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Derk Morning comes early in El Dorado and even at seven AM, the sun is over the horizon, revealing another cloud free day and threatening to scorch those who will leave themselves outside for most of it. In the Clinic, there are people already about and moving, the place being open round the clock allows for such things, however Derk was not on the roster for the evening's shift, instead he wanders in as pip-boys around the town mark the hour, and settles himself into an empty exam room. Alone for a time allows him to unpack his kit and go through his inventory, cleaning and replacing things as needed, while making ready for whatever sort of crazy the day is going to drop into his lap.
Milton Milton is just in from the bank. The poor man cleaning his glasses vigorously while he looks over his shoulder and points, "Just in here then?" She asks and once reassured he turns to alk inside. The banker has a large gash on his cheek and mottled bruising over his head. Poor man looks a little dazed even as he slowly walks himself into the Exam Room.
Derk Looking up from his array of tools, that seem almost barbaric by standards that should have been applied centuries ago, Derk rests his hands upon the counter and turns to watch Milton as the man enters. "Ah, I see... and so the day begins," this said with a small smile. "To what do I owe the pleasure of your acquaintance today? Name's Derk, and if you're not new in town, then I'm the one who should be saying hello, but if'n you are new, then I spose it's nice to meet you and tell me if there's something else going on aside from the obvious upon your face?" As Derk speaks, he turns to face the man more fully and gestures towards the bed in the middle, "Have a seat, tell me your tale of troubles and woe."
Milton Milton says, "Oh no, not new. I'm from around here though I've been travelin' plenty with the Caravans and so haven't been in town a while. Very nice to meet you and sorry to trouble you, but could you have a look at my brain pan. It seems to have an awful ache when I woke up this morning. I seem to have a few bruises and laceration on my side as well from some rather rude Raiders upon my arrival." He touches his cheek beneath his lashed cheek as well. "That came with a crushing headache. I have heard though that this clinic is one of the best available." He isn't wearing his bowler but he does take off his glasses setting them into the formed felt before gesturing to the bed. "Here then?" The lanky fellow smooths his hands over his beard and then smooths his trousers when he settles on the middle bed and starts to unbutton his jacket. "I am Milton Knox, my friends call me Teddy on account of my middle name. And your name, Uh, Doctor?"
Derk "No trouble, if it was, I probably would be somewhere else," Derk replies with a wide smile. "Have you ever met a polite raider?" he asks of the bespectacled man while moving around to the man's front as the glasses are set aside. "Got hit hard there, do you notice any hearing loss?" Derk replies to Milton's final question, "Name's Derk, simple folk and all that, many don't bother with the last names, I'm told mine was common... anyways, Smith if you need it." There's a shrug of a shoulder and once Milton is settled, Derk raises his hands to the man's face, washed hands, most likely recently from the coolness to the flesh. He'll probe a little, to some mild discomfort, but then give the man a nod.

"So don't feel like much is broke under there, but from the location and the depth of the cut, you're probably feelin' it quite lively like. So I'll ask you the standard question, some people like the big scars, others ain't fancy them much, so we can do this quick, clean ya out, patch it up, leave you with a scar for the ladies, or I give you a piece of wood for your own enjoyment, and we take a wee bit longer but you leave here more properly patched and with a lot less marrin' that pretty face o' yours." Derk steps back, then moves to his table with the spread out kit and starts picking up gauze and an unlabled bottle.
Milton Milton says, "Oh one or two, they can be awful nice when you have something they want after all, like most folks." He admits taking off his jacket, followed by cufflinks and a loosening of his starched white collar. "Oh no, just a terrible nightmare. I've literally no recollection whatsoever of what happened. Well, save the boy. I gave him some potted meat and water and he said that his God was going to eat my soul. The strangest thing, really. The bruising and headache aren't nearly as bad as the scratch though I don't think." He doesn't touch the flesh just below it a moment before Derk does, "It's very distracting."

MIlton is not what some would call 'hardened so the little pains make him wince and wrinkle his nose and tiny petulant 'ow'.

"Yes, no scar if at all possible. Anything you can do to save my face would be most appreciated. For a banker, a first impression is a must."
Derk Nodding, Derk listens and tilts his head at the nightmare comment, then he shrugs slightly, "Fair enough, though for something this small, we're not gonna give you the hard stuff, besides," Derk gives the fellow's shoulder a pat with the back of his hand, "Wouldn't want you passing out on us in here anyways." There's a pause as he watche's Milton work at the cuffs and collar and he chuckles, "Ah, well since you're going through all that hard work, why don't you finish taking' the shirt off and we'll get started, I'd hate for you to put a stain in that clean fabric if it can be avoided." A smart smile and Derk goes back to his tools, pulling out several surgical needles and dropping them into a small dish that looks strangely like it once had been a ceramic ashtray, though that was centuries ago, now it's a sterilization bath, as he splashes some of the liquid from the bottle into it and lets the needles soak while he moves back to Milton.

"Clean it is, this stuff," he indicates the bottle with a lift, "will numb it a bit, but it ain't fully, so if ya need to wince and yell and what not, I suggest you bite on this for the few ticks it takes me to do the stitches. I'm used to em movin' most of my experience came from stitching in the heat o' battle, so you do what you gotta do, but if you get too wild, I'm gonna sit on you till I'm done, ya clear?"
Milton Milton nods, "Precisely." He agrees to set his cufflinks aside. "Also it will help you get a look at the bruises on my ribs." Milton is very carefully to take the shirt off and fold it neatly to the side as not to damage or wrinkle the finely pressed material, followed by his ribbed and nigh pristine under shirt much like he had his suit jacket. Though not a Vaultie his skin is practically as luminous and so it shows the bruising around the makeshift bandage Milton had stuck on himself in stark contrast. He is not built like someone who should be taking on Raiders, or probably mysterious cursed children either. He returns Derk's smile is a weak one of his own though it draws dimples to his charming features. He's still worried, clearly, about the integrity of his pretty face.

"I will attempt to endure but I suppose if it comes to that I shall just have to forgive you as the price for making sure that I don't come out of this looking beastly."
Derk Derk nods and goes ahead and starts cleaning the wounds and removing the old bandage that is there. After a cursory glance and some poking at Milton's ribs, Derk goes back to the wound on the face. He gives the man a small stick, "For biting if you need to," and then goes back to the wound, cleaning it with the liquid from the bottle that leaves the man's face tingly and somewhat numb. After that it's a series of reaching for the table, and alternating between scissors, threaded needle, and forceps, but it's something that he does quickly and efficiently. So unless Milton starts moving too much, it will take but a moment and seven stitches later, he's got the gash sealed to a thin line, placing a bandage over it after a quick final wipe.

"Well that's about as much as I can do for that, come back in a couple days and we'll have a look and change your bandage. Probably cut the stitches out a week from now and you'll be all the better."
Milton Milton's ribs are pretty bruised, one might even be cracked in the area here it looks like someone knocked the wind and likely the sense out of the pallid banker.

Milton Knox doesn't bother with pretending; he is what he is and there's no way around it. He puts the stick in his mouth and looks away, brows drawn in and down giving him a mildly pathetic expression. To his credit though he holds good and still despite some hissed intakes and muffled ow's. But when the needle comes out he winces away just once and grips the table.

With a stick in his mouth the little weepy mews of pain that he makes don't turn to something wholly more embarrassing. Milton squeezes his eyes shut and takes in deep gulping breaths to attempt to wish away most of the pain. And after what feels like an eternity the sharp pains stop and a dull throb sets in Milton finally unclenches his eyes and fists and looks up.

With an attempt at dignity he removes the stick from his mouth with a hoarse little, "Thank.." Before clearing his throat and attempting again, "Thank you, Doctor. Cut? The stitches out?" grayish blue eyes widen and he swallows a bit going back a bit greenish. "Very well."
Derk "Aye, they gotta come out, lest you want to find matching shirts to compliment the thread colour? I assure you, that you're gonna want to take them out, they draw attention to where you got cut, but it's alright, lot easier than what we did today." Derk assures the man, then nods and gives another look to the ribs, touching them in order till he gets to the floating ones and the one that may seem cracked. "So, bet that hurts when I push on it?" he asks and does just so. "Yeah, ain't much I can do for that, we can wrap ya tight, but try not to get a cold, or be running long distances, or waving your arms about frantically to attract a woman, alright? We'll have a gander at it in a week as well, and while the bruising's gonna get a whole lot worse before it gets better, I assure you, you ain't dyin' and you're on the mend from here on out." A pause and then Derk smiles and steps aside.
Milton Milton shakes his head, "No that does sound like a bit too much trouble for my tastes, even if I've heard there's a good tailor in town." He lifts his arm when Derk comes in to look at the bruised rib, small gash and finds that cracked rib. The push causes a swift exhale of air that some might cheerfully call a whimper. Milton attempts to regain his dignity despite it. "Why yes, yes it does." Milton opines rhetorically.

"Well if a wrap is what can be done then we'll go with that.And no waving m hands to attract the fairer sex, understood." He takes his glasses now that his face is stitched and carefully puts them in place though they sit a bit lopsided due to the bandage. Thank you again, say, what do I owe you then. You've been very pleasant and efficient."
Derk Derk gives the man a look and then simply nods his head, getting the roll of gauze and a piece of wadding that he sets against the bruised rib to apply a slight amount of extra pressure as he wraps the man's midsection in the guaze, judging the tightness with a finger before holding it closed and pulling two safety pins to secure it properly. "Welp, if you need to change this one, for whatever reason, you can probably manage it yourself, but if you find the motions too hard, just let one of the orderly types around here know and they'll get you set. As for payment, well you'll probably have to talk to Iris she's the one that owns the place, see what sort of fee schedule she's got going on around here. She'll be out in the main area there I imagine."

Derk gives the man's shoulder a pat then lets him dress himself while he goes about the task of cleaning up what was used, throwing away what can't be salvaged, and cleaning up his kit for the next person that could be coming along. "I try to be nothing if not efficient. The pleasant is just a recently acquired skillset," Derk replies, giving the man a small smile. "You do take care now though, try not to come across any of those rude raider types. Just stay with the jovial ones and you'll be right as rain in no time."
Milton Milton nods patiently while Derk wraps the bandage around his ribs. "I think I can manage that at least." He says wryly of himself but he is observing the tightness and general wrap used to be in the ribs so that the cracked one doesn't endure too much movement or pressure. He nods, "Yes I think I'll be able to do it just fine. Thank you." He lowers his arms to collect his shirt and start putting them all back on carefully. Everything buttoned straight, top to bottom and smoothed with careful fussing. Cufflinks are next followed by the vest and lastly his nice blazer.

"How fortunate I came now then, and not before. I will be attempting to avoid raiders if at all possible. Thank you once again. I shall sing your praises to Ms. Lark." He presses his bowler to his chest when he's finally standing offering a meticulously manicured hand towards Derk.
Derk Derk sets aside the current instrument he'd been holding and leans over to shake Milton's hand. The man himself is rather free of scars in both hand and face department, but the look in his eyes and the short cropped cut of his hair suggests he's anything but. "Ah, yes, funny I've yet to truly sit down and talk with her yet, though I am sure your good word will do naught but increase my chances of being liked around here, so I thank you."

A pause and then Derk goes back to sorting instruments, "Come back again in a few days, remember, aside from that, we'd rather not see you around here, if you get what I mean." The last is obviously a good humoured doctor joke.
Milton Milton smooths his hand over his suit jacket and tips his hat. "Well, I hope not to be around here much either. More money to be lost than had at a Clinic." He steps out the door feeling a bit better with a fistful of caps and a slight bounce in his step.