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Ironface Jones Despite the late hour there are people at the Gold Digger. It seems to be perpetually occupied in the massive city of five thousand souls. Bartending robots are on duty, taking care of customers with their fancy beer tap controlling appendages and friendly, or at least serviceable, demeanors.

One of those people hanging out here is quite a large tribal with his electric spear leaning against the bar next to him. The big man, Ironface, is enjoying a tall beer and chatting with the robot in front of him, "So I killed the large green man and saved the property of the whores."

The robot responds with, "We do not serve that, sir."
Decius At a table not too far off from the bar meanwhile sits Decius, as usuall clad in his imitation of Ancient Roman armor as is the norm back in Ceasar's Legion with his spear and shield leaning against the chair he sits on. The man himself meanwhile glances with an amused smirk to Ironface and the robot. "Trust me. Whatever you tell it thats not an order for something to drink is going to enter one ear of the tincan and exit the other."
Rose      Sometimes for particular people, the hours only matter for reasons of the sun on your back and the critters that come out at night. Beyond that? One sleeps when they're tired and keeps moving when their not.

     The hour might be late, but the Gold Digger still had enough lights and life to be seen as open, and that was as good as anything for the duster-wearing figure that pushes through the door, rucksack slung over her shoulder as she pauses for a moment to sweep her eyes over the mix of patrons and the rather odd sight of the tribal man with the spear. At least now she knew people wouldn't be looking at her odd for the rifle slung over her back! The blonde woman steps in further now, moving towards the bar as she catches the tail end of the exchange, raising a brow. "Large green man?" she questions casually before turning gaze to the Robot. "Cola if you have it."
Ironface Jones Turning to Decius, Ironface frowns for a moment, "I am beginning to understand that. I feel that tincan is not as intellectually capable as you and I." Once he's turned around it's evident that he's got some fresh looking bullet holes in his chest armor, but he's not letting them phase him too much, even if he is a bit slow to lift his beer for a drink. The blonde female entering and addressing him is given a solemn nod, "Yes. Myself and two other warriors were sent to retrieve precious jewelry that was stolen from the girls here. When we arrived at the bandit's home we were viciously attacked by them and by a large, green man known as a 'super mutant'. In the course of the battle I slew him but was injured when I did not dodge his bullets."
Decius Decius visibly cringes at the mention of it being a Super Mutant. "Ah, Super Mutants. Some of the nastiest things you will ever see, dumb as bricks and hard to kill. They also eat people. Seen a few a couple of years back in the Mojave. Besides..." He briefly taps against the spear at his side. "Legion usually doesn't use particularly good weapons so that made dealing with them that much worse."
Rose      The rucksack gets deposited at her feet, but as Rose's tired eyes fall upon the sight of Decius' armor and process it for what it is? Her duster is flicked open and her hand rests on her revolver rather quickly. She doesn't draw it, nor does she go with a rather long-standing reflex to shoot someone dressed like that dead, but the Ranger's hand remains resting rather close to that holster. "Interesting armor..." she says slowly to the legionaire, but those blue eyes flick back to the tribal man and she nods. "Muties can be savage when they attack, and sneakier than anything that big has any right being."

     The woman frowns at Decius' outright admitting of his past, but it's not enough for her to go shooting someone down in cold blood in the middle of town regardless of her history. "This town is a little too...good for the Legion to be here in force. Long way from home?"
Ironface Jones "It was truly a mighty brute," Ironface comments to Decius watching him speak with a serious look on his face. "It strikes me as strange that Caesar's men do not use more guns, but that is good when you are fighting against them," he says, sounding quite sure of himself. Looking over to the Ranger he pays close attention when she speaks, "I shall do my best to maintain awareness when I think that some are about."
Decius Decius gives a wry smirk towards the blode Ranger and shrugs. "Very far and unless Ceasar and Legate Lanius both bite the dust and take their army with them I'll stay right here. The town is considerably more comfortable than any Legion Camp. Long story. I'm very unpopular up north." He briefly grins a bit more, clearly enjoying how uneasy his appearance makes her before looking back to tribal. "The Legion insists that guns are unreliable and too dependent on ammo which in their mind clearly makes simple weapons that can simply be used in melee or thrown superior. Which is nonsense when you can't even reach your enemy without dying beforehand. Of course, there are some exceptions like Gaius Magnus who used a particularly gigantic gun to nearly wipe out a tribe on his own."
Rose      A confusing answer in some ways, but enough to have Rose's hand move away from her holster and up to her drink, sipping the 'mostly' cool beverage lightly before she nods her head. "Plenty of folks that don't take all that kindly to seeing anyone dressed like that, especially back up towards Vegas way." Of course, the same could be said of the NCR, but she doesn't comment on that. Instead the woman glances between the pair for a moment more before she speaks from behind the rim of her glass. "Looking for a guy named Carter, odds are he's wearing a coat like mine. Either of you two come across him?"
Ironface Jones "It is strange that they would think that way. A thrown spear can be easily lost and is much heavier than a bullet," says Ironface with a frown as he digests the information that Decius provides, clearly doing his best to memorize everything he hears. "If I had more time and resources I would attempt to learn the way of the gun, but I feel like it would be a waste of my strength," he's still got one jammed in his belt, though. His attention returns to the lady, "I considered killing him, but he informed me that he is responsible for the deaths of Caesar's men if I interpret things creatively. I have chosen to do so." And then he nods his head again, "I rode with him and we killed raiders together. I do not know his current location, however."
Decius "Well... I got a Centurion killed by having him and his troops intentionaly run into a NCR ambush for being a complete bastard to me and my troops? I hope that counts?" says Decius with a shrug and considerably less wry smirk and more the expression of someone who feels like he is standing in a minefield. Despite the fact that he theoreticaly is safe here. "Anyway, I've encountered Carter a few times. He regularly shows up here, but I don't know where he is right now."
Rose      "He's still kicking, that's a good start." The woman nods, shrugging her shoulders. "Didn't think I'd find him 10 minutes after getting into town proper. Still..." she trails off, apparently letting the thought lie while she continues looking over the odd pair that make up the other patrons, cool blue eyes carrying some unspoken thought for her moment of quiet before she lowers her glass. "Rose," she offers after a moment, gesturing to herself with her free hand. "Rose Hallows."
Ironface Jones "It was a creative approach to murder, so I feel that it does count," Ironface tells Decius after a moment of thought on the subject. "Everyone has their own way of winning battles and I do not judge anyone on how they accomplish their goals unless the undeserving are hurt." At Rose's introduction Ironface does one of his own, touching his chest and says, "Ironface Jones, hunter and explorer of the El Dorado tribe. Son of Snake Puncher Jones and Spears Badly McCoy of the Sand Lizard clan."
Decius "As long as you all understand that I defected for not agreeing with the Legion and refrain from murdering me outside town? I don't care how you interpret anything." Having said that Decius shuts up a moment before shrugging and providing an introduction of his own. "Decius Caecilius Metellus. Former Decanus of Ceasars Legion. Formerly next in line of leadership of... I think the eight tribe Ceasar wiped out. At least before they put my father on a cross and me into a position that was bound to make me unpopular. Also now a traitor to the Legion and all that it entails. Did not want to be anywhere near either side of the Colorado when the next Battle for Hoover Dam was about to come up at any moment."
Rose      A twitch there on her face at the mention of that battle, but the woman doesn't say more of it. Some memories can wait till she was a little less tired or at very least drinking something alcoholic rather than simply sugary. For now it seemed she was satisfied with Decius' story, however akward it might be sitting near someone wearing the armor of people she'd routinely shot in the face. The Wasteland was a strange world, that much was certain. "You were talking about bandits? There was a few on the road, but I didn't think that many would be bold enough to hit a town like this. Save maybe floating around the edges hoping to catch caravans coming and going."
Ironface Jones Looking at Decius, Ironface gives him a nod, "It is good to know you, Decius Caecilius Metellus. I have no intention of murdering you so long as you continue to not deserve it." When Rose speaks the big guy looks back to her and thinks for a few seconds before speaking, "I'm not certain how he came to obtain the jewelry from here, but his men were well armed. I think perhaps that Slim Tony, the fat man who lead them, must have come in here as a customer with some of his men and somehow robbed the whores." He polishes off his beer, wipes his mouth with his sleeve and then says, "Bandits attacks do not seem to be very common here otherwise."
Decius The former Decanus silently listens and nods. "Fortunately and I hope they stay uncommon. Especially since I'm a bit more worried about the Sand Snakes down south closer to Mexico. Thats a bunch of truly degenerate lunatics. If they head closer into this direction things will get uncomfortable since they are pretty clever."
Rose      "Well..." Rose speaks, a stretch of her back coming with a soft 'pop' barely heard. "As interesting as it is to meet the both of you, it's been an exceptionally long walk and I think I'm going to go find somewhere to get a little shuteye." The blonde reaches up, brushing the few bangs of hair that had fallen from her simple ponytail back out of her eyes before she stands and reaches down to retrieve her bag. "I'm sure I'll see the pair of you around soon enough. Thanks for the...introduction?" she says, offering that last word with a shrug. If this first meeting of odd characters was anything to go by, El Dorado was going to be one interesting city. A wave of her hand and a sweep of her duster, she's headed for the door.
Ironface Jones "More beer, tincan," Ironface tells the serving robot.

It replies with the words, "Yes, sir" and refill's the tribal's glass after bottle caps are exchanged.

Freshly rebeered, Ironface takes gulp and then immediately wipes off his lips. "When I fought them the Sand Snakes lept out of the sand where they had buried themselves." As Rose goes to leave Ironface gives her another deep nod, "Be well, Rose Hallows."
Decius "Take care and have a good rest." Thats about all Decius has to say as the Ranger leaves, quickly shifting his attention back to the huge Tribal. "Yes. Not to mention that they set up the entire place as a trap in the first place. The bodies were dragged there and all that to make it look untouched, with the only indications being drag marks and the fact that nothing was chewing on the bodies. That indeed is quite clever, besides that leader that showed up claimed that they were among the weaker ones. That can't be good."
Ironface Jones "No, it cannot," Ironface says, slowly shaking his head as he considers again the meaning of what they encountered. He takes another drink from his beer, licking his lips before speaking again, "When dealing with the Snakes they can come from any direction. It is hard to plan for things like that." Considering things a bit further he goes on, "It will be safer if they do not come north, but that seems unlikely to me. I feel we shall have more confrontations with them in the future."
Katherine Caine It's a rare sight not to see Miss Kitty behind the bar at all for the day and today was one of those days until she stepped out of the backroom. It was obvious she had a little work done at the Clinic in Vault Town without the rumors to accompany it but she was looking as confident as ever, if not more confident.

Leaning against the bar she smiled at Iron Face and Decius, "Well, hello boys. Hope nobody missed me and the girls too much today."
Decius Decius just stares at her for a short moment before slowly inching away from the bar along his table. "Noooo?" Yep, he is not having great success at not starring at her. At all.
Ironface Jones "This place is not as good with you not here," Ironface tells Kitty, giving her one of his rare smiles as he takes his time looking her over, not at all shy about inspecting the work she's had done. He's hardly even looking at her face. "You are more marriageable every time I look at you. That is not exagerration."
Manuelito Clear skies, or at least as clear as the post-fallout wasteland would allow, of murkish yellow could be seen with the sun shining brightly. The airs warmth was pleasant on the Navajo skin, was he walked over to the Gold Diggers Saloon.

Pushing out the doors, Manny heads inside quietly. Eyes scan the locals as he walks to the bar, his boots thumping against the wood gingerly. A small creak is heard on an old worn board prior to him leaning against the bar top, arms folding on top of each other. "Hello Katherine." He tranquil voice, adding "Could I get a glass of water please?"
Katherine Caine The Legionairre's response causes Katherine to laugh before she smiled warmly at the man, "Never thought the big bad legionairre would be the shy type! Who would have thought." The comment from Ironface, might have caused her to blush IF she had any shame, "Why, that's kind of you Big Iron but I've never been the settling down type. Just ask Manny, he's had a crush on me since we were kids." The water is poured for old friend, clean refreshing water and set down in front of him, "Any word on those riders yet Captain?"
Ironface Jones "I must leave now to see if the doctor is in her clinic," Ironface tells everyone as he rises to his feet, putting his helmet on and grabbing his spear. He explains, "I feel like a bullet is still in my lung and she was not open before." Before he goes, of course, he says his greetings and goodbyes, "Captain. May you remain in good health." To Katherine, "It is always good to spend time with you, Miss Kitty. I'm sorry you do not wish for marriage." And to Decius, "Be well so that you can continue to defend the tribe of El Dorado."
Decius "Let a man keep his right to feel uncomfortable." Fortunately, for him, the comment from Ironface about the bullet actually manages to distract the Legionnaire long enough to stop starring and continue to complain. "If you had one in your lung you'd probably keeled over by now. Likely stuck nearby though. Take care."
Manuelito Giving a warmth of a smile to Katherine, Manny corrects her "Had." lightly as he picks up the glass of water and drinks it slowly. Setting it down, his head shakes "No. I sent four out late yesterday. They radioed in this morning.. but have not heard from them. Next check in should be later this afternoon." Looking to Ironface, he nods "And may the Mother Goddess watch out for you."
Katherine Caine Katherine watches Ironface leave before pouring two shots of whiskey and setting one in front of Decius, "I hate to drink alone, so bottoms up!" She raised the shotglass in the air before slamming it back and shaking her head a little after from the burn, "Good, hopefully they return safely with nothing to report. That's the best we can hope for."

Smiling at Manny like she needed something, she said, "So Manny, I need you to break the news to Clara that Tinman is living out on the farm now. I put him in the old shack by the edge of the property, figured he can do some good keeping watch."
Decius With a shrug Decius takes the shotglass and drinks the whiskey, cringing slightly. "Wonder what people like so much about alcohol." With that said he leans back into his chair a bit more and continues to silently, but obviously listening attentively.
Manuelito Glass half way up his mid-chest, Manny pauses as his brows furrow slightly. A slow shake of the head is given as he sighs. "Katherine, that Brotherhood fellow be better of here..Your putting a lot of stock in trust by havin him around the kids and Clara." Lips touching the glass, he drinks the water slowly before setting it back down. "And are you sure its keeping watch, or rather hiding out?" He muses, eyes locked on the old friend.
Katherine Caine "Manny, there's a lot you don't know about me. You should know though that I've seen enough out there to know, we can trust that /kid/. You don't understand how the Brotherhood really operates. You see a soldier in power armor with a gatling gun but the fact is? Most of them are just children who know no other life." She pours herself another shot of whiskey before continuing, "He's never known any other life. He's already starting to fit in here, I set him up with Amber Skye last night, he's drinking, he's gambling. He's starting to feel like a local. He never has to know he isn't going to get to contact his people on our radio because he'll forget all about it in time. That Ad Victorum slang he uses? That's East Coast. He's a long way from home, don't even think he realizes how far."
Manuelito Manny nods. If anyone knew more about Brotherhood or for that matter, outside of New Mexico, it'd be Katherine. Rolling his shoulders in a shrug, Manny finishes the water and slides it back. "Alright." He finally says after a minute of silence. "I will allow him to gain my trust." The Navajo says, which is in of itself says a lot for the reserved Indian.
Decius Despite having no reason to do so, Decius smirks slightly and pipes up as well. "Besides, even I know that there is not much to go back to up north aside from whoever is hiding out up there. No matter who actually is in charge up north now either the NCR or the Legion is kicking their asses sooner or later anyway if they aren't allready at it. Trust me, absolutely nobody likes the Brotherhood."
Katherine Caine "I've been putting him through the ringer. Made him think we'd kill him if we didn't find anything of value at the Vertibird and then I sent him off with Big Iron and a new fella, Bane. They took out Slim Tony out in Jack's Town for me, so that's one less scumbag to worry about. They also brought back the girls jewelry that got stolen, so I'd say he's on his way to earning mine. His next job is beating up my brother in a bar fight, no armor, bare knuckle. Archie needs it, he's getting soft." Katherine smiled before eyeing Decius, "You know, if you have information on Legion movements, that would be useful. I'm sure you know all about their camp up North."
Dusty Rose There's no flashy pomp and pizazz, just Dusty Rose ambling into the saloon like many folk do in these parts. Probably just came from work, if it says anything that she's still wearing her mechanic's garb and the belt of tools around her waist occasionally jinking and clanking together from whater is in the various pouchs.

Though one might wonder why she didn't change first, considering her apartment is right there at the mechanic shop.
Manuelito A heh escapes his lips as he looks to Katherine. "Glad I am not the law man." He replies with a slight wink. A pause is given, then a slow shake of his head. "Your brother was always a little weaker than some of us."
Decius Decius slowly raises his hands in a placating gesture at Katherines question and shrugs. "I left a while before the Second Battle of Hoover Dam and was on what was essentially an odysee down here with several long breaks to lay down. Its been way too long for me to know about anything they are up to. I don't even know has won, but if the Legion won... Well, back at the Colorado river is the entire mainforce of their army, but they would need a while to get their army back in order, consolidate and even then are likely to just head onwards into California and Oregon due to the NCR. They are likely not going to care much about this corner at all." He does shut up a moment as he closes his eyes and leans back, before continuing to talk. "There is one tidbit I do remember though. Ceasar was worried about possible encroachment from raiders in Mexico and actually withdrew troops from New Mexico back to Arizona."
Guardian Caldwell Theres the heavy stomping of a suit of power armor before the usual Knight of Steel enters the saloon, giving a brief nod of his heavily plated helmet to each patron he recognizes. He has a seat at the bar and waves to Katherine "Hello Miss Kitty." he says happily. He was feeling refreshed and energized so he was in a good mood! "What's up? Anything new on the job board today?" he asks, hoping to get some work in before a nice hot meal.
Katherine Caine "The tactics and strategy are all lost on me, but I've been most of the places you mentioned and let's just say I'd rather see two-headed bear flying over the dam than the legion standard." Katherine spit on the ground after, she hated the legion!

"Archene isn't weak, he's cunning and luckier than anyone I've ever met. I'm pretty sure when we were kids I shoved a horseshoe up his ass as a prank and we forgot all about it." Katherine joked before leaning forward on the bar, propping her chin up on her hands, "What can I get you Dusty?" She asked of the new comer before reaching out to playfully flick at Manuelito's ear with her finger.

"Hey Tinman. Somethings backing up the sewage pump, why don't you go check it out and I'll make you some breakfast." She replied to Caldwell's inquiry before pointing towards the backroom which would lead him to the basement.
Manuelito Manny smirks at Katherine ever so slightly; a playful one as he leans away. "How about a beer Katherine?" He asks calmly, eyes looking to the stomping in time to see Caldwell. "And whatever the fuck Tinman is wanting."
Dusty Rose "Hey Miss Kitty." Dusty pauses a moment to brush off her pantlegs a bit. "Dunno, what's hot on the menu today? Need somethin' to fill up goo---" And then she sort of trails off at the clanking steps behind her. She turns her head, and lets out a low whistle at Caldwell while trying to keep herself from geeking out entirely. "That's quite the piece o' work you're sportin' there fella."

Followed by a wrinkling of her nose, and taking a few steps away again. "Hope it ain't dead rats. Dug enough critters out of machinery in my time."
Decius "I'll summarise then. The Legion is likely going to just head west and north-west past New Vegas. Maybe reinforcing their home in Arizona due to them being worried about something in Mexico down south. Also pulled out most of the people they had lurking right here in New Mexico. So, lets just hope that they indeed will just ignore everything east of Arizona otherwise I can just suggest everyone to spare a bullet for themselves. Although, if we are lucky they lost the battle at Hoover and are probably trying to kill each other so I suggest keeping an ear open for that. Anyway..." Decius slowly stands back up and straps his shield and spear back over his back before making his way towards the door. "I'll be going for a bit, if you all don't mind. Take care."
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell sighs at Katherine "Alright I guess..." and with that he walks over towards the backroom and into the basement, trying to locate the source of the blockage. He mutters to himself angrily as he continues fiddling with the sewer pumpage, hoping it doesn't spray all over himself.
Katherine Caine "Well the Mister Cook-It in the kitchen is on the fritz again so it's Cowboy Hash for the day, which is my specialty." Katherine replied with a smile, although it wasn't any secret that she pretty much had one dish she cooked; it was some variation of cowboy hash which was always different and sometimes edible.

Waving to Decius she kept her thoughts on the Legion situation to herself, calling out cheerfully, "Come back soon!"

Grabbing Manuelito's glass of water which was no doubt finished she poured him a fresh beer before watching Caldwell head off into the basement where the poor boy would find a backed up sewage system indeed. If he dug deep enough, he would find a bunch of hair and other stuff clogged up into a massive ball in one of the pipes.

"So Manny." She set the beer down in front of the man, "When are you going to settle down and have some kids of your own? You're one of the towns most eligible bachelors if you ask me."
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell begins to fiddle with the pipes before noticing the huge was of hair and various other debris in here. He lets out a groan and begins to rip out the various hairs and bits from the sewage pipe, disgustedly. "This is nasty..." he mutters, continuing to rip out hair and simply throwing it in a nearby trashcan. He continues mumbling to himself the whole while, while also listening to the conversation upstairs if he's able to.
Manuelito A roll of his shoulders is given as he picks up the beer and takes a swallow. Bringing it down a little, he looks to her quietly. A minute, then another pass before the Navajo speaks "I suppose when the right woman comes along." He replies quietly in a reserve tone of voice, though a smile crosses his face as he says it.
Dusty Rose "... I'm hungry, good enough for me. Just include somethin' strong to drink with it." Something strong enough to not care about if it actually tastes good or not. You live in El Dorado and you learn to not be picky. Dusty's more worried about getting something to eat, than how good or bad it tastes.

After a moment she gestures a thumb over her shoulder at the kitchen. "Though if ya want I could probably go take a look at the bot if you want."
Bane      Bane slowly majes his way down the stairs from the third floor, the smell of questionable food and strong drink drawing him down once again into the Saloon. His duster has a fresh tear at the shoulder and there is a little dried blood around the rip, looks like that will need to be fixed up. He looks around as he comes down the stairs and nods to the other occupants of the Saloon before he moves across to the bar. Leaning his rifle against the bar he looks over it, one of his hands idly rubbing at his brow "Howdy Miss Kitty, how about some grub and some whiskey."
Katherine Caine Katherine grabs a pair of tumblers and pours a generous amount of whiskey in each, no doubt putting it down on the tabs of each before sliding the glasses to each, "Two meals coming right up!" She looked over to Manny, "Make that three, you hardly eat enough for all the drinking you do Captain." Leaving the robot that was behind the bar to take things over she headed off into the kitchen and began to heat up the concoction made from whatever was hand. Literally whatever.
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose catchs the tumbler as it's slid to her. "Much abliged Miss Kitty." Then glances in the direction of the man ambling in from the upper floors. Squints one eye a little at the bloodied rip in his duster. "Looks like you had a rough time."
Manuelito Manny laughs "I only have a beer a day Katherine. Maybe two." He replies smoothly, head shaking. "Besides, last time I ate your food I was puking and shitting at the same time." He shudders; of course, it was rancid meat that time. "Not fun... And I can cook." He adds with a smirk.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell finishes ripping out hair and various gunk and debris from the sewer system before reattaching the pipes and stepping out of the backroom after washing his armor off. "What did you shave a Yao Guai in there or something?" he asks, shuddering. "Fuckin' pipes were full of hair and shit. Anyway, it's done now so i'll take my food and drink if that's ok." he has a seat at the bar and looks over at Manny, nodding his head "Hows it goin?" he asks, regarding each and everyone else with a nod and a smile as he removes his power armored helmet.
Bane      Bane chuckles at the comment from Dusty Rose, looking over at his shoulder. "Nah wasn't so bad. The bullet barely skimmed me. The others got it far worse than I did." As he finishes that sentence he looks over towards Caldwell "Ask the metal man. He was there." He takes his drink and takes a small mouthful as he waits for his meal, which will hopefully be some kind of edible.
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose buries herself in her drink to keep from snickering too much at Caldwell's return protests. She's had to clean out enough clogged machines to know how nasty that job can be, sewer or otherwise.
Katherine Caine Katherine returned with a quarter of plates balanced on trays from behind the counter, she had tasted the mix of various leftover foods, some other stuff in the kitchen and even pre-war canned goods and it had tasted fine!

Setting a plate down in front of Dusty, then Bane, and Manuelito she held the last one aloft for a moment before setting it down in front of the Brotherhood Knight, "Well, enjoy yall, it tasted pretty good to me. If you ask me, the burned parts add flavor.."
Manuelito Manny pokes the food with his fork slightly, rather unsure about eating it. Setting the fork down, he ventures a hand out for the beer and takes a breath. Quickly, he consumes a bit of the food before chasing it with beer.
Dusty Rose One can only put so much faith into Katherine claiming it tasted 'pretty good'. But food is food, after taking another swig from her drink to ensure she's ready for this Dusty picks up her fork and digs in. Stuffs a forkful in her mouth.. and actually looks a bit surprised when it tastes fairly good after all! Starts chowing through the meal more vigerously after that. Still more interested in just getting food to eat, but hey, it tasting edible is a bonus.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell quickly scarfs down his food and drink, rising up and putting his helmet back on and then nodding to Miss Katherine. "Contact me if you need me for anything else. I'm off for now." he doesn't even complain about the taste! Food is food!
Katherine Caine Katherine just shakes her head at the surprise shown to her cooking and watches several of the patrons head out on adventures, "Just another day in El Dorado." Leaning in close to Dusty, she asked, "So Dusty, you work at the mechanic shop, right?"
Manuelito Eyes linger back to Katherine as the fork is set on the plate; only the first portion ate. "So, why ask about me settling down?" He inquires curiously as he lifts the beer to finish it off. It was a peculiar thing really to be asked, especially from her.
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose looks up from stuffing her face with the actually decent hash. Mumbles something, then swallows so the second time will actually be understandable. "That's right." Prods through the remaining food on her plate with the fork. "But y'know, not a lot of vehicles coming round these parts, so I do whatever machinin' comes up."
Darlene     "Bluh." That's Darlene's message of the day as she shuffles into the Saloon, looking tired and greasy. Though not like 'unwashed' greasy, like 'elbows deep in metal stuff' greasy. Her nice crisp Vault Suit is smudged and messy, and her hair is tied back in an equally messy ponytail. "Buh. Hey Kitty." She's not even sure if Kitty's actually paying attention, but the Vaulter shuffles over to the bar and flops in.
Katherine Caine "True enough, been awhile since I've seen much other than a bike roll through town. Always wanted one, but I think I prefer horses, as do most people 'round here." Katherine replied with a shrug, "Lilly is pretty good with tech, pair of you should talk shop sometime." Darlene enters at that moment and she smiles at the younger woman, "Hello there Darlene. How's business down at System 33? Might have some stuff for you to sell on consignment for me if you're interested."
Dusty Rose "Yeah, other than some of the farms usin' salvaged trucks fer haulin' stuff. And she did pretty good finding stuff at the Vertibird. Not really a chance to talk though. Y'know, with all the raiders turning up." Dusty shrugs a little at that, and digs into finishing up her meal that was more edible than expected.
Darlene     Darlene lifts her head a bit to smile at Kitty, or it's a reasonable facimile of a smile. "Buh, hi. And yeah I'm doing okay. Haven't had many tourists poking their noses in lately. Not sure what's up with that, but maybe business will pick up."
    She sticks out her tongue a bit. "No 'fense, but the locals don't usually have quite so many caps as the caravanners."
    It's then that she turns to spot Dusty, and waves easily. "Yeah, I'm Darlene McCrivin, nice to meetcha."
Manuelito Manny pushes the beer back and looks to the food quietly, pondering it. He listens to the talk around the saloon as he debates eating it.
Katherine Caine Katherine considered the responses for a moment before shrugging, "Might have a project that needs the work of a few gearheads but we'll have to see. I'll keep you both in mind." Setting down in front of Manny, she FINALLY replied to the question, "Just a curious sort of question. Not trying to play matchmaker or anything, truth be told, I wish I didn't have a kid or two for that matter."
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose lifts a hand to tip a nonexistant hat towards Darlene. "Dustina Rose. Most folks round these parts just call me Dusty though."
Lilly Caine Lilly sidles into the saloon. Well, sidling as much as she can sidle. She's practicing her sidling. It's a pre-requisite for Swagger. Lilly aint got none of that. Gangly gangeling she's got lots of. She makes her way over to the bar, provided there's no ruckus going ont here.
Manuelito "I see." Manny says watching Katherine with careful eyes. His eyes attempt to watch her body language for subtle changes to deduce if she was fibbing. A roll of the shoulders is given as he sighs. "Yeah, I know. You pawned them to Clara who has done a hellavu job." He rumbles out, head shaking. "And I would like kids of my own someday.. When Mother Goddess shows me the one I am to be with."
Darlene     There's a snicker from Darlene, and she murmurs. "I did plenty of odd jobs back in Vault 33. Odder still than even the Vault-Tec men tried to make us do. Don't ask though, it was gruesome." She sagely nods and then waves down a bartender for a beer and a bump. Startin' strong tonight, Miss Lene. Then "Oh! Heya Lilly! How's my little budding gearhead doin' tonight?"
Katherine Caine "Well, if you want kids of your own. You could always adopt Lilly.." Then she notices Lilly had slid in without her notice, trying to make light of it Katherine laughed and said, "Oh , hey Lilly! You want a Nuka or something?" Trying her best to hide the poor timing she went about cleaning up everyones dishes from the bar.
Lilly Caine Lilly notices, yelling out. "Yea. Nuka!", moving to offer softer to Darline. ".'n I got Clara", pausing for a second, "An Sprocket", but said without any heat. Mom is mom. You just accept it, warts and all. Just dont start going off and start Depending or anything like that.
Manuelito Manny shakes his head, pushing the plate back. "Maybe you should ask her whose been around to help Clara out." He mumbles before looking to his empty mug; saying a loud "Water please."
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose wrinkles her nose a little. "I've heard enough stories; I don't wanna know what could be worse than 'em." She grabs her glass to finish off the end of her whiskey, though it's started to get a little warm. You don't waste good booze in the wasteland, even if it's losing its chill. "Now that I've got a full stomach, I should probably mosey home."
Darlene     Darlene raises her eyebrows at Dusty and whispers conspiratorially. "I'll just say... Mutant Potatoes, and leave it at that." A very sage nod, before she ruffle's Lilly's hair, and slams back her shot.
Katherine Caine Katherine gets the Nuka Cola for Lilly and sighs, her mood dropping just a bit but she does her best not to show it, "Look, Manny. I'm sorry. I never wanted to deal with that when I was a frickin' kid. I came back to El Dorado eventually, didn't I?" 16 years later. No big deal!
Manuelito His eyes look upon her as he contemplated thoughts and answers before landing on the most aptly choice of words as he stands up. "Caine family problem." He turns, grabbing the cowboy hat and slips it on as he heads for the door. "Good seein ya again Katherine." A tip of the hate is given to Lilly "Lilly."
Lilly Caine Lilly takes the Nuka cola, turns it up and begins drinking as she spins on the stool. She then sets it down and belches while she turns. "Caines just dont do Simple. Not in our blood. We aint borin' people", she says with a grin.
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose gives Darlene one of those looks of a person not sure if they should believe what they heard or not. In the end she instead opts for pulling her goggles into place and not commenting. Instead its a casual "Catch you folks later," as she heads for the exit. Probably to spend a few more hours tinkering with one of her projects before she ever goes to sleep.
Darlene     Lene lets out a breath and rolls her eyes at Manuel as he makes his exit. "Have a good night, Manny, go get some sleep or something."
    Dusty gets a cheerier wave and a wink from the Vaulter...

    And then Lene looks at Kitty with a long suffering sigh. "Heya, Kitty." She smiles though, and starts to drink her beer. Hooray Beer.
Katherine Caine "Take care Manny." Katherine said before looking back to the patrons at the bar still, "Sorry if you overheard any of that Lilly, it's nothing personal. You're a great young woman." She could polish the bar, but why bother she thought to herself before pouring herself another shot and calling out, "Casino's open again if yall didn't hear. You could be the lucky winner to strike it rich at the Silver Dollar!" Looking back to Darlene now she asked, "So about selling some stuff for me at your shop, you interested?"
Lilly Caine Lilly takes another swig of cola. "Clara made a good Mom, and she aint one. You are a Mom but dont care for it. Uncle Archie is Uncle Archie.", her legs swinging back and forth, making her turn a little left and right as her legs alternate. "Family is Family. Warts 'n all. "
Darlene     Darlene just watches the exchange wistfully, before she gingerly pushes hair out of her eyes with a slightly grimy hand. "I think I could handle that for you, Kitty. It'll help pay for your brother standin' me up the other day on that Prospecting job." She sticks out her tongue, and then waves a hand. "Don't worry, Carter and I said we'd try again in a couple days. Those Ghouls ain't goin' no where."
Katherine Caine "Alright, I'll see what I have around and send Archie down with it but never mistake his debts for mine, he's his own man and a tricky bugger at that, so you watch him close." Katherine warned Darlene before looking back to Lilly, "We don't always get what we want sweetie or do what we want, but what's important is that you're here and you're alive and you're loved. You can't ask for much more than that in a world like this."
Lilly Caine Lilly smiles to 'Mom' at the Loved comment, cheeks flushing. She spins on the stool a bit more, drinking her cola with a silly grin on her face
Guardian Caldwell The usual Thump Thumping of power armored boots is heard as Caldwell enters the Saloon. He looks over to Miss Kitty and removes his helmet and gives her a nod and a smile. "Howdy Miss Kitty. Got some nice shiny trinkets you might be interested in." he says, walking towards her and taking a seat at the bar. Resting his hands gently on the bar counter and drumming his fingers on the counter.
Katherine Caine It was pretty late and Katherine looked like she was getting ready to retire for the night soon but when Caldwell enters with news of having stuff, she takes a few minutes for the man, "Well, what do you have Tinman? Anything good?" Who didn't like loot?
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell reaches into his various small pouches and offers over his old Assault Carbine and a fucking huge textbook about science. "Heavy and potentially useful shit. I assume it's good, right? I worked my ass off for some of this." he says, he was covered in gore and sweat from the previous encounter with the horse theifs. Hopefully Miss Kitty wouldn't be too disgusted. Though..she was probably A LOT tougher then to just get freaked out over a bit of blood.
Katherine Caine Katherine took a peek at the textbook, "Lilly might like this, not sure what I'd do with it though." The compact carbine was grabbed in her hand with military efficiency and she flicked the safety on with a glare towards Caldwell before ejecting the magazine and checking how many rounds were left, "Seriously? Half a mag. That's some poor soldiering Tinman. I'm sure your instructors drilled you better than to walk around with half a mag." Reaching under the counter she begins counting out some caps before handing him about 350, "Shits probably worth more than that to the right person but they'd just con you anyways, so may as well take my caps." Devil you know, versus the devil you do not.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell frowns at Katherine and shrugs his shoulders. "I have literally no ammunition to my name. I've been running around with a single clip in all of my guns. If you want to hook me up with some spare cells for my laser pistol and my assault rifle i'd more then happily take them off your hands. It's hard to buy ammo when you ask for it for free." he shakes his head. "So yeah, not easy to get ammo for free. So i've been saving my shots and letting most people take down my enemies while I tank shots for them. It's a pain in the ass to get shot at but at least I have ammo when I actually need it."
Lilly Caine Lilly looks up, having been distracted by her pip-boy.. still absorbed from time to time in the schematics that Katherine gave her. She remembers to take a sip of her Nuka and notices Caldwel. "Oh! Hey!", and blinks, trying to figure out what she's missed as she sits on her stool at the bar.
Rose      Into the bar Rose steps, her duster still hanging around her shoulders and the rest of her gear stashed in her rucksack she'd retrieved post the ride back to town with the horses. It had been a shame she hadn't managed to keep one for herself, but the townfolk needed them more and there was always another day. Besides, she'd become a ranger to help the people, right? Running a hand through her now untied blonde hair, the woman exhales a breath and moves towards the bar, her eyes flicking to the familier sight of the man whom she'd seen in the firefight earlier today but hadn't caught the name of. Truely the city really did bring out all types.
Katherine Caine "You got a 150 cap advance on your next job the other night, what the hell are you spending your caps on? Don't let Amber trick you into seeing her every night, she's a whore Tinman, she doesn't really like you." Katherine sighed and put the book and the assault rifle under the bar for the time being, making a note to reload the gun when she took it in the back (an actual note) and sticking it to the gun.

First Carter. Now Rose. This was starting to get pretty busy for somewhere so far from the New California Republic, "The two-headed bear isn't planning to invade, is it?" She asked with a smile of Rose before asking, "What can I get you to drink?" She takes note of poor Lilly as well but she's already considering how much a pre-war book on SCIENCE! Could be worth and if Lilly was really the right person for it...
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell waves to Lilly and gives her a smile. "Hey Lilly. How you doing?" he looks back to Rose and offers her a nod of acknowledgement. "I spend it on maintaining powerarmor. It's not cheap you know. I also had to see Amber to relieve some stress. You know how many bullets I took on that last job? A lot. Medical aid and paying for whores isn't cheap. It puts a gigantic dent in your wallet. I'm down to what you literally just gave me." he sighs and shakes his head. "I need to take more jobs to get more ammunition and keep my power armor running. This thing is a fuel hog."
Rose      "People seemed happy to shed lead today," Rose comments dryly, but she shrugs her shoulders none the less as she sets her bag down beside her feet and takes a seat properly, blue eyes moving to the human behind the counter rather than the robot she'd encountered on her first arrival. "No invasions today," she answers with a quirk of her lip. "Just a Ranger looking for a drink and a chance to rest my feet." A glance comes over her shoulder towards Lilly, catching her speaking up and the girl being an unknown face, but she simply nods her head to the woman for now.
Lilly Caine Lilly smiles to Caldwell. and waves, then when word seems to shifts to 'relieving stress', she back into her own little pipboy world, spinning on her stool to blur out the rest of the world.
Hanzhou Hanzhou walks into the Gold Digger, the spurs on his cowboy boots jingle jangle jingle as the doors open and the Wasteland Samurai enters. He glances around, his eyes alert but something vexes him and there's a slight frown on his face. He had just helped a group of people recover some stolen horses back to their rightful owners. He isn't the greatest rider, but eventually got back into town and get the horse to where it belonged.

He walks up to the bar, inclining his head politely to those he knows, the Knight, Katherine and finally Rose when he gets up to the bar. "A glass of clean water please, Miss Kitty and do you have any soup?" He just had a samwich not too long ago but he's still hungry. Lilly also gets a polite nod, if she managed to look up at him from her pipboy.

A sideways glances is made towards Rose, as if he's studying her but he will look away if she turns towards him.
Rose      "Cola if you've got it," Rose offers, perhaps a little more helpful then just saying 'A drink' before her gaze glances back towards the new arrival who takes a seat right beside her. She'd noticed the staring, and the looking away when she turned her attention to the man, but given that they'd just been in a gunfight (sort of) a few hours earlier, perhaps it wasn't all that strange. Still, there was something...odd beyond the man's choice of weapon. After you've been attacked by enough people waving all sorts of improvised gear at you, you stop judging.

     Her thoughts shift for a moment, back to the person she'd come to town to find. Last night she'd learned her fellow ranger was still around and still kicking, but she'd yet to run into the man yet. While her thoughts were private, the sigh they bring is rather noticable. "Long day, huh?"
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell frowns at Rose "I didn't fire a single shot, mostly because they surrendered and it was wrong to cut them down when they didn't even fire a shot until we opened fire on them." he looks down at his own Pipboy and begins to fiddle with it, doing some various studying. He gives a brief bow to Hanz and smiles to him. "Hey Hanz. Hows it goin?" he spins around in his swivel stool and looks over to Miss Kitty. "So I assume nothing else has come up on the jobs list, eh? Please don't make me clean more sewer pipes. I'd much rather take some ammo and go blast some thugs."
Bane      It hadn't actually been so long since Bane has returned from the horse rustling job, but after getting paid he had returned immediatly to his room in order to cool off. Now he returns downstairs, for once his rifle is not by his side, his trusty .44 is still at his hip however. He breathes deeply as he looks around the room before making his way over to sit beside Rose. He waves to Miss Kitty as he places his hat down on the bar his hand running through his sun bleached hair "Whiskey please, Miss Kitty." He nods to Rose before turning to regard Caldwell "I am putting together a Posse to look into the Armourers missing wagon. We will be leaving before dawn if you felt like tagging along." He looks over the mans power armour for a moment "Although I was planning on riding out. They aren't exactly in easy walking distance of town." He looks over the man with the Katana, he may not be the biggest fan of how the job went down. But at least the man had proven effective when he needed to be.
Lilly Caine Lilly hears Caldwell greet someone. Lilly lifts her head, and with a swing of a leg gets her barstool to turn to face Hanz.. but it keeps going, so she keeps turning. Rotational momentum brings her past Bane too.. a non-comittal nod is al he gets.
Katherine Caine "Drinks coming right up!" Katherine replied to the multiple orders. First up was a clean glass of water for Hanzhou, an actual clean glass but it wasn't going to be on the house this time, "No soup, but I've got lots of cowboy hash. It's apparently pretty good, probably fill you up more to." A nuka-cola, probably not pre-war was taken out from a powered fridge beneath the bar and set down in front of Rose before she poured three shots of whiskey, one for herself, another for Bane and a third she dropped a bullet into before sliding Bane's to him and Caldwell's to him and raising her own shotglass, "Bottoms up boys."
Hanzhou Hanzhou looks straight ahead, staring at some of the bottles stacked up behind the bar where Miss Kitty is after Rose sighed, then commented about it being a long day. "Yes, yes it was." But there is Miss Kitty, putting a water down in front of him and he raises his glass in a toast, cheersing folks and says. "Kanpai." then he takes a small sip from his glass, before setting it back down on the table.

"I'm fine, thanks sir Knight." He glances towards the BoS, then notices Lilly when she spins around in her barstool, which causes him to smile softly at her antics.

"The cowboy hash sounds good, thanks." He doesn't mind paying for a good meal or drinks, rather spending the money on that then for ammo or power armor fuel, which he doesn't need.

He turns to look over at Bane, greeting the man with a slight nod. He saw the man earlier but never really spoke to when the gathered the horses back into town and listens to him talk about gathering a possee, but doesn't comment since he seems to be speaking to Caldwell about the matter.
Guardian Caldwell Knight Caldwell slowly drinks his whiskey and spits out the bullet into his hand, pocketing it into one of his pouches. " DO care Katherine!" he teasingly says. Then proceeds to go back to his pipboy. Tapping away at various information buttons and reading up on various sciencey stuff to EXPAND HIS MIND. "So you're looking for a wagon for the armourer? I'd be down for that. I could probably run pretty fast, or you know. Just provide support if need be. I'm a pretty good meat shield."
Rose      "Bane," the Ranger greets as the man comes stepping into the saloon, Rose finally having a chance to acknowledge the old aquaintence beyond a few words shouted over gunfire. "Good to see you're still kicking." Cadwell's words weren't far from her own thoughts on the matter, but then she wasn't the biggest fan of Sentry Bots to begin with and today hadn't really helped matters. The one without a whiskey in the line, she sips her cola lightly and leans forwards, resting elbows on the bartop as the others speak and closing her eyes for a moment. Mention of the posse however brings one of those blue orbs opening again.

     "Missing kid? Count me in. Good enough reason to get moving, plus I'm running a little low on weapons and ammo myself."
Bane      Bane manages a smirk at Rose's words before he downs his whiskey, closing his eyes for a moment as he feels the heat hit him. "It takes a lot to kill an old horse like me, more than wwhat the land has managed to throw at me yet anyway." He shrugs his broad shoulders as he slides the glass back across ot Miss Kitty. He shakes his head at Rose "And you ain't even drinkin'. I thought you Rangers were supposed to have a good memory. Nah, it's the gun seller who has a missing kid. I was planning on looking into that as well. But I heard someone else is already putting a crew together for that one. The job I am after is a missing caravan loaded with supplies that some Bandits apparently made off with. Should be the usual track and retrieve." He grins silently as he watches Lolly spinning on the barstool, how the kid does that so much without making herself sick he will never know.
Katherine Caine "Tinman, looks like you found yourself a job." Katherine said with a grin before reaching over to grab Lilly gently by the arm to stop her from spinning, "Watch the bar for a bit Lilly, I'm going to take some stuff in the back and get Six-String Samurai his cowboy hash." It wasn't a request, it was a demand! She disappeared in the backroom without a word, the assault rifle and textbook carried.
Hanzhou 'Missing supplies? Well, if you need another hand or my sword, then I will gladly offer it." Hanzhou says in a soft voice and then catches a glimpse of Katherine when she heads back to the kitchen to make the cowboy hash, about to say something to her but he was too slow. He's fast with sword but not so much with talking.

He introduces himself to Lilly, since she was asked to take over behind the bar, "Greetings. My name is Hanzhou. I'm rather new in town." He gives her a seated bow, putting his hands together palms flat. But there he is again, glancing over towards Rose when she speaks to Bane but then quickly looks away again and speaks to the Knight. "Why do you call yourself a meatshield? I thought we were looking for a vaultmeat earlier?" He seems a bit confused.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine nods to Katherine. "Okey" She climbs off her barstool and moves to actually sit atop the bar, facing out, legs swinging as she eyes her domain.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell smiles at Rose "It'd be nice to get some work in and also help the town. I figure it's the least I can do for the hospitality shown to me." he looks over to Bane "Who's dealing with the missing kid? I'd like to help out with that as well. The more jobs I can secure the better." he nods to himself. Jobs were good. He looks over to Lilly and chuckles before saying "Looks like you got a promotion Lilly!" Then turning in his stool to Hanzhou "Meat shield is a term that means not much good for anything other then taking shots for other people. We are looking for Vaultmeat still though."
Rose      "It's been a long road and a longer day," the Ranger says with a wave of her hand at the old Merc. "Still getting my head around the town. But missing supplies and having some favour to my name couldn't hurt. Besides, I could use the cash to get a few more bullets or I might be down to mean words soon. Sign me up." It made no sense getting nothing done while she waited for her 'target' to poke their head up. A sidelong glance as she sips her cola from the rocket-shaped glass and she blinks a little at the Samurai's introduction. Something awfully familier, even if it was years ago.

     A glance back towards Cadwell and she nods her head. "Both jobs are equally important, worth getting in on. But uh...who or what is Vaultmeat?"
Bane      Bane lets out a gruff laugh at Rose's words "Has been a long day. I'll grant you that one." He shakes his head "Yeah I am still finding my footing here as well. Only arrived yesterday, lucky I stumbled into this place or chances are I would still be without work stumbling around looking for a place to stay." He nods his head to the Ranger, clearly they have met out in the wild somewhere before "I think we should get a half decent reward for returning an entire wagon worth of supplies. You would hope so at least. Should be plenty enough to buy more bullets at least. If not I can always lend you some in exhange for a favour." He lets out a breath of amusement at the Samurai's confusion, though truth be told he was still out of the loop on that one too. Not that he really cares to delve into it. He waves a hand at Caldwell non-commitaly "Not sure. Check the shop. I am sure he can tell you who he has roped into the job."
Hanzhou Hanzhou nods to the Knight in understanding, "Ahh, I see but why would you call yourself this? It does not sound like a good skill, better to dodge than to take hits and even though you are protected by that heavy metal suit." He then removes himself from the barstool, taking his glass of water with him and moves over to a corner table where he prefers to be by himself when the food is ready. The Lone Wanderer needs his personal space and after he finishes eating, he will quietly slip upstairs to a rented room to get some much needed rest. This will also give him time to contemplate today's events and try to remember why Rose seems somewhat familiar.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell smiles to Rose and laughs "Vaultmeat is a puppy that some Vault Dweller saved from a butcher and it ran from her. The vault dweller with the crazed robot that you saw earlier in fact." he looks over to Bane and nods "Both jobs will be good, hopefully I can get into both of them and get the rewards for both. I need as much caps as I can get. Powerarmor is a gas hog." he looks over to Hanz "Because that's what i'm good for I guess. Got no ammo and i'm certainly not gonna go swinging my fists at people."
Bane      Bane stands and throws a sloppy salute as he turns to head for the stairs he descended not that long ago. "Well I'll hopefully see a few of you when we are getting ready for the road then. I would bring plenty of ammo, food and water. Never know what you are going to find out there. And we don't know how far they made it with the wagon." Shrugging his shoulders and sweeping up his hat he moves slowly up the stairs towards his room.
Rose      A twitch of her brow, that robot wasn't exactly in Rose's good books after the mess it made, but still she nods her head and sips her drink. "Here's hoping. I never much liked the idea of that power armor, was always scared it'd lock up and leave me helpless if I tried it, but if someone wearing it wants to stand between me and the critters out to eat me? I'm not going to complain about it." A glance towards Bane's departure, the blonde in the ranger coat sets her drink down and starts going about the task of tying her hair back into place.
Skittles Skittles steps into the saloon, doors swingin back into place behind her, causing her to start. She glances back over her shoulder and then turns back around, cheecks reddening. She collects her cool though, and then takes one step, then another towards the bar. She finally sits down, as if it took all the energy in the world to achieve this.
Rose Rose so-happens to be stepping away from the bar, Nuka-cola bottle in hand as she steps away with a quiet wave to the new faces and a sidelong glance to the arriving Skittle. She was low on bullets and lower on energy. Time to get some shuteye! "See you around 'Tinman', time for me to go catch a little sleep."
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell nods to Bane "Cya later." he gives in response to Bane and to Rose he says "I'd be happy to help you out if you need it. I have no issues with anyone so long as they're not actively trying to fuck over me or other people." he gives a wave to Rose "Cya have a good one." he rises up and stretches. "I guess I should be off too." and he walks off and exits the saloon
Skittles Skittles looks around, not very impressed with the people she spots. Sighing, she slips off the stool and retreates back out the doors.
Katherine Caine It was just another day in El Dorado. People came and people went. As the moon hung over the small city in the middle of the Wasteland, rain could be heard beating down on the rooftops.

Somewhere in an old shack on the edge of town an old man clutched his heart as it beat its final beat, a symphony to never be heard again.

Within a home, a midwife helped give birth to a new baby, the child screaming and crying; a different kind of music altogether.

The End.... For Today.