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Johnny Quixotic Johnny needs a helping hand. Fortunately, he knows someone with a steady one.

Johnny wandered through El Dorado looking like something the brahmin kicked until he spoted a familiar Vault dweller in the streets. He made a gesture with his good hand in a 'hey come talk to me' kind of way and staggered into the diner. Johnny's ass had hardly hit a torn-up bench seat before he goes, "Hi Molls, how's it going, I'm doin' great, except listen, I got into a fight with some centaurs and I think my right arm might be on fire?"

His arm is not on fire. It /is/ bound in cloth against his side and clad in riot gear, though. His other hand is presently clutching some kind of old pre-War military helmet with his Pip-Boy wired up to it.
Molly Brown Molly Brown has got word that johnny had looked like something Deathclaw had dragged in. she frowned a bit but more at his condtion than from his seeing him. "Centuars? You ended up better than most who have run in with this. I would say it's likely broken from the look of it, if you may, I'll need to get a look at that but first?" She hands him her canteen and some basic pain killers, it's not med-x but it's something. She will get to looking at his arm the moment it's free for her to do so and she's opening up her medical kit at the moment.
Johnny Quixotic Johnny takes the drugs immediately. He has to put the helmet and Pip-Boy down to do it, but he keeps them on his lap. Too valuable to let go of. He hands back the canteen. "Thanks. Yeah. Yeah, they got it worse than I did." He gives Molly his best-under-the-circumstances cocky grin. He's got a face for it, but it's also lined with pain.

"I can get the ties on this side when you're good," Johnny comments, "but it really hurts like a bitch -- sorry -- so I'm just... gonna..." He sits back and takes a deep breath. Phoo. In with the good air, out with the pain air.
Molly Brown Molly Brown is looking over his wounds a look over and she nods she'll be dfoing basice treatment for the moment as she gets ready to do the serious work of setting hte bone. "Looks like it's broken i'm going to have to set it, before i get firther and I do have some more advanced treatment options but it's ... costly." She notes as she sets about trying to get ready for the unfun of setting a bone.
Johnny Quixotic "Not any more costly than running around with a busted arm," Johnny says, vaguely philosophically. He's kind of cut up, too, but that looks like it's already been dressed. With his left hand. (He's not a southpaw.)

Johnny undoes the makeshift binding and lifts his busted arm onto the tabletop. He draws a hissing breath through his teeth. "I don't suppose I can pay you in smiles and favors owed," Johnny remarks with a grimace. He can probably pony up the caps, but this sort of thing is rarely cheap.
Molly Brown Molly Brown says "Well stim packs don't come cheap I have to say. I'm afraid on the stimpak I can't. It's a hge pain to replace the drugs in it in terms of resourches." She'll set the bone right though sh does seem too know what she's doing the pain will be a bit less as things are now more in line to where they should be. She meanwhile contiunes to work over the rest of his wounds. She'll move to clean them out, stitch them aup and sighs as she goes. "Things have been getting worse, these days even the Brotherhood of Steel's going Raider..."
Johnny Quixotic Johnny is remarkably patient about the process of getting cleaned up and put back together. He must have experience in this regard. He's a pretty good patient, even if he's in shitty shape. "I'm not gonna ask you for the stim; just getting me back at a hundred percent with this arm will do me fine. At least, for now." He exhales through his nose. Painkillers are wonderful. He wishes he had more of them for times like this.

"Brotherhood gone raider?" He cracks open an eye. "What d'you mean?"
Molly Brown Molly Brown says "They were out to murder the caravan driver over some bullshit. We were going to try to talk it out but some dumbass charged in. Wiz ain't happy bout it neither. Said he bailed on them trying to get him to murder folks for tech that he wanted nothing of it and they came after em. Got the hell out of dodge, we may have to try and double back to see if anything's left of the convoy though we had backup inbound I still don't know how the fight panned out."
Johnny Quixotic Johnny frowns the entire time. "I knew they weren't the nicest people around, but that still seems kind of ruthless, even for them, doesn't it?" He shakes his head. "Still... I do business with those folks now and again, when I find something particularly shiny," Johnny admits, "so if you hear anything else...?"

"Trade you word for word, though: I hear Mayor Solomon is actually an Omerta Family man from New Vegas. Wasn't even born around here. Weird, huh?"
Molly Brown Molly Brown says "That humm you know this sheads lights on a few things Solomon being from vegas? I wonder what's the deal with the Omerta's I got to wonder. You think he'd use his connections with them to get more trade going with us and Mr, house."
Johnny Quixotic "I don't know much about New Vegas, but I guess they've got the same kind of problems that we do." Johnny starts collecting his stuff. "Alright, I'd... better go see about turning what I found into caps. Thanks for the patch-job, doc." He gives her a quick grin and a handful of bits and bobs. It's certainly payment around here. Can't always carry around hundreds of caps, can you?