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Iris Lark Iris is cleaning the tables in the first light of dusks. A soft rain is falling outside, devoid of acid, just moisture in the dusty town. Her hair is falling around her face and she looks like she's had a lot of work today from the bend of her shoulders and the weariness on her face.
Ironface Jones It can't be uncommon to have a shot up person walk through the doors to the medical clinic, but Ironface might stand out a little bit in that he's doing a really good job of showing that he's not disturbed by it. That and the fact that he actually seems more or less happy to be there. Not that he's smiling exactly, but he seems pleased when he strolls through the door and sees Iris, "Hello doctor! I am here to trade goods and services in exchange for getting bullets removed from my chest."
Iris Lark Iris's eyes go wide and she nods twice at Ironface, gesturing towards a table. "Sure, lay down and let me take a look at you." She says quietly, moving to wash her hands up. "So what happened?"
Ironface Jones After setting down his spear and helmet, Ironface peels off his armor and shirt to reveal a mess of bandages around his chest. He lays on the table as instructed and begins telling his tail, "Evil bandits stole the jewelry of the girls of the Gold Digger and myself, Tinman of the Steel Brotherhood and Gunslinger Bane quested to retrieve it. We traveled to Jack's town where the bandit leader, Slim Tony the Fat, lived in his red trailer..." This is probably not Iris was getting at but the big man has a tale to tell. "When we arrived there bandits with machine guns began to fire upon Tinman without provocation! We leapt to his defense and began to lay waste to them when suddenly there appeared a great green man known as a super mutant!" He's also doing a terrible job of laying still because he really likes telling stories, "I charged him and as I did so he shot me numerous times with his automatic rifles, but my fury carried me through and I slew him in the ensuing melee." A pause for breath, "Afterwards we found the jewelry, Tinman killed the bandit chief and we looted their ill gotten gains."
Iris Lark Iris intently listens to Ironface as he recounts the adventure, nodding and making the appropriate noises. When he gets to the part where he says he got shot she pulls out a shallow bowl and a pair of tweezers. She gets a towel and winces slightly. "It sounds like you were very brave, but..this is going to hurt while I dig out these bullets." She says quietly, a frown on her face. "I hope you won't be mad at me after."
Ironface Jones "It is stupid to be mad at you if you make me well," Ironface tells Iris, actually giving her one of his rare smiles in an attempt to set her at ease. "And in the words of my people..." He pauses and looks thoughtful, "My former people, I should say... 'Pain don't hurt'." Yeah, he's probably in pain and starting to show it, but he isn't going to show it if he can avoid doing so.
Iris Lark Iris gives Ironface a slow nod and she climbs up on the table and begins to dig for the first bullet, her eyes narrowed as the blood starts to flow. She mops the trailing red ichor gently before she resumes her diggging. *PLINK* One bullet falls into the bowl and she begins again.
Ironface Jones Even as the bullets are plucked out of him, Ironface does everything in his power to avoid showing pain or distress. He even watches Iris work rather calmly as she does her job. "Thank you for..." Yep, that one hurt. "Helping me." His head falls back on the bed and he shuts up to concentrate on dealing with getting bullets extracted.
Iris Lark Iris bites down on her bottom lip as she slowly pulls the second bullet out. The sucking sound of the wound even making her wince. She drops it in the shallow bowl and wrinkles her nose. "Tell me if you need a break, or if you just want to talk, go ahead." She mutters, digging for the third bullet. "This one is gonna hurt, I bet, it's deep."
Ironface Jones Ugh. That noise is one to make anybody flinch, even Ironface, who kind of squints his eyes when he hears and feels it come out of his body. "I do not need a break. It is better to get it all over with quickly." When told it's okay to talk he nods a little, not moving his head much for fear of messing up what the doctor's doing, "Where I am from the beer and hooch is not as good. Miss Kitty sometimes gives me 'the good stuff' because I am a valued member of our tribe. I imagine you are more highly valued even than I am. Why do you not have your clinic inside of the city proper?"
Iris Lark "I'm not valued." Iris mutters, and she chances a quick glance at the chair in the corner before she continues to dig for the third bullet. She pulls it free, grimaces and then uses the towel to mop up the red trails on Ironface's chest. "Might be because of Achilles. I don't know if they want him inside town or not. He can be dangerous." She says, before a *PLINK* sounds, indicating that another bullet has been pulled free. "Two more." She murmurs.
Ironface Jones "I'm sorry that people feel that way about you," the big tribal says, lifting his head up to look seriously at Iris. "I want you to know that I see your value and I am glad you are here to help people," he goes on to say, talking obviously helping to distract him from the pain of having bullets dug out of him. "They should value Achilles, too. IF he doesn't hurt the people in town then being dangerous is good. I'm extremely dangerous and people seem to like to have me around."
Iris Lark Iris stops digging for a moment and focuses on Ironface, a spectulative look on her face. "I'm glad that you feel that way, and I'll talk to Achilles to see if he'll go into town more, and I'll come with him." She says, before she turns her attention back to the large mans wounds. "Hold your breath for a second so I can get a grip on this one." She says, rising up on her knees.
Ironface Jones When he's told to hold his breath Ironface sucks in deep and gets ready for Iris to do her thing to him. He even grips the sides of the bed when she does to make sure that he doesn't move, instead preferring to have her move the bullet out of him. He'll talk once she seems done, "Tribes need warriors and hunters. It is better to try to fit in than to be on your own. I learned that from experience."
Iris Lark "I'm not from here, and I got no family here. I'd be dead if he didn't find me." Iris mumbles, and then suddenly a smile lights up her features as she holds up the bullet. "Got it." *PLINK* "One more to go, and then we can bandage you up and smooth some salve in these holes." She takes a breath and moves so that she's leaned right over Ironface's chest. She digs into the meat of his chest, blowing gently on her forehead to give herself some air.
Ironface Jones After hearing 'Got it' Ironface lets out a sigh and seems to relax more to ready himself for the last bullet. "I am not from here, either. Originally I came from a land fara away where things were more peaceful and I hunted only beasts and not men," He goes on to offer her. "But now I am of the El Dorado tribe and it is good to help here, too. These people, especially in Shanty's town, need people like you and I."
Iris Lark Iris turns red in the face as he continues to speak to her and she nods, if only to get him to stop saying nice things. She pulls out the last bullet and it plinks into the bowl. She climbs down off of the large man and the table and moves to get some clean water and a towel. "Hold on, and I'll get you some salve." She says, pulling a bottle from a shelf. "You're all set now."