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Sparrow Sparrow the Clinic, Iris is out but Sparrow is in and carefully working on writing down some information in a tiny stack of scrap papers that have been sewn together along the edge. Making notes about the clinic visits she's had today and the money. A portion of the caps from the healing she's done set aside to ensure that Iris gets paid for the use of the Clinic's items and Logs on who's been seen and why.
Ruane Roman Raune steps in through the doorway, or really, he more limps, the man moving through the assorted doctors and clinicians that are about, the man will offer a wave to those about, no doubt requesting to a see a doctor of some sort, offering up caps and whatever else is needed. "Ghoul Bite. Claw as well. Focused on leg. Most painful really."
Sparrow Sparrow looks up and around then smiles apologetically. "I'm the only one here. But I can see what I can do for you, Roman. C'mon along to the exam room and we'll get the bite looked at." She stands and grabs her medkit from her duster gesturing to the first exam room since it's door is open. Once inside she moves to set the bandages and salve by the bed and then washes her hands while gesturing to the medical bed. "Go ahead, shuck the pants." She suggests. Iris is much nicer than Sparrow who has a bit of an aloof expression that makes her look older when her premature crows eyes and the small lines around her mouth are exaggerated. "How long ago were you bitten?"
Ruane Roan Raune looks up then to Sparrow as she approaches- and no doubt goes to see him, standing still then before exhaling and shaking his head. It isn't that Roman has pants to shuck.. but instead the limber and wiry young man is soon unzipping and sliding out of his entire outfit. Vault suits have that problem after all. "As you command do-oh.. probably a few hours ago. Was out exploring. Shooting.. salvaging. The like." Roman observes as he glances aside.
Sparrow Sparrow glances back and nods gesturing to the bed for him to sit so she can see his leg. Doc's see all kinds of things; people getting out of vault suits included. "Pfft, Command." She seems amused as she moves over, "Suggest. It's hard to treat someone through clothing." She sets her medkit aside and grabs the Doctor's stool to roll it over and drops onto it. She rolls herself the rest of the way over to glance at the bite with a wrinkle of her nose. "Oh? Out by Rosewell?" She wonders as she uses some iodine to swipe over the wound.
Ruane "Well. Logical command. Decided to follow." Roman will respond. Almost immeaditly the sheepishness has evaporated as he seems to recall all sorts of things about the event in question. "By Roswell. Large glowing one. Likley recently deceased and radiated. Took three bullets. Scavenged a vault suit. Uncertain age of ghoul. Very violent." HE'll quickly note in turn, his arms crossing over his chest as his eyes closed. "Thank you for treatment however." He'll offer before looking down at Sparrow again.
Sparrow Sparrow says, "Well if he had a vault suit on, probably at least a year or more. Older maybe depending on how rough the vaultsuit is. Found mine on a skeleton a few days back. Was pretty nice I didn't have to fight for it. Kinda nasty though, yeah." She tilts her head at Roman and then looks back at the wound. She cleans it carefully and start stitching together the most jagged skin. "I try not to go out there alone. Far too dangerous for me.""
Ruane "Year? PErhaps. Kept gear maintained. Likley a ritual? Unusual." Roman offers, trailing off then silently as his lips twisting into a frown before he lifts his shoulders in response to Sparrow's words. The man will flinch at her cleaning out the wounds, his eyes narrowing then. "Painful. Neccessary?" He'll intone as he gives a slight hiss every so often.
Sparrow Sparrow says, "Yes." She replies, "I don't have any Chems to spare right now and that's about the only thing that makes something like this easier to manage and I wouldn't suggest using them anyhow. But once I'm done here you can stop by the Saloon and get yourself a couple of shots of Whiskey. Should help you sleep, which is going to be the fastest and easiest way to heal up, well that or spend the night at the Saloon and have Miss kitty and the girls give you a nice relaxing evening."
Ruane "Read about diseases. Not drinking. Sexual contact. Will abstain. Use approved methods from doctors." Roman notes as he tries to keep still and studies SParrow for a second as he tries not to move as she works. "How long have you been a doctor? Many train in diffirent fields. Some remain vets, or medics. Why specalize in medicine?" ROman inquires as if trying to make some form of small talk.
Sparrow Sparrow chuckles, "The girls are clean, if they aren't I'm sure Ms. kitty puts them somewhere they wont hurt anyone." She says as she carefully pulls the torn flesh together and sutures it all so the heal will be clean with minimal scarring and infection. "And Drinking in moderation is just fine. Wine and whiskey in small doses is actually good for you." When he quetions about er being a doctor she looks thoughtful. "Well.."
Ruane Roman shakes his head in response then before he chuckles then. "Certain? I'm not. WOuld need to run tests. Diagnostic." He'll offer even as he gives a little whimper as she pulls on his flesh then before he shakes his head. "Will consider drinking." He'll take the time to fidget a bit but try and remain still, hands tightening around whatever he is sitting on or leaning against.
Sparrow Sparrow smirks, "You could always ask them to come to the clinic with you for a checkup." She teases, "But they might charge extra." She finishes up the last stitch. "I became a Doctor because I had seen many animals and people hurt and I couldn't do anything for them. So I learned first on animals and after finding I had a knack for it I started working on people. It kept me out of trouble and helps me make sure I can help the people of El Dorado on my own terms. One or two shots, no more than that."
Ruane "What animals? Always curious about Brahmin anatomy versus canines. Most animals likley have diffirent organs. Possibly mutations?" Roman continues then cheerfully as he sspeaks, looking down at Sparrow then as he moves to tenativly try and stand up and test out the weight of his body on his patched up leg.
Sparrow Sparrow smiles, "All animals that come up sick, so yeah; Brahmin, Dogs, Cats, Molerats even sometimes. Most mutated critters are feral like ghouls; Deathclaws and Yao Guai. Mutations on domestic sorts don't happen all that often anymore." She lets him test it and once satisfied nods. "Good, let me get your bandaged and you can put your vault suit back on."
Ruane Roman gives a slight smile in response to Sparrow before glancing down at his legs and trying hard not to ask more questions, remaining quiet in order to insure that the operation goes smoothly and to insure furthermore that he doesn't overstay his welcome. "Yes Doctor." He'll respond before plopping down to wait for her to resume her work. "Thank you again."
Sparrow Sparrow smirks, "Cats and Dogs seem to have survived quite similar to how they were many, many years ago. Well most, there are mutant hounds and other sorts. But smaller domastic animals have adapted but staye the same. Likely due to Vault Dwellers influence." She continues to explain as she finishes wrapping his leg with a roll of gauze and nods. "There we go. As good as we're going to get, I'm afraid."
Ruane "Thank you regardless." Roman states as he moves to stand up then, sliding the vault suit back around his form as he moves to try and get himself dressed. Being in any state of undress now dawning on him as perhaps inappropriate before shaking his head then. "Thank you. Good to know someone is keeping track. Will continue focusing on robots personally. Your name? Doctor? I am Roman Raune."
Sparrow Sparrow says, "Sparrow." She repetes, reminding him of the introduction from earlier. "Sparrow Drake, you sold me a Medkit for my Sister." She doesn't seem to mind not being remembered. In fact? She seems to rather be amused by it. "I remember who you are. You've been around a few times.""
Ruane "sparrow.. Drake. Last name unfamiliar. Good to hear however. Trade services, excellent investment of tools for your family." ROman notes as he moves to try and turn then, limping away slightly. "Around here? No. Never been hurt. Always careful. You mean the city? Yes. Not famous, but owning a shop has perks."
Sparrow Sparrow smiles, "Well you've killed some things with groups I've been with. Molerats, Mirelurks maybe. Anyway, it's probably best you haven't heard from me." She chuckles, "But yeah I imagine you get to meet a lot of people running a Shop."