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Vault Girl It had been just over an hour since the distress call had come in over the radio. Jimmy Muton, a rookie wagon driver for the Lone Star Caravans had messed up his route and strayed too close to Roswell. The Lone Star Caravan Company had offered caps to anyone who answered the call and the Militia had spearheaded the rescue with Captain Manuelito Romero taking charge of the group.

The city of Roswell is anything but quiet at the moment and it doesn't take very long to find the wagon thanks to the sounds of constant gunfire coming from that direction.

As you turn the street corner in Roswell, you spot the wagon overturned with Jimmy Muton standing on top of the wagon calling for help.

Dozens of ghouls are attempting to get to him on one side. On the other side of the street? There were a small unit of Brotherhood of Steel Knights moving in on the wagon as they fought ghouls.

The moment you fired, the ghouls attacking Jimmy would no doubt notice you.
Manuelito As the group enters on to the streets of Roswell, Manny comes across the scene and quickly decides; he attacks. "Fan out, protect the caravan!" The militia captain shouts.
Ruane Roman Raune will of course be more than eager to make a trip out near roswell. That there might be possible salvage nearby was just a side benefit to saving the LSC caravan in question. Right? Regardless, Roman Raune would be one of the first volunteers, quickly seeing finacial opportunty almost immeaditly.

When the mercenary group hwever makes their way down to Roswell, the sounds of fighting and gunfire will no doubt attrack Roman's attention and as they walk upon the scene, already Roman is firing off his handgun at one of the ghoul packs closest to their target..

Vault Girl As the battle is joined by the group of you, you notice that some of the ghouls are quite different from ordinary feral ghouls. Some are glowing green, others are glowing red and others still are glowing blue.

Amidst the group of feral ghouls there is one that stands almost nine feet tall with wicked looking claws and teeth; the thing barely a ghoul anymore. The roar it set forth from its decaying lungs was a terrifying thing to behold and side by side with the glowing red snarling ghouls it charged towards Ashur, Manuelito and Roman!
Clara Caine Clara - along with the others, on her trusty steed, rides in like lightening! That silly, charming grin is on her face, feeling her blood course through her. It's a high! Nearing the chaos of unholy and frankly, ugly as fuck things, she lifts her revolver, after hopping off Cinny, and fires at a ghoul, walking forward some. "Die bastard!" She says.
Achilles As the Ghoul Tyrant rushes Ashur, Achilles rushes it. As the giant clawed hand comes down to swipe at the pugilist the massive man in riot armor draws back and slams a power-fist clad hand towards the monster. Though not being too accustomed to wearing boots, his ankle rolls slightly and he misses, hydraulics kicking off and hitting nothing. That's enough for the man to see red, his lips turning up in an unseen snarl.
Blank Keeping mostly within the group, Blank scans the area. He spots the larger, more intimidating looking Ghoul Titan and snaps off a shot at him, then follows it up by another. The bullets sinking into his torso and arm, though far from killing it. He just hopes it doesn't decide to look his way. Hopefully the guy with the Power Fist in its face will keep it distracted.
Wiz Wiz rolls out quickly out of the group, wheeling his arms and getting his automatic rifle up quicky. That big mutant is going to be trouble, but they need to help the caravan guard quickly. He hoists the gun up and out, firing as he runs to the side, putting as many bullets into the tyrant as he can while still rolling the gun outward into the crowd of ghouls.
Decius Decius himself decides to speficialy go after the Red Ghouls, mostly because they appear they look particularly smash-worthy to meet his sledge. Not that he is particularly succesfull as he starts swinging at them as he essentially just nicks them. Its once again obvious that he is not a particularly 'strong' fighter.
Vault Girl The pack of Green Ghouls begin to shoot radiation from their bodies towards Achilles and Decius, Decius seems to be fine but Achilles takes a big hit of the green cloud and it's not a good hit, like from the bong.
Vault Girl As the blue ghouls move forward and somehow begin to mend the wounds on the tyrant with their radiation, Jimmy finds his courage somewhere inside of him and begins to rush towards the group from El Dorado!
Molly Brown Well things have gone to hell in a handbasket she sees the hordes of strange ghouls, the really strange almopst pack leader but she focused on the, why? Could be some lingering bit of better dead than red lurking in her mind.
Ashur The monstrous tyrant ghoul charges him and swings a massive arm down toward his head-- with a quick pivot and a duck, the golden-skinned Ashur slides away from the attacks with practiced ease. "Degenerate monster," he spits, looking at its hulking size so in excess of his own, a beastly skeleton covered in mutant, rotting flesh. "Killing you is a mercy."

The ongoing brawl around him is unimportant; the spike-handed Legionnaire throws himself against the giant ghoul and drives a solid punch into its side, looking for where the floating rib would be in a normal person-- and then another, lower, driven into the leg, the spiked knuckles drawing blood and tearing tissue apart.
Vault Girl On the other side of the city street the Brotherhood of Steel squad seems to be making good progress, cutting a swathe of destruction through the feral ghouls in their path and almost making it to the wagon.

Within moments (next round) they would be at your position.

You still had no idea if they were friendly or hostile either. One never simply knew when it came to the Brotherhood of Steel!
Sammy     A shadow drifts through the wreckage of Roswell, alighting on the scene, the Caravan's maday, at first drew Sammy's attention and then the gunshots, which told him he as headed certainly in the right direction. It's amazing how quickly you can cover ground when you're used to it, and someone else is being louder than you. He finds himself a good high perch with a view, enough cover to still be able to survey the scene that unfolds, and yet at optimal range to make the choicest of juicy headshots.
    The rifle is braced against the ruin and the covers are opened. Bolt is checked and locked. But ooooh, the colors.
Ruane Roman Raune, even with a pair of ghouls getting dangerously close to parts he was very invested in not getting bitten or torn into... was soon lifting his gun to take a series of quick shots at yet another pair of ghouls. That the ones who were trying to eath im alive were summarily executed definetly made the whole aiming process a bit better.
Vault Girl The green ghouls try to take down Jimmy as he runs passed them but he is saved by an unlikely hero; Achilles who takes a massive cloud of radiation intended for him!
Manuelito As the red ghouls attack, Manny takes a few steps back to find cover. As the Blue's heal the Tyrant, the militiaman swears under his breath, shifting his guns to trace the Blue's as they attack Decius and opens fire with a rapid shot, followed by him quickly ducking behind a car for cover.

"And this is why I prefer distance...With a fifty-cal or a dot three-oh-eight that has a smiley face on it with the words From Sender with love." He grumbles coolly with a sigh, head shaking. Why he left those babies at home was beyond him.

As he ducks around the vehicle to cover, he spots Achilles taking damage from the Green ghouls. He shouts out "Achilles! You okay?" He inquires, checking his weapons "Grunt once for being okay, scream like a child if your gravely wounded." He adds.
Ashur A brutal claw smashes into Ashur's chest and grinds into his armor and flesh. The blunt trauma bruises his sternum, but it's the claw that really hurts-- fortunately, though painful, there's nothing serious about the wound. Clenching his teeth, Ashur falls into the old battle-rage of the Legion, summoning that feeling that compels the front lines to rush blindly into a hail of bullets armed with nothing but their bare hands or machetes-- channeling that uncontrollable fury, he leaps toward the much bigger ghoul, striving to climb it and wrap his arms about its neck, snarling.

It does not work. Whoops.
Achilles "Of you fuckers!" Achilles hisses, jumping between the radioactive glob and the poor wagon driver. What follows next isn't a grunt or a scream like a little girl, it's a howl of pure rage. That really did it. With no regard for his own well-being he barrels towards the ghouls responsible, fist held high.

At this moment a new threat appears, an absolutelty /massive/ mutated hound leaps out, headed for Achilles. The giant doesn't falter, rather he extends his other hand towards the dog, growling out "Suffer me now!" The dog's tail shoots between his legs and he looks around, before charging off with the berserker into battle.

A hydraulic piston slams into one of the ghoul's faces, obliterating everything above the lower jaw, then his thumbs dig into the eye sockets of another, squeezing until it's head bursts. Terrance, the man's new dog friend, leaps up and tears another's throat out. No more radiation balls today.
Molly Brown Molly Brown is trying to not panic she's not sure what the BOS is up to but unless they shoot at her? She's not shooting at them. She opens up on more of the ghoul horde trying to thin them out andkeep everyone from being boggle down by the living dead.
Clara Caine Clara turns to the tyrant, aims and fires. But misses. "Fucking ballswag shit!" She says angrily.
Decius When in doubt, smash it with a hammer. A common oppinion amongst some of the stronger Legionnaires which even Decius agrees with as he demonstrates to the particularly huge and ugly ghoul as he lets it meet his Super Sledge with a particularly ethusiastic swing straight into the torso. Hopefully that pulverised at least some bone or another.
Vault Girl The ghouls are all finished off on both sides of the battle by the folks from El Dorado and the Brotherhood of Steel on the opposite end of the long street.

While the Tyrant engages Decius and Ashur, Jimmy finds his courage and unloads at the massive beast at the same time as Clara. Neither the Caravan Driver or the Sheriff manage to score a hit on the Tyrant but instead shoot Ashur twice!!!

The Brotherhood of Steel begin to take positions opposite the group, three fireteams of three knights moving into cover behind rubble and the caravan wagon itself. A figure in T-51 Power Armor without a helmet and a long beard and a minigun stands in the street while another figure in T-45 Power Armor with a helmet stands to the side.
Ruane Roman Raune remains near the back now, still trying to keep things under control, keep the stray ghoul away from the caravan.. but with most of those problems now dead, Roman has only one real choice at this point. Pop four rounds in quick succession, carefully aiming down his sights to try and acount for recoil.. and those four bullets end up right in the beasts back.

"Firing. Excellent. Damage will be adequate."
Manuelito Okay, so the ghouls are dead, right? Good, well the militiaman stands up and proceeds across the battlefield to the Brotherhood of Steel members. A nod is given as he stuffs the weapon away and ignores the rest of the groups onslaught against the Ghoul Tyrant. "Names Manuelito, Captain in the Militia from El Dorado." A beat. "So, what brings the Brotherhood to Roswell?" He inquires casually, hands sliding into his pant pockets as the thumbs go through the belt loops.
Decius With how much the ghoul has been stabbed, smashed and peppered with bullets it was only a question of time until someone got to kill it. Which in this case happens to be Decius, who despite holding back with his swings to actually hit something without overextending, cleanly hits its left arm and rips it off which causes both it and a chunk of its upper torso to go flying. All in all, that things is very dead now. Rest in Pieces.
Wiz Wiz likes the up close and personal of a pistol, but he isn't going to mess around with these ghouls. He fires off into the ghouls, steadily mowing the few down left. Despite the free-wheeling manner of the Caravan Guard, he's not much of a cocky bastard when shooting.

Shooting is a big deal. Shooting is trying to kill another person. You want them DEAD. You want them on the ground. You want their lives ENDED. For survival. For caps. Even a ghoul, ghouls are alive, right? They used to be normal people. Well, normal. He squeezes the trigger with cold calm bursts, then spins around towards the Tyrant, trying to get a bead between the others on him. He could hit one of them. He could KILL one of them if he isn't careful.

But that choice was taken away from him. Wiz lets out a long groaning breath, then does what he always does when he needs to diffuse.

"Careful, that guy is probably going to let out an enormous shit any second."
Blank Once all the firing has stopped, Blank looks around carefully. He feels like he didn't really do that much. But, he also didn't get hurt. So that balances out. He sighs a little and looks around. "Any more of them coming you think?" He eyes the Tyrant that fell. "So these are Ghouls, huh? First time seeing them, I think. They don't seem very friendly."
Vault Girl The Knights who are behind cover in their combat armor keep their weapons trained ahead, the group of them clearly well-trained and combat ready. These were Western Brotherhood of Steel, the founders and they were not known for their high tolerance of wastelanders.

The bearded man does not lower his minigun which is held aloft in a single hand as he raises his hand to silence the figure in T-45 Power Armor beside him, "I am Paladin Grant of the Brotherhood of Steel." His voice had a gravelly edge to it, this guy didn't fuck around.

"Under ordinary circumstances we would confiscate much of that technology I see you have. It's clear primitives like you don't know how to use it properly, but I'm feeling generous today Captain Manuelito." He said the last part sarcastically before removing a cigar from his armor pouch and spinning up the tip of his minigun to light it.

Puffing smoke before pointing at Jimmy Muton he said, "Tell you what. You give us that traitor and we go our separate ways for today."

Jimmy hid behind Achilles and whispered to the big man, "Please don't let them take me bro, I'll do anything. I'd even suck your dick man, just name your price."
Achilles "I don't have any love for the brotherhood, but if you say anything like that to me again, I'll kill you myself." Achilles growls down at Jimmy. He looks over the gathered brotherhood members, then back at his group. "What do you all say? Are we all well enough to slaughter them, or do we let them have him?" Clearly he's fine with whichever. Chaotic Neutral baby.
Molly Brown Molly Brown lowers her weapon for a moment, as the lats ofg the gh9ouls drop and she looks tothe Paladin for a moment she pauses for a moment at the comments. She's glad it's not comming to a fight butnoe it seems to be delaing with a traitor to ... the bos? Oh this just became a giant mess of another sort. she looks to Achilles and then to the rest of the party. Okay so they got a bit of a situation here.

"If i might ask what was his act of treason Paladin Grant?"
Sammy     The shadow with the gun barrel high up on the ruin, makes note to be careful of that particular shadeo f green glowy ghoul, since it seems they explode when you shoot them just-so. He watches the others work on the small hordes, pondering, and sees the tyrant fall at last, smiling through the scope, but now, to consider the Brotherhood, and what they're up to. Sammy looks to the two knights who took up position as if to aid in getting rid of the ghouls... But is that all they're after? He looks to see if that wagon's safe, or going to be able to be unloaded and carried. Or maybe the Brotherhood will help upright it and repair it. Miracles do happen.
Vault Girl "No, you may not ask." Paladin Grant responded to Molly Brown. Pure asshole.
Vault Girl Jimmy looked terrified of what Achilles just said but clung to the big man's leg anyways, trying to defend himself he cried out, "I didn't betray anyone! They wanted me to kill people to take their stuff and I ran away, they're bad people! They're not chill at all, not chill at all."
Clara Caine Clara was all around, well not to helpful here. A shot went wide and even hit someone. Not her best day. Ah well, whiskey will fix it. Putting her gun away, dusting off her boots and fixing her hat some, she makes a point here, to look around, take in the scene or rather carnage. Though that blue gaze seems fixed mostly on the Paladin. Hearing Jimmy, she walks up to him and looks to the Paladin. "He had to what now?"
Achilles Cleaning the blood from his power fist, Achilles removes it, tucking it into the satchel on his side before strapping it down. "Basically, you're roadside criminals." The giant decides, tugging the axe from his side and gripping it. He appears a bit tired, likely from the show he just put on with the ghouls.

"So you don't propose a trade. Instead you ask us not to kill you /and/ hand this man over?"
Vault Girl "I'm gonna start counting. You savages know how to count right?" Paladin Grant asked with a grin, "What's it gonna be folks? You know what they called this before the great war? A mexican stand-off. Always wanted to be in one of these, in a place called Mexico at that." Grant laughed and said firmly, "Ten."
Wiz Wiz points his gun downward. "You kill one Brotherhood and they all start coming in. Besides, they are just doing their job and they aren't threatening us yet. Just being menacing." He makes his way up towards Paladin Grant. "Listen. This man is a Caravan Driver. He went through a lot to bring the wagon this way and he fought side by side with us. That puts him pretty high up on the list of people we ain't willing to see die."

"He's got supplies going to town." Wiz moves up to stand between Achilles and Grant. "Hold on. People will die if we do this." He looks towards Grant. "You might take us down, but you'd lose a few. Are you willing to lose some men over this scum?" He kicks slightly towards Lenny.
Ashur Ashur bleeds from a half dozen wounds; the tearings of claw and tooth and bullet alike join to transform his golden skin into a river of red. But the pain is inconsequential; the frenzied nature of his mind deadens the nerves and paints everything he sees in shades of victim. The encroaching Brotherhood members are the most likely ones for him to throw himself against in a berserk fury--

And then they call him primitive, threaten him, and are generally insufferable. He breaks into a dash.
Manuelito a small frown crosses Manuelito's face as he looks to the Paladin. "I see." Comes the simple words from the Navajo. A hand slides out from his pocket, forming a fist as he raises it; a single for the group to hold and not fire.

Casting a side glance to Jimmy as he talks, his eyes look back to Grant as the man finishes. "Look. I'm guessing you're from the West, not the East; maybe even from Texas, though doubtful." A roll of a shrug is given as he slides his hand back in his pockets. He was going to say more, try to defuse the situation, but as Achilles moves for his axe and Ashur moves in for an attack, Manny turns and walks off from the battlefield quietly. He wasn't going to get involved in some civilian-Brotherhood squabble; especially when the civilians were going to start the battle.
Clara Caine "Dumb fuck." Clara says watching Ashur go. Does she stay or does she go? If she goes there is trouble, stays likely double. Drawn to Manny as he goes off she mutters under her breath, of she dies here who will take care of Lilly and Joe. -Who-? Hopping back a few steps she grabs Cinny and easily mounts, going to vacate the area before she croaks at the hand of a Paladin in a dick measuring contest.
Vault Girl Paladin Grant just laughs out-loud as Ashur charges him, "Well, who would have thought. Legion dog is the first one to attack. Anyone who runs, walks out with their lives." The whine of high-powered engines could be heard and the skies above the streets were home to a Brotherhood of Steel Vertibird flying overhead.
Vault Girl Paladin grant removes a Super-Sledge from his back and tries to knee Ashur and smash him but somehow? The crazy legionnaire who was looking to get everyone knocked out or killed manages to evade both!
Ruane Roman steps back slowly then, his hands reaching to carefully hold up his 10mm, threateningly.. that little peashooter likley not fooling anyone of it's danger even as he backs away.. and away and away and tries to make his way out.
Vault Girl The Brotherhood of Steel Knight Fireteam opens fire on Ashur with laser rifles scoring several hits against him even as the Scribe in power armor calls out, "This is madness! What the hell are you doing? We should be helping these people."
Vault Girl A second squad of Knights immediately light up the area around Decius with concentrated assault carbine fire given his attire. The crafty ex-Legion member evades every single shot though. Look out, Neo!
Achilles Grip tightening on the axe, Achilles weighs his options. Let pride or common sense win? Pride almost wins out, until he thinks of Iris, the little doctor he promised he'd make it home. "You win this time." he calls out to the paladin. Hanging his weapon up he turns to leave, the mutant hound he dominated trotting behind him.
Wiz Wiz pulls his head down and ducks away, letting his gun fall across his side. He reaches out to grab Jimmy by the arm and shove him forward, putting him forward, so Wiz's body is between him and the Knights. "MOVE. Leave the cargo. Let's get out of here." Laser blasts come in their way.

Wiz grabs the man by the arm and pulls them both to the side, practically throwing the driver to get them both out of the way of the barrage of laser fire.
Sammy     Behind a ruin cover, a helmet radio is flicked into broadcast mode, "Sword of God to all available units, taking fire from Brotherhood of Steel units, Nine knights, Paladin and Scribe, with a Vertibird Transport in the AO. Grid H-45 by 153." he breathes as he rolls the safety back off on his rifle, "Standing by for direct fire spotting assist." Sammy feels the acid pumping through his veins already...
Decius Fighting the BOS is never a good idea or at least only rarely and under special circumstances. Its the reason why Decius only briefly delayed his retreat to provide himself as a target for a brief distraction, causing him to stand there with the composure of Mars as several Knights utterly failed to actually hit him at all, before turning around and starting to quickly retreat together with everyone else who decided to get out of here.
Vault Girl Jimmy Muton runs along with Wiz, "Awww man, you're the best. I love you dude. We should get a place together and be roomies!"
Wiz "No. My god, no. No no no. No." Nine ten.
Molly Brown Molly Brown is moving with Wiz to try and help him get the driver out of here. "The BOS are have gone raider. Tch should have guessed." She keeps moving and does her damnest to not sit still about this. with what Jimmy said? he bailed on being an hitman just another raider with fancy gear. At least this group of the BOS.
Vault Girl Sammy's distress call does not go unheard, for today was a fortuitous night for him as he called for support as the sun set over the New Mexico Desert.

"This is Desert Ranger Colt, my team and I will handle any inbound reinforcements, Sword of God." A latina-voice replied into Sammy's Radio.

"This is Sergeant Bones here with the Ambassador on a patrol of Roswell, we're in-bound on your position. We'll take down those scumbags, I lost my wife at Helios One." Bones was a veteran who Sammy was quite familiar with.

The Brotherhood of Steel Vertibird flies back around and unleashes hell on those fleeing with Jimmy but it only has a single pass and every single shot from that chaingun misses.

By the time it could circle around again, the trio will be gone.
Vault Girl Paladin Grant is clearly suffering from a head wound and misses Ashur twice in a row even as the squad with their laser rifles fail to take him down. The Scribe ducks into a building and doesn't take part in the fight.
Ashur There's nothing but a primal, thirty-year hate flowing from every bloodsoaked pore of Ashur's body. His breath comes in gasping heaves; his knuckles are bruised and battered. He doesn't see the world, not exactly-- he sees blurring shapes that swim in and out of focus. A hammer. A titanic armored body. Bullets and the roar of engines.

All he does is smash, and smash, and smash, until his body literally cannot move anymore. Then it's all black.
Sammy     Duck And Cover! They told him. Duck and cover! And it works, for a while, until it doesn't. With enough laser fire the ruin starts to collapse, and Sammy does with it , managing to kick off from the rubble a bit, well maybe, okay so that step wasn't so ceremonious. And he's out of site in the collapsing cloud of concrete rebar and dust.
Vault Girl For Ashur it would have been over, if the surviving Brotherhood of Steel soldiers had their way. He had killed their Commander, Paladin Grant in single combat even as he had been taken down by concentrated weapons fire.

As the Knights began to move in on the corpse despite the protestations of the Scribe who had not fired a shot all hell broke loose.

The Knights trained their weapons on Ashur only to be shot from multiple angles by approaching NCR Soldiers who were severely outgunned but they had hope on their side.

The battle was drawn in once more as NCR fought Brotherhood of Steel.

The Vertibird flew in for another pass on the combat area only to go spiraling out of control as multiple long range shots hit the fuselage courtesy of the Desert Rangers and sent it careening out of control.

A full hour passed as the battle raged on with the final knight and NCR ambassador killing each other with their final pistol rounds.

War. War Never Changes.

Epilogue: The Scribe who had avoided the combat removed the helmet of her power armor as she began to check the corpses to see if anyone lived.

When she found Ashur still breathing she attempted to do what she could for the man despite him being an enemy.

The sound of a gunshot was heard as Sergeant Joe Caine and his Militia Squad moved in to investigate the area....