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Ruane Roman Raune currently is spending his days it eems trying to insure that the multiple robots that made up the old presentation of El Dorado to tourists remained up and running to some extent. Some provided more practical functions, others like Deputy Roborts were far less practical, designed primarily to just go on 'patrol' and get into fake firefights. Yet these things represented an idea of El Dorado, a return to normalcy of a sort and so.. here is Roman Raune knelt down beneath the robot, hatch open, and tools scattered about on the ground, hard at work.

"Replace Fission battery? Perhaps Run through diagonostic of tubes. Reconsider.. maybe.. no, no." He'll mutter as he works.
Clara Caine Now Clara was out for a stroll, riding her horse Cinny. Lazily the horse walks, his rider sitting, simply looking around. Her hat is askew, dark hair in a braid over he shoulder, blue eyes moving here and there, until they fall on Roman. Pulling the reins she turns the horse to approach him, catching what he says. "You having some trouble there?" Asks the cowgirl.
Ruane Roman doesn't pull away from his work right away, still facing and pressed up against the robco protectron in front of him as his fingers go over the giant machinery inside, unscrewing things and tossing them into a small pile. "Trouble?" Roman will state, echoing through the robot chasis. "Mechanical components needing replacment. Work progressing smoothly."

It might be a minute or two then befor he pull himself out of the robot and wipes at his now sweaty face, eyes darting to and fro before studying Clara with a slight frown. "Vaugley Familiar. Hat, braids, horse, Likley of cowboy Origin. Still unable to place.."
Clara Caine Unmoving from atop of her horse, Clara leans forward a little, a arm resting on the top of her saddle, the other, a hand comes up to flick her hat back some while blue eyes remain fixed on Roman. "You're a strange one aren't ya?" Asks the cowgirl, yet she sounds more amused than anything else. "Name is Clara Caine darling, and I might admit, your face rings a bell but, well, what's your name?"
Ruane "Roman Raune. Propetier of Chips N Bitz. Work with Robots, technology, old world peices. Also lead salvage missions and trade routes. Informal affairs." Roman responds even as he moves to wipe off his oily hands onto a 'clean' rag of some sort, his lips twisting into a frown as he glances back at the Robco robot besides him. "Clara Caine, same family name as Lilly and Katherine. Both familiar. Would suggest familarity. Probably similiar facial bone structure." He'll mutter under his breath before looking up again at Clara then. "On Patrol? Walking your horse?"
Clara Caine Clara is watching him, then after a second she looks to these robots, having little to no idea on even how to start learning about this stuff. It baffles her. Then looking back to him, in a easy move, she dismounts her horse landing easy on her feet and goes to extend her hand. "Well nice to meet you Roman. Sounds like you're a busy man! Find anything interesting on your runs?"

Looking to Cinny she pats her horse on the neck. "Just out for a stroll really, keeping an eye on things. And Katherine is my sister, Lilly is my niece."
Ruane "Robots mainly. Sometimes old peices of technology. Cleaning holodisks primarily." Roman mutters as he turns his head to stare at the robot behind him then. "Otherwise parts. Machines, scrap. Use them for repairs." Roman will observe before again looking back up at Clara and offering a slight smile then, his own now reasonably clean hand moving to give her a quick shake.

"Would explain a lot. Lilly works for me. Small repairs. Performs.. experiments. Quite interesting. Very absent employee though." Roman notes before lifting his shoulders again and sighing. "Little can do except focus on work however."
Clara Caine Crossing her ankles and leaning agains her horse some, eyes wondering over the robots a little. "Must be a smart man if you can do all this." Then Clara looks back to him. "Lilly is a good girl, but has an abundance of zest if you know what I mean. If you need her here more I'll tell her."
Ruane "She is growing, learning on her own. My shop. My problems." Roman responds easily enough as he seems to watch and consider Clara much more carefully then before adding then, "Smart? Perhaps. Inventive. Yes. Inquisitive? Also Yes." ROman lists these things off then. "Still have not responded to earlier question. What is your profession? Stated keeping an eye on things. On What? Criminals? Sand? The weather?"
Clara Caine "She is an adult." Clara nods.

"Oh! Infern sheriff! Keeping my eye on things, trying to help, keep bad guys at bay. You know, all those thrilling heroics."
Ruane "Interim Sheriff? Implies temporary. Aware of the change however. Settling in?" Roman inquires as he turns away from Clara and moves back to the Roboco protectron that he had left stranded in the middle of the street, moving to walk around it, clearly inspecting the chasis as he offers a small frown. "Sounds dangerous. Law and Order important however. Finding volunteers likley difficult." Roman notes as he shifts his eyes to stare at Clara again before resuming his inspection
Clara Caine "Well, they are sorting things out still. And it can be dangerous, no lie there. In this line of work, you need to be aware of the risks, and sure, I could get shot and killed, but it's worth the risk to help people so they don't."
Ruane "Truly? Most Curious." Roman will observe then as he looks down at his hands as he clenchs them into fists. "Performing a duty, expecting danger. Many refuse volunteering for such thankless professions. Lucky the city has someone like you. Count themselves fortunate." Roman notes even as he kneels down to begin resuming work on his Robco protectron. "Will consider assisting. IN future anyway. NCR, Brotherhood.. Legion, all interferring. Not good for El Dorado."
Clara Caine "Well, I want to help." Clara shrugs some, lifting a brow and smirking. "Why do you think they are bad for here?"
Ruane "NCR distant. Attempts to incorporate El Dorado. Unable to realisticly support. Brotherhood of steel seeks technology. Steal it. Legion wishes to rape and control. All are dangerous, siding with one? Attracts the others. Best to play the field. Remain neutral." Roman mutters then even as he continues to tear out bits and peices from the robot, continuing it seems to break things down.
Clara Caine "Now that I agree with." Clara says, about being neutral. "Until that is, someone comes along and creates enough chaos for me to step in. Or any wishing to help." There is a one shouldered shrug. "If pushed enough people push back."
Ruane "NCR represents peace. unable to protect however. Military thousands of miles away. Cannot intervene if Legion attacks." Roman observes even as he moves to tug out what appears to be a wrench from the robot then, swinging it around before exhaling then and continuing. "Remaining neutral? Best chance for survival."
Clara Caine "You have a point." Clara says slowly, nodding a little, looking around as they talk. "But you can count on something. If shit hits the fan, I'll be one of them there, fighting for our freedom." She then looks to Roman, her blue eyes on him. "That's a promise."
Ruane "No reason to doubt convinctions. "Roman Offers in response then before lifting his shoulders. "Would suggest resuming patrols. Work will continue. Repairs, mainteince." Roman drones on then before looking back to the robot. "Can talk more later."
Clara Caine Well at that, Clara hooks a foot into a stirrup, and easily mounts her horse, sitting comfortably. "At than then, I'll leave you to it, be well darling." He's given a charming smile, before she tips her hat in farewell. Then, heels dig a bit into her horse to prompt it to start walking.