark Iris mutters something under her breath but she keeps treating William. She's not really afraid of something happening to her, she has Achilles, but she sends the big man a wide eyed grimace. She is probably worried about her friends. "You're gonna be in trouble too, Mister, if you stay here and they find you, right?" She asks, wrapping up the final bandage. "We should try some more broth.." She makes her way to the back room again, a frown on her face.
Alice "Ugh." Alice sighed with exaggerated frustration, "Whatever. You know, I didn't even want it. The AEP9 is way better. Plus." Adjusting the eyeglasses she has on to exaggerate her intelligence she states while holding the laser pistol up, entirely unconcerned with this talk of Raiders, "It has a faulty surge protector and overload capacitor. See!" She shoves the laser pistol towards William even as the poor Knight is vomiting, "You can see it, right there. Someone just cobbled together a bunch of spare parts and well, don't blame me when it just blows up on you one day. KABOOM!!"

Stepping away from the Knight once the pistol is returned she smiles at Darlene, "So where is Vault 33? Does it smell like stale air there to? Do you have to drink recycled water? DO you know Recycled Water is just your pee?"
Achilles Achilles just sort of reaches up to rub at the back of his neck as he listens to the conversation. Alice's words eventually draw his attention to her, "Don't get out much, huh?" The hand at the nape of his neck is lowered to fiddle with the ratty pants underneath his armor.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell nods his head to Iris "Yeah..i'm gonna be in trouble too, but this is the only civilization i've found on my travels so I guess i'm stuck here. Not that i'm really complaining, it's better then battling for my life in the wastes. I need to find your communications center and send a message to my chapter. But we also need to prepare your townsfolk for combat against this horde. Can most of your people wield a gun efficiently? I know you have a militia but I don't think a militia and some law enforcement is gonna be enough to hold them off." he looks down to Alice and sighs "Sorry I can't give you it, i'm wearing cobbled together gear as it is, I had to scavenge off my dead comrades just to get this geared up. It sucks. Sorry." he takes another sip of water and takes a deep breath, releasing it slowly as he waits for more broth to be retrieved for him by the seemingly only sane person here.
Iris Lark Iris glances back at Achilles, and since William is done being treated she moves towards the giant man hugging against his arm. "Should we go somewhere safe?" She asks, glancing up at him, a frown on her face. "I don't want to leave my clinic."
Alice Alice didn't give Darlene much of a chance to reply to her questions, her brown eyes resting on a man she was associating with Grognak the Barbarian in her head, "I get out plenty!" It was a total lie. This was only her second time outside of Vault Town and she was realizing that there was one major problem with life in the Wasteland or at least the city of El Dorado.

She had no idea where to find a clean bathroom.

"It was nice meeting you all, but I have to go now, so have fun and have a super cheerful day!" Before she even finished her sentence she was out the door of the clinic like a woman possessed by something.
Achilles "If something happens, I want you someplace safe." Achilles says, turning so he can wrap a massive arm around Iris. "The militia will need me down here in case of an attack." He turns to look after Alice, but before he can say anything she's gone.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell continues resting himself on the table, nodding to Alice and offering a slow sluggish wave "See ya later." he offers, before sighing and holding his head "Do you happen to have any painkillers around here? Like..anything to kill a massive migraine? I've been out in the sun for so long I don't even remember what shade looks like."
Iris Lark Iris glances back towards Caldwell and shakes her head. "I don't got a lot of anything out here, you're lucky I had the bandages that I used." She glances up at Achilles and frowns. "Will you take me to town? I'm afraid."
Achilles Achilles' leans down to press a kiss to the top of Iris' head. "Don't worry, I'll keep you safe." It's a promise he intends to keep, if he can.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell slowly rises up and nods "I'll be off then I suppose. Thanks for your assistance. I may need further medical treatment. Be on the lookout for those raiders, I meanwhile have to get to know the town since i'm probably staying here for awhile." and with that he's off!
Iris Lark Iris watches William dash out and she glances at Achilles. "He shouldn't have been that nimble if he was that sick." She points out, staying by the large man's side. "Why don't you go check to see if things look scary, I really don't want to leave the clinic."
Achilles "I was just out there, remember? If they're coming this way they aren't here yet. Probably woulda tried killing me if they were." Achilles reasons. "Fucking Brotherhood, can't ever trust them."