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Lilu Lilu was silent. She had spent some time in the fields already, but for now, she was in the medical bay, just waiting for someone, anyone, that might be in need of her services. Clean, wild hair pulled back into a fluffy bun-tail, dressed in a simple 'uniform' patched with a white shield and red cross, she sits at a desk and reads. The space is open, with a bare beds and a slab for more dire treatments. There are a few shelves on the walls, holding different bottles and boxes of supplies, and the front window is left cracked, allowing warm, fresh air to circulate through the space. Humming to herself, the dark skinned healer seems content enough.
Rose      Was it that strange that Rose would end up coming through the door? It certainly wasn't the first time. She was scratched, bruised, bitten and generally messed up, but she was still walking. Tucked over her back in a new leather sheath, a blade taken from the arm of a fallen Assaultron now served as a rather wicked looking Machete blade. It wasn't her main choice, but sometimes bullets run out!

Pushing through the door, the blonde, bruised Ranger clears her throat. "Lilu, you in and workin'?"
Ashur Tucked off in a corner behind some modesty curtains, the former Legionnaire called Ashur awakens with a grumble. He's spent maybe two hours awake since the battle near Roswell, and a handful of conversations and interactions since have blurred together into a hazy fever dream. The brute casts off the blankets covering him, turns, rolls off the too-small bed onto legs deceptively wobbly, and nearly takes a knee before righting himself with a hand on the bedrest to steady himself.

"Fucking sedatives," he growls aloud, pushing off the bed. He looks around for his clothes. Snatches up a clean pair of black boxer-briefs someone left for him-- where'd his actual clothes go? Washing out the stench, probably-- and pushes the curtains aside.

He's still covered in bandages, burn marks, bits of gauze, dried blood, and other assorted batterings, and walks with a clear limp.
Lilu "Hmm?" She questions, slipping a stalk of...something, into the book and shutting it. "Sure am." She stands, motioning for the blonde to have a seat on one of the beds as she moves toward a basin of water and starts cleaning herself with alcohol instead. "What'd y'do dis time?" She muses with a smirk, padding her hands dry. The arrival of someone already in the room seems to catch the woman off guard, her lavender eyes growing as she looks him over. "Don' go walkin' 'round jus' yet." She warns him. "Have a sit down, n'lemme clean y'dressin's at least." She frowns, moving to check out Rose.
Rose "Ghouls...raiders...ghouls again...more raiders...and a mutant I-don't-know-what all took turns at trying to kill me this time around." Rose comments as she moves in, setting her helmet down on the free bed and already shrugging out of her duster. "They get points for effort..."

The ranger looks like she'd say more, but the other patient's presence suprises her. Especially when it's the 'former' Legionaire she'd seen in the Saloon not that long ago.
Ashur Ashur turns his head from side to side. The crust of sleep lingers on his eyes; between it, his wooziness, and the thick braids of his hair that dangle in front of his face, it takes a moment for him to orient himself. That barrel chest swells with a deep breath, a bloody-knuckled hand clutching at the lower ribs, and then he straightens his spine, forces a deliberately measured exhale, and begins to walk proper, trying to compensate for the limp. It makes his steps thundering, lumbering things. "Sit.. in a moment. I'm not sure yet I can still walk."

A little bit more stretching, and as the blood gets pumping he's stable on his feet. Hurt, but stable-- only then does he wander closer and plop his ass down with a grunt.

A brief glance between the two women. But nothing else said, yet.
Lilu "Dat'd do it." She murmurs Rose's direction, her eyes still on Ashur. Once he refuses, at least at first, the dark skinned woman takes on a glare and moves to stand next to him, offering both support, and a slice of no-nonsense order. However, he finally plops, the action alone causing her to wince. "Jus' breathe easy. I be wit y'soon." She promises, going about her duties with Rose. Hands clean, she treats what wounds she can, cleaning up each, stitching anything that needs to be, before salving and bandaging each marker of attack.

Pulling away, she returns to her basin, washing her hands anew while pulling over a small cart of supplies that might be needed for the broken Legionarre. "What's y'name?" She questions the man, moving her hands out to pull away a bandage at a time. "M'Lilu. Dat's Rose."
Rose "Sometimes I think that if it weren't for the armor, I'd be soup by now. But damn if it doesn't hurt anyway." Crossing her arms, Rose looks over the stumbling Legionaire, giving him a nod of greeting. Leaving the Legion ranks him higher then the rest of them, but there was a lot of bad memories of their horde that weren't so easily pushed aside that could still bring an edge of unease.
Ashur "I'm not dead yet," the giant man mumbles, the weakness in his limbs frustrating him significantly more than the strictness of a woman. Even former Legion can redeem their views somewhat, it seems-- all it takes is a near death experience and copious amounts of drugs. So he obeys all the same, sitting like a wounded dog on the edge of an adjacent bed, concentrating on his breathing. The stitch in his side will fade with time.

Then Lilu is questioning him, and he stares at her through a bruising, partially-swollen golden eye. There's stitching over the right brow from an older wound. "Ashur," he responds, and then looks to each girl as they're named. "My name is Ashur." It's not hard to notice Rose's discomfort. Arms folded, that look on her face, the slight nod. He stares at her next. "You were at the battle, weren't you? My memories of it are faint."
Lilu Lilu keeps silent for now, tenderly cleaning the man's wounds and making sure each stitch is in place. Seeming pleased enough with his care, she brushes some numbing salve over each wound and bruise, wrapping them in fresh, secure dressings. "Maybe y'both need t'take a break. Y'ain' helpin' nobody if y'dead." She warns each, her tones still soft and somewhat sympathetic. "I'll fetch y's'm clothes." She tells Ashur after turning away to clean off her hands and toss away the used medical supplies. "N'breakf'st." She offers, smiling to the pair and stepping out of the room for the time being.
Rose      "I've been in many battles," Rose says quietly as Ashur speaks to her, seemingly happy to let Lilu do her work with whatever she can manage for her wounds. Some things can truely not be healed any faster than time will allow after all. "But I wasn't in the one where you were injured like that. Might have been another Ranger." Any other battle they could have crossed paths in? Odds are it probably wasn't on the same side, at least as far as Rose could guess. Outside the Mojave, it was rarer to find those whom had fought at Hoover Dam, but it seemed more and more were migrating down from that way.

A pleasent distraction offered, Rose does actually smile Lilu's way. "Breakfast actually sounds a good plan."
Ashur The man maintains an almost military stoicism as Lilu tends to his wounds: stiff-backed, hands folded in his lap, staring forward and moving only when she requires it of him. Not so much as a wince or a breath hissed through clenched teeth escapes him, though at some point his jaw has set hard. "Thank you," he says when she's completed her work, and the numbing salves work to soften the aspect of severity he'd thusfar worn. "Clothes would be appreciated. I suspect mine are being washed. Food, too." Any sort of clothing would serve, even if too small for his height or tight for those sprawling shoulders; few people want to see a gigantic beat-up tribal waltzing around in his underwear.

"I see," he says to the Ranger woman after, nodding his head. "That must be it-- a different ranger. I remember I slew the Paladin, and the others fled. Then I awoke here."
Lilu Lilu isn't gone for too long, carrying with her a basket of food stuffs and a bundle of clothing in her other arm. Another glance between the two, she sets the food down between them. It's simple things; bread, a few fruits, boiled eggs and clean water. The clothing rests over the man's bed, allowing him a chance to dress in privacy should he wish to. "Dey might fit." She assures him. "Got dem fr'm one 'f our big boys out dere. Y'clothes 'r dryin'." She explains before padding toward the used supplies and closing up their bag, setting it aside by the door way for later burning.
Rose      Clean water, bread, fruit? It might as well be a luxury dinner to a Ranger whom had spent plenty of time living off the land. Reaching for bread and eggs alike she takes a bite with a grateful nod and a smile. "Damn Lilu. Whatever you can do for my wounds, the breakfast makes it worth it and then some." The blonde woman winks to the dark-skinned medic before looking back to Ashur. "I read the reports about what happened. From the sounds of things it was a mess. Whatever the 'local' Brotherhood might be trying to do, this other group is no friend to the people here."
Ashur There's no privacy in the Legion-- any shame or self-consciousness the golden-skinned man had was beaten out of him ages ago. The hardest part is squeezing his head through the shirt's neck, given the awkwardness of his hair; it catches, he grunts, tugs the off-white fabric down, and spends the next six seconds lifting his braids up through it so they're not pushed against his chest and neck. A slice of bread is snatched up and held by his teeth as he stands and forces his way into the borrowed trousers. The button's a little hard to fasten with his bruised hands, but he manages with a slow, clumsy effort.

"My modesty preserved," he remarks dryly around the chewed bread, taking his seat again. "Thank you, healer." He washes it down with a pull of water. "If the Brotherhood here are friends to 'the people', then the Brotherhood here is odd; they are a family, and like any family, they stand against outsiders." His nostrils flare and he snorts, with a bull-like paw of a heel at the floor. "Slaughtering their commanding officer in front of them is a memory I'll cherish."
Lilu Lilu smiles to Rose, but noticing Ashur's hardship causes her to frown. She shits his way, only for him to fix his buttons himself. His thanks is given a nod, and a soft voiced, "Don' worry 'bout it. S'what I do." The talk about battle, Brotherhood, and slaughter causes her form to trembled briefly. "M'gonna get dis stuff out'f here. Eat howeva much y'wanna." Brushing some loose tendrils of ruby back, she gives the pair another passive expression before exiting once more.
Rose      "Much of this town is odd, the people it attracts are no exception. Us included." Rose observes, nodding her head towards Lilu with a raise of her hand. The blonde likely wasn't far from departing herself now that her wounds were cleaned. She would rest, hope to recover soon and otherwise try and avoid getting herself too hurt for a little while. "If the others got away, you know they'll probably come back, looking for trouble with bigger guns and manpower. Revenge is certainly within their wheelhouse.
Ashur "It is a strange place," Ashur agrees with Rose after a moment's thought. "El Dorado seems a magnet for eccentrics, degenerates, and the odd hero here and there." A shrug of a shoulder, and he rises to his feet, having scarfed down all the food Rose herself didn't take in a gluttonous orgy of rapid consumption. "If they come back, I hope my example will teach them not to mistake the better gun for the better man. There is no technology that makes one invincible. I'm going to stretch my legs, now-- it's been too long since I walked for more than a few minutes."