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Nikki After a long day of being out and about scavenging for items and such, Nikki comes upon Acme. Acme had a place that served food, and Nikki was hungry! She reads the sign for the Noodle Shop, and has to wonder just what a noodle shop was doing out here in the skirts. So, woman and eyebot enter the place, Nikki looking around a moment to perhaps see if it was even actually open for business. "C'mon Dink. Nikki's gonna find us somethin' to eat somehow..."
Hanzhou The noodle shop is indeed open and Hanzhou gives you a polite nod when you enter, tipping his cowboy hat. "Greetings and welcome to my Noodle shop. Please have a seat." He motions to the bar stool by the counter where he is at. "I will start making you a bowl of noodles, would you also like a drink? I have some nukecolas and clean water." He is dressed in an unusaul mixture of a western cowboy and asian sword wielding warrior, with a black leather duster and fittingly an apron overtop. There is a sheathed Katana straped to his back. He glances towards the Eyebot curiously and then turns his attention back to you, giving you a small welcoming smile.
Nikki "Yes! Nikki would love noodles! Nikki hasn't had noodles in forever!" Saying this as she wanders up and takes a seat at the counter bar thing. "Cola please. Cola is Nikki's favorite.." She says this much before tilting her head one way and then the other. "Nikki is Nikki and the Eyebot is Dink. Thanks for the food mister."
Hanzhou "It is an honor to meet you, Nikki and Dink. My name is Hanzhou." The Wasteland Samuria and noodle chef says as he reaches under the counter and put a bottle of nukecola on the counter.

Hanzhou then goes to make the noodles, folding a bunch into a bowl first, then adds the garnish on top and then pours in the special ramen soup that completes it. It almost seems more like an art than just serving food, as he does so with a practiced ease making it. He then puts the bowl of noodles down in front of you graciously with both hands. "Here you go, please enjoy. So what brings you to Acme, Nikki if I may ask?"
Nikki Nikki gives a little smile as she's handed the cola, taking a slow drink of it like it would be her last one ever. "It's nice to meet you." Saying this much as she watches him work with the noodles then, tilting her head one way and then the other. Like watching the river near the farm house, how it flowed and just..went with it. As the bowl is set before her she smiles. "Thank you. Hmm? Oh, Nikki's just been out lookin' for stuff. Nikki got hungry, found this place. She wasn't sure where she was." A thought. "And she needs to know how to get back to El Dorado."
Hanzhou Hanzhou bows his head slightly when you thank him and listens to you speak, replying after you are finished in a soft voice. "I see, well you just follow Clovis Highway a little ways and then head south through the wastelands. It can be somewhat dangerous though, especially with Raiders and...Centaurs. If you encounter Centaurs, even one then I highly suggest you run because they are a very dangerous. Did you travel here alone?" The Wasteland Samurai asks with a genuine concern.
Nikki Nikki forks up some of the noodles, taking a big bite, and then she looks over at him. Chewing a bit and then slurping some of the noodles up, she chews and swallows before answering. "Nikki didn't travel alone. Nikki has Dink! Dink will protect Nikki!" She nods and then returns to slurping up her noodles, seeming to enjoy them immensely.
Hanzhou "Ahh...well if your bot can scout up ahead for you and let you know of danger, then that is valueable indeed." Hanzhou replies and glances towards Dink, then back to you. "However, if you wish more company and a guide, I do regularly head to El Dorado to pick up supplies or sell scavenge." Behind the counter, Hanzhou washes his hands and then starts wiping down the counter that he was using.