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Amos Having finally made it to El Dorado, the first stop for Amos was the clinic to get patched up. Once inside the exam room and told that a doctor would be with him shortly, he takes off his duster and helmet, setting them aside. Stretching a bit the ranger reaches up to rub at the faded scar across his neck, sighing quietly. "Least I'm someplace that has water an' food."
Sparrow Sparrow steps into the room; she's not wearing her usual layers of armor, just a white button down shirt with a form fitting vest over it, though a blue and the yellow collar does peek out from under the Cowgirls clothing she does not look as soft and pale as a Vault would. The young woman's weather-tanned face puts a decade on her, but the bright clear blues within the sunkissed features by that odd weathering. She looks up and smiles, "Hey, sorry Miss Lark's seeing another patient so I'm helping her out today. I'm Sparrow." She gestures to the bed and pushes her sleeves up and washes her hands. "Let's have a look at you. Anything specific you need me to look at.
Amos "Good ta meet you Sparrow, I'm Amos." The man introduces himself, moving over to the bed and stripping out of armor to reveal his bruise and cut covered torso. "I just got a little roughed up on my way over here, some radiation and bruises. Few cuts, but I don't think it's life threatenin'." The lack of clothes does reveal something new though, matching scars on each of his wrists and long healed lash marks. This man has clearly never even seen a vault, unless it was a vault ran by fiends.
Sparrow Sparrow nods to Amos. "All right. Not too bad then. First aid I believe is twenty and Treatment fifty. Don't quote me on that, but I'll make up the difference." She dries her hands and moves over to sit on the lofted Dr's stool and has a look at the cuts, bruises and rads damage. "Well, not too bad at least." She stands back up and moves around the office, gathering some bandages, salve and her medkit before sitting back down. She crosses her legs and leans in to glance at the scars but she doesn't pry. There's something oddly aloof about the young Cowgirl, her fingertips are calloused and her hands are scarred but they're steady. "New to El Dorado?"
Amos "That's fair enough." Amos allows, sitting still so Sparrow can work. "Yeah, I got sidetracked on the way here, had to go find a mercenary group out in Roswell." He sits there quietly for a breath or two before adding on, "I take it you're not? New to El Dorado, that is."
Sparrow Sparrow shakes her head, "Nope. Born and raised here." She admits quietly while she works. Careful not to do any more damage than was already there. "Doctor Lark too. Who can probably give you a better patch up job than me. This should tide ya over though, til she's around. Otherwise there's always the Saloon and Miss Kitty and her ladies to make a fellow feel better." She finishes cleaning and salving the bruises and scrapes and works on getting the bandages wrapped around Amos' ribcage. "Rosewell's just a hotbed lately. Hopefully now that the Brotherhood's more.. agressive minded folks aren't with us anymore the fightin' will die down some."
Amos "I was born about a fortnight away from here in Lone Star." Amos jerks a thumb in a vague eastern direction. "Haven't been back there in a minute." Eighteen long years, but who's counting? "I'll prolly just get a bellyfull of somethin' to eat, always makes a body feel better." He brushes the palm of his hands against the thigh of his rodeo jeans, "How much do I owe ya?"
Sparrow Sparrow smiles, "Just go ahead and give me fourty." A midpoint for the treatment and the first aid. She did what she could but.. "I can't do too much else for you but the ladies at the Saloon will feed you and make you a new man. Or ya could wait for Iris just so she can triple check those ribs for you. Look like you may have one or two bruised badly, maybe cracked but I don't think anything's broken."
Amos "I appreciate it. I'll probably swing by and see about getting ah room, but I'm running low on funds. Gonna have to try and earn a few while I'm here." Amos produces the caps and passes them over, then pushes to his feet and carefully stretches. "I appreciate it Sparrow. I'll see you around, more than likely." With the treatments done for now he starts to put his armor back on, getting ready for the trip out of the shantytown and into El Dorado proper.
Sparrow Sparrow nods and stands cleaning her hands and letting a tiny smile touch her face. "More than likely. I travel, so if you need just send a courier my way and I'll pck up the horse and the bodygaurd and come find you. I only moonlight at the clinic." She takes her medkit and puts it away. "Take care, splurge on a room if you gotta. It'll eb worth it, and if you're broke when you're done come up to the Drake Farm. If you can mend fences you can earn some caps back." She inclines her head as she dips out the door, closing it softly behind her.