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Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya is sitting at the bar with a contented smile. She looks much more rested than yesterday. She has had a bath and there is an old military sniper rifle slung over her strange robes. She is sipping whiskey from a small tumbler. "Burns good," she tells the tender. "Im waiting for that NCR Ranger. She is going to help me to fulfill the will of Atom and now... I have what I need." She laughs. "A miracle!"
Celeste     Celeste enters the saloon as usual, a quick stride in and a glance about the place. There are a few usuals around, but someone who stands out a bit is.. the woman at the bar. Celeste slows her step as she sees this interesting woman, and while keeping eyes on her she heads up to the bar. Celeste takes a seat two away from the woman, orders a drink and then tries to glance her way to get another look without being obvious.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya looks over at the cowgirl who takes the stool near her. "Hello child," she says with a friendly smile. "You are looking at my rags hmm. You have never seen one of the Children before? Its ok I dont bite. Today is a glorious day. Im just celebrating the fruits of my faith. Yesterday I had no gun to reclaim a sacred site from the forsaken of atom. A ranger told me of this I searched through wreckage today...I found this lovely rifle. Its nicer than any my father ever owned. He would have liked it."
Celeste     "I've.. never met anyone like you before, no," says Celeste as she stares at the woman in those robes. Her eyes narrow slightly as she takes in the tattoos.. the lipstick. Holy crap. And now she has a gun. Celests quickly offers a little, polite smile, and she says, "That's.. a nice reward, right? Not every day you find a rifle in the garbage.." She chuckles a sound that may be a tad nervous. "What's your name?" she wonders.
Sammy     A day after the smoke cleared and the ill-fated Lonestar Convoy that got waylaid in Roswell made it back to town... Sammy darkens the door but not in his usual way, his wraith-like NCR Ranger Duster is not on him, instead, it's wrapped around ... a bundle he's carrying with both arms, he doesn't have time or free hands to catch the door. And a road-weary glint to his eyes, his dark armor, caked with trail dust, streaks of sweat and spotted here and there with bits of dried debris, His usual silent gait is now a wholehearted heavy and tired squeak as he sidelines around the bar, and heads up the stairs, not remembering which one to go extra lightly on, they all squeak normally, as he carries that bundle up the stairs with a kind of ... reverence?
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya tilts her head and smiles at Celeste. "The girl had a name but she is gone. The woman is called Zealot Shreya but you may find just Shreya to be easier. I come from Megaton following a vision of a shrine in White Sand. I am of the Children of Atom. What all religions conceptualize as God in different ways but is the same being. Not Christ...Not Shiva... But Holy Atom." She unslings the .308 so Celeste can see. "Its one of the old rifles with a scope. USMC. I wonder what that means? But yes I was praying for I had not enough caps to pay for help and a gun and behold, in a half buried case, I found this. The case was filthy but the gun is in perfect condition. Buying bullets was...much more affordable. Praise be to Atom!"
Celeste     "You.. really do have amazing luck," Celeste says to Shreya, her smile a tad forced as she chuckles. "How far away is Megaton? How long did it take you to get here?" she wonders, too focused on the woman to notice Sammy coming in. She hears the sound moving up the steps, though, and turns to glance that way. As she spies Sammy moving in such a way with the bundle, Celeste watches him for longer, looking concerned. That bundle.. it's not so big. Huh. Celeste frowns softly and gives a gentle, "..Everything good, Sammy?"
Katherine Caine Katherine didn't seem to be working tonight, instead she was letting others handle that. As she listens to the conversation from afar, she realizes that Zealot Shreya is the so called Child fo Atom she's been hearing about. It was rare to see one in El Dorado and she had an item left behind by the last one to pass through here.

Heading into the backroom she returned sometime later with a set of chainmail greaves and set them down on the table in front of the Zealot, "Here you go hun, last child of atom left these behind in his room. Seems right you should have them."
Sammy     Sammy disappeared into the second story, and some time pased, some things were slid across the floor, and there was several clunks heard. The pipes of the saloon squeak and groan as hot water is drawn, and there's a muffled splash, and low groan from above. The water stops. A bit of splashing is heard. Then silence.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya looks off and unfocuses her eyes as if the answer might appear. "A long time walking. "Three weeks...five? I dont know I lost count. But I am happy to he here so close to the end of my journey. I saw the white sand from the hills beyond the city. I came here for a reason. I am just one zealot. I found a mercenary to help me and now this rifle that I may help her in return and..." Then Kitty comes out with the greaves. "Do his wonders never cease to amaze! Thankyou good woman. Surely the last child left it for me purposely. It is odd how he moves his chosen, often without knowing." She inspects the greaves. "The forsaken cannot bite through this. Its wonderful!"
Celeste     Thud? Hmm. Celeste glances up and follows those sounds, then looks away and focuses on Shreya again. Damn. She's getting some good stuff. Maybe they're not so crazy after all. Celeste looks thoughtful for a moment, and as she eyes Shreya she says, "..Praise Atom?" She gives a lopsided grin at that, nodding to the woman before she looks away. Where is less crazy sitting?!
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya smiles. "There can be no other explanation. I needed a gun, one appears. And now I come by happenstance to a place where a previous Child of Atom left these metal gloves for what reason? For me...for the will of Atom."
Sammy     A dash more muffled splashing is heard, and the water starts flowing through the pipes once more. A few minutes later, Sammy appears at the second floor landing, and hops down, his hair only vaguely toweled dry, his red bandanna loose around his neck. A newer (or perhaps just cleaner) set of NCR Fatigues is half done, revealing a few bandages applied beneath, His helmet, duster, and rifle, almost his entire identity, stowed away for the once, and his revolver tugging his belt to the side, combat knife tucked horizontally behind as he sliiiiiides down the railing, and alights with the grace of a large cat.
    Lifting the mottled tan and brown towel up to fluff his hair a little nad then letting it hang over his shoulders as he walks to the bar, smiling a greeting to Celeste, "Allo." And then looking to the other woman with a confused questioning look as if dredging his memory for recognition.
Katherine Caine "Not a problem, just let me know if you need anything around here." Katherine nodded her head to Shreya and moved back behind the bar to attend to some business.
Celeste     Celeste is checking Shreya out for a moment longer, looking kindly at her. "He.. sure blesses you. You must be.. very faithful?" she tries to guess the right words. Celeste glances towards the returning Sammy then, and she waves at him before slipping off her stool. "I have to step out for a bit, but.. ah.. I hope he continues to.. bless you?" Smile.
Sammy Sammy grabs a beer from the vendbot and trots back upstairs after scribbling a pair of want ads and tacking them up. His hair is fluffy as he continues to towel it off and smells of saddle soap, leather, and juniper. A finger wave is given to Ms. Kitty as he walks by, a bit refreshed but now, fatigue is setting in, and his usual no squeak movements carry him back up the stairs silently.
Katherine Caine Katherine sets down in front of the bar and gets back to cleaning it once more, anything to keep her mind off of the things going on in El Dorado recently..